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Ranking a site is like running a marathon. Each site has its unique strategy to rank in the first page. We know it, our partners, agencies, and clients know it, and hence they aren’t afraid of things taking a bit of time. As we like to ask, if your site ranked overnight, then won’t your competitors overtake you the following night? But the beauty of our work is getting results that stay solid, and everyone knows what it took to get there.

Here are some case studies that had gone through our process of ranking. These are Real Estate Agencies. These case studies are tried and tested. Up to date, these businesses are still ranking on the first page.


SEO Case Study 1: We Buy Ugly Houses

Industry: Real Estate Broker

For this project, we revamped a website from the ground up along with foundational SEO work that took the site to #1 for expensive, buy ugly house keywords that are worth $40-$50 per click (Google Ad equivalent). In our campaign, we also created a click funnel built-in to the site to maximize conversion rates.

The Results:

SEO Case Study 2: We Buy Houses


Industry: Real Estate Agent/Broker

A local company that specializes in buy houses in many states. We executed an SEO strategy and implementation plan to improve their online presence and increase lead acquisition quickly.

The Results:

SEO Case Study 3: Dependable Homebuyers


Industry: Real Estate Agent/Broker

Owners of the site had tried SEO and PPC in the past, but they needed real results. While it’s uncommon for ranking results to come quickly, the business owners saw results come in month after month, and this showed them promise to keep making the campaign promotions going and follow the SEO plan.

The Results:

In summary, the case studies highlight the significant improvements we achieved. Increased number of visitors, growth in the total sales and an upward trend in conversion rates showed that our marketing strategies and marketing technology were taking businesses to places. You only have to get the right professionals to partner with, and the sky’s the limit! In all these cases, we provided the expertise, consultation, implementation and execution.


50,000+ Rankings

Don’t waste your time on campaigns that don’t work. Even if you have a working formula, come discuss with us and see why we have the lead on Long-Term Value for your clients.

Leads Trinity

Where else will you find SEO + Content Marketing + Social Media Management for your clients all in one competitively priced package? You know the three aspects work well together, sell well together.

1000+ Industries

Our AI-based campaigns bring a level of SEO beyond what is normally considered SEO. Well-tested in many industry. Want to see if we’ve worked in a particular niche? We probably have. Just ask.

There is no magic on Ranking a site. We, our partners, agencies, and clients know it, and hence they aren’t afraid of things taking a bit of time. At this time, there is NO WAY websites will Rank OVERNIGHT. The beauty of our work is getting results that stay solid, and everyone knows what it took to get there.


100% Your Agency Branding and Company Extension

We work so closely with your agency that we’re pretty much a part of your team. You get to put all reports under your branding to start. But, more than just being able to put your logo on things, we setup your clients under your company accounts, and provide Direct Management services where we can fully handle all support for your clients.

Add 55+ Experts to Your Agency Instantly

There is no problem too big or too small for us to solve. We have a combined 15+ years of experience. With our 15+ years history, and experience with small business and Fortune 500 companies alike, we have experts across the board, from SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing, to Development and Server services.

We Help You Close the Deal

You’ll find incredible sales support, not only for your clients, but also for your sales. We realize it’s not easy to close a deal, whether you need a working system or process, or completing a big, complicate proposal, or need support on pre-close calls, our team is ready to get your deal closed. We also have an extensive online sales library.


Agency-vetted White Label SEO Services That Last

Give your agency an edge in the highly competitive online marketing industry with a White Label SEO service coupled with evergreen qualities. We invest heavily in technology, expertise and strategies so your campaigns are always on the cutting edge. That is why we are able to maintain SEO campaigns that run for 5 years, and are still going.
Well-Documented Audit and On-Page Optimizations

All changes to the site are based on analytic audits and spider simulations. We document all changes for approval first before making those changes.
Dedicated Keyword Research and Analysis Team

Our dedicated team of keyword researchers utilize proprietary scoring systems to look at keywords from 12 different factors to determine opportunities.
Long-Term Unique Strategies Every Month

No two projects have the same strategies. Our C.O.R.E. technology lets us setup unique strategies every project while tracking completed strategies.
Increase Your Client’s Campaign Span by 10X

Increase your revenue and hold on to your clients longer with our proprietary AI-based analytics and SEO management system.
Manual Link Acquisition and Content Production

We believe in quality manual link-building and content production that automated systems and spun content cannot reproduce.
24/7 Dedicated Account Support Team

Get the help when you need it, and have all your questions answered by our Account Managers who can help you with clients at any level.


Add 55+ White Label SEO Experts Instantly

Expand your company with zero cost. Tap into our vast experience across hundreds of industries. We advise you on how to avoid pitfalls and consult you on lessons learned so you can have the longest lasting SEO campaigns ever.

Dedicated Keyword Research Experts
Advanced Website Audit Experts
On-Page Optimization Experts
Link Analysis Experts
Link Building Experts
SEO Strategy Experts
Social Media Experts
Content Development Experts
Marketing Copywriters
Project Managers
Account Managers

Long Lasting Results That Help Your Agency Grow

You can focus on expanding your business while we focus on the maintaining and supporting your clients with world-class service, resources and proprietary technology that you will not find anywhere else.

