Are You Prepared for these SEO Trends in 2017?

There have been remarkable improvements in the methods used for search engine optimization. The innovations we have witnessed have been introduced in short intervals much to the amazement of the public. As the year 2016 has just ended, it is the perfect time to refocus on the changes that should be implemented in digital marketing practices in this year. This is the best time to consider engaging professional SEO services.

The past months have been eventful; SEO has been developed to suit the needs of the market even better. It is expected that many improvements witnessed in 2016 will be made even better in this year. Tech observers can hardly wait to see what 2017 has in store for digital marketing. The developers have no time to relax and revel in their previous achievements as big marketing giants like Google will keep raising the bar with newer algorithm updates that are being rolled out.

We expect to witness these following changes in the upcoming months-

Improvement for better experience

The use of keywords in searches is still relevant; however, the growing trends have seen many users modify their search habits by including the relevant phrases and sentences in their searches. The users have become more enlightened about their needs and how to get the best results from a search action.

It is important that brands should concentrate on optimizing their digital content to be suitable for more specific searches than relying on the efficiency of keywords. This can be easily achieved by engaging the services of a professional SEO consultant. To carry out this strategy independently, you should do the following-

  1. Find out what attracts traffic to your page. This will be easy to know when you properly understand what a majority of the users are searching for and what answers they seek by reading through your digital content.
  2. Make the right changes to promote your business. The next step to take once you have identified areas you should improve is to make the right changes. It will be a good idea to ensure that your content meets the needs of your users.
  3. Read more about the updates that will be released to know which versions have the best features that will improve your business.

Relevant and more reliable results from search engines

A search carried out using reputable search engines like Google will show results that are directly related to the search phrases and name tags that have been included. Good search engines also include links to websites, picture gallery and videos that will provide more information about the searched subject.

The increased use of structured markup is expected in the coming year because it will enable the website owners to make their listings even more prominent. The search engines will be supported to display more relevant information on the search engine result pages (SERP) for every enquiry made by the customers.

This means that the users will be able to get more information from their searches. For example, a simple search to find out more information about a recently released smart phone will generate search engine result pages that will display pictures of this smart phone, videos of this device in actual use and many other useful information regarding specifications, speed and the model of chips used to engineer the software.

Many studies have indicated an improvement in the relevance and usefulness of the results that are generated from search enquiries. This is very encouraging and we expect even more improvement in the coming years. This is also an indication that the SEO consultants have improved their local search engine optimization services remarkably.

It is also advisable to consider using structured data markup even more on your website to increase the effects of SERP listings for search results.

There will be a considerably increased traffic when the feedback from users confirms a high level of reliability and good experience on your platform. This is due to the use of schema markup on the website. In this year you need to get this included in your website for a better business.

Cross-channel marketing

This is an effective marketing strategy used to create more prominence for your brand with the use of many channels. In this way, you can reach your target audience through many common social media platforms that they use frequently. You can also send out your ads directly to your audience from their frequent searches on the internet.

Multi-channel marketing is like the umbrella under which cross-channel marketing exists. It is an age long marketing practice that has also evolved with the latest trends in digital marketing. Cross-channel marketing is primarily aimed at ensuring a consistent presence of the brand on various platforms through which the customers can perform various commercial activities.

Valid reports from the Econsultancy’s fourth annual cross-channel marketing report indicate that the practice has remarkably influenced the trends witnessed for conversion rates. It is most useful when the actual utilization habits of the audience are known. There are some hurdles that will have to be scaled by businesses that implement this system. They are-

  • Is the first strategy will be to identify the appropriate message to be put out there?
  • Upon creating the right message, it must be released at the right time for the best benefits.
  • Identifying the best channel to use for broadcast

The remarkable benefits of cross-channel marketing have put it at a top priority level for many branding and marketing campaigns. With the use of the existing tools and more tools that will be created, it is expected that cross-channel marketing will be even more popular in 2017.

More mobile users

SEO has been influenced by the increasing number of mobile users today. The reports indicate a rising number of searches done through mobile platforms. This is expected to increase due to the convenience of using mobile devices. Many websites have adapted their mobile versions to enjoy the preference for mobile devices for internet activities.

It was widely reported by Google that mobile searches had exceeded the searches done using laptops. This report was released in May 2015 exclusively for the Google search engine. The company is now reengineering its operations to utilize the data from mobile search patterns as its primary source of data for various research works; this will involve making its index mobile. Work has already begun on this.

In 2017, we expect to see mobile optimization being used as the primary option for SEO.  We also have our eyes on the voice search technology which looks very promising.

People have been using voice search for a while though not very popular. It has a certain sophistication about it that will appeal to tech-savvy people with style. We know that very soon, many search engines will push this feature as the foremost option for their users due to its effectiveness and convenience.

There are many efforts to perfect the voice search platform. The updates released by many search engines have always made the effectiveness of the search even more reliable. A statement made by Behshad Behzadi- Google’s director of conversation search indicated that the errors experienced with are on a decline from 25% to 8% in just two years. This is commendable and it is good information for the SEO consultants who will want to key into the potentials of voice search.

In 2017, we expect that voice search will transcend from just operations based on voice recognition to understanding the actual command just like it is when you are talking with a human secretary. The changes will be influenced by doing more research on the following aspects-

  • The search history
  • performing a search based on location
  • Searches tailored to the apps used most frequently.
  • Search made based on personal information previously saved.
  • Search based on keywords.

We expect only the best from voice search. We are already being thrilled by Siri, Google Now and Cortana. In my opinion, SEO services will be more effective if the voice search is perfected in 2017.

Finally, 2017 has a lot of promise for all of us. We are being drawn even closer in the global village connected by the internet. It is obvious that many SEO consultants have already started planning to include new strategies and innovations as the updates are being rolled out regularly.  Being in-sync would only guarantee success in future challenges.

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