White label SEO occurs when one agency outsources their SEO work to another. While the second agency does the heavy lifting, they neither take credit for the work nor do they make their presence known to the client who hired the first agency. In a sense, white label SEO agencies make their living as ghostwriters, allowing those who utilize them to build their brand and to grow as a company.

If it seems strange to you that an SEO team would rely on white label agencies, you should know that it’s not only a common practice but one that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Below we’ve outlined seven reasons why SEO agencies may choose to make use of white label SEO in their practices, but it ultimately boils down to this: using white label agencies allows you to both service customers, grow your brand, and sharpen your skills, all at a low cost and with tremendous speed. Read on to learn how.

1. Lending You More Expertise

The field of SEO covers a large number of skills and techniques; it is far more complex than simply choosing the best words to rank high in a Google search. Not surprisingly, many businesses fail to understand this and attempt to boost their SEO without any outside assistance. The result is often a failure to improve ratings or improve visibility.

White label SEO agencies will be able to provide individuals with specialized areas of expertise. Things like keyword optimization and research, link building, and social media management are handled personally by each member of a team. Working in tandem, they can do the work that you can’t in-house, or you can choose to outsource all of the work.

Another benefit of utilizing an outside agency is they bring with them an outside perspective as well. No one knows a business better than its owner, but that doesn’t mean their ideas to develop a stronger web presence are the best way to achieve their intended goals. A white label SEO agency can analyze your strategy and make suggestions to improve it based on their own experience.

2. Save Money on Tools

SEO evaluation and development requires several tools. These programs are what make technical analysis possible and deliver concrete data that would otherwise be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for you or me to measure ourselves. SEO audits would lack their value if not for this technology, but reliable and accurate tools like these can be costly to work into your budget alongside your other costs.

But an agency’s job is SEO, and these tools are a necessary part of the trade. The cost of hiring an agency is significantly lower than the annual costs associated with these programs. An agency is already paying for the tools, so it only makes sense that you take advantage of that and save yourself money in the long run.

3. Low-maintenance Partnerships

Regardless of whether your business is large or small, increasing the number of people you have to manage daily will complicate your work, and smaller businesses, in particular, are ill-equipped to handle the stress this can bring. Having to supervise more work and managing what each area should be working on may carry with it a sense of control, but it ultimately comes at a cost divided attention.
Because SEO is so complex, deciding to handle it all in-house can prove disastrous for productivity all around. Utilizing an outside agency adds very little to your workload because they are managed internally without much input from you. Once you’ve explained and discussed what your needs are, their team works with you to achieve those goals, but independently of you in terms of getting their work done.

Most companies, including agencies themselves, will describe themselves as hires, but they may be better thought of as partners. Yes, you are paying them for their services, but they aren’t your employees—and don’t need the same level of attention and directing as your workforce.

4. Spend Less While Delivering More

While it is certainly nice to have every type of SEO specialist in-house and on the payroll, the reality is that this is difficult for a few reasons. First, as we’ve already mentioned, SEO encompasses several different fields and skills. To have an effective in-house SEO team you would need to hire multiple people. Second, people with such skills tend to be in high demand and can carry with them a hefty asking price. Third, it’s difficult for one person to take on multiple jobs at once, limiting the number of clients you can work with and putting a cap on how much money you can bring in.

All of these reasons result in one thing: more money spent. Of course, you’ll still be spending money to bring on an agency for your SEO work, but the cost would be much less: you aren’t paying regular salaries to those in the agency, you only hire them when you need work done, and you are oftentimes paying a flat rate for their services. Meanwhile, the client is paying you.

Getting effective results from SEO and digital marketing can be incredibly costly between the labor and technology costs, but choosing to tackle everything in the house also costs you time. By partnering with an SEO agency, you’ll most likely save on both.

5. Complete Work Faster

At the surface level, SEO aims to reach a wider audience. What you do once you’ve reached all those eyes is entirely up to you, but if you’re an online business, you probably want to turn those new visitors into customers. It’s difficult to do one without the other, but the success ultimately boils down to the first step: reaching a new audience.

By now you know how SEO does this and why it’s so important, but one of the oft-overlooked but incredibly powerful advantages to outsourcing to an agency is how quickly you can get a return on your investment and start making a profit. A team of SEO experts makes the necessary improvements to your websites and social media posts quickly because they know precisely what they are looking for. From SEO audit to implementation, the experience of a great agency can mitigate the need to experiment, there’s no need for trial and error to determine if new changes are on the right track.

6. Complete More Work Without Losing Time

Underscoring all the important aspects of your business’s performance – productivity, profit, efficiency, reach, etc. – is time. Maximizing how much you can do is vital, and we’ve already touched upon how an outside agency can lighten the load. But another way to view how an agency can save you time is to understand how quickly they can improve your SEO.

They are devoted entirely to helping their clients improve SEO, regardless of what that may mean for each client. So while you’re able to go about your daily operations unhindered, they are doing nothing else but finding ways to improve your search engine visibility and acting on them. Instead of devoting maybe a few hours a day to the project, this is their nine-to-five, so it gets done much faster.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’ll see the results of improved SEO right away; it takes time for search engines like Google to crawl and index pages. But the faster the work is completed, the sooner the improvements will be indexed.

7. Aids in Scaling

Once your own business has hit a stride and found its success, it’s time to expand. Scaling things will allow you to work with more clients, expand your reach, and make more profit. But scaling isn’t as simple as adding more people to your team. Your entire company needs to grow simultaneously to keep things running smoothly. When working alone this isn’t always an option, and instead, you must decide which areas to grow first, resulting in uneven growth that may create more problems than it solves.

If you’re at a point where you want to focus on scaling your team, outsourcing to an agency is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Your ultimate goal should be to reach a point where you can rely on agency partnerships less. This means, in part, having your team learn how to perform all the necessary tasks related to SEO improvement, which naturally takes time to develop. Trying to balance that development while working with clients will only bring diminishing returns on both sides and slow down both objectives considerably. White label SEO agencies can do the client-side work for you while you focus on internal efforts on improving what your team can deliver to customers.

Outsourcing to an agency can be part of an ongoing business plan or merely a stepping stone. Regardless, taking advantage of everything they have to offer gives you the best opportunity to focus on your improvement while still developing your brand and working alongside clients.

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