Sourcing for the Best SEO Companies for Small Businesses

The Importance of Outsourcing Your SEO Responsibilities

When you’re the CEO of a small business, you invariably end up wearing lots of different hats to do lots of different tasks. And if your company trades online, then chances are you’ll be expected to assume those tasks too. But that doesn’t have to be the case. The world of internet marketing is moving quickly and calls for specific and targeted training in order to benefit from it the most. Specialized training and skills are essential in order to get the most from SEO but acquiring the same are usually expensive. If you outsource to the best SEO companies for small businesses, you can capitalize on their wealth of knowledge, resources and training, thus allowing you to efficiently promote online.

  1. Discuss your Requirements with Each Different Company

Every small business is unique and yours is no different. Given this individuality, it’s essential that you give your small business to an SEO service that works with your needs. The best SEO Company will ensure that it fully understands your company’s requirements and will be honest about the potential costs involved. Concentration more of Return of Investment, rather than budget, will ease proceedings.

  1. Establish Direct and Uncomplicated Communication Expectations

Before you sign a contract, make sure that your chosen SEO Company knows what you expect in terms of communication. You should find out when it is best to contact the company, how often is best and which staff member will be your first point of contact. Make sure that you copy one of your staff on any communication with the SEO Company. Setting communication ground rules like this at the start of your working relationship establishes honesty and responsibility for tasks.

  1. Beware of Unscrupulous Vendors

There will always be untrustworthy companies who are more than happy to exploit small businesses. It’s not always easy to identify these scams, but some of the warning signs include:

  1. Unreasonable Assurances –You should be cautious about companies making false promises for e.g., it’s not possible to guarantee you the first position in Google search so you should be wary of anyone who promises this results.
  2. Poor Communication – it’s essential that you are provided with evidence that the SEO Company is working on your behalf and delivering results. If they cannot provide solid proof then you should consider changing vendors.
  3. Disreputable Morals – the best SEO companies work to achieve alignment between content and keywords. If your vendor is using dishonest or black-hat strategies to trick search engines; such as paying for links, then it’s time for you to change your SEO Company.
  4. Be Prepared to Revise your Plan of Action

You may need to review your marketing strategies as your business grows. It’s good to question if your current practice is giving you the best ROI and if it isn’t, you should not be afraid to find another vendor.

In Conclusion

Locating a professional SEO consultant is the best fit for your small business. You may need a little research and knowledge. However, if you communicate effectively and ensure that you ask the right questions, then you can track down a vendor who will be able to fully support you in your business expansion.

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  • Britanica B.

    I find that using Google to back check anyone, be it someone you want to hire or just someone you will be doing business with is essential. So many people out there make a living scamming others who do not know any better. There are now sites (thankfully) for people who report scammers. I check them often. Great post!

  • Doug

    I’ve been scammed sooo many times by companies promising great results. Sometimes it’s just hard to see the scams from the real people. I only do business with companies now that offer a money back guarantee. If they are serious about my business they will work hard at it or give me my money back.

  • Steve Brown

    I may be more paranoid than your average businessman but I feel it is in everyone’s best interest to research anyone you want to get into bed with. You wont take some random stranger into your home would you? So why would you allow some random business into your business? I am firm about checks. I even do background checks as well.

  • Hossain Shahana

    Elegant and Excellent!

  • JasonL

    I have to mention that when we were trying to communicate with some SEO firms to help our business, communication with several of them was very poor. Some weren’t native English speakers, and others simply didn’t communicate on time, nor did they speak in a professional manner. Suffice it to say, we avoided firms that didn’t communicate the way we expected.

  • Helen W. Mitchell

    Fantastic post for SEO, can’t recommend enough.

  • I’ve been doing web development and SEO for years and years and have worked AS a consultant and have used many consultants in that time. There are a lot of disreputable SEO consultants out there – start by looking locally and make sure they have an office and a phone number. Stay away from consultants who only work remotely through their website or skype unless you know them well and have researched them throughly. Bad SEO consultants can do a lot of long term and expensive to fix damage to your website so make sure to throughly vet them and meet with them face to face, preferably in THEIR office. You’re office is ok too but I don’t recommend you contract with anyone who doesn’t want to do either of those. Watch out for their quick sales pitch and make sure their not selling you a bunch of buzzwords and black hat BS.

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