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How Do We Generate The Leads?

We follow a proven process to drive leads. By utilizing Google Keyword Planner for keywords like Sydney Dentist, we are able to target every city in Australia and thus generate fresh, genuine leads with ease. Expertly crafted by our professional marketing team, this method has been tried and tested over the years and remains unmatched when it comes to lead generation success.

How we do this?

Suppose you ordered Australian leads.  Our lead generation strategy is as follows.

First we open: – (Australia), then we put the keyword “Sydney Dentists” as the search term. We open each websites from pages 2-3, then we extract them into our CORE. The CORE AI filters for quality and determines the “contact us” section of the website. If a form is there, we fill in all the information and in the message we send our SEO inquiry. If an email ID is found, we send emails to them as well.

We use the same Marketing Engine available to members to collect email addresses or contact forms. We obtain emails according to our targeted keywords, and then we send emails to them.

In this way, we invite thousands of people to have a look at SEO. And normally we receive a number of Leads per day. We will be forward to you for further action.

The most common ways of generating SEO Leads are email marketing and form submissions. It is the hardest indirect way to find leads for SEO, but it’s also the best way to get leads.


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Frazer VaughanMarket Hippo
SEO Vendor provided the most comprehensive proposal to meet our needs. They were competitive on price and have carried out what they said they would do, on time and on budget. They communicate very well and are flexible. I am looking forward to the next phase of the project.
Paul IwanowHero Leads
Honestly, I had the choice of several well established and high rated contractors…SEO Vendor provided an excellent proposal and strategy. You can’t go wrong with these guys! Absolute professionalism!
Olivier CunyTM Creative

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