How Off Page SEO can Increase Web Traffic

Standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods have been at the heart of passive marketing online for years. Periodically Google will change its algorithms which affect how your pages may rank in the search engine. This is why it is so necessary for your content to contain the right keywords, build high quality backlinks, and generally be very informative and useful to the reader.

However, when it comes to Off-Page SEO, even the best landing page design and site may not be enough to draw traffic. This is why Off-Page SEO needs to be handled in the proper manner so your webpage and site can reap the benefits of increased web traffic by boosting your rankings.

How Off-Page SEO Works for You

A well balanced Off-Page SEO strategy will help put your online business in the proper position to capture targeted web traffic and expand your customer base. The goal is to improve your organic traffic which in turn boosts your ranking. There are a number of simple, but very effective measures you can use to improve your Off-Page SEO and improve the overall status of your website.

Articles: This is a very tried-and-true method of establishing your authority on a particular subject. Professional SEO services would strongly recommend that you provide good, high quality articles on your own blog or submitted to popular sites. It will help greatly increase the authority of your website. Plus, it helps build up your business brand. The use of proper keywords is very important, but it will be the quality of the articles themselves that will really expand your reach.

Directories: Submitting content to directories means getting a number of click-backs from these sites when customers find your services. This will increase your ranking substantially.

Press Releases: This is another tried-and-true method that you can use to help bolster your business. A proper press release will offer solid information about a particular subject that holds the interest of readers. It will need to be written in an informative style that meets the criteria for press releases so that it is accepted by the appropriate sites.

Reciprocal & Related Website Links: Reciprocal links have always been popular and a simple way to improve the overall rankings of your website. Reciprocal links are very effective as they allow users to click on your web link and boost the ranking on Google and other popular search engines.

The same is true for related website links that appear on domains that are highly ranked. The companies that use your links should be reputable and well ranked. The good news is that it’s a “win-win” where both will reap the benefits.

Social Bookmarks: With so many social sites pulling together like-minded people, you can build considerable exposure for your business by placing tags that can be viewed easily. It’s quick, effective, and a very acceptable practice.

Video: Videos are certainly more popular than ever and producing a professional-quality effort will garner a considerable number of viewers if it’s done properly. Informative, fun, and entertaining should be the guidelines to help your video go viral.

By following all of these methods, you can use Off-Page SEO to increase your web traffic and improve your bottom line.

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  • I have been developing and running websites for decades now – both privately as a freelance developer and as an in-house web developer for various companies and while these techniques are important, adopting them alone will not bring traffic in and you have to pay careful attention to how you go about it. Crucial to your SEO efforts is getting high ranking websites to link to you but this can be very difficult – in many cases, links on popular high ranking sites are NO FOLLOW and useless. You need to spend your time pursuing reciprocal links to higher ranking sites that will send Google bot to you – i.e. DO FOLLOW. Research before you start approaching site owners. It’s always better to have a few exceptionally high quality topic relevant articles that have been written with an eye on SEO than hundreds of mediocre articles which may or may not be SEO-centric. Pay careful attention to writing them and don’t put ANYTHING on your website that is duplicate content from some other website or Google will penalize you for it. An often overlooked Google ranking metric is how speedy your website is – put a lot of effort into making sure your website loads quickly. Google bot LOVES this and you’ll rank higher for it.

  • ronline betit

    Very informative post about off-page SEO! These strategies are indeed effective so that websites will maintain their traffic and stand the test of time. I usually put backlinks by means of commenting in related articles or joining forum conversation to incorporate links or information about my website or products. I discover also that huge percentage of my traffic are through the contribution of my off-page SEO. There are many ways to optimize a website and if one is really serious in his online marketing strategy, he will explore all ways in reaching his target audience.

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