The HOTH Review: Outsourced SEO White Label Services For SEO Experts And Agencies

Here at SEO Vendor, we work with other companies regularly to provide our customers with the best services and results on the market. We regularly are checking in to see what other companies are doing.

We have extensive knowledge of what we do best and what other companies like us are offering. We’re perfectly situated to critically compare and contrast and take a deeper look at just what a good SEO package looks like.

In today’s article, we are going to look at The HOTH and the range of different SEO packages that they offer, how they work, and whether it’s worth it. Read on if you want to find out more about The HOTH and what they do.

Who Are The HOTH?

It may have a cute name that conjures up images of tauntauns and snow but this is a professional SEO company that takes the business as seriously as their savage little mascot does. HOTH is an acronym for ‘hittem on the head’ which is the basic outline for their entire ethos; going out into the world of the internet to go to bat for their customers.

They claim to put the customer first with an impressive promise of round the clock access to their team so any questions or concerns can quickly be put to rest. They also make a big promise in terms of a results-driven relationship with no contract to lock you in for longer than you want to stick around.

But do they get those results?

What Does The HOTH Do?

So The HOTH has two primary target audiences. They function as a B2B (business to business) company outsourcing and reselling their SEO packages through and to other SEO companies as well as to their clientele of businesses looking to grow their audience and online traffic.

The standout takeaway from this though is that they label their services as white label SEO to be resold by other SEO companies. This not only establishes them as an expert in the field able to take on their contracts as well as other companies too. But it means that they have a whole market that many other companies have overlooked.

They have a range of different packages and price points for you to choose from whether you want to learn SEO for yourself or rank a local business at the top of search engine results. It’s best to talk to them yourself to find out precisely what package or offering might suit.

How Do The HOTH Compare?

So now we’ve established the basics, how do The HOTH compare when ranked against other companies providing similar services? Well, let’s get stuck in.


Excellent Customer Service

The HOTH would happily tell you that their customer’s satisfaction is their number 1 priority, but we’ve all heard that countless times before. However, in this case, it does seem to be the case. By making themselves readily accessible and taking the time to answer questions and explain what they are doing to their customers they build a relationship and are genuinely committed to it.

Too many SEO companies will bombard you with graphs and mumbo-jumbo hoping that you won’t question, understand, or bother them past that point. In their mind, it frees them up to focus on the technical side of things. But it also loses them a lot of clients as they don’t really believe or get the results they expect.

Results-Driven Relationship

Another annoying habit in the SEO market is one of the binding fixed-term contracts. Now we understand why they do this. Good SEO does take time and especially with small or new companies it will take a while to start seeing a real or impressive return on your investment. Many SEO agencies are worried that their customers won’t understand this and so only offer packages at a length of time that nets them a sizeable paycheque but also presents an impressive return on that to their clientele.

Following on from treating their customers with respect and time, The HOTH is happy to explain the processes and results that they are giving at any time and so offer rolling and flexible packages to their customers. This is what belief in your product looks like.

Broad Range of Different Products

The HOTH has been around for a long time and has established itself as a link building expert. They have now built that into an online marketing business that offers practically every service thinkable all under one umbrella.

This allows them to offer very niche and personalized packages that will suit and build your business or customer base in the ways that you need without having to subscribe to extra add-ons that you don’t. The best way to pick out the best package for you is to contact them and have a chat about what you are trying to do.

Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews and Testimonials

Following on from the three points above The HOTH has been busy building itself a sterling reputation for quite some time now. They have thousands of happy customers leaving video reviews and testimonials which you can view on their site.

The major take-home though is the points listed above. With a lot of praise directed at their copywriting and blogging services also. But don’t take our word for it, let their customers tell the story.



It’s hard to find fault with a business we have as much respect for as The HOTH but if there is one thing we can perhaps chew on it would be their pricing. Let’s start by saying the value you get for what they are offering is well worth it. But if you are a smaller business or just starting, it may be that their expertise is still a little out of your comfort zone.

Take a blog post for example. Where you could hire a freelancer for $20 they charge $70. Now admittedly that freelancer will not be including SEO optimization or keyword research in his price, nor will it be passed through their rigorous editing team.

Is The HOTH Worth It?

Due to their reputation, their excellent customer service, and flexible packages, if you are considering trying out The HOTH’s services for yourself, we would recommend you do just that by having a chat with them.

As far as we’ve experienced you are very unlikely to be disappointed.

Titan Growth Review: A Titan in the Industry with Their TitanBot Technology

Ironically, with all the competition in the market, it can be hard for an SEO agency to stand out. Here at SEO Vendor, we work with and evaluate our competitors and peers to not only ensure that our product is the best that it possibly can be but also to make sure our clients are getting experts and specialists for every single aspect of their growth campaign.

This means we are perfectly suited to assess and examine other SEO agencies, their services and different packages, and what they do for their clients. It can be hard trying to figure out what makes a good SEO agency and what to look out for. Hopefully, our expert eyes can help make that decision a little easier for you.

Today we’re going to be looking at Titan Growth, if you want to know more about this growing SEO and PPC superstar then read on.

Who Are Titan Growth?

Founded in 2004 by Danny Shepard the company originally went by the name Titan SEO. They made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies in 2009 and started developing their since patented TitanBot technology that same year. They patented and trademarked TitanBot the following year and made the Inc Magazine list for the second year running in 2010. They continue to rack up awards and recognition year in and year out.

The team has individually achieved a lot; they are all experts and specialists in their various fields. Every single team member is triple-certified with Google (advanced analytics, search, and display) and the agency as a whole is recognized as a Google All-Star. Giving them access to privileged status, meetings, information, and training.

The company has been voted “best place to work” in San Diego on multiple occasions, several female team members have been chosen for the San Diego Business Journal’s “women who mean business”, and their founder and CEO Danny Shepard has been chosen as a finalist for the “most admired CEO” on consecutive years.

It’s an impressive list of achievements and accolades for this San Diego based SEO agency, but do they actually get results?

What Do Titan Growth Do?

Like most SEO and marketing agencies, their primary function is to boost your business online to increase traffic and grow sales and your client base. They do this by improving your visibility on search engines with a targeted campaign focused on improving your page rankings for targeted keywords and listings to put your page in front of the people most likely to need you.

