6 Tips to Get the Best from Search Marketing Agencies

To be successful with Search Marketing Agencies, some core elements must be considered. Here, we will take you through them individually and explain how they collectively function. Please note that the clients also have a major role to play to ensure effectiveness. These are tips to get maximum results from a Search Marketing Agency

  1. Have Well Defined Goals and Expectations

A significant factor that greatly affects an organization’s performance and drives them crazy is the issue of handling a regular change in goals and objectives. Whatever the goal is; whether returns on ads or per conversation cost spent within a defined period, just have clear-cut objectives and avoid changing goals in the middle of a scheme.

SEM in recent times is an amazingly complex task. Campaign design, settings, copy as well as landing pages should have a tune with crystal clear objectives right from the start. If there is an unavoidable need for a change of the current objectives, the modification should take a gradual process.

  1. Exercise Patience

SEM is referred to as performance marketing – this means that it is totally based on data – involving a lookback window. This is a period of time which must elapse in order to collect adequate data necessary for accurate insights. This varies based on industry or the niche.

This means that seeing the effect of a particular change in a campaign may take up to 14 days. So, you have to give your agency some time to show results from a particular campaign.

If you spend a lot per hour on Amazon.com, you may get some fast insights; if not, then time is required to run campaigns for certain duration to gather substantial performance data.

Also, when the search agencies are pressurized to make a lot of changes at the same time, it leads to a situation where identifying the change that gave a specific result becomes impossible. This kills the agency’s productivity. It is imperative to understand the difference between an agency taking an adaptive nature and for them to randomize their work. Effective communication is needed from both parties to understand this difference better.

  1. Keep the Agency Updated

As your business experiences frequent changes, your agency needs to be informed regarding the same. Whether it is a change in your inventory, a promotional offer; a change in your competitors’ strategy are constantly doing things; if your agency is ill-informed of any of these, they apparently cannot contribute positively. This goes beyond informing them of changes in business. It further entails hard data.

  1. Access to Data

Your agency should have access to your conversion data, your profit ratio in categories as well as your general performance goals, strategies, and reports. They should be able to involve such information in their efforts.

Make sure to ask the agency regarding what they intend to do with the data you shared with them and check to see if what they promised was done.

  1. Keep a Close Watch

Search engine optimization agencies are mostly paid a percentage of the media spend, even when they book hundreds of hours on your account, it doesn’t affect their payments. Creating an effective performance campaign involves a lot of effort. So agencies are tempted to reduce the margin on initial work and then revolve resources away from the account in an effort to increase profits during the optimization and long-term maintenance period.

You should regularly review your campaigns; ask them for weekly highlights of actions that were done. To be extra sure, you may want to check out the logs on AdWords to confirm if other activities besides the normal bid modifications occurred.

All these are to be sure of their actions. However, remember that in all these, you should not push it too hard so as to offend the agency working for you.

  1. Be As Nice As Possible

Top marketing agencies have their preference of clients, just as nice people also have their job preference. If you need your account to be handled by top agencies and the best people, you must put forward your best as well. If you are not nice to them, they will sooner or later leave and render their services to someone who appreciates their efforts.

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  • Mary Lou Reynolds

    What if you are not sure what your goals are? We cannot all go into the meeting with an agency and say, “I want to be the #1 result in my niche”, that is just not practical in EVERY case.

  • Scott Reemer

    Great tips! I am just starting out in the SEO world for my websites and any information that I can find I have been soaking up like a sponge.

  • JasonL

    Tips #1 and #2 are probably the most important in my opinion. When I first started working with an agency I not only had to have my goals laid out to provide to the agency, I also had to have a lot of patience when working with them because it does take time to analyze all the data and provide the best plan to market.

  • Britanica B.

    Being nice and firm are the two best ways to get what you want! You don’t want to act like you know it all because if you did, you wouldn’t be hiring a marketing agent! These are some very good tips and advice for anyone starting out. I was just starting out myself 2 years ago and wish I knew this then.

  • Jamie

    Never thought of letting them know about promotions to get out there. Like you said, they don’t know until I tell them. Definitely have to contact them and see what hey can do for me regarding this. Thanks for the tips!!

  • Amanda

    Patience I think is the hardest part of this. I watch my friend get so frustrated with companies that tell him 2 months just after a week. He has ruined so many opportunities because he can’t wait for it. This is a problem I wish I could fix for him!

  • Erna Cummins

    Excellent really enjoying it, Thank you.

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