Client Platform
Collaborative Management
Web & Mobile-based Access
Organize Hundreds of Projects
High Availability
Core Technology
Proprietary SEO Management
AI-Based Analysis
High Retention SEO System
Algorithm Protection
Free Preliminary Analysis
Branded Preliminary Audits
Quick Response Time
RFP and Presentation Qualified
Scalable Proposals
Client Support
Dedicated Support Team
Direct Management Available
White-label Management
Extension of Your Company
Timely Work Deliveries
White Label Reports
Documented On-Page Optimizations
Approval System
Proactive Performance Reviews
Active-Managed Campaigns
Dynamic SEO Strategy
Link Anchor Management
Link Quality Management
Custom Accommodations

Start Making Your Campaign a Success

SEO Vendor CORE technology utilizes Artificial Intelligence superpowers to support important decisions in your campaign. Make your campaign the most effective one possible.

Import Your SEO Clients Easily

Moving your clients to our platform is simple whether you have an existing SEO outsource partner, an OEM channel, or direct clients.
We help you determine the campaign that’s the closest matches to the ones you have by profit-margin and scope of work.
Create a seamless connection between the client’s existing campaigns or launch a new campaign instantly.
Have us directly managed your clients. Our Account Managers know how to hold on to your clients.
Remove bad SEO plans and re-work link portfolios so that they are natural again and remove any risk of penalty by Google.
Zero Cost
No transfer fees, while we examine any previous SEO reports, and help you move all historical context to our team.

Take Advantage of Our Experience, Technology and Resources

Our decades of combined experiences, cutting-edge AI technology and resources have helped our partner agencies increase their close-rates by 5X.

Complete Sales Resource Library
Free Preliminary Audit Reports
Free Proposal and RFP Consulting
100’s of Rankings Examples by Industry
Case Studies of All Sizes
Closing Procedures
White-Label Product Content

Closing a Sale Becomes A Lot Simpler

We help you complete proposals, from simple audits to complex RFP that will get scrutinized by Fortune 500 companies. We can assist with:

Discovery Stage
Audit Stage
Proposal Stage
Scalable Worksheets
PowerPoint Presentations
Industry Expertise

See What Our Clients Have to Say
Very good communication and easy to deal with. Able to discuss ideas and issues openly with prompt follow up and action. I highly recommend SEO Vendor and will continue using their services on future projects.
Frazer VaughanMarket Hippo
SEO Vendor provided the most comprehensive proposal to meet our needs. They were competitive on price and have carried out what they said they would do, on time and on budget. They communicate very well and are flexible. I am looking forward to the next phase of the project.
Paul IwanowHero Leads
Honestly, I had the choice of several well established and high rated contractors…SEO Vendor provided an excellent proposal and strategy. You can’t go wrong with these guys! Absolute professionalism!
Olivier CunyTM Creative

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Our philosophy is that we treat your business like our business. We make every effort to be the extension of your company and work hard at getting your clients to stay. It’s that simple, and it’s also that hard. Try our SEO reseller programs today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many websites have you worked on for SEO?

We have worked with over 7000 websites over the course of the past 15 years.

What would it cost?

OEM Membership is FREE. Pay only for campaigns, which start at $260/mo and up. We have different levels of campaigns for national SEO, local SEO, and corporate SEO. Please see packages on our site for more information.

What experience do you have with keyword research?

Yes, we have a dedicated keyword research and analysis team. We perform all keyword and traffic analysis manually with a number of tools and research techniques at our disposal. We can review thousands of keywords and look at as many as 12 criteria in each keyword.

What’s your approx time frame for ranking a website?

The approximate time to get rankings results is about 3 months, although some results might come sooner. If your keywords are very high volume or very high traffic, the results may take longer such as 6 months. This also depends on your content, keyword choices, and competition as well. That is why our campaigns have the most coverage of any, checking over 300+ factors to ensure you get the most improvement in every month.

Do you have Expertise in improving local search results?

Yes, we are professionals in the area of Local SEO, having worked with over 1000 projects, and gathered more than 11 years of experience with Local SEO, Local Online Marketing, and Local Business ROI Consulting.

How will we communicate and how often, what are your preferred communication avenues?

We provide near 24/7 support, and send status updates on a weekly basis. Furthermore, every month, we provide full details of our work, including a report and supplemental files documenting what we did for on-page and/or off-page. We provide account management via your choice of Email, or our Collaboration Platform. We also provide support via Phone or Skype. Be assured, you will be able to reach us.

Are you up to date with the latest Algorithm changes?

Yes, we are constantly up to date with the latest algorithm updates across all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Feel free to discuss with us about algorithm updates at any time. We perform dedicated research on algorithm updates in search engines. One of the few companies that performs direct research in this area.

How will you report and measure SEO improvements / How often will you send us reports?

At the end of the month, we will provide a rankings report showing your keyword rankings in search engines. If you would like, we can also track your google analytics for you and report on the amount of traffic entering your site every month. We send delivered work with all links and submissions once a month. Every report is categorized by the type of link-building, and comes with a summary report overview of all links so that you see completely were improvements are coming from. You will also receive reports that document any on-page work that we do, and site audits analysis reports. Every week, we will also send you a brief status update.