What sets them apart from other SEO agencies is that they don’t solely rely on just guesswork, trending techniques, or trial and error to do this. They have patented their tech that acts similar to search engine spiders in analyzing your website and that of your competitors to know exactly how you need to improve and what areas to focus on. This is how they have become one of the most sought after SEO and PPC agencies on the market.

How Do Titan Growth Compare With Other Agencies On The Market?

Now we know who they are and what they do how do Titan Growth compare? What makes them special?


TitanBot Technology

It cannot be stressed enough how impressive this tech is and how much of a boon it is to the services they provide. Instead of relying on the rest of the industry to inform and educate them on the best methods of analysis and improvement, they have built their own. They’re not just looking to make SEO better, they’re reinventing it from the floor up.

Using TitanBot to mimic how search engines cache, prioritize, and read data from the website of their clients and their competitors they can see exactly where to focus their campaigns and in real-time can see how those changes and decisions are affecting the algorithms. It means they can be laser-focused on delivering real results.

Well Documented List of Accolades, Achievements, and Recognition

The recognition that this company has received even before it was using TitanBot is honestly impressive. In terms of industry praise, they are a golden child, even amongst the fierce competition of their home base San Diego, which many are citing to be the new Silicon Valley.

These awards aren’t just for show though, they is a great measure of the tenacity, grit, and focus that the company puts into its work and especially with awards like the “fastest-growing company” accolade it shows that they are making good profits and investing that back into themselves.

Excellent Reputation and Customer Review

It’s not just the industry that is noticing Titan Growth’s titanic growth though; their customers are busy singing their praises too. As a results-driven agency that takes pride in showing off what they can do for their clientele with case studies and in-depth analysis of how they have done that in the past. It speaks volumes of their customers and customer service skills to see the many positive reviews and testimonials the company is amassing online.

The best gauge of companies worth and value to your business is to speak to the businesses that already use their services and there are plenty to choose from with Titan Growth working for clients as large scale as the National Geographic.



Titan Growth wants to offer specialist and personalized campaigns and services to your business to help you grow and profit. This means that what they offer to you will be completely different from a business working in a different niche, targeting harder to rank keywords, or at a different level of success and notoriety. This makes it impossible for them to have estimated prices or ballpark figures on their site. Quoting too high will scare off smaller businesses and too low will lose them larger clientele.

That said without any indication of cost how can you know whether they’re right for you or if it’s something you’d consider for your own business. The only way is to take them up on the free consultation and speak to them for yourself.

Is Titan Growth Worth It?

As mentioned above it does depend on your business and what you need from your SEO. That said Titan Growth is a reputable and innovative company that we have a great deal of respect for and would happily recommend.

If you’re interested in them for yourself take them up on the free consultation to see what they and their patented TitanBot technology can do for you.

White Label SEO Services for Start-Up Digital Companies

The tech revolution is in full swing, and today, more than ever, businesses need to market intelligently reach as many potential customers as possible. Digital marketing is changing the way that companies choose to approach their customers, and service agencies are helping them move along. If you are one of the many savvy entrepreneurs that are looking to start their own white label SEO company, pay attention as we are providing the complete guide to establishing your brand and providing great service to your clients.

What Does a White Label SEO Company Do?

You are likely familiar with the services of a white label SEO company, but if you are not, you’re in luck! We will be detailing them here. A white label SEO company provides small and large businesses alike with digital marketing that is aimed at optimizing their online presence above all else. Search engines such as Google are keen on raising the prominence of sites that have valuable information for users. To determine the value of a site’s content, the search giant looks through some of the following criteria:

  • Content originality and value
  • Keywords
  • Contrast with similar sites
  • User traffic

There are other intricate algorithms used by Google to determine a site’s value; these algorithms demand a website that is search engine optimized. Search engine optimization or SEO is precisely the type of digital marketing that service agencies offer. Savvy software engineers and sales and marketing specialists deploy all of their skills and knowledge to create sites and digital campaigns that follow Google’s demands even to the fine print.

Digital Marketing Company Services

The services offered by a digital marketing company are many, and if you are looking to start one, you will want to be sure you offer them too. Each service offered is meant to help businesses increase their presence online and advertise to the right audience. Read on, below is a list of popular services offered by digital marketing companies.

1. Online Presence

A solid digital marketing agency will offer its clients a robust online presence. To do this, you will want to understand what makes people engage online. The reputable Cision states that the average person has an attention span of eight seconds. To retain someone’s attention, the copy that you provide for clients needs to be easy to read, bright in its brand message, and fun as well. Providing a solid brand message will help users remember the business.

2. Social Media Marketing

If you have not noticed, social media is everywhere. Today Facebook alone has over 2.38 active users on its network, and a portion of them could be helping a business thrive. Digital marketing agencies specialize in creating sophisticated and thrilling campaigns that catch users’ attention and urge them to share. A company that has a strong social media presence can increase their revenue by 5.6% or more annually. If you are looking to start your digital marketing agency, you will want to have a deep understanding of the hybrid media that social networks offer businesses.

3. SEO Services

SEO is the name of the game, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. All copy that you provide clients needs to be SEO optimized. The digital strategies you provide need to be tailored to each client. Keywords need to be sprinkled across entire documents, traffic needs to be generated, and above all else, the content MUST be original. Search engines are looking for great original content that is of value to its users. Hiring a few great copywriters will do the trick, but you will want to be sure that your information regarding the digital world is always up to date.

4. E-Commerce

While it can indeed be argued that e-commerce is still not what it should be in the minds of many customers, it is still an essential service of any decent digital marketing agency. To create abundant e-commerce traffic, a white label SEO company will want to focus on pay per click or PPC campaigns, SEO content, multimedia presentations, and much more. As an owner of a white-label SEO company, you want to be sure that all the stops are being pulled in this department. E-commerce is believed to be on the cusp of integrating itself into smaller hubs and that may mean more competition to have your products online than ever before.

