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SEO Process Overview

Search engine optimization has become a highly complex field and requires search engine marketers like us to navigate through the complexities to deliver the most optimal results. The SEO Phases in the past were extremely simple. All you needed to do was find some good keywords that are relevant to your business and insert them in Meta tags, H1 titles, and the content along with a few other simple tips. Hurray! You were all good to go! Massive traffic started flowing to your website. But today, such simple strategies will only get you to the middle of nowhere and that is definitely not the place where you want to be!

SEO Processes today are highly complex and strategic directions need to be evaluated from time to time to ensure the best possible results. We believe that a step-by-step evaluation of your business is necessary to understand if everything is going in the right direction. Our SEO strategy is designed based on evaluating the results on an incremental basis, and our SEO steps are crafted carefully to address the specific requirements of your business.

You've built an amazing house, but no roads.

You probably have the best website in the world but that doesn’t help you in any way to generate a sale if there are no visitors! Let’s admit this fact – it’s not only the design of your website but also your search engine ranking that matters even more because customers are going to find you through search engines. To succeed with your search engine marketing strategy, it’s important to develop an innovative and successful oriented SEO plan and this is where we can help.

Our SEO Phases Begin with Preliminary Evaluation:

Our initial consultation session with you helps us to understand your business model, your objectives, and the nature of the product or service you’re providing. This information is very important in developing an SEO campaign that fits your budget and expectations.

We also evaluate the performance of your competition and why they are successful. A preliminary evaluation of your website is also performed to provide a quick diagnostic of your site’s current condition.

Once the evaluation is done, our experienced SEO experts will recommend a search engine marketing plan that will drive the most targeted traffic to your website. Our Account Managers are more than happy to explain the SEO Phases included in your SEO campaign.

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    The First 30 Days

    After we collect your preferences during onboarding, your campaign will be 90% focused on attributes directly related to your website in the first month. That includes performing keyword research to understand your targeting and an advanced audit

    We also acquire your business information and provide social media optimizations, including Google My Business if it’s a local SEO project.

    Keyword research is done by our dedicated team who specializes in keyword research. Our keyword research involves looking at more than 12 different criteria to understand your business, keyword intent, search volume, and competition.  We evaluate both the supply and demand sides of the equation.

    Once your keyword selections are finalized, we perform an advanced audit that looks at more than 300 of the latest factors related to search engine rankings.

    These factors can range from competitive to technical factors. We review the top 10 competitors for every keyword, perform background research and determine which factors matter the most.

    In order to develop your on-page optimization, we follow a specific process. We document all changes to the website so that you can see before and after what changes we’re going to make. We organize changes that are visible or technical for ease of review.

    We will only make changes to the website once the on-page optimizations are approved. You have every opportunity to also make changes or approve only certain parts of the optimizations. Once it is approved, then our team will schedule a time to make all the changes.

    Afterward, we perform a set of foundational link building, optimize Google console, and set up Google analytics optionally if required.

    After the First 30 Days

    We focused attention on off-page optimization or further improving on-page optimization if needed. Off-page involves writing content, building backlinks, outreach, and publishing guest posts. We are continuously examining the on-page situation from time to time, and if changes or content are needed, we will plan additional recommendations for approval.

    Each campaign is designed for one website and one country to target at a time. For local SEO campaigns, you can target one city for every 10 keywords. For multiple cities, it is best to obtain higher-level campaigns that allow 20 or more keywords.

    You have the option for us to work only on off-page optimizations or customize your campaign to only target specific areas or categories of your business.

    The best part is that all of our campaigns are non-contractual. So, therefore, you can continue on your campaign for as long as you like or short as you like. You can pause the campaign and continue at a later point, or you can upgrade or downgrade the number of keywords based on your budget or as you need.


    We Understand That You Have A Lot Of Questions, Allow Us To Answer All Of Them!

    Before we proceed with any SEO Process, it’s important for us to make sure that you completely understand what we are going to be doing and why it’s important for your success. Our SEO team will invest time to explain to you our strategies and how they can help you to improve your page rankings. When you invest money in our services, you can be confident because you know exactly what we are going to do and how it’s going to help you to improve your revenue.

    Your Investment Is Safe With Us, 100% customer satisfaction!

    If we can’t achieve the desired success from our SEO strategy, we will re-evaluate and find out what went wrong. We have timely evaluations done on strategies to understand their performance and if any SEO strategy is not working the way we anticipated, we bring in immediate changes so that your journey to success is never interrupted.

    Embark On An Uninterrupted Success Journey Online With Our SEO Steps!


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    There are many SEO agencies, each with its own degree of talent, ethics, and commitment to service and results. So what makes us stand out among the rest? We feel the reasons for choosing SEO Vendor are vast. Here is what we offer:

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    • A hands-on process for providing high-quality SEO services.
    • A complete marketing package — SEO research, keyword selection, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, content writing, social media, outreach, and effective link building.
    • The latest Google algorithm techniques and strategies.
    • Google Webmaster Guidelines compliance.