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How SEO Vendor ranked a new website in one of the most challenging industries in the world.

500% Returns: Featured AI Case Study

#1 Market share: A major solar lead generation company gets hundreds of leads each month.

There were a number of solar lead providers that all wanted a share of this billion-dollar market.   For a long time, this solar company lacked a comprehensive marketing campaign that would bring in leads on a consistent basis, or the cost would be too high, wasting thousands of dollars.

What We Did & The Results

Our digital marketing team came up with a comprehensive strategy that included a major overhaul to their website. The old site was looking dated and didn’t have a clear navigation structure for visitors.   We turned that around and not only came up with a modern, responsive design, but also one that included plenty of conversion optimizations, CTA’s (Click-to-Action), and contact forms.

Once the new website was launched, we put together a multi-touchpoint marketing game plan that would bring in new leads every week.

They had 3 main keyword categories, Solar Leads, Lead Generation, and Solar Appointments.   Our SEO campaign ensured that the client had a way to customize where marketing mattered the most with our company’s Focus Control technology.

In total, they earned over 80 organic rankings across both Google and Bing, which is the maximum you can earn on a 40-keyword campaign.

From extensive research on keywords to the coding of the site, we started to ramp up their organic search, and establish their brand with their audience.  Hundreds of actions and dozens of tasks were planned every month to reach hard-earned goals.

In addition, we managed a Google Adwords campaign for them.  When we began, the company experienced a number of challenges.  The CPC (Cost per click) was expensive ($12-15), the lead conversion rate was low, and other companies dominated the Ads market share.

They acquired an increased number of visitors, growth in total sales, and an upward trend in conversion rates as a result of our game plan.   Not only that, but they now have the #1 largest market share in Google Ads and is a dominant trend-setter that all the other companies want to try and beat.


+300% Organic Results: Featured AI Case Study

A property management company experienced 300%+ organic traffic growth with our CORE AI technology. This resulted in their best revenue year and acquired 50% traffic gains and an estimated 4.5% conversion rate, which is phenomenal for this industry.

#1 Top Rankings: Featured AI Case Study

The total sales of their programs had increased by over 2000% with CORE AI.

For a long time, this floor coating company lacked a digital solution that could grow their floor coating services. They knew very well that it was time for a change.  They wanted to expand their service operations online and so they sought the services of a digital marketing company to help turn their idea and year-end goal into a reality.

What We Did & The Results

Our digital marketing experts came up with an effective strategy to make it happen.  First, they need a new website that was 1000% better at converting visitors that landed on their site.  They also needed a way to showcase their concrete coating systems.  A more user-friendly website would profoundly increase the volume of visitors as a new site provided videos, explainers, and a lot of ways to contact the owners throughout the site.

Once the new website was launched, we put together a comprehensive digital marketing game plan that would bring customers every week.

They had a variety of concrete coating systems that came in different colors, styles, and pricing options.   Our SEO campaign ensured the client had a way to customize focus on where marketing mattered the most with our company’s technology.

The outcomes of the strategic path taken were simply out of this world. Within a year, the total sales of their programs had increased by over 2000%! That wasn’t all, the overall organic traffic and leads were both on an upward trend.

Our marketing strategies and technologies demonstrated here shows that you only have to get the right professionals to partner with, and the sky’s the limit!


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