Where to Start

Now that you know what a digital marketing agency does you are likely wondering where to start. The road is not so simple since the line of work is entirely based on results. Few companies will take a leap of faith on a brand new digital marketing services agency, especially with a large number of options available. To prove your worth out on the market you will want to do the following:

Start as a Contractor

The best way to show business you can increase their brand awareness and revenue online is by offering affordable services, you can start by working freelance. As a freelancer, you can contact small businesses and begin running their sites, their social media pages, and so on. Once your work begins to show results, amass more clients until you can hire some assistance. Then and only then can you start thinking about founding your very own digital marketing services agency.

Market Yourself

This is where skills will pay off. As a brand-new white label SEO company, you need to set yourself apart from the many competitors out there. If you have the marketing skills necessary to do so, this can be a quick step. You need to show your prospective clients that you can deliver results, and that means creating your own social media campaigns, and overall online presence.

Protect Yourself

As you are building your brand, you are going to want to protect yourself from liability. Forming a limited liability company or LLC will help you do just that. LLCs protect your assets from business creditors and let you build your business comfortably as you remain protected. Digital marketing agencies are not necessarily at significant risk of the type of blunders and windfalls that can bring a company down, but they are not immune either. It is better to be safe than sorry in this department.

Network, Network, Network

Once the engine is running in your digital marketing services agency, you will want to focus on networking. As a digital marketing services agency gets going, it searches for significant clients to network with. One or two top clients can ultimately make your reputation. Take a look here at some of the top digital marketing agencies in the United States as of 2019. You want to familiarize yourself with your competition while also knowing who to contact and when.

Managing the Business

A full-service digital marketing agency will have plenty of clients, various services that it offers, and a devoted staff eager to be on the cutting edge of technology. To manage all of this, there are plenty of things you should be aware of. Some of your priorities should include:

  • Staying on top of marketing trends
  • Figuring out better ways to reach target audiences
  • Focusing your work at a niche level
  • Educating your staff on business thinking
  • Increasing your and your client’s social media presence
  • Delivering great results

Digital marketing today requires an all-hands-on-deck approach; it is the only way to compete. As you help small businesses grow, you are improving yourself, your reputation is soaring, and your clients are increasing. Trends are ever-changing in the marketing world, and ultimately, most of your focus needs to be there.

The Age of Multimedia

To catch eyes today, one has to do more than provide stellar copywriting. Customers demand engaging multimedia presentations that are built with them, specifically in mind. A creative brain pays off in marketing in general, but today, one needs an original team to execute the work required to set a company apart. Brush up on your sales and marketing and get acquainted with the online media in front of you.

Marketing Trends

Multimedia is always changing, and now more than ever. Only ten years ago many of the channels available to businesses to reach clients were not there, so you can imagine what the landscape may look like in ten more years. To run a successful white label SEO company, you will want to become an avid reader of news. Compare marketing strategies, look abroad, and inspire yourself through unconventional methods. Getting your voice and the voice of your clients heard is all about being creative.

Get Started

Now that you have a better idea of what the digital landscape looks like you can start putting some of the tips here into action. Remember that knowledge is power in the world of digital marketing, so want to be well versed in the various trends in front of you. Analyze, plan, and execute everything you do in sales and marketing with a broad scope as this will help you grow at a healthy pace. Best of luck to you on your new journey!

Improving Marketing Sales Close Rate by 500%

I have a simple test for you. Take a look at the last 10 leads from your prospect list. How many of these leads did you close? If your answer is five or less, you have some work to do. The second question I’m going to ask you is, how many of the ones that you did not close, did you do a follow-up call or email?

Let’s be honest. As a sales executive or representative, we hate follow-up calls. They’re simply borning. No one likes to do the mundane follow-up when there are exciting new deals coming in. But the truth of the matter is that from SEO Vendor‘s sales and also from our white label SEO, we see the vast majority of sales come from follow-ups. So do they matter? yes, A LOT.

We’ve seen sales go through the roof because a sales executive decided to follow-up with the list of prospects that he already has, instead of spending all his time on mining for new leads.

How Following Up Affects Closing Rates

When you follow up with a prospective lead, think of it as doing a marketing campaign with re-targeting. We understand in marketing that re-targeting in an Ad campaign improves click-through rates, and lead generation. Did you know, the same concept applies to closing sales?

A potential prospect these days gets hundreds of emails a day, in addition to getting hundreds of messages from social media posts, apps, and other ad sources all competing for their attention. What makes you believe that your ONE email or TWO phone calls will be enough? Often times, unless the buyer really needs the marketing service, it is not enough.

That is where you need to understand your advantage, and why you should not give up on a lead simply because he or she didn’t respond after your one or two messages.

Beware of Your Closing Rate Advantage

Assuming that when you close, you are already making the personal touch to your messages and phone calls, then you’re already one step above all the noise out there that don’t have this advantage.

This means, for your warm lead, you have already talked to the prospective lead on a call, or you have already exchanged emails with them.  You’re able to get a prospect’s direct attention, which is already far AHEAD of any other advertisement trying to get their attention.

Let’s look at it this way.  With a prospect that is interested in SEO or PPC, you can safely assume they’re going to look up SEO and PPC on Google or do their own research. What can you expect when they do that? They will see ads for other SEO and PPC companies show up. And chances are, you can believe it that they will click into them to see what others offer, and not just only consider your proposal. These ads then re-target and come back in front of the lead when he browses other sites on the web.

Now, in comparison, your one or two calls/emails that you made to the client doesn’t seem to have as much magic anymore.

How Soon Should You Follow-up to Close a Deal?

Ideally, we want to establish a working scenario where you have a balance between reminding a lead that you’re there but not be too annoying, which can hurt your deal. You certainly don’t want to come off as being desperate. On the other hand, you could be competing for the sale, and the lead has multiple offers to choose from. In either case, you don’t want to wait too long to send your reminders and follow-ups.

Some people say that you should send a reminder every 2-3 days, while others think it should be once a week. The problem is that doing so creates a level of predictability in the mind of the lead. They might start having a “here comes Devon again” mentality.

One trick that people don’t know much about is to decrease the frequency of your response rate as time goes on. The way this works is to send follow-ups more frequently when the lead is warm, and reduce that follow-up rate as time goes on.

The more that you understand how this frequency works, the better you are at riding the waves of a lead to make your way to a close! Learning this one concept is absolutely crucial so you don’t get put on to a SPAM or DNC list. Navigating this process well will lead you to doubling or tripling your sales.

