Straight North Review

Straight North Review


A good marketing firm is only as good as its marketing but it can be hard to toot your horn. In these posts, we’re going to look at some of the leading online marketing and SEO firms in the business and shine a spotlight on their strengths and maybe highlight a few areas where they can improve.

We know what it is that makes a truly excellent internet marketing agency and so we’re well equipped to provide you with our insight.

Who Is Straight North?

Straight North is internet marking agency with offices in Chicago, Charlotte, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. They pride themselves on having a passionate team that pursues the best for the company and the client. They have a few schemes that give back to the community through chosen charity schemes.

They have a proven track record of success since 1997, with many big-name clients and a great network of contacts. The company has over 100 expert level employees spread across their different offices all offering help for your business and it’s digital marketing campaigns.

What Does Straight North Do?

Straight North focuses on pay per click (PPC) management, professional SEO, display advertising, and email marketing. They bill themselves as a full service online digital marketing agency with a wealth of expertise and a unique package of tracking options that put them well ahead of the competition.

They look to improve your business and sales by improving your online visibility generating direct leads and customers that are already interested in what you’re offering. They do this by getting to know your niche and business intimately to offer custom packages that highlight your strengths.

They have a strong reputation for communication and feedback with a dedicated team that focuses on delivering big results in the smallest possible timeframe. They provide easy to understand metrics and data to the client in real-time so they can track the efficacy of the marketing campaign and ensure that they are happy with the results.

How Do Straight North Compare?

So how do Straight North compare to other marketing firms that offer similar services? They certainly have the experience and the accolade of an impressive client list, but do they deliver the goods or is their marketing on their behalf their greatest achievement.


Real-Time Account Management and Campaign Tracking

Lots of digital marketing companies claim to have the most up to date tracking of their various campaigns and their goals, but none deliver on that promise quite like Straight North. You can track the leads and clicks that your advertising campaign is getting in real-time which means that you know exactly where new clients are coming from, what’s working, and what’s not.

This level of a live update, as well as the efficient communication and responsiveness of the Straight North team as a whole, provides a level of security and comfort to the client. It means that they can customize the campaign as they go when they see something working well and drop branches that aren’t to minimize spend.

Results Driven Service

Following on from the previous point, the Straight North team is driven by providing the best service possible. Not only for their job satisfaction, pride, and reputation but with the ability to track the campaign and its effect so precisely, they have to be held accountable and made to explain every decision they make. With such clear and easy to understand reporting, their clients are very well equipped and encouraged to ask questions.

If a campaign isn’t earning the client the business revenue needed to make the campaign spend worth it, they can cancel or go to another agency. This provides Straight North with a very strong incentive to always be achieving the very best for themselves and the client. They provide flexible contracts and all the campaign material is owned by the client once created, so if they do believe they’d be better off elsewhere, they do can do precisely that.


Jack of All Trades, Master of None

With such a diversified roster of services provided and with such a massive team spread out over many different offices one of the clearest drawbacks to Straight North’s service is a lack of specialization and the personal touch. A few reviews and ex-clients have said that whilst the communication and speed of delivery were excellent, they didn’t see the results they expected and the company couldn’t explain some of the choices it had made in the campaign.

This is likely owing to mixed signals and poor communication within the team themselves. The project gets passed back and forth with little tweaks here and there from each department but no collaborative focus. It could also be that these specific clients didn’t give Straight North enough time to get the campaign rolling and build the relationship necessary for it to work through.

Is Straight North Worth It?

Straight North is a digital marketing agency with years of experience and a reputation that more than prove itself and no review, or recommendation could say it more plainly than that. They have continued to stay up to date with a finger on the pulse of the industry and the new trends that present themselves daily and always go above and beyond for their clients.

It would be hard to pick out one service that they specialize in, to the point of complete expertise but the package they provide is robust, affordable, and results-driven. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that will work with you, for you, give them a couple of months and see what they can produce.

SocialSEO Review


The world of digital marketing agencies is growing daily. Floods of new companies, freelancers, and start-ups are marketing themselves as marketers with the best way of getting you big sales and clients. But can they all deliver the results they promise?

As a digital marketing agency with years of experience under our belt, we’re fairly well equipped to see through the bravado and ad-speak and give an honest and straightforward assessment of the services offered.

We know what excellence looks like in both our own and other agencies’ specialty services. In this article, we’re going to take the microscope to SocialSEO and have a look at what they’re made of.

Who Are SocialSEO?

SocialSEO is a global digital marketing agency based out of Colorado Springs but with offices all over the United States Of America. They have grown from a one-man-band to a national brand and were recently voted the “#1 Digital Marketing Agency in the US” by UpCity.

CEO Greg Walthour used to be in real estate and back in 1996 when his boss asked him to find a way to improve their company’s website ranking online he dove deep to figure it out. Seeing the impact that SEO and digital marketing were going to have on the market and having already taught himself the basics he decided to go further and start his own business.

The company prides itself on being different without subscribing to the silicon valley image of mixing it up. You won’t find beanbags and ping pong in their corporate offices but you will find a team that has bonded and forged their own culture over the years they’ve been together. The company has enjoyed a 1000% growth over the past 5 years.

