What is White Label SEO?

White label SEO Service or SEO service reselling is a business solution which allows companies to set up and offer SEO and other related services to their clients even when they know nothing about SEO. This is when a company or agency offers SEO services in the name of another company. In another word, White label SEO is a type of services or business package in which the SEO services is provided by a company and deliver to the client by another company without any brand attachment from the producing company.

In this case, the company that provides the SEO services is hidden behind the company the offer it to the client. The actual work is done by this company.  These types of the business solution or package often occur in a situation where an agency or company does not have enough resources to handle the client. As a solution, they form partner with a company providing these services and resell the services to their client in their own brand name. These companies offer the actual services and communicate with the clients. This way, both the companies share the profit.

White Label SEO services are usually employed by businesses in the services sector. Some of the companies or agencies that benefit from White Label SEO services are;

  • Website developer and designers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Web agencies
  • Internet marketers
  • Local Search Engine Optimization Services

White Label SEO services business package gives these companies the opportunity to offer services or products they would normally not be able to deliver on their own, even though their clients demand the same. For example, not all website development companies offer SEO services even though they knew their client would need it. Such companies can partner with a SEO service company as a White Label service partner and thus can offer their clients the services they need. The profit and the company buying price are going to be based on the agreement between the two companies. The reselling price and communication with the client are controlled by the reselling company.

Benefits that can be gained from White Label SEO Services

There are numbers of advantages White Label SEO Strategy to both the producing companies and the reselling companies.

The SEO white label service providers only need to ensure the quality of their services. They don’t need to worry about marketing, promotion or dealing with clients.

This way, the reselling companies are able to save marketing and promotion expenses and can thus focus its resources on improving and offering the best SEO service.

For the reseller companies, they are able to offer clients all the SEO services that are normally beyond their capacity. Since the services are delivered to clients under the reselling company’s name, they can achieve more authority and exposure in this niche.

With White label SEO service, all that the reselling companies need to worry about is the customer service aspect of client relations.

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