We’ll show you below exactly what that frequency should be if you’re interested in seeing exactly how the closing strategy plays out.

One question that comes up often, is it ever too late to follow-up? The answer is never. We’ve had cases where the follow-up was made 1-2 months after the initial call, and the deal still got closed. Certainly not ideal, but the answer is to never give up!

When Do You Stop Pursuing Clients?

The short answer is after 6-months to one year. Yes, some of you might gawk at that answer, but let me explain. First, as you will see below, it’s not that many follow-ups.  Second, the problem a lot of times is not IF the lead is ready to buy, but WHEN the lead is ready to buy. Keep in mind, we are selling marketing services. There is hardly a business on this planet that cannot benefit from services that help grow their business.

However, what gets in the way is probably timing. The lead might be interested, but he or she, say, might not get to approving the marketing budget for another 2 quarters. Or the lead might not start on that one project that needs marketing services until a few more months down the road.

The question is then, are you going to be there for him when he needs your services? That’s where follow-up’s come in. If you don’t believe it, try this out: you don’t even need a 6 month or 1 year follow-up. Extend your leads with follow-ups from a few days to a few weeks, or even a few months. Then watch your closing rate jump!

The Prime Frequency Blueprint to Closing Leads

I’m sure you didn’t come here to learn math lessons, but the secret to all of this is to understand that our world, and therefore the people in it are driven by underlying mathematics.

Don’t worry, this won’t hurt your brain. All you have to do is know what prime numbers are. The first few prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 and 29.


Here’s a prime chart with the PRIME numbers highlighted. All you have to do is remember to WAIT the number of days based on the prime number to follow up.

Here’s an example of a 4-5 month follow-up plan:

2 Days after Sales call: Follow-up
3 Days later: Follow-up
5 Days after last follow-up: Follow-up
7 Days after last follow-up: follow-up
11 days after last follow-up: follow-up
13 days after last follow-up: follow-up
17 days after last follow-up: follow-up
19 days after last follow-up: follow-up
23 days after last follow-up: follow-up
29 days after last follow-up: follow-up
…and so on.

You can also use this to mix in follow-ups as calls, messages, or emails. That’s completely up to you. The goal is to reach the buyer and be there for them when they need your services. Let us know how this affects your sales closing rate in the comments section below. Good luck!

How SEO White Label Services can Benefit You

seo white label

5 Advantages of Working with a White Label SEO Company

Over the last couple of years, the growth in acceptance of white label SEO in the world of online marketing has witnessed tremendous growth. Thinking about it, one shouldn’t be really surprised at the rate at which it is gaining ground. Imagine being able to outsource your SEO services and still get to sell them as yours.

The cost is also a lot less particularly when you take into consideration the top resellers in and out of the US such as Canada. The price is significantly less for the same professional ready-made solutions offered in the US for a higher fee. The backbone of online marketing today is SEO and as a digital marketer, you need to fully comprehend this, otherwise, you may never be able to fully establish yourself as a relevant competitor in the industry.

Here are 5 reasons that should help make up your mind about White label SEO:

Expert SEO Services at Lower Cost

This means that as a digital agency, you do not have to do all the tedious work or pay all the cost of developing or maintaining a high performing team before you can gain the results you require. Apart from this, these resellers are highly skilled in what they do, thus they offer you an avenue to make use of certain expertise you didn’t have in your company. A good white label company will do what is needed every step of the way to ensure you get the result you want. Be it SEO auditing, or software tracking or analytical tools, they always put you first. The fact that they handle a lot of projects at the same time; it makes it a lot cheaper to make use of their services than to handle them yourself.

The search engine algorithm is upgraded constantly, and for this reason, there is a constant change in SEO as well as marketing technologies and trends and that is why you have to stay abreast or risk being left behind. SEO professionals make it their duty to monitor the changes as they occur because that is the only way they can give you and other clients the services you desire.

Opens up New Markets and Areas of Expertise for Your Agency

It is really difficult for agencies to find themselves in a position where they have to turn businesses away, probably because you don’t have the personnel to professionally handle the task to be one or probably because you lack the product or capacity to tap into that particular market. Your competitor gains an edge over you each time you turn businesses away.

The good news is; it can stop now. You no longer have to turn down businesses anymore. You can partner white label services and expand your reach. You can tap into a market or industry you never thought you would, just by partnering with white label services. The best part is that you will take all the credit and brand them as yours.

Online marketing as with almost any other business depends on a lot of your reputation and as such, you have to focus on building your reputation. Your brand will definitely expand proportionally with the range of expertise. Word of mouth can go a long way in attracting new clients to your business.

You Can Give Business Development Your Undivided Attention

You need a great deal of time, dedication and understanding to master SEO. Finding a reseller, you can trust to handle the complexities of SEO is always a better option. It saves you a lot of stress and money.

Leverage Your Existing Clientele by Adding Value to Your Services

Similar to the last point, giving up on businesses can be painful, especially if it involves an already existing loyal client. It is bad not to have clients and even worse when you can’t satisfy the ones you have already. Don’t turn down existing clients or they just might find someone else who can satisfy all their needs. Endeavor to satisfy your clients even if they ask for services you don’t provide; after all, they may never stop needing those services and other clients may come to you because of the same service. You might think you have the complete loyalty of a client, but believe me; they are as loyal as you are useful to them. The moment they find someone else who can offer all the services they need and they carry out a couple of successful transactions, that the end of the relationship you have with such client.

They may not even return the service you use to offer them because it is almost always cheaper to use one company for a service from start to finish. Don’t put your client in a position where they have to choose between you and another provider.

Make SEO a part of your service offerings today. Partner with white label companies and unlock endless possibilities. Your clients will definitely appreciate that you are making efforts to improve your services and might stick with you for this.

Positive Impact on Your Agency's Bottom Line

Brand recognition and personal growth may be fine, but 90% of the times, it all comes down to the bottom line. The fact that you will gain more clients or more businesses from existing client simply means more profits for your business. Over time, your bottom line will surely witness an upward trend.

Also noteworthy is the fact that getting white label companies to handle SEO jobs will definitely be cheaper than handling them yourself because they have no marketing cost despite handling multiple jobs simultaneously. It also helps you plan better because beforehand, you get a breakdown of what it will cost you throughout the task.