What Does SocialSEO Do?

A better question might be what doesn’t SocialSEO do? To which the answer might be cooking 5-star meals and laundry, although who knows what side-hustles and activities they get up to in their free time. SocialSEO offers a complete in-house digital marketing service which means they have specialists and experts that can help in every aspect of an online marketing campaign.

The main proponents of online advertising in the current climate are SEO management, pay per click advertising, and social media campaigns. They offer competitive packages in all three and tailor those services to the specific needs and sizes of your business. Whilst they have a huge and impressive array of big business clients to their name, they also make sure that their services are competitive to the smaller businesses just starting as well.

How Do SocialSEO Compare?

So now we know who SocialSEO is and what they do, but how do they compare to a market filled with other companies whom all claim they’re the best. Let’s breakdown some of the specifics.



Proven Track Record with Faultless Testimonials and Review

When doing our due diligence and researching a company we might want to work with or recommend a client to if there is a specific campaign goal or niche that we aren’t experts in ourselves, we always check in with ex-clients as the first port of call. There is no finer way to get a measure of what they can do.

SocialSEO has possibly one of the cleanest and most impressive reputations in the business. This is rare for a company that has a presence and notoriety as large as they do. This is largely due to the transparency and accountability reporting that they provide their customers. They let you know what they are doing and how they are doing at all times so you know exactly what you’re spending your money on and how that is benefiting your business.

Expertise and Constant Evolution

SocialSEO has positioned itself at the very top of the industry in terms of expertise and innovation. They hold symposiums and share their knowledge freely with others in the industry proving that they’re not going to just sit back and coast on what they can do, but rather keep focusing on what they’re going to be doing next.

Few companies can boast the level of acclaim and growth that SocialSEO has achieved and that has been entirely built on the results they provide and the work that they do. Last year saw them awarded fairly for that and they even had advertisement slots in the Super Bowl. They’re a pretty big deal.


Overworked and Underpaid?

With such a squeaky-clean reputation it’s honestly hard to find any cons for SocialSEO. In regards to clients or lack of delivery on promised results, there seems to not be a bad word said. On some websites that rank how good a company is to work for however, there are a few complaints that you would expect to bleed into the clients’ portfolio.

Some former employees complain that new contracts start below the standard 41k, this is irrespective of experience. Reviews come yearly but you should expect to negotiate if you want to see an increase and even promotions will come with more work but don’t always come with more pay.

Is SocialSEO Worth It?

If you’re looking to boost your business online and want to start a campaign that gets you seen on a local or global scale, SocialSEO is probably one of the best companies out there to help you achieve that goal. They have an incredible reputation and years of experience behind them that they will make work for you.

Their digital marketing campaigns are custom and tailored to your needs and size and so you’ll have to contact them directly for a quote but even though they have a mammoth-sized reputation, they’re still competitively priced with the rest of the market.

Victorious Review

Victorious Review


The internet is a great place to grow your business, especially if you’re a business that specializes in growing internet business. Digital marketing agencies use the tools that they know best to boost their online presence and advertise their skills to a global market.

But with so many of them out there, how do you know which one is right for you? They all claim to be the best at what they do and given the fact that they’re essentially the most modern iteration of the ad man, how can you believe any of it?

In this article we’re going to take a closer look at the Victorious digital marketing agency and what they do. We know the business inside and out being in ourselves and so we’re fairly well situated to give you a fair assessment of they do or don’t do best.

Who Are Victorious?

Victorious is an SEO agency based out of San Francisco. The company is relatively young with a team made up of passionate and driven individuals looking to make an impact in the industry and they’re already doing so. They’ve received critical acclaim and were recently ranked the #1 SEO company in San Francisco and #8 on the global market by Clutch.

Their core values are on people, both those in their company and the clients they serve. They put the priority on creating innovative and thoughtful campaigns that are crafted with a personal touch. By focusing on the people and the voices that a business is made up of can help connect them to an audience and build trust and relationship.

What Does Victorious Do?

As an SEO agency Victorious focuses solely on increasing your business online visibility. They make sure that you are getting seen by the right people at the right time to generate leads and sales. Without professional help to many businesses expect to grow by reputation and hard work alone, but the digital world doesn’t work like that and they specialize in getting you the attention you deserve.

Other companies diversify and offer a wide spread of different online marketing tools in-house but Victorious knows what they do best and they are dedicated to improving, evolving, and making that one expertise the best that it can be. They know search engine optimization and what it takes to get your business in front of the right sets of eyes.

How Does Victorious Compare?

Like most digital marketing agencies Victorious works with both small and large clients. Every campaign is different and they need time to make their magic work. But how do their services rank against others on the market? What makes them stand out?


Victorious claims that they don’t care about SEO. But what does that mean? Going back to their focus on putting people first essentially boils down to the fact that they will work as hard as they can for you because it’s a partnership. They want you to succeed, because if you enjoy success, then so do they.

It’s not some altruistic love of helping people, well it probably is a little, but this is a hungry and results-driven company that wants your campaign to go above and beyond the projected to become something epic. They’re all in and they’re custom crafted and unique SEO campaigns are designed to deliver big results in a small time frame.

