Time to Connect your Website
Improve your search visibility and traffic by building relevant links for the most organic link portfolio.

As an after-effect of later changes in Google’s algorithm, the methods by which Google figures out how sites are ranked, the necessity for building great external link has become greater than any other time.

When it comes to Off Page SEO, even the most solid landing page and site may not be enough. You need to position your company so that it’s easy to find – and attractive to potential customers.

In order to reach out to potential clients, you’ll need an off page SEO campaign that puts you in the right place at the right time. Meet your customers halfway and increase your bottom line with these off-page optimization techniques. You’ll find that in doing so, your organic traffic (site visits from searchers finding your company via a search engine) increases, and so does your ranking…pushing your company closer than ever to the top.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are a popular, and highly effective, way to increase your exposure on the web. When you establish reciprocal links with other webmasters, everyone benefits. Plainly stated, a reciprocal link is a situation in which two webmasters each set up a hyperlink to the other’s site. This hyperlink appears on the reciprocal web page’s site.

Reciprocal links have the potential to greatly increase traffic to your site in two ways. First, visitors to the reciprocal site will occasionally click on the link and directly enter your site. Second, major search engines (such as Google, Yahoo and Bing) partially base your ranking on the total number of sites that contain links to your website.

Related Website Links

Similarly to reciprocal links, having your URL appear under a Related Website Links listing on another company’s domain will increase the amount of potential click-throughs to your site. Also similar to the idea of reciprocal links is that when you appear on a Related Website Links page, the biggest search engines will begin to up your search rank.

When you offer to place another company on your Related Links page and ask that the company do the same for you, the results can be mutually beneficial, so contacting other webmasters with such a request can be easy and potentially profitable.

Be careful – only list reputable companies on your Related Links page. Your customers trust you to guide them in the right direction, and they trust the other site to do the same when it comes to backlinks to your company. You already know you’re a solid company; make sure you only deal with comparably reliable websites in making this exchange.

Directory Submission

Directories allow customers to run down a list and find services or help. Getting listed on a number of directories can increase the number of click-backs to your site from various places on the web.

Like the two methods above, directory submission will increase the number of your URLs search engines count, helping to increase your rank.

Social Bookmark Submission

Social websites are portals that gather together like-minded industries (a webmasters’ community, for example). Community members bookmark (or “tag”) sites if they like a certain article or piece of information.

This method of promoting your website from an external source has the potential to exponentially increase your exposure as each portal that tags your site will then be viewed by that own portal’s visitors. It’s a non-spam method of creating, for all intents and purposes, a viral effect that keeps your website on people’s minds, in the webisphere and high in search engine rankings.

Article Submission

Creating great, SEO keyword-rich articles and submitting them to various domains is a fantastic way to increase your online presence. When you present readers with quality articles, you establish confidence in your site’s abilities. You stand out as more than a marketing campaign. This creates a sense of trust from the customer’s point of view and greatly increases click-throughs to your site as interested readers look for more great information from you.

There’s a definite formula to writing articles (or having them written for you) so that they’re SEO-friendly but don’t read like one long advertisement. Customers will quickly navigate away from a page that doesn’t offer much in the way of actual information, and the article sites themselves may decline your submissions if they seem more self-serving to your company than helpful to the site’s readership.

Make sure you’re using plenty of keywords, but in a natural, flowing way and in the context of helping your reader, not reeling him or her in for a sale. When the reader likes what he sees, he will click through to your landing page (or whatever URL you supply) and can then see your company’s many offerings and services.

Video Submission

The same general rules hold true for video submission as for article submission. Produce a quality, helpful video before submitting it to a site. Videos are more popular than ever, delivering instant information to viewers in an entertaining, engaging way. Be sure to get in on this great media tool to increase your external link presence on the web.

Press Release Creation and Distribution

Press releases are a way to keep your site’s and company’s name in the forefront in a way that feels timely and “newsy.” If you’re thinking, “But I don’t have much news to report about my website,” think again. Adding new features to your site, increasing or changing the services or products you offer, and new hires are just a few of the newsworthy items you can write about and submit as press releases.

Do make sure you present the information in an informative and up-to-the-minute style and according to the guidelines of the press site you’re submitting the press release to. Press sites weed out purely name-generating releases and refuse them. Remember that these sites have a reputation to uphold, too. You’ll want to keep up on the submission guidelines, format and style each press site requires so you can increase your chances of being featured.

Article Blog Submission

If you don’t have a blog yet for your site, create one. (It’s easy, and often free.) No matter what your industry or services, a blog is a way to have your URL show up on searches on a weekly or even daily basis. Once your blog is up and running with useful information and blog articles, you will want to submit it to various blog search sites. Don’t miss this crucial step toward increasing your web presence.

Choosing these ethical, legitimate methods can and will produce results for your company if done properly. Remember, quantity is important to link building, but quality is key, too.