You are also guaranteed to get the best service after all; they are professionals and have their own image to protect. It is even more profitable when you hire a reseller from Canada for instance because with the exchange rate, you get more margins for profit.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming one of our SEO Reseller, we will give you the best SEO White Label Services that you cannot find anywhere else.

How to Increase Your Sales through SEO White Label Services

best SEO Company for small business

Nowadays, it is not enough to just offer products and services that are limited to what your business can do. Most clients prefer dealing with companies that are capable of providing all the needs of their business. One of the essential business tools that a company should have is Search Engine Optimization. You can increase your sales by adding SEO to the services you offer with the help of SEO White Label Services.

SEO White Label Services are extremely beneficial to a company, especially for small businesses. Search engine optimization is becoming more complicated as years pass which is why it is important for SEO to be carried out by specialists in the field. With SEO White Label Services, you can offer excellent SEO services even when you know nothing about it.

How SEO White Label Services can benefit your business

If you are aiming to provide full support in marketing, you may want to consider having a partnership with SEO White Label Service providers. It is wiser to resell SEO services from an expert white label service provider since it will allow you to provide the best SEO services to your clients as if it was your own. An expert SEO specialist will do the services on your behalf anonymously, so it remains under your brand.

With the help of a white label service provider, you can focus on other important aspects of your client’s business needs such as customer service, sales invoice, progress reports, and others. Leave the technical marketing strategies to the experts and concentrate on your business’s specialty, this way, you are guaranteed to provide the best experience to your client.

How SEO White Label Services increase your sales

White label SEO providers offer services that are profitable. Here are a few examples of some services that you can add to your list:

Link Building

Link building has been a divisive topic when it comes to SEO strategies. After Google’s updates on its algorithms, link building now requires more strategies to be effective. Link building is more than just inserting a link to other websites that are willing to host them, if not properly done, link building can result in penalties in the search rankings.

Effective link building involves strategies that include high-quality content. Publishing content with relevant embedded links that direct traffic to your client’s page on authority sites is just one of the strategies in effective link building. Another link building strategy is adding high-quality content on your client’s site that intends to attract more traffic to the site. Only experts can do these things effectively which is why it is important to partner with expert white label SEO services.

Pay-Per-Click or PPC

Pay-per-click is among the most effective forms of online marketing. In PPC, you pay when someone clicks on your ad. The result is instantaneous when it comes to PPC; your brand can immediately be on top rather than waiting for months to see the results.

PPC analyzes how many people see your ads when using certain keywords to test which ones are more popular. PPC allows you to utilize long-tail keywords. These keywords are more specific search terms which are known to attract less traffic which is why they also have lesser competition. Using these keywords can help you reach highly-targeted audiences. This form of marketing strategy is not easy to master and requires more time and effort to be effective. For this reason, providers have included this service in their offers.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Search Engine Marketing involves bidding on keywords that customers are searching on in a search engine. The goal in SEM is to bid on the most relevant keyword with the lowest cost. Bidding on the most relevant keyword is important to secure an advertisement slot, which is on the first page of search results in search engines.

SEM includes analyzing keywords, bidding on keywords according to a budget, and creating an advertisement. SEM can be tricky when done on your own that’s why it is beneficial to have expert providers to do it for you.

These are just some of the services that you can also offer your clients through white label SEO services. Remember to choose your SEO White Label Service provider wisely so you can gain more profits while building your reputation.

Here are some advantages that can be gained from SEO VENDOR INC. white label service:

  • Our service allows you to be in total control of your marketing communications and will be able to deal with your customers directly under your own brand name.
  • We give you total freedom of determining the price of our services while you sell them to your customers and you can be sure that we will never come in your way.
  • We give you Wholesale costs. You have a great discount opportunity of 50% on all the services excluding complete link building solutions, with stands for 10% discount.
  • You’re not required to pay any huge initial investment, but can keep on paying as you go.
  • A multi-currency option allows you to choose any currency to sell our services.
  • We treat your client’s project like our own client.
  • We guarantee you 100% customer privacy and 100% satisfaction.

Contact us if you are interested in becoming one of our SEO Reseller, we will give you the best SEO White Label Services that you cannot find anywhere else.

Why Expand Your Business Using Our White Label SEM Opportunities

Expanding a business is every entrepreneur or business owner’s dream, but it requires careful strategy on how you will go about it and how you will tackle the challenges that come about with expansion. Expanding to new territories and marketing your products or services to new customers requires convincing skills and marketing strategies which will enable the business to grow. However, you can choose to expand your business through white labeling.

White labeling is the service where you purchase a product from a company and then rebrand it to give people the impression that you have created it.

SEO Vendor is one among the top companies that offer white labeling business opportunities to various companies globally so that they can venture out into the SEM/SEO business. We have had over 1,000 successful projects with over 11 years of experience. If you are an online marketing company or an affiliate marketer, then our services can definitely benefit you.

When you choose to expand your business through our white label SEM service, you will only have to market our services under your uniquely designed website while we take care of rest of the work including the operation of orders. All business messages will be received directly, under your own brand name. You will be dealing & controlling all the marketing communication with your customers directly. Our white label team will only be involved in the discussion/meeting with you regarding the requirements and services.

We at SEO Vendor believe in wholesale costs which is why you are entitled to a huge discount opportunity of 50% for all SEO white label services that you require excluding the complete link building services, which we offer at 10% discount. Also, you don’t have to make a huge an upfront investment but can keep paying at different stages. Determining the price of our services when you resell them to your customers is completely in your hands and in no way we will intervene in it.

We treat your client’s projects just like our own and promise 100% customer satisfaction and privacy. We have a dedicated team of marketing professionals who will deal with your clients in a professional and friendly manner.