Mad Science

The company mentions a few times its proprietary methodology, which involves the latest in technological advances to deliver scientifically-driven SEO strategies. The industry and algorithms are all evolving at breakneck speed and companies need to keep up or be left behind.

The reviews and the testimonials all speak to how their “people first” core value provides clear communication channels with great analysis and transparency into precisely how the campaign is being conducted. They want to show you the great work that they’re doing and the invite you in at every step to provide feedback and collaboration. The science, values, and results all seem to agree with the campaign goals because they have a huge list of happy clients.

A Personal Touch

A lot of companies say they have core values, or they make a lot of bold claims about what they do and don’t do. And we’ve already spoken at length about Victorious and their people first attitude but it really and truly is at the heart of all that they do. If you read through the testimonials and reviews, you’ll see account after account of how much they care and how attentive they are.

This comes from building relationships, not just of success and partnership but actual relationships from one human to another. The campaigns are not micromanaged into oblivion by a thousand faceless names like with other agencies. You have a point of contact who is available 24/7 to answer questions and give you updates about the campaign. It’s something that is far too often overlooked.


Laser-Focused On SEO

This is less of a con and more just something to consider if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency. Victorious is one of the best there is at SEO, but that’s the only service they offer. Other agencies and companies try to at least have a team in house that can also offer other aspects of an online marketing campaign like PPC advertising, email campaigns or social media marketing.

Those same companies might underperform in certain areas through over-diversification but there is something to be said for the convenience of having everything under one roof.

Is Victorious Worth It?

If you want to know why your business isn’t being seen online, in the local market or in a much wider one they can tell you where you need to focus and help you to quickly climb the ladder to start ranking and raking in new clients.

They are SEO specialists and we mean that their team is incredibly passionate and talented at what they do. But don’t let us tell you, contact them yourself and get a quote for your business.

If you have any other questions or want to know more about our range of services drop one of our own immensely brilliant team a line today. What are you waiting for?

Boost Or Boo’s A Boostability Review


Here at SEO Vendor we know what it takes to provide great SEO and digital marketing services to our customers. We’ve been in the business long enough to know what to look for in other companies and even those that we would recommend for specific niches or services.

We’ve been putting together a list of articles that go into a little more depth about some of our competitors and contemporaries to help you make an informed decision about which agencies might be the perfect match for your needs. Today we’re going to look at Boostability and give you an idea of the services they offer and what they’re best at.

Who Are Boostability?

Boostability is an SEO and digital marketing agency that focus on helping to build up the online presence of small businesses. Founded in Utah in 2009 they have over a decade of experience in the market and have received a decent amount of awards and recognition for their specialization in cost-effective, entry-level online marketing plans.

What Does Boostability Do?

Boostability employs a wide array of different techniques to boost their client’s visibility online. This starts with website optimization and the first month working with them will see them fixing any broken links and meta tags to get your business trusted and recognized by search engines. From there they will begin to work on link building and depending on the plan you choose to take with them will even begin guest posting and creating content to boost the speed at which you see results on this.

Boostability is one of the most affordable agencies available which makes them very attractive to small businesses or those that haven’t tried digital marketing before. They are experts at laying down the groundwork to a successful campaign and getting your website and online market visible and attractive to a whole new client base.


So now we know who and what Boostability does, but what sets them apart from other agencies and SEO companies offering the same services? What makes Boostability special? And what potentially lets them down?

Cost-Effective Campaigns and Contracts

As mentioned before, with Boostability the price is right. This doesn’t mean that they’re cheap or that they cut corners though. They offer custom-built packages that start as low as $250 a month. They are also very clear and upfront with both their costing and contract length which is surprisingly a rarity amongst most digital marketing agencies.

This low cost and clear communication make them perfect for small businesses looking to test out just how much benefit can be had through a digital marketing campaign and they can help you get started even if you choose to take your businesses to a more well-rounded company later down the line.

Free Reporting and Online Dashboard Service

Boostability also offers a completely free foot in the door service that will give you a good idea of your websites standing as it is. If you visit their website you can input your site to have an evaluation and report built for you. After this, you are understandably prompted to chat with a member of their team to help you understand the data and what options might be available to you going forward but it’s a useful tool even if you’re just curious.

In the same vein, they offer this reporting technology to their clients going forward and as well as clear communication throughout the campaign you can check in manually to see what they are tweaking on your site and precisely what effect it’s having to improve your visibility.

Expertise in Getting the Ball Rolling

It’s fair to say that Boostability’s focus is in the initial phase of boosting your online presence. They know the ins and outs of taking you from complete amateur to functioning professional in terms of digital marketing and SEO. There are so many baby steps that have to be taken to improve your ranking and be seen by the search engine algorithms these days and they have done well in keeping up with the latest trends and evolutions.

Whilst their services are limited to those focused on SEO and getting your page ranked amongst the first, they are very specialized in doing so and so it makes it a very cost-effective approach.


Lack of a Wider Variety of Marketing Services

Boostability is a great start in the world of digital marketing; they can help improve your business’s online credentials even after their minimum 3-month contract. But once they have your site functioning as it should, with proper tags, SEO, links, and content, there is little room for improvement from there. They lack the aftercare and follow up packages that other digital marketing agencies can provide.

