How to Determine If an Affordable SEO Service is Worth It

In the early days of Internet search engines, building a website was enough to claim a spot on the search results. Over time, the steps necessary to rank have changed drastically and search engine optimization (SEO) practices have likewise evolved.

Every business owner with an online presence understands that top-level search engine page rankings are vital to their success. Unfortunately, this leads them to seek out questionable professionals offering cheap SEO packages that may affect the website’s position negatively rather than give it the boost it needs.

If you own a website, you need to have a way to determine if the affordable SEO service is worth it. You need to be able to identify, track and analyze the results of the optimization process to be sure it is working for you. The tips below can help.

The SEO Company should first determine what will work best for your site. Pay attention to every step of the initial monitoring process. Before they undertake any optimization work for you, they should give a detailed report with potential problems, suggestions on how to correct them and a plan for improved search engine rankings.

Audit your own site with a professional tool instead of simply trusting the SEO Company. Google Analytics is free, simple to use and gives a website owner a highly detailed look at site traffic and performance. This is your indicator that the affordable optimization deal is either benefiting you or wasting your time and money.

Review reports every week and month to understand more. The optimization expert or team assigned to your website should not only make regular reports available to you but also answer any questions or explain any data you do not understand. You do not need to become an expert in SEO yourself, but you should be able to understand which keywords help and which are falling in importance.

Ask how the SEO Company intends to improve or expand in the future. Not only should they be able to tell you what they’re doing for your particular site, but also their main objectives for their business. Using the same company for long-term optimization make sense as long as they have the intention to expand services and introduce new plans and options.

Just because a company offers affordable SEO packages for a small business does not mean they should limit the scope of their optimization coverage. They should engage in market research and analysis of competitors in order to help you become competitive in your niche.

When is the right time to walk away?

While it is true that search engine optimization is not an immediate boost in most cases, a company that offers professional SEO packages should show some results. When your analysis and tracking does not show improvement, it is time to close the deal and move on to another SEO company.

Keep open lines of communication and let the provider know you are concerned about the lack of progress. Give them a chance to correct problems or improve, but also be willing to look for another optimization agency that may give you better results.

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  • Britanica B.

    When working with anyone and your site/business, it is sometimes hard to determine the best fit. I have had trouble with this myself. I would hired people and it turns out they are offering something that I didn’t want and I wasted money. You make very valuable points here. Thank you!

  • lauratisdale00

    This article put my mind at ease. The company I just signed up with seems to be doing everything you said they should be. I guess it’s just a waiting game now doe them to do their thing. :)

  • Steve Brown

    I once was working with a company, I wont drop names here, but these people were scam artists. They did what they said and did their work well but there was always some “extra fee” that they felt was necessary for “my benefit”. Long story short, I ended up getting screwed out of thousands because I didn’t know when to just walk away. Excellent advice.

  • Donald Smith

    I didn’t realize that seo could have a negative effect on your site. Very interesting post, I definitely need to keep a better eye on this.

  • Pn Riddle

    Everything worked great. Thanks for making it so easy to use your service.

  • JasonL

    Google analytics is such a useful tool when you’re starting out with a website, no matter the size of your company. I think it’s very important like you say to audit your site and then determine whether or not hiring a SEO firm is worth it or not. If you’re just starting out with a small business or hobby business, it ‘probably’ isn’t but, your circumstances and product may need it as well.

  • Helen W. Mitchell

    It was well constructed, really love the real world practical examples.

  • Totally helpful content SEO tips. It’s always best to have your content
    marketing expert join forces with your SEO guys. They know what’s best
    for having a full triggered page with high quality content. :)

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