The process involved in Search Engine Marketing includes:

  1. We analyze your website and learn about your product/services to understand better in order design our further marketing strategy. Keyword research and analysis is followed to rank the web pages to related keywords.
  2. Designing of Ads including Test Ads Design, Multiple Ads Design, Banner Ads Design for better ROI is done. PPC campaigns are created by our PPC Specialists having years of hands on experience.
  3. Once the process begins, we observe the campaign and its performance for a couple of days and also monitor the conversions i.e. the sales and all other metrics to calculate the performance.
  4. We do SEM campaign optimization, maintenance and updates of how well the campaign is working and what can be done to get better results. PPC campaign bids management are also done in this step.
  5. Our experts provide a detailed report of the campaign to the clients at regular intervals to maintain transparency and improve performance.

By choosing SEO Vendor, you will be choosing to work with a company that offers high-quality white label services at a price not to be found elsewhere. Our affordable prices and promised results is what make our clients stay back with us for continuous white label business.

7 Off Page SEO Tactics to Build Your Reputation Online

off page seo

Off-page SEO is the other side of the on-page SEO. In essence, off page SEO deals with those tactics which you can employ externally to your website. You will find many articles and books that explain how to do both on-page and off page SEO.

So I guess you did the basics. You have sent the URL of your site to search engines like Google. And you have already submitted to directories. That said, here are seven effective tactics that companies must use to improve their ranking in search engines.

Tactic 1- Blog Commenting and Forum Posting

Blogging is probably the most effective way of improving Off Page SEO. It is interactive. It is updated frequently. And it’s very fast as well. This translates to efficiency. Specifically, companies that blog generate 67% more potential customers that companies that don’t blog.

Forum posting also improves your overall SEO because it builds incoming links to your website. Google evaluates your site, in part, based on the number of quality links from other sites. As you post or comment on forums, your presence will generate links. This takes time but is worth the investment.

Tactic 2 – Content Sharing/Managing

Three years back, content marketing created a stir in marketing circles. Today, content marketing is more than just a rumor. It is part of mainstream marketing. Content marketing includes article marketing, the web, white papers, case studies, content, etc. So how does this affect SEO off page?

It is one thing to create content, it is another to curate and share it. Share content using three methods: (1) Social media channels like LinkedIn; (2) Video sharing sites like YouTube, in particular, and (3) Presentation sharing sites such as SlideShare. Highly informative and shareable contents will drive traffic to your site immediately.

Tactic 3 – Link Building

Link building appears more technical than it sounds. Again, it is necessary to focus on quality rather than quantity. Google always assigns Page rank based on authority. So if you have external links linking to your site, Google recognizes this and give you a higher rating. But how do you get authority site links?

The answer is to create relevant and useful content. Nothing attracts viewers to a website more than unique content. It can be just text, audio or video. But original and shareable content will improve the number of inbound links.

There are Affordable Ways to Earn Backlinks Through Content Management and let me share it to you here:

Link building remains to be significant because aside from being one of Google’s top three ranking factors in Search Engine Optimization, it is also crucial to building the credibility of your brand and it is an essential part of a PR strategy. People are more likely to buy products and services from familiar brands, which is why mentions from reliable and established online news resources can help your brand gain people’s trust.

Even though link building is tough since you need to conform to Google’s guidelines, you should know that there are link building strategies that are more affordable to implement. Link building strategies based on content management principles will not only help you get backlinks since it can also increase the possibility of social shares with referral traffic.

Here are some content management strategies that will make you earn those links:


Interviews with the right people enable you to share fresh ideas that can help in gaining new audiences and expanding your connections. Conducting interviews with experts and influencers is a great strategy for brand publishers. Highly informative interviews have higher chances of being shared online that’s why you should have a thorough preparation to maximize its outcome.

Prepare sets of questions ahead to avoid wasting time during the interview and to make sure that you ask the right questions. The secret to an informative interview is curating questions tailored around the expertise, recent works, posts, or research of the expert. This way, you can show the expert that you are genuinely interested in what they say which will increase their response rate.

To make sure that you get backlinks, look for someone who includes the list of works they have contributed to in their portfolio when choosing an expert to interview. Some experts have a section for this on their website.


Link building can also be carried out through posting feedbacks. Every company values their customer’s feedback which is why most of their website has a dedicated section for people to voice out their experiences and questions. Your primary goal in this strategy is to get your feedback posted on their website so you can get a backlink. Chances of getting your comment published are higher when you reach out to newly established brands.

In writing your feedback, make sure to share your overall experience and how the product has improved your way of living. Be careful not to overpraise to make your statement more credible.

Lost Links

Keeping track of your competitor’s lost links can also help you in link building. Lost links are links that no longer exists after being deleted by a webmaster. Monitoring lost links gives you an opportunity of earning a link from that brand. Once you have found the lost links, all you need to do is to produce content that is relevant to that brand. Although this method requires a lot of effort, the returns of earning links from brand mentions will be worth it.

White Label Link Building

Link building requires a lot of work and expertise for it to be effective. If you would like to consider adding this to your list of services, it will be wise to utilize white label link building. In white label link building, you are guaranteed to provide expert link building without the need of studying the technicalities. Link building is hard work so it will be best to leave this to the experts so you can focus on the things that you are good at.

The importance of content creation and link building in PR is undeniable. To get the best results, do not hesitate to have a partnership with experts in the field. Remember that in today’s age, it is important not just to work hard, but to work smart. For more information, visit our white label seo service

Tactic 4 – Submission of Articles and Press Releases

Article marketing, as well as press releases, are two proven tactics to improve your off-page SEO ranking. They take more time, as you develop a reputation and a following, but they are very effective. You will get increased inbound links by publishing your articles and press releases to other websites that distribute articles. You will see an increase in traffic and potential customers over time as you build your brand.

Tactic 5 – Yellow Pages

Do not ignore the yellow pages. This is vividly “off the page” and “old school” – but it works. Yellow Pages help to promote your business locally. And you can register your business for free, making it an inexpensive way to build your business’ reputation. Today’s versions are Google Maps and Yahoo Local works. Use these methods online and offline to fatten your SEO reputation.

Tactic 6–Search Engine Submission

Search engines would eventually find your site online, but it might take some time. To accelerate this process you must submit your site to search engines like Google the most popular one and to Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Tactic 7–Directory Submission

A lot of people may say that directory submission is dead! I think it’s not like we only increase the likelihood of people spotting your site. It’s purely based on the efficiency with which we select the directories and choose the presentation category. You may submit to general directories, but for maximum effect, it is best to submit to niche directories. Of course, I agree that it might give quite late results, but it’s worth it.