They can only take you so far and once you’re there you’re likely to be better off searching for a company with a more comprehensive list of services to continue seeing growth and progress.

Contract Length

Whilst it should be said that especially at the founding stage, it does take time to see results in the SEO market, and even though they are offering great value contracts, they do still require a minimum 3-month contract for new clients. There are other companies out there that can fast track this and help you see results quicker, there are many more that don’t have minimum contracts at all and instead rely solely on the results they can provide.

Services as Boostability are focused on those new to the market and with little to no previous SEO engagement, it is a fair amount of time for them to be working on the basics and if you don’t see results after that, start asking questions.

Boostability is a great choice for businesses looking to take their first steps into SEO and digital marketing as a whole. They offer a cost-effective contract that will see your page rise through the search engine rankings through their experienced and focused campaign approach. However, once you’re through with the initial build they have less to offer than other agencies with a fuller array of digital marketing services to offer.

Launching a Creative Campaign with Avalaunch Media


Finding the right digital marketing agency can be a tough search. There are so many different factors to consider and everyone is claiming to be the best at what they do and using the same skill set they promote their customers with to promote themselves. It’s impossible to know what’s real and what’s not.

We have been working with other companies, customers, and businesses long enough to get a good idea of what to look out for and what different agencies specialize in. Today we’re going to look at Avalaunch Media who are one of the highest-rated in the country, but how and why have they achieved such accolade?

Who Are Avalaunch Media

Founded in 2005 Avalaunch Media is based out of the silicon slopes of Salt Lake City, Utah with an additional office in San Francisco. They have 15 years of experience behind them and a wealth of extremely high profile clients such as, GoPro and Red Bull to back up their claims to fame.

As a company, they have 8 core values that they cultivate in their office and team. Core value #1 is to “create believers”, they do this by offering tangible results and by creating a culture in their team built on optimism and a great attitude, which is core value #2 “project positivity”. Core values 3 and 4 are to “be proactive” and “deliver distinguished service” which is all about creating new creative own paths and then following through on those plans, the word is your bond.

Core value 5 is to “thrive on communication”, which is sage advice for many marketing agencies who rely on monthly catch-ups as their only outreach, expect updates on your campaign and the ins and outs. Core value 6 is “trust the team” which is more about how they interact as a unit themselves and lift each other up to deliver the best for their customers. Core values 7 and 8 are to “initiate innovation” and “enjoy the ride” which as a company that has been in the game as long as they have means they’re still experimenting and adapting with the ever-evolving industry.

What Does Avalaunch Media Do?

Avalaunch is a digital marketing agency with a focus on creating sharp and professional-looking visual content campaigns that capture the attention and hearts of those that see them. At this stage, they’re a larger agency themselves and it’s fair to say that their focus is on larger clients. Whilst they do offer services to small businesses when they have clients as big as Coca Cola and MTV in their portfolio it’s unlikely they’re going to be your first choice for a startup.

Just as they have the 8 core values for who they are and what they encourage and champion within their team, they also have what they call the 8 pillars of digital marketing which talks about their focus when it comes to their campaigns. Which are as follows:

  • Branding and sales collateral
  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Paid media advertising: pay-per-click (PPC), display, and YouTube
  • Public relations (PR)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media management
  • Web development


High Profile Agency with a Client List to Match

It cannot be stressed enough just how important your clients are and how having big name brands coming back to your agency, again and again, is both testaments to the quality of your work as it is beneficial to your profit margins. Avalaunch is doing something right and their list of high-profile clients is staggering., Expedia, GoPro, Microsoft, Red Bull, Hilton, Intel, Linkedin, 1800Contacts, Coca Cola, MTV, BlendTec, to name just a few. If they’re good enough for brands as big as this imagine what they could do for you.

Visual Content Specialists

Avalaunch has built its name by building some of the most sharp-looking and memorable visual campaigns for their clients. Whether this is through social media, interactive graphics, motion graphics, infographics, or any other kind of graphic, they specialize in catching the eye of the audience and directing them to their client campaigns.

When you think of just how global and big some of their clients are then it’s fairly likely that you’ve seen some of their work yourself and if you’re looking to sprinkle some of that magic onto your own business you’d be hard-pressed to find a better agency.

Expertise in a Wide Array of Services

With many years in the industry running successful campaigns and building their brand and reputation as well as their team and profits, it’s understandable that Avalaunch Media has attracted and trained a spectrum of talented individuals focused on all aspects of running a digital marketing agency.

They know the ins and outs of the industry well and are constantly adapting and experimenting to ensure they stay at the forefront of new developments, techniques, and trends. They have a wide variety of different services to offer and build their campaigns around.


Lack of Support for Smaller Businesses

We mentioned it earlier but it should be stated again. This isn’t the company you are likely to want to hire to build you up from the ground floor. If you can afford them we are sure they would help skyrocket your brand into the stratosphere, but it may be hard to budget for smaller businesses.

That said they do offer campaigns customized to the needs and specific niches of their clients and if you wanted to reach out and have a chat they’re sure to hear you out and make recommendations.

