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The world of digital marketing agencies is growing daily. Floods of new companies, freelancers, and start-ups are marketing themselves as marketers with the best way of getting you big sales and clients. But can they all deliver the results they promise?

As a digital marketing agency with years of experience under our belt, we’re fairly well equipped to see through the bravado and ad-speak and give an honest and straightforward assessment of the services offered.

We know what excellence looks like in both our own and other agencies’ specialty services. In this article, we’re going to take the microscope to SocialSEO and have a look at what they’re made of.

Who Are SocialSEO?

SocialSEO is a global digital marketing agency based out of Colorado Springs but with offices all over the United States Of America. They have grown from a one-man-band to a national brand and were recently voted the “#1 Digital Marketing Agency in the US” by UpCity.

CEO Greg Walthour used to be in real estate and back in 1996 when his boss asked him to find a way to improve their company’s website ranking online he dove deep to figure it out. Seeing the impact that SEO and digital marketing were going to have on the market and having already taught himself the basics he decided to go further and start his own business.

The company prides itself on being different without subscribing to the silicon valley image of mixing it up. You won’t find beanbags and ping pong in their corporate offices but you will find a team that has bonded and forged their own culture over the years they’ve been together. The company has enjoyed a 1000% growth over the past 5 years.

What Does SocialSEO Do?

A better question might be what doesn’t SocialSEO do? To which the answer might be cooking 5-star meals and laundry, although who knows what side-hustles and activities they get up to in their free time. SocialSEO offers a complete in-house digital marketing service which means they have specialists and experts that can help in every aspect of an online marketing campaign.

The main proponents of online advertising in the current climate are SEO management, pay-per-click advertising, and social media campaigns. They offer competitive packages in all three and tailor those services to the specific needs and sizes of your business. Whilst they have a huge and impressive array of big business clients to their name, they also make sure that their services are competitive to the smaller businesses just starting as well.

How Do SocialSEO Compare?

So now we know who SocialSEO is and what they do, but how do they compare to a market filled with other companies who all claim they’re the best. Let’s breakdown some of the specifics.


Proven Track Record with Faultless Testimonials and Review

When doing our due diligence and researching a company we might want to work with or recommend a client to if there is a specific campaign goal or niche that we aren’t experts in ourselves, we always check in with ex-clients as the first port of call. There is no finer way to get a measure of what they can do.

SocialSEO has possibly one of the cleanest and most impressive reputations in the business. This is rare for a company that has a presence and notoriety as large as they do. This is largely due to the transparency and accountability reporting that they provide their customers. They let you know what they are doing and how they are doing at all times so you know exactly what you’re spending your money on and how that is benefiting your business.

Expertise and Constant Evolution

SocialSEO has positioned itself at the very top of the industry in terms of expertise and innovation. They hold symposiums and share their knowledge freely with others in the industry proving that they’re not going to just sit back and coast on what they can do, but rather keep focusing on what they’re going to be doing next.

Few companies can boast the level of acclaim and growth that SocialSEO has achieved and that has been entirely built on the results they provide and the work that they do. Last year saw them awarded fairly for that and they even had advertisement slots in the Super Bowl. They’re a pretty big deal.


Overworked and Underpaid?

With such a squeaky-clean reputation it’s honestly hard to find any cons for SocialSEO. In regards to clients or lack of delivery on promised results, there seems to not be a bad word said. On some websites that rank how good a company is to work for, however, there are a few complaints that you would expect to bleed into the clients’ portfolio.

Some former employees complain that new contracts start below the standard 41k, this is irrespective of experience. Reviews come yearly but you should expect to negotiate if you want to see an increase and even promotions will come with more work but don’t always come with more pay.

Is SocialSEO Worth It?

If you’re looking to boost your business online and want to start a campaign that gets you seen on a local or global scale, SocialSEO is probably one of the best companies out there to help you achieve that goal. They have an incredible reputation and years of experience behind them that they will make work for you.

Their digital marketing campaigns are custom and tailored to your needs and size and so you’ll have to contact them directly for a quote but even though they have a mammoth-sized reputation, they’re still competitively priced with the rest of the market.

Jeannie Brouts

by Jeannie Brouts

Jeannie Brouts is a Marketing Manager at SEO Vendor. She has 10 years of experience in White Label SEO and online marketing. Jeannie loves writing about the latest ways to help businesses market and produce results.