In Addition, if you still need professionals that would guide you through the process and help you build links for your website, then visit

White Label SEO Reseller Service – Resell & Make Money

white label PPC

White label SEO reseller service is a business arrangement which permits organizations to set up and offer SEO and other related services to their customers without having to set up a department for this. The way it works is that the company providing white label SEO services takes care of the reseller’s clients. The real work is done by the white label service provider and this kind of an arrangement is most effective and handy for businesses that do not have enough assets to handle the varied needs of their customers.

Small businesses enter into an agreement with a company providing white label opportunities and then resell these services to their customers under their own brand name. Reputed white label companies offer genuine services and provide detailed reports. This, in turn, results in a mutually beneficial partnership.

In other words, any service that is fully purchased from a company and then selling it under your own name- like rebranding it- is the basic framework of a white label service, and the purchaser assumes that the property is the sellers only.

  1. This service ensures epic quality without any hustle of the company to worry about anything else like promotions, marketing or even building a relationship with clients. This approach is very reasonable and is a wonderful opportunity for you to benefit from a White label SEO reseller service Company.
  2. You have the full freedom to set any price that you feel like because that’s just how amazing the services are; now you don’t need to worry if the determined price matches your breakeven point or not, simply set the price that you’re comfortable with and you’re good to go.
  3. These white label SEO companies give you the ease of paying in installments, meaning you don’t have to pay any huge amount, in the beginning; you can pay in easy installments as is convenient to both.
  4. Most reputed White label SEO reseller services believe in international dealing; lets you choose any currency for payment and allows you to enjoy the services without a hassle.
  5. Customer privacy is always the number one concern for top service providers, which is why they keep all important information confidential to keep you safe from any fraudulent scams whatsoever. So you no longer have to worry about your transacting online.

It can be difficult as an entrepreneur or business owner for you to always do things your own way, clients can ask for services that you don’t currently offer and it can be a challenge particularly when you do not have enough time to deliver.

When you are still a small or growing company; be it web design. Paid search or SEO, it might be better to turn down new work so that you can concentrate on what you are very good at doing. Even though it may appear like you are passing up opportunities to grow your business.

When you get to this stage in business your best solution would be to go into partnership with SEO white label services. You just need to be able to find and keep the reliable ones.

Here are White label SEO reseller services that you can resell and make profit:

SEO Link Building

Link building is one of the most profitable services you can offer, however outsourcing on Fiverr may not always be a good idea to avoid running into problems with the quality of service delivery. However, if you can find a good white label link building service it will be well worth your effort.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The boosting of conversion rates can be a very rewarding venture for your customers and this will keep them coming to you for more and thereby creating more revenue for your business. The high conversion rate will also make marketing your other related services easier.

Content Creation

The need for content in today’s world is huge and now is a fantastic time to jump into content creation however the usual “unique 500-word article” won’t cut it, you have to find a way to provide more quality and quantity. The good news is that there are several options for you to offer great content creation services even when you are not a prolific writer.


In my PPC outsourcing practice, I discovered that the best thing to do is to let some other organizations do the ground work set up, you job would be to optimize and maintain the campaigns.  PPC campaigns setup is time-consuming but it takes less time to optimize. Making updates such as including negative keywords, search terms monitoring takes only a couple of hours a month for campaigns that are not very big. This is a great strategy to use because you can bill your client a setup fee and also bill them for monthly updates separately. You can choose from a lot of companies that provide white label PPC services.

Application Development

Apps are a great way of marketing your products or services to clients; they can download your app on their devices and you can send them updates and notifications whenever you need to. This has pushed many organizations to develop their own apps.

Social Media Management

Social media management is an essential but time-consuming effort which not a lot of people have time to do. For this reason, a white label service providing social media management packages can be a great option.  This is a profitable venture or business to resell and make money.

Website Speed Up

An essential but easily overlooked aspect of maintaining a website is site loading speed as this can make or break your conversion rates.

How to Make Money Online as a White Label SEO Reseller

Starting an agency is a challenge. Maintaining a set of in-house experts for SEO, social media, and the like is even harder. There comes a point when you have reached your limit and you simply can’t accept any more clients but they keep on coming. Declining workload that you can no longer deliver is the best way to go rather than sacrificing your quality just because you want to cater to every client.

If you are a starting company, you should pay attention to what you do best – if you are good in SEO, web development, etc. If you want to expand your agency, the wisest course of action is to find white label services as partners for your company. If you find the right white label SEO service and manage it properly, you will notice an increase in your company’s profits. It can also help make your agency look more professional and trustworthy. By offering more services to your clients, they no longer have to find another company.

The idea of outsourcing SEO services is becoming more popular. The next thing to do is how do you start? Here are some tips that you can follow as you start to grow your agency.

Advertise for New Clients

Since you can now afford more clients, get new ones. Advertise and invite more clients by using e-mail campaigns, utilizing social media, and the most attractive of all is by offering freebies.

Connect with other Freelancers

Tap the skills of other freelancers to help improve your services. You can find web designers, graphic artists, writers, and printers who you can collaborate with to form a new business.

Utilize the Power of LinkedIn Groups

Connect with business owners and get leads from LinkedIn Groups. This is very helpful especially if you join in the discussions.

Content is Still King

Companies that blog get more leads than those without blogs. Having great blog content can have a number of benefits for your traffic and SEO. Your blog should be about how customers can benefit from your services and how they are missing a lifetime of opportunities if they don’t get your services.

Use Videos for a Higher Engagement

Videos create a high rate of engagement from your audience and it is something that they can look forward to. Make sure that you upload videos on a regular schedule.

Boast Your Clients

Do you have a portfolio or a list of popular clients? Don’t be shy to parade them that you are the one who provided the SEO service.


It is natural to avail services from a company that a lot of people can vouch for. Make it a point to gather testimonials and display them where they can be easily read.

If you are really serious about making a name for yourself as an SEO agency, you have to make yourself known to other potential clients. White label SEO helps you save time by letting you focus on marketing while they do all the SEO stuff. With these simple tips, you can steadily grow your client-base and provide quality service.