Avalaunch is a brand with a sterling reputation. The feedback, testimonials, client list, and even their branding and website speak of an agency without equal who will go above and beyond to deliver a campaign with massive results. If you’re a medium to large-sized business with the budget for them you’re unlikely to find an agency that can do it better.

As with all digital marketing agencies, the services and campaign they offer will depend on precisely who you and your business are your niche and your needs. If you want to discuss options and get a feel for what might be a good fit drop Avalaunch or one of our helpful team a line today to get the ball rolling.

WebiMax Review: Getting To the Max of Your Web Potential


When it comes to online presence a business can be made or broken at the click of a button. The World Wide Web can be a fickle and sticky one to navigate by yourself or to the non-initiated and a slight misstep can see you hung up and feasted upon.

WebiMax realize that an online reputation is one that needs careful and professional oversight and sometimes it needs a complete overhaul. They are specialists in online reputation management and one of the first businesses you should call if you’ve built up some bad press online or are on the receiving end of a smear campaign.

WebiMax has a great online reputation, but if they can’t look after their own why would you trust them with yours? Are they as good as they and the rest of the internet are saying so? Let’s take a look at the company in a little more detail and find out.

Who Are WebiMax?

Based in Camden, New Jersey, Webimax was founded in 2008 by web entrepreneur Ken Wisnefski. The founding pledge and backbone of the ethic of the company is excellent customer service with Wisnefski vowing that a great business is built on treating it’s customers how you would like to be treated yourself.

To this end, he has put his money where his mouth is and offers his email and direct line extension number on the website encouraging existing customers and new prospects alike to contact him personally with any concerns they may have or questions. He takes his position as leader of the company very seriously and believes that trickles down from the top to the whole team.

They have won multiple awards over the years including being named one of the most promising companies in the US by Forbes in 2011 and then the fastest growing company in New Jersey by Inc. Magazine. They have been given the “Best Places To Work” title by numerous different bodies and on multiple occasions in and around the Philadelphia area.

What Does WebiMax Do?

WebiMax offers a range of different services other than just online reputation management and crisis control. They are specialized in creating a positive visibility on the World Wide Web and so they have perfected the full array of services and strategies employed by any other digital marketing agency to achieve that goal.

WebiMax likes to customize the campaign to the specific needs and goals of each customer and so no two plans will look the same. This is true of any good digital marketing agency and what might work for one, wouldn’t for another. Following in the footsteps of their founder the company takes a keen interest in listening to their customers to custom build packages suited to them.

How Does WebiMax compare to their competitors?

So now we know who WebiMax is and what they do, but how do they compare with the other businesses offering the same services. Let’s look at what makes them special.


Transparency and Training

If there is one thing that will put a client off a company or service provider faster than others is if they can’t see visible results. When it comes to online reputation management or digital marketing weighing up just how valuable an investment has been can be even more difficult, especially when the reason you hired an outside firm in the first place is that it’s not your field of expertise.

WebiMax provides clear feedback, campaign analysis, and reports on how your campaign is performing, the effect it has had, and how they will evolve and shift focus going forward. They are happy to spend time with their customers ensuring they are kept fully abreast and answering any questions regarding why or what they are doing.

They also provide training and tutelage materials on their website to show you precisely how they go about targeting specific areas of the campaign and why. If you’re looking to get into digital marketing yourself or train up a member of your in-house team it is an excellent resource.

A Coat of Many Colors

As mentioned before, WebiMax is a fully functioning digital marketing agency, they have access to a wide range of different skill sets and tactics to build you a custom campaign that targets the precise niches and areas that your business needs to improve your online reputation.

To push down or suppress any negative press, they will help to create new positive content and use their understanding of SEO to promote it and your brand onto the first page. They will continually monitor your brand’s presence and alert you of anything that could potentially require a shift in focus. Should a crisis arise that would result in floods of negative press, they have a team trained specifically in management and mitigation.


The one downside to WebiMax is that whilst they have a beautiful and well-designed website. It’s a little lacking in the specifics of what a contract with them might look like. It’s not a fault of the brand as this is fairly common across an industry that is built on very specific niches and custom-tailored action, but it can make taking the plunge a little difficult to the uninitiated.

It means that potential new clients would have to reach out with a phone call or email before they can start to get a feel for the costing, contracts length, and specific action plan for their business and that might be more than they’re willing to do if they’re unsure of the return on the investment and just how effective this company may or may not be.

WebiMax has a great reputation, if you look into their reviews and testimonials you’ll see streams of people attesting to that. They claim to have a 95% retention rate with businesses renewing their contracts month after month, which also mean they don’t lock you into lengthy contracts and you can judge them on the results they get for you.

If you are in any way on the fence, drop them a line or send an email to Ken Winesfski himself to answer any questions you might have or get in touch with a member of our team if you need more information on any of the topics covered.

The HOTH Review: Outsourced SEO White Label Services For SEO Experts And Agencies

Here at SEO Vendor, we work with other companies regularly to provide our customers with the best services and results on the market. We regularly are checking in to see what other companies are doing.

We have extensive knowledge of what we do best and what other companies like us are offering. We’re perfectly situated to critically compare and contrast and take a deeper look at just what a good SEO package looks like.

In today’s article, we are going to look at The HOTH and the range of different SEO packages that they offer, how they work, and whether it’s worth it. Read on if you want to find out more about The HOTH and what they do.

