6 Effective SEO Tactics You Should Know in 2022

Search engine optimization or SEO is the key to generating more organic traffic to your website by ranking it on search engines like Google or Bing.

Since the search engines’ algorithms keep updating from time to time, websites require SEO tactics that can adapt to these changes frequently to maintain their rank and popularity.

We at SEO Vendor have undergone numerous updates in Google’s search algorithm and provided the optimal results to our clients. Here are 6 effective SEO tactics that you should know in 2022 to rank on the top page:

Keyword Research Strategies

People who use the internet to search for something use keywords to fire up their search. And the reason behind researching high-ranking keywords that are relevant to your online business is so that you can incorporate them within your website content.

Here are some of the most effective keyword research strategies you should start using now:

Utilize Estimated Traffic Potential Keywords

Generic keywords are meant for Google Ads and not for generating organic traffic. Most keyword research tools use generic single-phrase search volume. They might be enticing, given that they have a higher search volume. But using those keywords is one of the biggest keyword research mistakes.

So instead of using mediocre SEO keyword research tools, you should switch to effective options, such as RankIQ or Ahrefs. These advanced tools will show you more accurate traffic you can generate if you make it to page one of SERPs.

For example, if your keyword is “best SEO strategies in 2022,” Ahrefs and RankIQ will show you the potential number of monthly visitors to your website—instead of showing you the search volume.

Build Content Hubs Around High-Ranking Topics

Creating a content hub by strategically interlinking new content to high-ranking articles on your website is an excellent strategy. It will enable you to push low-ranking posts higher up in the Google search engine results page, giving you more channels for more people visiting your site.

Based on your posts, it would be best to determine what your content hub could contain.

For example, if your high-ranking post is “Internet Statistics,” and another post is like “SEO Statistics,”—you can find out how many more statistic posts you can create. There are over 100 topics you can cover for statistics, making it perfect for creating a content hub.

All you need to do next is create a page for your hub and give it an interesting title such as “Interesting Statistics You Should Know.” Then link back to each article to the content hub page you created.

Link Building Strategies

Link building is essential for a higher rank on the SERPs. And the best way for authoritative sites to link your site to their content is by creating quality content—among other strategies. Here are some link building strategies that can help your blog or website build credibility:

Use Facebook Groups to Create Highly-Linkable Original Research Posts

When reading interesting articles online, you will notice many links with data to back up an article. You can create a highly-linkable post by using social media sites like Facebook to your advantage.

Even as a new blogger, it is easy to do authentic initial research through Facebook Groups. All you need to do is:

  • Look for a Facebook group in your niche with 1000 members or more.
  • Create a few poll posts that address questions about your niche.
  • Lastly, create a blog post based on your findings.

Ensure you include screenshots, graphs, and visuals to back up your blog post and make it easier for Google and readers to understand. Creating at least one of these original research posts quarterly will give you a high chance of boosting your site’s credibility for search engines to see.

Do Interviews on High DA Podcasts

Getting an interview with a podcast with high domain authority is one of the best ways to get high DA backlinks. Podcasts publish each episode’s note pages with a backlink to your site.

To get a chance to be on a high DA podcast, go to Apple Podcast charts and determine the top shows in your niche. Then, narrow your search by eliminating shows with less than 40 DA and shows that do not accept guests.

In the RSS feed for each podcast on your list, you will find the email address of the podcast showrunner or host. Once you have the email address, you can send them a cold email or pitch explaining how you can benefit their listeners.

Alternatively, you can become a podcast guest by setting up a profile on podcastguests.com and waiting for the podcast runners to come to you.

Take Advantage of Low-Competition Phrases

According to a study by Ahrefs, they found out that being in the number 1 spot on Google receives an average of 24 backlinks a year. Many writers and reporters with a strict deadline for a specific topic tend to link the first result to support the articles they are writing—instead of scouring through the top results.

And the best way to get to the top is by writing quality articles using keywords and phrases with low competition. Specific niches with low competition might not boost more traffic to your site. But writing at least 50% of all your content based on low-competition phrases is an excellent strategy to get more backlinks annually.

Content Creation Strategies

Quality content is a vital factor in ranking higher on SERPs. And putting keywords randomly into your content will not get you anywhere near the top. However, there are many nuances in content creation, such as readability, formatting, and credibility, so make sure you follow these effective content creation tactics that could get you higher up in the ranks:

Short Paragraphs have a Higher Chance of Getting Featured in Snippets

The optimal length for featured snippets is 40 to 50-word paragraphs. However, fewer words can be challenging, so make sure you go straight to the point with no fluff in addressing your heading.

