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Finding someone who will reduce your costs and increase sales is tough business. Getting new customers is something almost every business owner and service provider struggles with. Lucky for you, there’s a way to increase customer inquiries and reduce cost via Cost Reduction Marketing (CRM).

How to Reduce Marketing Expense and Increase Revenue

Marketing Review

A complete marketing review will enable you to address any issues and correct any problems

Hyper Relevance

Maintain quality and list your business in every single local and industry directory you can find

Complete Online Audit

We will guide you 100% on what you need to do to reduce costs with simple and effective solutions.

Authority Building

Write content and get in published in newspapers, magazines, and relevant websites.

Lead Generation

Leverage guerrilla tactics to generate large amounts of phone calls and lawn care leads


Get direct head to head comparison for your marketing dollar for dollar.


Powerful Marketing Solutions For Your Business at Reduced Cost

Our Cost Reduction Marketing Services are designed to place your business at locations online that truly matter. We are guaranteed to drive large amounts of phone calls and customer contacts! Email us today and let’s talk about your business.

Common High Cost Marketing Mistakes

Hiring someone who claims they do marketing, only because you happened to know them.

  • Marketing is all about return on investment (ROI). If you give me $500 per month, I need to be able to give you back more. High-cost marketing companies who start at $5,000 or even $10,000 per month marketing plans aren’t going to guarantee any ROI.

Thinking all Marketing Agencies are equal, have the exact same cost, or can deliver the same results.

  • The fact is that not all agencies have the same costs or fundamental understanding of the business landscape. This prevents them from providing positive ROI, but still end up charging ludicrous fees.

Assuming you, a relative (cousin, brother in law, etc.), or any firm that has designed a website once or twice is automatically qualified to do your marketing and be successful with it.

  • We see this all too often. Saying things like: “My cousin built a website once and they’re doing my SEO” is essentially saying “I don’t care about growing my business, but will pay the high dollars anyways.” If you’re serious about getting more customers, hire a company who knows what they’re doing and will get you results dollar by dollar.

Not thinking big enough when it comes to getting results in certain cities or areas for thousands you’re paying.

  • There’s a lot of opportunity for businesses to target suburbs of major cities. There’s less competition and you can get a quicker ROI. Don’t limit yourself to only targeting one city with your marketing due to too much overhead costs.

Get More Customers While Reducing Expense

If you have ever thought about why your marketing needs to be so expensive, we should talk. Our Cost Reduction Marketing is affordable and perfect for companies who need to get customers fast.


4 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce Costs

Here are quick and easy things that you can do all by yourself to improve your online marketing at no cost. These do not require a lot of technical knowledge and can often improve your website’s online traffic almost instantly.

Optimize Page Titles

Page title tags are important for Marketing because they tell search engines what your page is about. Every page on your website should have it’s own unique title tag, not longer than 55 characters. When writing your title tags be sure to use the keywords you want to rank for. If you are a lawn care company in Denver, CO – you probably want to include the words “lawn care” and “Denver” in the page title. Example: “Lawn Care Denver CO – Call Today for Landscape Service”

Google My Business Listing

Google’s local business listing directory, Google My Business, is the most powerful local citation available. Listing your business with Google My Business is essential if you want people to find you online. If you’re brand new business, Google My Business should be the first thing that you do. Don’t forget to keep your Name, Address, and Phone Number consistent across all of your local directory listings. This helps Google tie everything together when it comes to your business.

Optimize Your Images

You’ll want to showcase photos of your work on your website so potential customers can see how great you are. There are three tasks that need to be accomplished regarding images. First, update the image file name to something descriptive and add your city name. Second, update the image title and add keywords and a location. Lastly, add a description to the Alt-text of the image. Doing these things will provide local relevancy to your images.

Target Local Keywords

Choosing the right keywords could save you many times over in marketing costs. In most cases your main keyword will be something like “lawn care your city” but you’ll want to target others as well. For example, you’ll want your home page to target the main keyword and then you can build some supporting pages for others. An example of a supporting page would be “aeration your city.” You can also target suburbs surrounding your main city with additional pages.


Want to Get More Customers Fast?

Our specialized Reduce Cost Marketing can start to grow your business almost instantly while cutting down on expenses. If you’re thinking about getting rid of expensive services and growing your business, please give us a call or send a message using the form on the right.