Who Are The HOTH?

It may have a cute name that conjures up images of tauntauns and snow but this is a professional SEO company that takes the business as seriously as their savage little mascot does. HOTH is an acronym for ‘hittem on the head’ which is the basic outline for their entire ethos; going out into the world of the internet to go to bat for their customers.

They claim to put the customer first with an impressive promise of round the clock access to their team so any questions or concerns can quickly be put to rest. They also make a big promise in terms of a results-driven relationship with no contract to lock you in for longer than you want to stick around.

But do they get those results?

What Does The HOTH Do?

So The HOTH has two primary target audiences. They function as a B2B (business to business) company outsourcing and reselling their SEO packages through and to other SEO companies as well as to their clientele of businesses looking to grow their audience and online traffic.

The standout takeaway from this though is that they label their services as white label SEO to be resold by other SEO companies. This not only establishes them as an expert in the field able to take on their contracts as well as other companies too. But it means that they have a whole market that many other companies have overlooked.

They have a range of different packages and price points for you to choose from whether you want to learn SEO for yourself or rank a local business at the top of search engine results. It’s best to talk to them yourself to find out precisely what package or offering might suit.

How Do The HOTH Compare?

So now we’ve established the basics, how do The HOTH compare when ranked against other companies providing similar services? Well, let’s get stuck in.


Excellent Customer Service

The HOTH would happily tell you that their customer’s satisfaction is their number 1 priority, but we’ve all heard that countless times before. However, in this case, it does seem to be the case. By making themselves readily accessible and taking the time to answer questions and explain what they are doing to their customers they build a relationship and are genuinely committed to it.

Too many SEO companies will bombard you with graphs and mumbo-jumbo hoping that you won’t question, understand, or bother them past that point. In their mind, it frees them up to focus on the technical side of things. But it also loses them a lot of clients as they don’t really believe or get the results they expect.

Results-Driven Relationship

Another annoying habit in the SEO market is one of the binding fixed-term contracts. Now we understand why they do this. Good SEO does take time and especially with small or new companies it will take a while to start seeing a real or impressive return on your investment. Many SEO agencies are worried that their customers won’t understand this and so only offer packages at a length of time that nets them a sizeable paycheque but also presents an impressive return on that to their clientele.

Following on from treating their customers with respect and time, The HOTH is happy to explain the processes and results that they are giving at any time and so offer rolling and flexible packages to their customers. This is what belief in your product looks like.

Broad Range of Different Products

The HOTH has been around for a long time and has established itself as a link building expert. They have now built that into an online marketing business that offers practically every service thinkable all under one umbrella.

This allows them to offer very niche and personalized packages that will suit and build your business or customer base in the ways that you need without having to subscribe to extra add-ons that you don’t. The best way to pick out the best package for you is to contact them and have a chat about what you are trying to do.

Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Following on from the three points above The HOTH has been busy building itself a sterling reputation for quite some time now. They have thousands of happy customers leaving video reviews and testimonials which you can view on their site.

The major take-home though is the points listed above. With a lot of praise directed at their copywriting and blogging services also. But don’t take our word for it, let their customers tell the story.



It’s hard to find fault with a business we have as much respect for as The HOTH but if there is one thing we can perhaps chew on it would be their pricing. Let’s start by saying the value you get for what they are offering is well worth it. But if you are a smaller business or just starting, it may be that their expertise is still a little out of your comfort zone.

Take a blog post for example. Where you could hire a freelancer for $20 they charge $70. Now admittedly that freelancer will not be including SEO optimization or keyword research in his price, nor will it be passed through their rigorous editing team.

Is The HOTH Worth It?

Due to their reputation, their excellent customer service, and flexible packages, if you are considering trying out The HOTH’s services for yourself, we would recommend you do just that by having a chat with them.

As far as we’ve experienced you are very unlikely to be disappointed.

Ignite Visibility Review: An SEO Agency Looking to Make their Mark on the Market

In a market that is getting more and more flooded with jargon and competing agencies; what do you look for in a great SEO provider? Here at SEO Vendor, we work with other companies and clients to ensure they are getting the best possible service. This means we are constantly improving our services as well as recognizing the best provided by others. If there is something we might not be specialized in, we know someone who is.

In this review, we are going to take a look at the services provided by Ignite Visibility and how they rank against others in the same field. What they do well and what they don’t.

If you want to know more about Ignite Visibility and the services they provide then read on.

Who Are Ignite Visibility?

Based out of San Diego, California, Ignite Visibility is a relatively young SEO agency looking to make their mark on the market. Named by the San Diego Business Journal as one of the city’s fastest-growing companies they are constantly expanding and evolving their team of experts.

Founded in 2013 by Josh Lincoln and Kirsh Coughran they have built their company around the principles of relationships, responsiveness, and results. This is reflected in the accolades and awards that they have been steadily racking up over their years in business ranked #1 in their category on

What Do They Do?

Ignite Visibility focuses on results and ROI (return on investment), they work with clients to build their online presence and generate sales and clients. They claim to not take on contracts that would cost more to the client than they would generate in income and provide analytics and insight into how that would work.