Improve Posts by Adding More Content to The End

It is essential to update some articles to make them more relevant. If you have a blog post falling behind in rankings, the best way to push it up is by adding content to the end of each post. This way, you will keep the original layout of the blog post the same—while increasing the readers’ dwell time.

Messing with the existing content could decrease the post’s rankings, so avoid doing this—especially if your post is already in the first SERP.

Use Visuals for Statistics Posts

As mentioned above, doing original research is an excellent way to create highly-linkable content. And creating infographics to go with it will make it easier for readers to understand.

If you plan to create statistics posts or existing ones on your site, you can create a 16:9 image highlighting the most compelling statistics. The images should have a 16:9 aspect ratio because they look good on desktop and mobile.

Make sure you mention your source if it isn’t an original research piece. Besides, you also want to strategically spread these images throughout the article to make your blog post look better for the reader.

Add FAQs to The End of Your Posts

When people are searching for something on Google, the search engine will often suggest questions that other people ask related to the topic they are searching for.

When writing your content, make sure you search for your targeted keyword on Google to see the most popular “People Also Ask Questions.” Then, create a FAQ heading at the bottom of your article to cover related questions about your topic.

This section will increase on-page tame and give your page a higher chance of being on featured snippets. Also, make sure you follow the 40 to 50-word rule and answer the questions as directly as possible.

Internal Linking Strategies

Unlike backlinking, an internal link is a reference link on the same website. Content writers and SEO specialists implement internal linking for readers to jump to similar articles or relevant pages. You can try these internal linking strategies to improve your rankings and get visitors to visit more pages and posts on your website.

Use Straight to the Point Anchor Texts

Readers do not want to click on suspicious links. So when interlinking an article, make sure you give your readers and Google more context. You can use more words for your anchor text and make sure the link opens in a separate window to decrease the bounce rate and increase the on-page time.

Link New Posts with High-Ranking and High DA Pages

Recent posts take a while to rank, and to help boost their ranking and performance—make sure you link them up from two existing high-ranking pages on your site. This tactic will give your newer posts a solid boost to rank faster.

Page Title Creation

We all know that creating quality content is essential to rank higher on search engines. However, creating a compelling title is just as important. Here are some page title creation tips that will help your posts rank in 2022:

Keep Your Titles At 60 Characters or Fewer

If your title has 60+ characters, then chances are Google will rewrite your title or cut it short using ellipsis. Readers will likely click on the following result without knowing what to expect instead of reading your post.

Add The Current Year Bracket to Let Readers Know Your Content Is Up to Date

People want the most up-to-date information on any topic they are searching for. So it is vital to make your content stand out by putting the current year title in brackets. Using brackets indicates that the content is updated.

Add The Most Searched Title Modifier to Increase the Clickthrough Rate

Many headlines for blog posts have front-end modifiers that audiences can relate to. For example, a person would likely click on a blog post with “easy” or “DIY” in the title.

Woodworking bloggers get the most organic search from DIY posts by adding front-end title modifiers like those mentioned above. And some of the top front-end modifiers are easy, DIY, best, and homemade, indicating that readers can quickly learn something.

With a title like “Easy Woodworking Projects” is an excellent example of a searchable title.

Add The Most Searched Tail-End Title Modifier

You can still improve the title example above by adding the most searched tail-end title modifiers. Some of the best tail-end modifiers are “for,” “with,” and “without.”

To complete the example above and get a higher chance of ranking, “Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners” would be an even better title.

Outmatch The Number 1 Post for List Posts

If you are about to create a list post, make sure you add more items to your list if possible. If the current number 1 page’s title is “7 Ways to Lose Weight,” you should size up your post and make it “17 Ways to Lose Weight.”

Doing this will indicate that your post has more comprehensive content, and it will increase your visitor’s dwell time.

General SEO Knowledge

Knowing how SEO works and being updated with SEO is the best way to rank high on Google and other search engines. So make sure you stay up to date by:

Listen To SEO Growth Podcasts

Listening to podcasts about SEO growth like “The Blogging Millionaire” or the “Authority Hacker Podcast” is an excellent way to learn the most up-to-date tactics to rank on Google and generate more income for your online business.

Read SEO Growth Articles

There are many SEO articles, but going through all of them can be overwhelming. If you are unsure which articles to read, you can use Feedly to get daily news and updates on blogs from true SEO experts.


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