SEO Vendor's Patent Pending CORE AI Neural Network

CORE AI has a 99% ranking rate with 10X faster analysis and better accuracy. Your SEO will never be the same again.

Predictive SEO: 350,000+ Users Worldwide

Beyond regression analysis, our patent-pending CORE AI allows us to look at your SEO in ways that exceed the capabilities of any existing tool. Branch prediction works like logical thinking to quickly adapt to Google's algorithm changes, and minimize the risk of penalties.

An AI-Driven SEO Solution for Achieving Success

Backed by extensive research and development over the last seven years, our CORE AI allows us to take your business to the next level by enhancing every aspect of your SEO campaigns.

SEO Vendor’s patent-pending CORE AI Technology combines large data and artificial intelligence to deliver further analysis insights. Our AI proactively examines your marketing strategy 24/7. Unlike most marketing solutions, your campaigns are quick to react to changes and ensures that you get maximum return on your investment.

Put Technology at the Heart of Your SEO

SEO Focus Controls (SEO-FC)

An AI tuning counsel on your dashboard that gives you real-time control over your SEO strategy. Set the overall aggressiveness of your SEO strategy and focus on groups of keywords.  Base it on your product categories, locations, service types, or any other goals.

Goals with SEO-FC97%
Goals w/o SEO-FC67%

Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

SEO Vendor’s artificial intelligence is based on the Artificial Neural Network (ANN) framework. Our advanced AI technology uses the same method as how your brain learns. Every ANN module learns from more than 100 factors to identify the right direction for your campaign.

Rankings with ANN99%
Rankings w/o ANN76%

Eye in the Sky (EITS)

Our proprietary Eye in the Sky AI speeds up your SEO results and boosts reliability by monitoring your website, recognizing changes in Google Algorithms, measuring your projected SEO health, and can identify key issues so that you can rest easy.

EITS Speed100%

SEO Vendor R&DSEO CORE AI Plugin for ChatGPT

SEO CORE AI – the ultimate plugin from SEO Vendor for OpenAI ChatGPT users! Our sophisticated technology enables real-time analysis of SEO elements like meta tags, page titles, content structure & keyword density with just a few prompts.

Get started now with our powerful yet easy-to-use toolkit which helps optimize daily workflow processes by providing dynamic insights into pages as well as competitor analyses.

This plugin is an essential addition any user's software arsenal that wants nothing but success in their marketing efforts, connected directly through OpenAI ChatGPT without sacrificing quality results or hours spent analysing reports manually each day.

Is CORE AI Reliable?

Our CORE AI technology only provides analysis and notifications.  A real person is in charge of how to execute the strategy. CORE AI has been utilized on more than 3000+ projects in the last few years. We are the only company that is using CORE AI Technology to provide 10X better services to our clients than our competitors.

AI Rankings from Machine Learning

CORE AI Helps Overcome Challenges That Every SEO Agency Faces

  • Unexpected Ranking Drops. It’s often due to a change in the search engine algorithm or client direction.
  • Managing Your Clients’ Expectations. Most people often over-promise to get the client and then under-deliver, hurting their business.
  • Project Management Challenges. Lack of proper project structure makes it hard to balance task load and client load.
  • Depending on a Single Channel Approach. Without several tactics, you may have a hard time excelling in SEO.
  • Choosing the Wrong Tools. Most agencies don’t know the best tools for their projects and where to get them.

How SEO Vendor's CORE AI Can Help Agencies Serve Their Clients More Efficiently?

Search engine algorithms are continuously changing and getting smarter every day with AI. This calls for a more efficient, reliable, and smarter SEO solution.

SEO Vendor’s CORE AI Technology creates a protection boundary for SEO tactics to remain the “safe zone”. It keeps anchor-type usage percentages in check while maintaining a website’s rankings and traffic.

It is the ultimate cost-saving solution for agencies.
CORE AI Technology is Different

How SEO Vendor’s CORE AI Technology is Different from All Existing SEO Technologies?

There is nothing like our CORE AI technology on the market.  Backed by artificial intelligence, CORE AI incorporates the world’s first Branch Prediction AI analysis method, which is a patent-pending technology invented by SEO Vendor.


How CORE AI Works

SEO Vendor’s CORE AI uses smart website analysis technology and big data analysis to keep track of every keyword and anchor type used during the lifetime of an SEO campaign.

It conducts predictive experiments by incorporating a comprehensive knowledge set of search engine rankings behavior, knowledge of keywords, and over 100 on-page and off-page website factors. These results are then used to formulate optimizing strategies and make regular adjustments to boost your website rankings.

Access SEO Vendor’s CORE AI Technology with a Free Agency Dashboard

You don’t need to be an AI expert to take advantage of CORE AI.  All of our SEO campaigns utilize CORE AI technology automatically. We provide the best combination of marketing technology, solutions and support for your clients. From acquiring leads to managing your clients, SEO Vendor has what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO AI analysis?

SEO AI analysis is when artificial intelligence is involved in the decision-making process in SEO.  It is when AI is involved in strategic planning or strategic analysis of factors that influence SEO, including on-page and off-page ranking attributes.

Is CORE AI an AI-based content generator?

No, our CORE AI participates only during the data analysis part of the SEO process.   It does not utilize a natural language model such as GPT2 or GPT3.  CORE AI is proprietary SEO Vendor technology based on neural networks and deep learning.

Does an AI perform my SEO?

No, the actual implementation of any SEO project is performed by real team members, including executing any on-page optimizations, and off-page optimizations.  CORE AI assists in the SEO decision-making process by determining key data analysis.   However, the AI unit is not allowed to make decisions on its own.  A senior SEO team leader makes the ultimate decision on your SEO strategy.

Do you have other AI developments besides CORE AI?

Yes we do! Check out the SEO GPT page for the latest on our OpenAI-based technology.