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Proven SEO Case Studies

Adventures by Disney: 750% ROI

Industry: Tourism

Despite the brand name, Adventures by Disney is a tourism website having trouble with the online strategy it put in place. It was very clear that digital marketing was not working for them the way they wanted it to. They had to do something about it.

Some of the strategies included:

  • Thorough research on Disney traveler’s background and ventures – This was necessary to understand their customer profile and find the best strategies to implement.
  • Improve the website content – maximizing the web content to meet the requirements for effective search engine optimization was also key. They took our advice that the vacation packages had to be unique and of high quality if they had to stand out from the crowd in a competitive tourism industry.
  • Extensive keyword research – effective keywords to put the website on the map also needed to be considered. Disney understood this, which made it easier to design other aspects of their SEO strategy.

The Results:

After the execution of the new strategies, the number of visitors per day jumped and consequently increased brand awareness. This had the effect of increasing the number of potential customers who were willing to use the services for travel. The number of visitors per day rose by over 200%.

Swarovski for Professionals: 350% ROI

Industry: B2B Jewelry

Swarovski for Professionals is the definitive portal for loose crystal stones whose applications range from lighting to architecture. However, no one could find the site because it was too design-oriented and lacked substance for ranking.

Effective strategies had to be implemented to make notable SEO improvements. Our digital experts and web marketing strategists went behind the scenes and analyzed how search engines indexed the site.

What we ended up doing included the following:

  • We have researched and developed a global header and footer for the site. Our designers took on the task of creating and designing a header and a footer while our SEO experts worked hand in hand to keep the website looking updated and cohesive at all times.
  • Created a new lead generation campaign. The process involved optimizing the code and content of the whole website and enabling better overall site usability.

The Results:

We raised the number of visitors by over 85% in less than a year. The consistency by which we kept adjusting the online marketing strategy for Swarovski also led to scalable results. The number of visitors who revisited the site increased, thanks to the increased quality of the leads.

Prestige Flowers: 450% ROI

Industry: Flowers

Prestige Flowers is the #1 flower delivery company in the UK, but it had a problem with organic search. After an extensive study of the problem, our company came up with strategies that would help them increase their revenue.
The strategies employed increased the number of visitors per day and the number of visitors who returned to the website. The regular visits were directly attributed to our keyword strategy.

The Results:

The Love Vitamin: 275% ROI

Industry: Online publisher/Blog

For a long time, The Love Vitamin lacked a site that could grow its teaching programs. They knew very well that it was time for a change.
They wanted to expand their blog operations online, so they sought an SEO company’s services to help turn their idea and year-end goal into a reality.

What We Did

Our SEO experts came up with effective strategies to make it happen. From extensive keyword research to the site’s coding, we started ramping up their organic search and established their brand online with their audience. TLV had a lot of training programs to showcase, and they really needed a more user-friendly website and an increased volume of visitors.

The Results:

The outcomes of the strategic path taken were simply out of this world. Within two years, the total sales of their programs had increased by over 2000%! That wasn’t all. The overall organic traffic and leads were both on an upward trend.

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