On-Page Optimizations with Results
We cover every possible angle about your site, and create a course of action based on qualified analytics and business data.

You may have heard the phrase “on page optimization” but just what does it mean – and how can it improve your portal and your company’s bottom line?

In a nutshell, it’s critical for any company to optimize both the way its site reads and navigates, and how search engines locate it and direct potential customers there.

On page SEO can be accomplished a number of ways, but we’ve found that a few stand out in the process of changing business websites from hit-or-miss into winning combinations.

It all starts with a solid game plan to optimize your site. First, we analyze your landing page and the entire website. Then, taking things step by step, our SEO marketing specialists build on your great offerings using a proven system that helps businesses thrive. Here’s how:

Sitemap Creation

A sitemap is central to any good, navigable business portal. A sitemap will not only help your customers when they visit your domain, it will also help you in organizing and polishing your site. Perhaps most importantly, clear keywords in your sitemap will help the biggest search engines — and potential customers — to find you.

After your sitemap is optimized, we will submit your site map to the Webmaster account at each of the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) so you can be indexed in the biggest searchable databases on the web.

Web Page Titles

The right Meta title is critical to gaining leverage among the competition and standing out among other companies jockeying for top billing in the most popular search engines. The Meta title should include highly-searched keywords in order to give your web pages the best chance of being landed on, as well as growing in the ranks of the most-utilized search engines.

The perfect Meta title is a business’s cornerstone and should be specifically designed to attract traffic to the site.

Meta Description

The Meta description can be created by Google algorithms. It should incorporate the most important keywords a business’s customers will be targeting when they perform a search.

Keyword Research

On the subject of keywords, SEO Vendors will a complete list of these so you know which words and phrases you should use frequently, and in the right places on, your ecommerce site. u

A few keywords within a certain industry tend to remain relatively the same, while others change often (particularly in fast-growing sectors that experience frequent upgrades). Your SEO Vendors team will make sure keywords are up-to-the-minute and appropriate for your industry and for your domain at all times.

Meta Keywords

The keywords line should be based on the keyword(s) you use for your Meta title. This covers similar ground in two places and increases your chances of being seen.

Keyword Density

Make sure you have the right keyword density to up your chances of being landed on in an internet search. We’ll go over and change the text on one or more pages (in particular, the landing page) where needed so that you have a balanced, natural-sounding yet very thorough distribution of keywords.


Add links that are structured properly, including Alt tags, text link words and titles, is another key to ecommerce success. Again, you’ll want to rely on the words that came up on our keyword research. Correctly designed links are another critical part of your domain design if you want to increase your presence on the web.

Competition Research

We check the top 10 searches for your industry and get to know your competition. We also make sure to cross-check by submitting the same search

Remember: you must always be original. Do not copy another company’s hard work. But do make use of the most common keywords your industry is currently using. We can help you utilize the same phrases successful competitor companies are using while maintaining originality and your company’s integrity.

The competition is looking at you. Make sure you’re looking, too. See what works and then gear it toward your company and your site.

Web 2.0 Marketing

Your competition is almost certainly making use of the wealth of free media currently available. SEO Vendors makes sure your company’s name is out there by utilizing these great marketing tools:

  • YouTube Promotion: It’s easy, and usually free of charge, to post videos on the most popular media channels. We can make sure you’re searchable in these often-landed sites.
  • Flickr and Google Images Promotion: Again, it’s easy to post images to these sites, both of which receive a significant, quantifiable amount of visitors per day.
  • Blogs Promotion: If you haven’t yet created a blog dedicated to your company, do it now. Free portals such as Blogger.com (Blogspot.com), filled with the correct tags and keywords, are an invaluable resource. Remember – ask our experts for help so you ensure that you’re choosing phrasing and navigation that will bring your company success.
  • Social Websites Promotion: Facebook and Myspace are great ways to promote your company, your products and for others to get to “know” you so they turn to you again and again.

Performing “Scheduled Maintenance”

Your team keeps up on what’s new in the world of internet marketing and makes sure your site follows parameters that keep your company’s reputation sterling. (For example, spam is a definite no-no in link creation and can even get you banned by such search engines as Google depending upon the offense.) We perform consistent maintenance to be sure each area of your website is optimized and current.

Here are categories we specialize in when it comes to any successful business portal:

  • URL Canonicalization
  • Browser compatibility check
  • Page weight checking
  • Duplicate content checking
  • Search engine spider simulation
  • Keyword relevancy modification
  • Broken links restoration
  • Image optimization
  • 404 error page optimization
  • Robots.txt optimization

Why Call on Us?

A thorough site analysis by a professional SEO optimization company can show you where you need to make changes in order to obtain – and maintain – an optimized business site. SEO optimization professionals can also find out what your link popularity and search engine saturation are before and after the changes so you can see at a glance what’s working and what’s not for your portal.

SEO Vendors will tell you the current rank of your website categories both by search engines and by keywords; the position of each keyword found; and the URLs displayed in the search engines. We’ll also alert you when keywords drop in the rankings or when keyword positions move in rankings in relation to competing websites – something that most busy business owners just don’t have the time and resources to do.

On page optimization can take you that extra step from where you are now, to where you want to be. We can get you started. Contact our SEO professionals now.