SEO Vendor Means Over 15 Years of Experience

Over 7,000+ Projects Completed. 50,000+ Rankings Achieved.

SEO Vendor's Goals

Be a strong, reliable partner to build sales and sustain growth for agencies and clients.
Develop leadership in cutting-edge AI and automation technologies for SEO and digital marketing.
A transparent, low-cost marketing service center for SEO, PPC and website development.

Andy Desher

Managing Partner

Jim Liu

Managing Partner

Curtis Smeads

Chief Executive of Finance

SEO Vendor's History & Legacy

SEO Vendor has been in the marketing business for over 15 years. We have been here since back in the Alta Vista days. When we started SEO Vendor, it was known as the “The SEO Company”.  We changed our name to “SEO Vendor” once there were too many SEO companies.  Today, we continue to set ourselves apart from the competitors with cutting-edge SEO.  While we have started as an SEO company, we have actually been working on PPC and website development for almost as long, allowing us to provide comprehensive solutions to agencies.

We have refined our skill sets our processes and can scale to hundreds of projects for any agency.

SEO Vendor focuses on sales growth marketing funnels in entire marketing strategy build-outs that can involve everything from social media to email marketing.

We are at the cutting edge of SEO, and as a world-class marketing company for Fortune 500 companies, we understand that SEO is evolving. And today, we are all about sales growth and lead generation.

Light-years Ahead

We are light years ahead of other marketing companies in terms of our technology, strategy, and understanding of our client’s needs.


We help companies using online marketing to get more customers.

You need customers, we deliver them. SEO Vendor is a marketing company that crafts online marketing solutions for all types of clients using web design, search engine optimization, online paid advertising management, content marketing, and social media skills that drive traffic, generate leads, produce sales, and create lasting relationships with customers.

We pay attention not only to the online rankings but also traffic, conversions, and maximizing your ROI.

At SEO Vendor, we’ll assign a team of qualified professionals dedicated to your company’s online business success to make your SEO investment really count. Our SEO services are guaranteed to bring you results, real people and real SEO strategies.

We are extremely serious about your online business success. We realize that your success de-pends our strategies to increase sales – and we maintain this results-geared philosophy for every client and every business.

Why SEO Vendor?

By choosing SEO Vendor, you are ensuring that our professional SEO consultants will position all your marketing dollars to their best potential. Our constant motivation and dedication have helped us today to become the Best SEO Agency with 100% customer satisfaction.