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Custom tailored to your business, and adapts to changes in over 200 factors that impact your results.
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SEO Overview

Search engine optimization is very complex in the modern world and search engine marketers like us can feel this much better than anyone else out there. The SEO Phases in the past were extremely simple; all you needed to do was finding some good keywords that are relevant to your business and insert them in Meta tags, H1 titles and the content along with a few other simple tips. Hurray! You are all good to go! Massive traffic starts jumping in to your website. But today, such simple strategies will help you only to reach in the middle of nowhere and this definitely is not the place where you want to be!

SEO Steps today are highly complex and they need to be evaluated from time to time to ensure optimum results. We believe that a step-by-step evaluation of your business is necessary to understand if everything is going on the right way. Our SEO strategy is designed based on evaluating the results and SEO steps are crafted carefully to address the specific requirements of your business.

We know Your Business Is The Best. Show It To Your Customers By Ranking On Top!

You probably have the best website in the world but that doesn’t help you in any way to generate a sale! Let’s admit this fact – it’s not the beauty of your website but your search engine ranking that matters the most because customers are going to find you through search engines. To succeed with your search engine marketing strategy, it’s important to develop an innovative and successful oriented SEO plan and this is where we can help.

Our SEO Phases Start With Evaluation:

·Our initial consultation session with you helps us to understand your business model, your objective and the nature of product or service you’re selling. This information is very important in developing an SEO campaign that fits your budget and expectations.

We also evaluate the performance of your competition and why they are successful. A technical evaluation on your website is also performed to make sure that everything is perfect.

Once the evaluation is done, our experienced SEO experts will research and come up with a custom search engine marketing plan that can drive excellent traffic to your website. Our customer care representatives are more than happy to explain the SEO Phases included in our proposal.

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    What Do We Do In The First 30-days?

    In the first month, our campaigns focused 90% on on-page optimizations. That includes performing keyword research to understand your targeting and advanced audit and on-page optimization and foundational link building to help your website build authority. This also includes social media optimizations.

    Keyword research is done by our dedicated team that specializes in keyword research. Our keyword research involves more than 12 different criteria to understand your business keyword intent search volume, competition and look at both supply and demand sides of the equation.

    Then we perform an advance audit that looks at more than 250 factors related to search engine rankings.

    These factors can range from competitive factors. We look at the top 10 competitors for every keyword and background research and determine which factors are ranking the best and which ones matter the most.

    Our on-page optimization follows a specific process. We document all changes to the website based on our advanced audit. So that you can see before and after what changes we’re going to make. Whether these changes are visible or technical, we will separate them in a document to keep them organized.

    We will only make changes to the website once the on-page optimization document is approved. You have every opportunity to also make changes to the document or approve only certain parts of it. Once the document is approved, then our team will schedule a time to make all the changes.

    We are very strict about our processes. We will go through the same process if we need to make any more on-page optimization updates to the site.

    Afterward, we perform a set of foundational link-building optimize Google optimizations, including Google console, and we can even set up Google analytics optionally if required.

    That pretty much completes the first month.

    What Do We Do In The Second Month Onwards?

    In the second month, we are primarily focused on off-page optimization. So off-page involves writing content, building backlinks, and publishing guest posts. We are continuously examining the on-page from time to time, and if additional changes are needed, we will include those in months two and beyond.

    Each campaign is designed for one website at a time, and you can target one country of your choice. For local SEO campaigns, you can Target one city for every 10 keywords. For multiple cities, it is best to obtain higher-level campaigns that allow 20 or more keywords.

    You have the option for us to only work on off-page optimizations or customize your campaign to emphasize certain aspects of your business. There are instances that we can focus on a certain product or a certain service or particular promotion for a month that you want and change that at a later point.

    The best part is that all of our campaigns are non-contractual. So, therefore, you can continue on your campaign for as long as you like or short as you like. You can pause the campaign and continue at a later point, or you can upgrade or downgrade based on your budget as you need.


    We Understand That You Have A Lot Of Questions, Allow Us To Answer All Of Them!

    When we proceed with our SEO Steps, it’s important for us to make sure that you completely understand what we are going to do for you and why it’s important for your success. This is why our SEO team takes sufficient time to explain to you about our strategies and how they can help you to improve your page ranking. When you invest money on our services, you will be confident because you know exactly what we are up to and how it’s going to help you to improve your page ranking.

    Your Investment Is Safe With Us, 100% customer satisfaction!

    If we can’t achieve the desired amount of success from our SEO strategy, we reevaluate our SEO Phases and find out what went wrong. We have timely evaluation on all our strategies to understand their performance and if any of our search engine optimization strategy is not working the way we anticipated, we bring in immediate changes so that your success journey is never interrupted.

    Embark On An Uninterrupted Success Journey Online With Our SEO Steps!


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    Why should you choose SEO Vendor’s Professional SEO Services?

    There are many SEM agencies, each with its own degree of talent, ethics, and commitment to service and results. So what makes us stand out among the rest? We feel the reasons for choosing SEO Vendor, Inc. are clear-cut. Here is what we offer:

    • The best return-on-investment (ROI) for your company based on our experts’ keyword and keyword phrases selection guidance
    • A dedication in getting your company top organic search engine positioning, while avoiding tactics that can get your website Google banned
    • A SEO code of ethics designed to enhance and protect your online marketing experience
    • A hands-on approach to advanced SEO services

    SEO Vendor delivers a complete marketing package — from the SEO research and keyword selectionon page optimization, off page optimization, and effective link building using the latest Google algorithm link-building techniques and strategies to PPC management service and corporate reputation management.

    Automated SEO systems and automated submission services simply cannot analyze website variations and directories (including titles and descriptions) the way our well-rounded, targeted approach can. SEO Vendor can help take your business to the next level and get you where you want to be.