Make Money with White Label Business Opportunities

white label business opportunities

Before we start to list out some of the possible white label business opportunities, we must define what this term means in order to better understand its good and bad sides. In the widest sense of the word, this term refers to a product or service that is fully supported (designed, created and tested) by one company and sold by a reseller or another company (with its own brand and under its own name).

Setting up a business from scratch is not always the best solution, especially these days, when we have stiff competition in literately every industry we can imagine. Designing a brand new product or service is just the first step in the whole process. Some people say, it is the easiest one, although it doesn’t look like at the first glance. After this, we have to promote our offer and find people who would be interested in it. And this is something we cannot do over the night.

Because of this, many people opt for SEO white label business opportunities when they want to earn residual income. In this way, we will be in a position to skip mentioned “process of creation” and start to promote and sell our products or services right away. This is the main reason why this strategy is extremely popular lately and why a number of entrepreneurs decide to give it a try.

 Now, when we discuss this, we can continue with our main topic- what option we have when we want to make residual income with white label opportunities.

  • “Ordinary” selling of any kinds of white label products you think that would be profitable. This means that your only job will be to find appropriate products and figure out the way of its distribution to the end costumers. This option is highly profitable, simply because you get full commission. In contrast to affiliate platforms, here you get full revenue. This is the reason why selling such items is one of the best ways of making quick profit.
  • In addition to selling white label products under your name and brand, you can try to improve them and sell them at even bigger prices. While the bigger profit is the main advantage of this approach, the drawback is that you must develop these new features and test them. And this, as we know, takes time and doesn’t give positive results all the time. However, if you are ready to try something new and if you are prepared for challenges, this option will be perfect for you.

Finally, you can try to sell only licenses of certain products, not “real” products. This is particularly popular with software and computer programs. This means that your customers can use products (software) you promote, but they will not own them. Basically, your customers will be able to create their user accounts and use provided features, but they will not be able to download such software. There are many options here, and if you manage to find appropriate ones, you will definitely have a steady income.

Boost Your Business with Our White Label Business Opportunities

As a business owner, you will want to give your customer not only the best but also as many services as possible. We have stiff competition in literarily every industry today; which makes starting a business and keeping up with your competitor a bit of a chore. White labeling has proved to be one of the best business solutions all around the world as it tends to extend your business capability and help you keep a good relationship with your customer. There are lots of white label business opportunities out there, depending on your type of business, the service you have or want to offer.

Understanding White Label Business Opportunities

White Label Business Opportunities is a term used to refer to a business solution which allows companies and businesses to set up and offer services they normally can’t offer to their client. In White Label Business framework, the selling company outsources the services they offer from another company (producing company) and sell it to their client as their own. In this case, the company that actually provides the services is hidden behind the company that offers it to their client.


There are lots of reasons why people opt for white label business opportunities and it can add a lot of benefits; both to the business development and financially to the business owner. In White Label Business Opportunities, both the producing companies and the reseller companies benefit. Some of the reasons why opting for White Label Business can be the best solution to boost your business includes:

  • For the producing company, since all they do is provide the services for the reseller company, they are able to spend more time improving their production and making sure the best services is rendered. They are relieved of the stress of marketing their product as this is done by the reselling company.
  • SEO White Label Opportunities works for the reselling company as they are able to cut the money they would have spent if they are to set up the business from scratch. Due to which, they are able to focus and spend their time improving their business distribution and marketing.
  • The reseller company can also make more profit in selling white label products or services by improving them and sell them at even bigger prices.
  • White Label Business Opportunities gives companies the opportunity to offer services and products outside their business but are of demand by their clients. This is common in businesses like Website developer and designers, Affiliate marketers, Web agencies, Internet marketers and Search Engine Optimization companies.

For instance, most web developer companies don’t offer SEO services but they know their client need it; these companies often sell white label SEO services to their client. This is often done to create a stronger and more professional company image by giving your client the impression that you have all the tools to complete any task needed.

You need to be careful when trying to select a company you want to partner with for White Label services. Remember, your company brand name is going to be the one on the rendered services; therefore if poor services are rendered, it will affect your company’s reputation. SEO Vendor is one of the best companies that offer White Label Business Opportunities in the field of SEO. With years of experience, a lot of happy customers and in partnership with many companies; you are guaranteed the best. You can contact us right away to learn more about us and our White Label Business Opportunities offers.

Why Does a SEO Company Offer White Label Business Opportunities?

If you are interested in providing SEO services and want to start a business or already have an Internet business, you may want to look into white label SEO companies. You can set up search engine optimization services for your clients even if you don’t have the personnel in your own business to do this. You can become a white label reseller and expand your services to include SEO without having to do this work yourself. You can have another company do it for you and take the profits that are created for yourself. You get the service for a discount and can offer this to your customers along with other services if you offer them.

Why you should Use White label SEO

Working with a white label SEO Company means that you’ll buy the service from the company at a lower price, and brand this as your own service and make a profit from this. This is called” white labelling,” and it’s a very common service offered. If you’re a website developer, affiliate marketer, Internet marketing company, web agency and so on, you can benefit from white label SEO as it can be a new addition to the business services you already offer your clients without the need to actually know SEO because another company does the work, but your client doesn’t know this.

What to Look For

You want to work with a SEO company that specializes in white label services. Since you have clients yourself, you want to ensure that they get the very best SEO services. If you want to use the white label, you have to find a company that can supply you with high-quality services which you’ll offer your clients. You want to work with a company that has many years of experience in SEO and can provide you with feedback from their customer base.

How White Label helps you

White label SEO allows you to offer more services keeping your current business setup the same. You want to be able to offer this service to your customers under your own brand name. You can take this service and offer it at the price you want. Most white label SEO services will offer this service to you at a discount and you can mark it up to the price you want and offer it to your customers. You can expect 100% satisfaction from the SEO Company you work with if you choose the right one.

White Label from a SEO Company Makes Sense

If you want to grow your own SEO business or start a new one, a white label from a SEO company makes sense. You can partner with a high-quality SEO company and offer their services to your clients. You get the service at a discount and you can mark it up and keep the profits for yourself. You want to ensure that you work with a high-quality company that can offer you quality services that you’ll provide for your own clients. Make sure you review the work of the company and get some solid references before you sign up for anything that they offer.