When do You Need to Hire a Professional SEO Consultant?

Hiring a SEO expert is something that has almost become a necessity for all business ventures. If you are one such person, then you may have even been doing some research of your own to see whether hiring a SEO professional is worth your time and money? The main question is not whether you can actually afford them or not (though always stick to your budget of course) but rather if your business can afford NOT to have SEO done for it? Implementing a SEO strategy is a MUST for ALL online entrepreneurs as it will help to bring in more traffic, more profit, and more visibility. If you are still not convinced, read on for 10 top reasons why you need to utilize Search engine optimization experts rather than try your hand at it yourself.

Google Bans and Penalizations

You can incur penalizations and even bans from Google and other search engines if they feel that you are utilizing black hat SEO processes. If you hire a sub-standard SEO company, you may also be the victim of a penalty; so do your research and make sure that you are hiring one of the best Professional SEO consultants. Your profits will severely suffer from any bans or penalizations and if it has occurred, you need to get in touch with an SEO professional immediately!

It Is Confusing for Beginners

When starting up a business, there is little time for researching and learning new things. This is something that is usually gained from trial and error or experience. Owners are at their best when they delegate responsibilities to others and SEO experts are no different. By implementing a SEO initiative and using professionals, you can increase your traffic and profit at amazing rates, allowing you to focus on the more important and less tedious tasks required. Mastering SEO takes a lot of time and practice, which is something you may not have time for.

You Are Not Visible Online

The problem with starting an online venture is that you may find that customers can’t find your website! It may not necessarily mean that your website is penalized or banned (as described above) but if people can’t find you using a simple search engine, you might as well be! Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to fully understand or implement Search engine optimization techniques which is another great reason for outsourcing your SEO tasks to a professional. They will offer all kinds of advice and even point you to problems and solution you didn’t realize were possible.

You Are Further off the 3rd Position for Your Main Keywords

Most people access websites via mobile devices these days and will usually only search through the first 3 results. This means that if you are even on number 4 of the search engine results, you will not be getting much traffic. This will decrease your profits in the short AND long term so it’s something that should be taken very seriously. Hiring a SEO expert will assist you in achieving the results you need and if you are close already, SEO professionals will get you right onto the desired position!

Decreased Website Ranking

Don’t panic about a drop in ranking. You need to have a level head when dealing with this kind of problem. Type www.yoursite.com into Google’s search bar, and if you see some results, it means that your site has been penalized but not banned. Even if your website isn’t banned, you should still promptly hire a professional. They will be able to locate EXACTLY what is holding you back.

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  • Mary Lou Reynolds

    I would suggest that if you cannot find your website on Google, or any of the other search engines for that matter, you should at least look into the reasons that might be.

  • Scott Reemer

    Personally, I did not think that I would need to talk to anyone about SEO, but once I did, I realized what I was missing by just reading things I could find online. Thanks for the tips!

  • JasonL

    One thing I’ve noticed in my research of SEO is that like building a website or anything else as a business is that it’s difficult to be ‘in the know’ on everything. Sometimes hiring a professional consultant on a matter helps to give you that edge as a business, it definitely did for me because there was so much I found out that I didn’t know about SEO.

  • Britanica B.

    Being on page one on Google is a huge deal. Being in the top 5 results is the best case scenario. I know someone who was using black hat tricks and actually watched his business crumble in a matter of weeks! It is always best to seek out professional help then trying to cheap out around it.

  • Nicolejackson00

    Yeah it’s hard for newbies to understand that cheap seo marketing can be damaging to your site/. This is definitely a job that professionals need to do, especially with all the changing rules that Google does.

  • Steve Brown

    As I have mentioned in a few other posts on here, you need to seek out a pro if you have no idea what you are doing. Reading about it online with give you knowledge, sure, but these pros know all the ins and outs based on trial and error. Why go through the errors if you don’t have to?

  • Hossain Shahana

    his was the first time I’ve used an SEO expert and it was quick, easy and painless to work together!

  • Erna Cummins

    I very much enjoyed this post.

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