PPC Marketing Funnel Case Study

Learn how strategic planning and sales funnel development of your SEM/PPC campaigns can lead to the greatest success.

How We Think: Your Marketing Funnel

Anyone can offer marketing services. But to combine the understanding of your full funnel and our vast technological prowess is something else.

Track Leads and Understand What Your Campaign is Doing to BOOST SALES!

▶    We help you improve your lead conversion rate and sales-qualified conversion rate. We improve conversion rates from inbound marketing sources, allowing clients to migrate away from costly and ineffective lead sources.

▶    Build traction with pilot campaigns

▶    Cut wasteful efforts

▶  Optimize and iterate to maximize lead quality

▶    Scale successful efforts

▶  Drive short and long term planning and strategy

TherapyFILM: A PPC Sales Funnel Case Study

TherapyFILM is an award-winning collaboration between Guion Partners and Sony Music Productions. They wanted to increase their fan base to purchase from their new Sony Store.

How PPC Impacts Social Media

TherapyFILM demonstrated that you don’t need a huge social media following to acquire new engagement from PPC. In this case, we leverage Facebook and Instagram to build their fan base.

Developing Fans through Facebook

Targeting a fan base can lead to a higher number of followers. In this case, we dramatically boosted the number of Facebook followers by over 1000%.

Understanding the Audience

Understanding everything about TherapyFILM’s audience became vital to running a successful campaign. A lot of research was pored into this. Reviewing audience and gender is among them.

Fans Need Great Targeting

TherapyFILM has a range of general products, which proved to be a challenge. But with the right combination of targeting, analysis, and sequenced strategies, we brought in thousands of interests.

The Results Were Fantastic

Therapy Film developed over 5200+ leads from a consortium of brand and product campaigns, acquiring over 245,000+ impressions! Considering they had a lot of budget constraints, we managed to acquire leads at only between $1 to $2 per lead, saving the company a lot of money.

Acquiring Permanent Assets

Potential leads can be driven further down the marketing funnel, whereby additional contact points, such as emails campaigns keep the lead in the loop. The audience is then presented with stories and new products that match their interests.

Preparing to Blast Off!

Therapy Film’s award winning reception has made it a movement more than the film itself. The PPC campaign had an enormous impact on it’s success. As a result, the company has decided to not only have us revamp TherapyFILM towards it’s future, but also split it off into sub-brands, like the new TherapySKIN line.

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