They have a comprehensive list of different packages and services. They started out focused on purely SEO but have since added paid media, social media, email marketing, conversion rate optimization, pay-per-click management, reports and analytics, web design and development, Google penalty removal and recovery, and online reputation management to their list of services.

So How Do They Compare To Other SEO Agencies?

So now we know who Ignite Visibility is and what they do, how do they compare to the many other SEO agencies on the market?


Awards, Accolades, and Industry Recognition

Ignite Visibility has quickly established itself as an expert in the field and as a company with a great deal of integrity and honesty. This has been recognized within the industry by many review sites and internet marketing awards seeing them voted the #1 SEO Company in California in 2014 and 2015, they placed in the top 10 SEO companies in the U.S. in the same years.

You can get the feel for a company best by talking to its existing and past clients. If you check out the reviews on Google and Facebook you’ll see that Ignite Visibility has a wealth of overwhelmingly positive reviews with many praising their commitment and the results they provided.

No Fixed Term Contracts

One of the biggest turn-offs for a potential client approaching an SEO firm is the fixed-term contract. The reason many do this is that it takes a while for the methods used to bear fruit, meaning it doesn’t happen overnight and they are worried that if you don’t see growth and sales in the first week/month, you might take your business elsewhere.

This is not the best way to do things and more often than not will lose more clients at the front door than it will keep in the long term. A good company like Ignite Visibility will take the time to explain what they are doing, forecast results, provide analytics and how it will continue to grow and provide a great ROI in the future.

Results Driven and ROI Focused

What Ignite Visibility prides themselves on most and what continues to keep their clients coming back month after month is how transparent and clear they are. They provide easy to understand analytics on how their campaigns are working, what they are doing for your business, and what they will do going forward. While some companies will try to bamboozle you with hard to understand jargon and lingo, Ignite Visibility will happily explain how and why they are growing your business and attracting new clients and sales.

This leads to one of their biggest promises; that they don’t take on clients that they can’t promise a great ROI for. After the consultation and once it has been established what niche and area your campaign will be targeting, they will use their years of expertise to forecast results and decide how much it will cost and weigh that against the return it will net their client.



This isn’t necessarily a con as they are not overly expensive compared to other SEO agencies on the market but the mark in the negative column is due to their website being completely devoid of any sort of costing indication at all.

We understand why they are doing this; every client and campaign is different and they don’t want to scare off anyone quoting too high or undersell themselves quoting too low. It makes sense to others in the industry but for potential clients it can be off-putting or seem like a hard sell forcing them into a consultation just to get a ballpark figure.

Lacking In Certain Services

While Ignite Visibility has an impressive and ever-growing list of services they do provide. Some services that are commonplace amongst other SEO agencies are notably lacking; link building and keyword research being the most prominent two.

Whilst this might not be a hardline issue for most these are some fairly basic SEO services that usually build into other packages and oddly they are not offered.

Is Ignite Visibility Worth It?

It completely depends on what you are looking for, the business you are looking to grow, and the ROI. To truly asses their worth to you and your business you’d have to have a consultation with them and see what they can offer.

From our standpoint, they’re a reputable firm with a great track record who we’d be happy to recommend.

Titan Growth Review: A Titan in the Industry with Their TitanBot Technology

Ironically, with all the competition in the market, it can be hard for an SEO agency to stand out. Here at SEO Vendor, we work with and evaluate our competitors and peers to not only ensure that our product is the best that it possibly can be but also to make sure our clients are getting experts and specialists for every single aspect of their growth campaign.

This means we are perfectly suited to assess and examine other SEO agencies, their services and different packages, and what they do for their clients. It can be hard trying to figure out what makes a good SEO agency and what to look out for. Hopefully, our expert eyes can help make that decision a little easier for you.

Today we’re going to be looking at Titan Growth, if you want to know more about this growing SEO and PPC superstar then read on.

Who Are Titan Growth?

Founded in 2004 by Danny Shepard the company originally went by the name Titan SEO. They made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies in 2009 and started developing their since patented TitanBot technology that same year. They patented and trademarked TitanBot the following year and made the Inc Magazine list for the second year running in 2010. They continue to rack up awards and recognition year in and year out.

The team has individually achieved a lot; they are all experts and specialists in their various fields. Every single team member is triple-certified with Google (advanced analytics, search, and display) and the agency as a whole is recognized as a Google All-Star. Giving them access to privileged status, meetings, information, and training.

The company has been voted “best place to work” in San Diego on multiple occasions, several female team members have been chosen for the San Diego Business Journal’s “women who mean business”, and their founder and CEO Danny Shepard has been chosen as a finalist for the “most admired CEO” on consecutive years.

It’s an impressive list of achievements and accolades for this San Diego based SEO agency, but do they actually get results?

What Do Titan Growth Do?

Like most SEO and marketing agencies, their primary function is to boost your business online to increase traffic and grow sales and your client base. They do this by improving your visibility on search engines with a targeted campaign focused on improving your page rankings for targeted keywords and listings to put your page in front of the people most likely to need you.

What sets them apart from other SEO agencies is that they don’t solely rely on just guesswork, trending techniques, or trial and error to do this. They have patented their tech that acts similar to search engine spiders in analyzing your website and that of your competitors to know exactly how you need to improve and what areas to focus on. This is how they have become one of the most sought after SEO and PPC agencies on the market.

How Do Titan Growth Compare With Other Agencies On The Market?

Now we know who they are and what they do how do Titan Growth compare? What makes them special?


TitanBot Technology

It cannot be stressed enough how impressive this tech is and how much of a boon it is to the services they provide. Instead of relying on the rest of the industry to inform and educate them on the best methods of analysis and improvement, they have built their own. They’re not just looking to make SEO better, they’re reinventing it from the floor up.

Using TitanBot to mimic how search engines cache, prioritize, and read data from the website of their clients and their competitors they can see exactly where to focus their campaigns and in real-time can see how those changes and decisions are affecting the algorithms. It means they can be laser-focused on delivering real results.

Well Documented List of Accolades, Achievements, and Recognition

The recognition that this company has received even before it was using TitanBot is honestly impressive. In terms of industry praise, they are a golden child, even amongst the fierce competition of their home base San Diego, which many are citing to be the new Silicon Valley.

These awards aren’t just for show though, they is a great measure of the tenacity, grit, and focus that the company puts into its work and especially with awards like the “fastest-growing company” accolade it shows that they are making good profits and investing that back into themselves.

Excellent Reputation and Customer Review

It’s not just the industry that is noticing Titan Growth’s titanic growth though; their customers are busy singing their praises too. As a results-driven agency that takes pride in showing off what they can do for their clientele with case studies and in-depth analysis of how they have done that in the past. It speaks volumes of their customers and customer service skills to see the many positive reviews and testimonials the company is amassing online.

The best gauge of companies worth and value to your business is to speak to the businesses that already use their services and there are plenty to choose from with Titan Growth working for clients as large scale as the National Geographic.



Titan Growth wants to offer specialist and personalized campaigns and services to your business to help you grow and profit. This means that what they offer to you will be completely different from a business working in a different niche, targeting harder to rank keywords, or at a different level of success and notoriety. This makes it impossible for them to have estimated prices or ballpark figures on their site. Quoting too high will scare off smaller businesses and too low will lose them larger clientele.

That said without any indication of cost how can you know whether they’re right for you or if it’s something you’d consider for your own business. The only way is to take them up on the free consultation and speak to them for yourself.

Is Titan Growth Worth It?

As mentioned above it does depend on your business and what you need from your SEO. That said Titan Growth is a reputable and innovative company that we have a great deal of respect for and would happily recommend.

If you’re interested in them for yourself take them up on the free consultation to see what they and their patented TitanBot technology can do for you.

SEO Profiler Review: Comprehensive Tool for Ranking Higher In Searches

SEOprofiler is a cloud-based internet software tool that helps business owners obtain higher rankings on search engines like Google or Bing. It is currently the main product offering from Axandra GmbH, a German company that’s been in business since 1997 developing marketing solutions for the internet.


SEOprofiler primarily focuses on the latest SEO functions that are required to obtain high rankings based on Google’s current algorithms. The SEOprofiler offers:


Link building, analysis, and management: High-end backlink building tools, tools for backlink optimization, competitive backlink intelligence as well as a unique backlink database

Web page optimization: Website optimization that can be relied upon to deliver results in terms of getting high rankings for your keywords.

Rank checking: The Ranking Monitor identifies the ranking position of your site on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for any keyword in several different countries.

Website audit: Effortlessly find and correct all errors on web pages to ensure that search engines are indexing your pages correctly.

Keyword research, analysis, and management: Competitive keyword intelligence, keyword difficulty tool, 11 keyword optimization tools, tutorials, unique KeywordIndex™ keyword database

Results checking, analysis and research: Monitoring of social networks, competitive ranking intelligence, social media checker and the unique competitive Google ranking database.

Google AdWords research and optimization: Competitive Google AdWords intelligence tools, Google AdWords tutorials, unique competitive AdWords database.

Powerful reporting: SEOprofiler enables you to create reports that you can give to your clients and your team.

Full access to Google Q&A, and more.

SEOProfiler goes through a process of continuous improvement so that is up-to-date with the latest search engine ranking algorithms.



SEOprofiler currently offers 4 different subscription payment plans starting at $69.95 per month (Standard Plan) for a single user, $99.95 per month (Smart Plan) for up to 5 users, $249.95 per month (Professional Plan) for up to 15 users and finally, an Enterprise Plan at $999.95 for an unlimited number of users. The most popular Smart plan offers a daily ranking check of 1000 keywords, audits of 50,000 pages, up to 50 projects, white-label reports as well as the link disinfection tool. Quarterly and Yearly Payments plans are available. Plans can be changed at any time and SEOprofiler offers a 30-day money back guarantee.


SEOprofiler is exhaustive and chock full of features. The tool also uses only the optimization methodologies that have been approved by search engines and is continuously updated to ensure it is on track with the latest changes in search engine algorithms. SEOprofiler also offers a comparison on their site to more easily help you understand how its various features stack up against the tool or tools you currently use. All in all, SEOprofiler does a good job of providing in-depth analysis for higher rankings at a fairly competitive price.



Pricing Plans: