Effective Components of a Digital Marketing Plan that You Got to Have

Effective Components of a Digital Marketing

The world has evolved over the years, and the internet has played a significant role in this transformation. As everyone is adapting to the new era, some practices that had a more physical approach are beginning to embrace the online platforms. Marketing, for instance, has upgraded from billboards, posters, and referrals to a more digital strategy. So what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing

Also referred to as online marketing, digital marketing uses the internet through online-based platforms and digital devices to promote a brand and connect with potential clientele. The approach includes doing a campaign on your products and services through emails, web-based platforms, and social media. The digital technologies and gadgets used are mobile phones, laptops and desktop computers, tablets, etc.

The different digital marketing tactics include;

  1. Mobile marketing
  2. Analytics and BI
  4. SEM/SEO/Traffic generation
  5. JV’s/Affiliate marketing
  6. Automation and outsourcing
  7. Mindset
  8. Content creation
  9. Email marketing
  10. Multimedia marketing
  11. Branding
  12. Online infrastructure.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Before we can head to the useful components of a digital marketing plan, let’s learn why you should opt for this marketing approach. Some benefits of digital marketing include;

(a) Frequent communication increases the client’s loyalty.

(b) There is constant engagement with the customer at any purchasing stage.

(c) It allows a business to address the precise audience.

(d) There’s a generation of a constant lead pipeline.

(e) Obtains and generates more excellent conversion rates

(f) Measures all results accurately

(g) It helps the brand gain credibility.

(h) It has leveled the playing ground.

Digital Marketing Plan

A digital marketing plan is a document where all your projects on digital marketing actions and campaigns are contained. There’s further information in the document, including short-term, long-term, and medium-term goals, the strategies to use, and

How to Come Up with a Digital Marketing Plan

For a team to develop an ideal digital marketing plan, there are a couple of questions that will ensure you get, grow, and retain clients. So what are some of the questions?

  1. What are the marketing and business goals of your company?
  2. Who is your target market?
  3. What are your customers’ online platform preferences?
  4. What benefits are you seeking to promote?
  5. What’s the needed change to upscale your customer’s experience?
  6. What information is required by the company to be more familiar with your customers’ preferences and behavior?
  7. Who else should access the plan?
  8. What is your digital marketing budget?
  9. Is it possible to describe your audience using buyer personas?
  10. What are your expected customer outcome achievements?
  11. What your customers’ potential alternative solutions?
  12. What improvements are expected from the digital marketing methods?
  13. How will you measure success?

Components of a Digital Marketing Plan

Now that we’re familiar with a digital marketing plan, let’s consider its elements. The twelve useful components of a digital marketing plan that you go to have are;


Advertising involves selling out your brand, products, and services to your potential clients. Online advertising comes in the form of ads. These ads are bought from third-party sites, and they are to be displayed on blogs, advertising websites, or even forums. Ads come in various ways, including pop-ups, videos, images, banners, and shapes.

One essential aspect of online promotion is by retargeting. To do so, you have to use codes that include anonymous browser cookies to track any new person that visited your site. When the particular user visits other sites, they’ll be getting ads of products and services from your site. It is smart to focus the attention on the people who have previously expressed their interest in your company.

Paid Search:

Every company wants to be among the top results on a search engine whenever a customer is looking for something related to the products or services that they offer. Paid search is a marketing method that involves an increase in search engine visibility. Companies usually bid for particular keywords and, in turn, purchase advertising spaces in these search engine results.

The catch is, your ads will only be visible to the web users who are searching for the exact keywords that you purchased. That’ll put you at an advantage of your keyword selection is a common need for many internet users.

There are, however, two types of paid search advertising; PPC (Pay Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille). In PPC, you are only required to pay for the ad when someone clicks on it. As for CPM, payment is based on the impressions made by the ad. Google Adword tops the list of paid search platforms, with the likes of Bing also involved.

Reputation Marketing:

As the name suggests, this form of marketing is focused on building a good reputation and maintaining it. Reputation marketing is done through compiling and promoting positive reviews. The second thing, after specs, that customers look at before purchasing a product is the kind of thoughts that previous buyers have given of the product and company.

Reviews stretch from the products and services to how the company attended to the individual, and customers consider that. Reputation marketing seeks to improve and maintain a good picture to draw new customers to your company’s services and products. It all happens on review sites where they also allow ads on competitors’ profiles if you turn out to be as good as what your customers say.

Social Media Marketing:

Many firms widely use social media marketing. It is proven to be very effective as it reaches out to many users at a go. Social media marketing refers to promoting your products and services, including your rand, using social media platforms. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr are the platforms that are mostly used.

Usually, a company should have its handle or accounts in platforms of choice so that the identity is followed through quickly. Social media marketing involves campaigns in the form of frequently posted ads by accounts with many followers. Companies introduce digital marketing managers who have paid opportunities to reach out and interact with multiple potential clients. Social media marketing combines both the companies’ social media management efforts in getting additional followers and the use of sponsored content to reach out to many users.

Web Analytics:

Every company is interested in knowing their customer’s behavior and preferences to understand where to improve. This information also tells the company were to change and what to add or deduct since the best gift to customers is satisfaction. With web analytics, you can track the activity of your customer to get more information about them.

Some of the information will come from their taste, preference, change in desire, willingness to explore, etc. Tools such as Google Analytics, Coremetrics, Adobe Analytics, Crazy Egg, etc., help companies get familiar with their customers’ purchase behavior. The data provides quality information that’ll help you know where to beat your competitors and satisfy your customer needs and wants.

Content Marketing:

Your customers would want to know more about your products and services. What problems do you solve by offering what you are putting out there? How will the services and products help these customers? That’s the kind of information that the customers are looking for, and that’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is probably one of the best digital marketing strategies as it offers quality and reliable information to your customers. The case studies, blog posts, and white papers available to your customers contain information that educates your customers. It is a smart approach since it sells your products by offering their benefits and reasons why customers should go for them.

Good content about your products on your website will boost SEO ranking, thus making you better positioned to get more site visits. With many site visits or by using paid efforts, you will attract many potential customers in the process.

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketing is as simple as marketing your products and services by getting to your target market through mobile phones. Mobile marketing is a direct approach and precise also since people are always using their phones. Furthermore, mobile phones are portable and are widely used devices worldwide.

Mobile marketing is commonly done through text messages. It is simple that way because service providers already know their target clients, existing and new ones, and communicating something new. It can be introducing a new service or product or offers and discounts.

Mobile marketing is also approached through other means. Optimizing landing pages, content creation, websites, and emails can also be referred to as a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy.

Programmatic Advertising:

Sometimes you have to be systematic with how you approach digital marketing, and programmatic advertising does precisely. Programmatic advertising is an automated approach in bidding for online marketing. It works based on on-site visiting.

Every time a customer visits a web page, his/her profile information is utilized to sell out your ad. You are also in the space of competing with similar adverts. This programmatic approach gives you significant control over the kind of sites that displays your ad. You also get to control who will view these ads to go to the right target market.

Search Engine Optimization:

According to how many of us know it, SEO is the creation of traffic to your website. Search engine optimization focus on the competition on which website will be displayed as the first results when a customer is looking for a product. These results are seen from Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results as it rates the results depending on the kind of traffic that the website generates.

Ensuring that you generate traffic is by offering information in the form of blogs and articles that are packed with the essential levers. These important levers include tools such as keywords, original content, backlinks, and crosslinks. These are the keys to maintaining a good ranking and awareness in the search results.

Video Marketing:

In a more entertaining, engaging, and visualizing approach, companies can opt for video marketing. Video marketing makes the whole marketing approach interesting as people get to see your product, how it functions, how it looks like, and probably how to operate or use it.

Some of the rules of video marketing include keeping your videos short for about 5 – 10 seconds. It ensures that you keep it precise and go straight to the point without addressing irrelevant information. Another approach is a pre-roll ad before a video, and it would be better to use the few seconds to drive the point home.

Vimeo and YouTube are the most common platforms for video marketing. Some of the information you can share on video marketing includes special announcements, event advertisement/reminders, product launches, testimonies, or customer testimonies.


Webinars are seminars; the only difference is that they are carried out through the internet. One of the advantages of webinars is that multiple existing and potential customers worldwide will be connected on a single platform, and none of them will miss out on anything. It is an excellent way to showcase relevant content to a specific audience in real-time.

Webinars allow companies to directly interact with the customers as they ask questions and express their concerns. Further communication after seminars is done through calls and emails where there is that tie between the management and interested parties.

It’s Too Late For Black Friday SEO Advertisements

Thanksgiving is upon us, here in the United States. That means turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pies, and more. Additionally, the calling of a good deal is looming, as well! Black Friday is an annual shopping event that happens every year on a Friday that follows Thanksgiving Thursday. It features a wide range of excellent deals and shopping opportunities, often with steep discounts, bonus items, special gifts, and more. For some families, it is a tradition to go out in the wee hours of the morning on Friday to get in line for the earlier openings in order to grab that perfect Christmas gift or personal shopping desire.

For businesses, too, this is a very special time. With so many customers rushing in, there is a lot of money to be made. Due to this, the digital marketing surrounding Black Friday events are usually rather intensive, showcasing tons of different deals, offers, and special events that can even stretch back further than the day of Black Friday, offering tons of different specials earlier in the week, as well.

Unfortunately, if you have not already hopped on the Black Friday advertising train, you may have missed the boat, so to speak. The peak of Black Friday advertisement has passed and many businesses have missed out. This does not mean your campaign will not be successful, just that the peak passed. Let’s take a deeper look at this phenomenon and see if we can make sense of what advertising can be done now and why the peak was long before the event ever began.

The Start of the Holiday Season

While Black Friday is the unofficially official kick-off of the holiday shopping season, this year things are a lot different. With Black Friday deals starting as early as October in some places normally, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed things back even further, with advertisements ranging from full-on deal offers back in September and August to lead-up digital deals to discourage in-person shopping.

Before the COVID pandemic, people bought more than 18 Million toys and 13 Million fashion items during Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Amazon. This year, the numbers will likely be much higher due to the increased influx of online shoppers during this time, especially since Amazon has begun some sales even sooner than last year.

Of course, the pandemic is not the only reason. In September, traditionally, you are too late to get in contact with most SEO companies. This is because the businesses who are really on the ball with digital marketing and want to get ahead will have already made their contacts with the first choice companies and begun pushing their own campaigns forward. Each company can only take so many different clients at a time, leading to many people being forced to go with secondary choices that do not have access to the same tools and level of skill that higher tier SEO companies do.

Even if you cannot get an SEO company to back you during this time, there are still a lot of things that can be done to help ensure you have a fighting chance this holiday season. Let’s explore some of the options you can do yourself if all of the leading SEO companies are filled up.

The DIY Helpers

While there are a lot of companies that can offer help even if the top tier ones are filled up, sometimes it is best to wait and attempt to catch your preferred company when they are not booked. If this is your plan, these methods that are detailed below can help you formulate a plan and get some SEO done to boost your company’s signal on your own.

1. Retain Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pages

So, when a link is used often and visited regularly, it builds up a lot of link equity, assisting it in ranking higher organically. While many companies delete their Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages each year after the sale has ended for the sake of keeping their site organized and looking nice; this is actually a massive disservice to your overall Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaigns in the future.

Think about it: you build a ton of equity in the link and have a lot of clicks. It is naturally going to be more fitting for Google and other search engines to feature it since it already has generated a lot of traffic. Each year, this equity compounds as more and more people come in and use the link to access your website sale pages. Therefore you should be in the habit of reusing the link where you can and working to utilize that existing traffic to further your success.

If you have already deleted some pages, try to back audit them to redirect them to your current page so you can still make use of that equity. If you have not, update them for the next year’s sale as soon as you can, even if you do not yet have the details planned. Just a header with the upcoming year can help you get a jumpstart on the industry competition and ensure you have access to a maximized level of interest in your own website and sales data.

Some companies even utilize headers like, “Black Friday Deals Coming (date)” with links to shop other special sales in the meantime. These often prove effective, especially if it is linking to popular items.

If you take a look at brands like Wal-Mart and Target, you will notice that they utilize these techniques. Their pages remain up even after the sale is over, allowing those clicks to weigh in and hold their ranking in the Google algorithm until the next year’s sales come around again.

2. Play the Mobile Game

With people glued to their phones more and more each day, it makes sense that playing into mobile ads and mobile content. If people are going to be on their phones anyway, catering to their needs makes absolute sense in the grand scheme of things and can score you some major SEO points.

Utilizing keywords like “stores near me”, “shops near me”, and “stores near me that sell (blank)” can help you a lot and will show people that you exist and offer what they want, even if you only sell online. These keywords will boost your standing and showcase localized content as well as online order opportunities, making it a great choice. Think about it: if you type in, “store near me that sells shoes”, you are probably going to get listings for local shops, big-name stores like Wal-Mart, and online retailers. Why not throw yourself into the mix, too, with terms that apply to you?

3. Market Through the Season

Though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the starting features of the holiday shopping season, there are other things you can do even after they have passed to increase your sales during this time of year. The easiest way to do this is through gift guides and other specialized content that will play into frequently searched keywords well in order to draw in readers who are looking for niche items or recommendations.

For example, if someone is looking up the best flat-screen TV of 2020, chances are they want a comparison piece. Why not use a blog on your site to cater to this and offer information on the top televisions of 2020 and utilize keywords to bring them in? Not only does this drive up your site traffic count, but also increases your credibility and works to create a situation where you can plug your own product offerings if the topic at hand allows for it in a sensical way.

There are a lot of different things out there that can be turned into an article, from general “Best Gifts for Men of 2020” to niche topics like “Best Kitchen Towels of 2020” or “Best Gaming Chairs of 2020”. Play around and find niches that need more content. Soon, you will be on your way to finding exactly what your clients need, drawing in bigger and bigger crowds in search of assistance from your content.

This is the place where a content writer or other professional can assist you, especially one that has a background in SEO work, as they can help direct the content and create it in a way that is interesting and informative for your clients and customers if you do not already have someone on your team to fill that specific niche.

4. Last-Minute SEO Savers

Even if you do not have the time or resources, there are some things you can do to help turn around your SEO in time for the holiday season. Things like expanding your keyword reach and connecting with a larger base of clients and customers by utilizing new related keywords to your current topics can also really help you out and make things dramatically easier if you want to rank higher within the Google algorithm and within other search engines.

Use Google Analytics and any other tools at your disposal to see how well you are doing within the rankings. Let this data help you make decisions concerning bettering your site and expanding your reach within the industry. Google Analytics is available to all sites and offers incredibly valuable insight that often goes untapped. Take advantage of this information and use it to your favor to better your chances of ranking well and you’re on your way to SEO success.

Consider purchasing access to SEO tools that showcase viable keywords and other data. You can sometimes get access to these professional-level tools through SEO service sites for lower rates, depending on the site and its specific terms, though some do require a membership to their SEO services. These give you an idea of the better keywords out there and any other additional information that can benefit your SEO campaign.

Writing for other websites can help, too. Offering to write blog content for other websites and linking to your own can drive up traffic, especially if the other website is of comparable size or larger than your own. Their traffic can be directed to yours through source linking and general linking, allowing them to come back to your content and seek out further information on the topics at hand. This drives up your organic ranking, allowing you to rank higher over time and spread your information, and reach more and more. Plus, sometimes you can even get repeat content writing features on other sites, allowing you to plug even more often with your own links.

The SEO Expert Advantage:

Sometimes, though, even with all of the other options, the expert touch is just needed and necessary. SEO experts work to improve your standing with search engine algorithms and rank higher within them. This higher ranking allows you to be clicked more often since people are actually the most likely to click within the first few entries they see for information or products they need. While frustrating if you know you have quality products or content, it is simply a fact: they will most trust what they see first, especially within search engines like Google, where the algorithm carefully weighs different pieces of content against one another in order to figure out which best suits the needs of the searcher.

The professional team at SEO Vendor is always here to help you in finding the best course of SEO campaign work in order to ensure your success. They understand the importance of extending your site’s reach and are here to make sure you are able to get your content and products out there to benefit those around you. In the competitive world of SEO work, you can count on SEO Vendor to always have your best interest at heart. They are here to provide you with an entire team of experts that work together to create the most successful SEO campaign possible. With SEO Vendor, you can rest easy knowing your site is in good hands.

A plumber from Down Under Made $1Million Working through the Pandemic

This pandemic has been easy on very few people. It seems that everyone is struggling to make ends meet while still remaining safe in the face of this dangerous virus. With small businesses closing on a seemingly continual basis, it can be incredibly stressful for those who are both working and operating entities at this time. Still, there are some things you can do to help ensure that you can keep yourself afloat and even thrive during this trying and unprecedented time.

Dean Elabbas, a Melbourne, Australia-based tradesman in the plumbing industry, has seen a massive spike in revenue for his twenty four hour plumbing business! Elabbas, a skilled industry professional, believes that the lockdown has greatly contributed to his sudden success that has taken revenue from around $100,000 yearly to more than $1,000,000 in a matter of months as Australians begin to focus on home improvements and repairing issues within their space in the face of the current pandemic lockdowns and limitations.

Elabbas has been quoted as saying, “I was very surprised with the results. We went from no calls, other than word of mouth recommendations, to receive 10 to 20 calls, 30 calls a week. We probably get 500 a month now.”

This is a seemingly unbelievable increase that has taken the small business by storm, launching it into an incredible tier of success. While the pandemic is to blame for the increased interest, Elabbas has said, “’I would say 99 percent of our work comes from our internet presence. You have to be there. Now I have a team of six plumbers to help me with the work,” in reference to how he connects with his customers and clients.

From the Beginning:

Starting back in 2013 at only 18 years old, Dean Elabbas began as a single person operating as an independent plumber. He did well enough, servicing a modest selection of homes within his local area on a regular basis and making around $100,000 per year during the better periods. Sometimes, money would get a bit tight between business expenses and everyday homelife costs, as it does with everyone now and again.

One day, eighteen months after he had started his business, Elabbas received a cold call that would change his life forever. He answered and, on the other end, was Small business marketing expert Sagar Sethi, a man with a plan that would turn everything around for Elabbas and launch him into successful waters.

Sagar Sethi is the owner and founder of a digital marketing company known as Xugar. As a business that works in providing services to small businesses that help create an internet presence and better market themselves more efficiently and effectively, Sagar Sethi and Xugar saw potential in Elabbas and his work.

Mr. Elabbas had previously lost a considerable amount of funds in another digital marketing company and was incredibly hesitant to invest more into another entity, especially one he had just learned about. With revenue varying and sometimes being lower than the aforementioned $100,000 per year, Elabbas was, justifiably, nervous about making the leap and trusting a company with his own business once again.

After some careful thought and consideration, Elabbas decided to take the leap and give Sethi and Xugar a chance after the company offered him an unlocked contract that he was free to leave if he did not see viable results within a reasonable period of time. With little to lose and the potential for some massive financial gains, Elabbas took the plunge and made the decision to begin working with Xugar to try and better his online appearance and digital marketing presence. He had guarded hopes but no idea exactly what was to come.

A Massive Turnaround:

Elabbas has been quoted as saying, “’Within a year of working with them, we had doubled our income to $200,000.”

It is true. Within just twelve months of working with Xugar, Elabbas noticed his weekly work calls going from five per week, on average, to twenty-five a day because people could simply find his business more easily. This was accomplished from a search engine optimization campaign headed by Xugar to increase Mr. Elabbas’s standing within the Google search engine algorithm and make his business pop up as a search result much higher than before.

Elabbas explained it as, “We slowly progressed from two to three jobs a week, to six to seven, so I hired an apprentice, but over the years it just got bigger and bigger. The more we worked on our digital presence, the bigger we became.”

From a one-man show company headed, operated, and owned solely by Elabbas to the growing entity it was becoming, Elabbas soon had to hire an apprentice to help get the work done and ensure he could make it to all of his weekly job callings.

Then, soon thereafter, he began hiring more employees to accommodate the requested services for customers, totaling out to the current six employees in four utes.

This has continued through the COVID-19 pandemic. While many businesses struggle, the marketing done by Elabbas and the Xugar team has created a platform for his company to remain stable upon, despite the uncertainty that swirls in the world in almost all facets, including most industries. Elabbas has experienced incredible growth and is continuing to feel these effects, leading to more and more opportunities for his family and business, as a whole. It has truly turned his life around and given him the greatness he always sought.

A Dream Come True:

Elabbas had run his company from a young age in the hopes of achieving great things. He had always aspired that he would become part of an empire and create something that could sustain himself and his future family for years to come, allowing them to live comfortably. With the help of Xugar, he is on top of this dream, achieving things he thought would take decades in just mere years.

He has said, “’It was a complete life changer. I’m pretty much running the back of the business, doing the quotes, and dealing with the customers over the phone. ‘I’ve been able to buy my own home, be able to get married, and now we have a child on the way. I wouldn’t have thought about it back then, but because the business has expanded I have become more financially stable.”

Elabbas is the textbook entry for success now. He has created something by himself with a little help from Xugar and their team. It has opened more doors than he ever thought possible and offered him unprecedented growth potential that has extended even into the current COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the stressors around us all right now, Elabbas is thriving and continuing to grow and expand his business, partially due to the digital marketing and search engine optimization campaigns carried out by Xugar concerning his business entity and its online presence.

While Elabbas is a case of extreme success, there are plenty of others out there that have experienced the same or comparable marked increases in revenue and general interest. The success potential is not exclusive to those with pre-existing businesses before the pandemic, as digital marketing has assisted in launching the careers of countless others despite the stressors we feel in modern industry climates. It is just a matter of finding a team that can help make your goals a reality and getting to work. Soon, you could very well be on your way to an incredibly successful business venture that can survive these harsh, choppy waters as unscathed as one possibly can.

Not a One-Off Case:

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are seeming to be launched from homes. Lay-offs and other issues have caused many workers to not be able to earn the same amount of money they are accustomed to and, with the pandemic making money tight all around, the stress is often rather intensive.

Using smart marketing strategies like what was done by Xugar for Elabbas’s business is a great way to market yourself and extend your brand’s reach further than normally possible since it opens the door for an entirely new range of potential customers and clients.

If you take a look at unemployment statistics for this year during the pandemic, the number of unemployed Australians rose rapidly. In May, it rose well above the one million marks, showcasing record highs in unemployment. This rise was seen due to the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic and its massive shockwave impact that occurred across many different industries. Places like retail and restaurant spots were hit the hardest, seeing extensive lay-offs and outright firings as businesses worked to cut costs in order to keep their doors open once the pandemic was over.

With more and more people at home and with time, soon, businesses began sprouting up. Landscapers, plumbers, freelancers, and more began to appear and become active within the industry as people worked to make ends meet and support their lifestyle. By August of 2020, the number of unemployed people began to fall, sinking to just above 800,000 in just a few months’ time during an almost unheard of decline.

While not all businesses are utilizing SEO and digital marketing, they could certainly benefit from it. People like Elabbas have seen increased growth even faster through using digital marketing companies and believe that the benefits certainly justify the cost of the overall service. Elabbas, alone, topped out his yearly income at a whopping $1.3 million dollars as of August and is continuing to see growth as the months continue to pass.

A Chance for Greatness

While so many people are struggling during the pandemic shutdowns that are happening worldwide, there is a chance to do something more with yourself. While not possible for everyone due to the risk, launching a business is a move being made by many currently in pursuit of a better income security situation.

Those who are chasing greatness and seeking out opportunity are widely doing so with the help of industry professionals who know how to effectively and efficiently market on a small and larger digital scale, creating an extended reach for those who are looking to contact new bases of customers and clients. With so much at stake, using a professional digital marketing or SEO company is an expense that is well worth considering and taking, as it can help ensure that you are able to make contacts where needed and excel within your given industry. While no SEO venture is a fully flawless process and will take some time, the growth potential is there and can make a massive difference in the interest and acquired clients and customers you have access to as an individual or business entity. For many, digital marketing is truly a game-changer, bring in more people to help create a strong, viable business.

Let SEO Vendor Help

SEO Vendor is a premium vendor of SEO and digital marketing services and tools that works to assist customers and clients in reaching their marketing goals and accessing a wider range of new individuals to potentially work with. Through SEO Vendor, you will receive expert advice and assistance in spreading your business and reaching those who need you most.

In such an unprecedented time where so much is unstable, SEO Vendor acts as a pillar of stability to begin building your business or expanding upon your current situation due to their ability to cater to marketing trends and increase your standing within search engines like Google by catering to their algorithms.

If you are looking to potentially increase your standing and reach new people, SEO Vendor is here for you. With an entire team of trained and experienced industry professionals at the ready, you are always covered while working with SEO Vendor!

10 Ways You Can Tell If an SEO Company is Killing Your Business

SEO is a great tool that can really help you to assist your business or website in taking off and becoming stable. Using search engine optimization can help you to rank higher in Google, generating organic traffic, and bringing more and more new people to your site over time through clicks. A lot of businesses use these SEO techniques to try and bring in new clients and customers since it is a tried and true method that has worked for many time and time again.

That being said, sometimes things do not go as planned. Your SEO agency may be able to do a lot to help you but sometimes, the results are just not there. In fact, they can even be quite negative. Let’s explore ten ways to tell if an SEO company is killing your business and see if we can get you back on the right track.

A Preface: How Can My SEO Agency Possibly Be Doing Harm?

You hire an SEO agency or any similar entity to assist you in getting more clicks and views from potential customers and clients organically. It makes sense that the results would be positive, especially since it is a service that you pay for. Sometimes, even the best SEO agencies make mistakes, though, leading to issues that could harm your business. Alternatively, sometimes SEO agencies do not do everything by the book or do what is best for your individual case.

This is why it is important to understand exactly what is going on with your business and what is being done by the SEO agency to better your campaign. Understanding this can help you get an idea of what they are doing to assist your business or potentially harm it. Let’s take a closer look at the red flags you should be looking out for.

1. They Cannot Explain Themselves

Results and increased ranking are definitely an indicator of successful SEO campaign management. If you notice these happening, chances are things are working in your favor. Sometimes, though, these results are not as noticeable or are not indicative of a good campaign program. This is why it is a good idea to sometimes ask for notes on what exactly the SEO agency is doing to assist with your SEO campaign.

If they cannot provide explanations for what they are doing or walk you through the process, you should be wary. While SEO takes time and you may not see immediate results or even results for several months, you should still be able to receive some form of deliverable information to help you understand what is happening with your site. This could include a site URL analysis, SEO audit documentation, samplings of optimized content to be posted to your site, articles that have been written with the intention of linking back to your website, and more. Just some form of documentation to offer you an insight into what they are doing to actually help your site progress and rank higher from an SEO standpoint.

2. There is Little to No Feedback

SEO agencies base their whole business model around assist you in excelling and ranking higher within search engine results. Due to this, they often have quite a bit of feedback on your site and offer commentary and recommended changes regularly. It is simply part of their job to use their expertise to offer better options and plans for your website.

Some lower quality SEO firms will just like through other sites to your content in order to get traffic and hope the results will be enough. Oftentimes, this is not even close to adequate but they are banking on this low effort input to yield enough to keep you satisfied. If they cannot come up with feedback and interface with you concerning what is being done on your website, they are likely not acting with your best interest in mind. Your relationship with the SEO agency should be a partnership, not just them running things their way and not communicating.

3. They Do Not Ask You For Information

In order to successfully run an SEO campaign, you have to have a good bit of information on the site you are planning to work with. It is essential to being able to custom tailor your approach for creating the content and SEO method plans to better serve the site.

The company that is doing your SEO work is going to need access to things like Google analytics and other accounts as an admin or authorized user so they can see what is happening with your site. They also need social media access and additional permissions sometimes, too. If they are not asking you for at the very least a list of target keywords and any penalties your site may have faced in the past, chances are they are just backlinking to your site from spammy content places to hope to boost your ranking easily without putting in the necessary level of work.

4. They Refuse to Explain Their Techniques

When you hire someone, you deserve to know what is being done to assist you or your business. This includes the SEO industry. Nothing to do with SEO is proprietary; most SEO firms actually use the same techniques, some are just better than others at choosing what is right for clients and executing their campaign plans. That being said, there is no reason for an SEO firm to tell you that they cannot explain what they are doing on your website.

If they have a policy in place to not tell you what is being done, chances are something is off. SEO practices are a proven method that works on a wide range of different applications. They are also pretty much the same across the board. If a company cannot tell you what they are doing to help you, chances are they are not doing much to help you at all.

5. A Drop in Ranking Occurs

Ideally, SEO work will boost your ranking rather quickly. Fully optimizing a site can take several weeks or months but there should be a noticeable difference fairly soon after you begin working with an SEO company. If a sudden drop in ranking occurs, you should be concerned, as it means that something has been done incorrectly. It could also indicate that your site has been penalized somehow, which is common when some low level, unethical SEO techniques are used.

6. A Drop in Views Occurs

Similarly, if you experience a sudden drop in views and clicks, you should be very concerned. This is a telltale sign of an algorithm penalty, which often occurs if the content does not mesh with the current algorithm and is penalized and dropped in ranking, leading to fewer views and clicks in general. While this is not always the case, it is certainly a common issue and worth being cautious of, as it is a probable cause for the sudden drop in viewed content and site visitors, especially if your ranking is also lower than usual. Keep tabs on this, because it may indicate other issues, but definitely also ask for a list of changes made to your site by the SEO team to see if any of the changes could be the trigger.

7. You Recieve a Manual Penalty

A manual penalty occurs when something on your site appears to be spammy and problematic. When this is found by a search engine, the penalty is issued, which is essentially one of the worst things that can happen to your website.

While it may not be the SEO company’s fault, if you have been working with them for a month or two, you do have reason to be concerned. Generally, this means that something they have changed on your site could have potentially triggered this penalty to have been generated. In order to tell if the manual penalty was received due to their error or something else, you need to look deeper at your site and even consider getting a second opinion just to give you an outsider professional viewpoint.

While not a death sentence for your site, this could pose a very real problem with your ranking abilities, so please be sure to research what caused the penalty, request clarification from Google or whatever search engine issued the notification, and, if it is the SEO company’s fault, consider discontinue using their services due to the severity of the matter.

8. Anchor Texts from Linkbacks

As one of the most blatant low-end SEO attempts around, anchor texts from linkbacks happen when you use a URL to bring in your keywords. For example, if your site is called www.besttabletstylus.com and your target keyword is “best tablet stylus”, then you get a backlink, it will show up as “best tablet stylus”. This is penalized by search engines since it is force integration of the keywords where they do not belong.

A good way to tell if your SEO company is doing this is by checking your anchor texts. If you gave them a list of keywords and suddenly all of those keywords or a good portion of them are showing up as anchor text, you should be alarmed. Companies sometimes do this as a way to trick clients into thinking they are doing the work when in reality it is nothing more than a cheap trick with very serious potential consequences.

If caught by a search engine, you are facing a penalty. It is just not worth it.

9. You Are Ranking for the Wrong Keywords

When you work with an SEO company, they will often ask for you to give them a list of target keywords to rank for. These are the words they will work with first since they are obviously part of your overall goals. If you do not have any in mind, the SEO company will recommend ones they think will be suitable and give you a list, most of the time within reputable businesses.

If you go into Google Analytics, you can take a look at what keywords you rank with and which are driving traffic to you in order to get a better idea of what is helping your site the most. If you notice you are no longer ranking highly for a keyword that you previously were or that you are ranking for a lot of keywords you should not be, you should be concerned.

This is because someone who comes to your site through a false keyword association will not be happy. They also will not be beneficial to your site and, over time, this type of thing can result in your site being penalized. If you notice this, bring it up to your SEO company and see if they can help to correct the issue.

10. Suspicious Linkback Growth

Your link profile showcases how you should be ranked within Google. It shows the sites you have been affiliated with through them linking to your content and offers an air of authority that is appreciated within Google’s algorithm. Having a lot of good linkbacks can really boost your reach and increase your ranking.

That being said, having a lot of linkbacks from suspicious or spammy sites can indicate that you are trying to cheat the system, which is something that Google will not allow. They will often penalize sites who engage in this behavior, meaning if you notice that you have a lot of strange linkbacks, you need to get it fixed and corrected ASAP.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The thing with SEO is that if it is done correctly it is undeniably beneficial. If done incorrectly, though, it can absolutely tank your website and cause it to have penalties that destroy its ranking fairly quickly. This is why if you notice something seems wrong, you need to communicate with your SEO team and trust your gut. You deserve proper SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO and Why it is Dangerous for Businesses?

As a whole, the SEO industry offers a lot of chances for advancement within the current industry. From using keywords to lightly optimize to doing a full SEO deep-dive to fully customize and optimize your content to mesh well with the algorithms of search engines, you have a lot of options, many of which are beneficial and can bring in a lot of organic traffic.

With SEO professionals offering a lot of these services at fair rates, it is now easier than ever to move forward with search engine optimization campaigns. There is a way to enhance your visitors’ experiences and really create something special that is viable for long-term client usage and for meshing with search engine algorithms.

That being said, not all SEO methods are created equal. One, in particular, known as black hat SEO, can be especially difficult and even outright harmful to your business. Let’s learn more about black hat SEO and see why it is something you should try to avoid when search engine optimizing your website and content.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Like the name suggests, black hat SEO is a sort of “trick”, not unlike that of a magician, that some businesses like to pull in order to better rank within Google and other search engine searches. This is all good and well but the issue arises with the way that these businesses go about attempting to rank well.

With black hat SEO, there is no focus on answering the question or solving the problem that a person who searches for the target keywords would be concerned with. Instead, the keywords are force integrated into the content, where they do not necessarily fit or even particularly relate to the content at hand. This means that if the content matches the algorithm well, the content will rank highly without providing any true value to the readers.

When this happens, a company is going against search engine guidelines, which could greatly penalize the business in the end. It can greatly impact your entire ranking on search engines since they do not take kindly to their system being used and abused in such a way.

Black hat SEO had a much higher chance of succeeding in the past before search engine algorithms became more complex and advanced. Now, you will almost certainly get caught if you try to force your way into optimized content, which will likely result in penalties and complications in the long run. As a whole, this unethical method is not worth trying. You are literally going against the main purpose of search engine optimization in content writing, which is offering the best possible solution to a problem or concern in a search engine optimized way to broadcast it as far as you can.

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO:

With white hat SEO and black hat SEO methods, there is no comparison. Not only is the white house search engine optimization method much more ethical, but it also offers a higher quality, much more viable result. The thing with black hat SEO that makes it so unethical is that it does not offer a true answer or solution; instead, it abuses the keyword system and forces integrate the chosen words to draw in viewers from dishonest means.

White hat SEO, however, abides by the terms and conditions set by search engines, assisting you in avoiding being penalized. With white hat SEO, you are creating quality content that will provide beneficial information for those that are searching for those specific keywords. This creates a better user experience and a higher viewer return rate and level of trust, furthering your reach. All in all, white hat SEO offers a much better experience to the readers, keeps you in line with current SEO guidelines, and prevents penalties. There’s simply no reason to use black hat SEO; white hat search engine optimization options are simply worth the extra effort due to their payout and safety.

Black Hat SEO Techniques (And Why You Should Avoid Them?)

With black hat SEO, there are quite a few different common techniques that can all contribute to the same end effect of providing unhelpful information and being flagged and penalized by search engines. Some are definitely more overtly harmful to your business and credibility than others but all should be avoided. Let’s delve a little deeper into the black hat SEO techniques that are commonly used and go over why you should avoid using them, along with tips concerning how to prevent accidentally using them.

Keyword Stuffing

One of the most common forms of black hat SEO, keyword stuffing is used at an alarming rate and can really cause problems with those looking for viable and well-researched information. Keyword stuffing is done when a site stuffs a ton of different irrelevant keywords into a piece of content in order to rank highly without providing any information that actually pertains to the topic at hand or very low-quality content, at best.

Often, multiple different variations of the same keywords will be used, creating an unpleasant experience for users due to the site ranking well in multiple different niches where it should not. On Google’s support page, Google lists keyword stuffing as:

  • Lists of phone numbers without substantial added value
  • Blocks of text listing cities and states a webpage is trying to rank for
  • Repeating the same words or phrases so often that it sounds unnatural, for example:

“We sell custom cigar humidors. Our custom cigar humidors are handmade. If you’re thinking of buying a custom cigar humidor, please contact our custom cigar humidor specialists at [email protected]”.

It sounds like a repetitive nightmare. Just the same type of sentence used over and over again with slightly different wordings. It does not benefit the reader, reads incredibly poorly, and is just not good practice. The same happens when you use similar words in a sentence. Something along the lines of, “The clinic had a lot of different medical workers; medical professionals like doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, CNAs….”. There are a lot of similar words that do not add value to the overall sentence and instead just stuff in more and more keywords in spaces that could otherwise offer more information on the actual topic at hand.

Scraped Content

When working in writing content for online websites, you obviously do have to research what you are writing on and make an effort to find information that is backed with studies and other content. That does not, however, mean you should copy and paste content from other sites or scrape together different bits of content from around the web to create a halfway cohesive piece of content to be loaded with keywords.

Scraped content is content that has been pulled together by literally scraping together pieces of information and data from other articles that may not actually go together properly. This is essentially duplicating existing content and creating a semi-new piece loaded with keywords without actually offering anything new. Google is extremely good at catching these types of articles and forcing them to rank lower, so while this may seem like an easy way to boost your ranking, it is not actually doing you favors at all.

Hidden Redirects

Redirects happen when you click a link and are taken to another website that you did not initially click on. There are some valid uses for redirects, including redirecting someone to your new website if you changed your URL or redirecting to a full access page after someone has created an account or logged in. That being said, redirecting from your site to a more authoritative site just for the sole purpose of ranking higher is not okay and can end up getting you knocked down the Google search rankings anyways if you are caught.


Often used by spam websites to skirt search engine bots, cloaking is when a site shows one piece of content to the search engine and another to their actual visitors. Essentially, you are showing a search engine optimized piece to search engines but once the person gets to your site, it may not be the content they are looking for at all. The cloak is lifted and they are not viewing what they had initially signed up for.

That being said, mobile versions of websites and language changes are technically cloaking since it is not what the search engine bots see. Still, these are acceptable while wasting people’s time is definitely not.

Paid Links

Many search engines, including and especially Google, do not allow you to pay for links. This includes any money and free items. You cannot pay another website to link your content and increase your ranking within search engines, as this is unethical and unfair to those who are actually creating quality content within their niches and putting in the necessary work.

If you are reported for trying to buy or sell links, you can be greatly penalized, resulting in your ranking being damaged and other problems that can really tank a website, especially if it is not large enough or established enough to survive such a blow. Due to this, even links you have already bought or sold should be removed as soon as possible. This black hat SEO technique can get you in some serious hot water, even if you did not realize it is an issue.

Spam Comments

Everyone wants to get their name out there. In almost every industry, networking is essential to your chances of success and can help you to make the business connections and ties necessary to actually thrive and survive within the current niche marketplace you are operating under.

There are correct ways to go about it, though. You see, while getting yourself out there entails talking to people and explaining who you are often, you cannot go around linking your website in blog comments or website feedback spaces. This is not ethical and can cause pages to ban or report you, causing more problems in the long run. Try networking with the people behind the blog and ask permission. Don’t spam their comments with your own posts. Not only is it rude, but it is also typically extremely ineffective.

Private Blog Networks

While linking to other sites is normal, sometimes things can be a little suspicious. Private blog networks are a collection of websites used only for link building purposes. They essentially work to inflate the number of times a site is linked, making it rank higher and appear much more authoritative.

This is often created by purchasing sites that have expired domains but retain built up authority on a given topic. From there, they’ll write content close to the same topics as the original site posted before it expired and then link to their own sites, driving up the number of links they receive.

This is very similar to another practice known as link farming. Link farming occurs when a website is formed solely for the purpose of link building. Link farms often post extremely low-quality content with a lot of links and sources included, resulting in the link levels of the sites associated with the original one going up.

Search engines are great at catching sites like these and will quickly drop their ranking and penalize them for going against search engine terms and conditions as a whole and practicing black hat SEO tactics, which are not ethical or accepted.

A Tool to Avoid

While it may seem like the easiest route, black hat SEO is not worth your time. Instead, take a slower pace and work on your actual content and make it as strong as possible. You will experience much better results and have a much more stable website where the readers are satisfied and getting the information they originally clicked on the link in hopes of finding. Save yourself the time, effort, and worry, and just do things right! Your site will be much better off!

Google Has Been Redesigning Its Search Page – Is this the End of SEO?

The thing about technology is that it is always evolving. Small changes and big updates happen regularly, continually upgrading and editing the things we use each and every day. While these impacts are usually moderate and even unnoticeable for most people, sometimes bigger changes come that really shake up how we use basic technology and software. It can even sometimes impact our jobs and how we run businesses, too!

With Google working on redesigning its search page, many obvious changes have come. There are new images and the results you get from a search are slightly different, too. While these are impactful, there is an even bigger industry change brewing just below the surface that specifically impacts the SEO industry.

SEO relies on the Google algorithm to optimize content to place well within Google searches. Google has quite literally been a staple of essentially all viable marketing strategies due to its pivotal role in how many people view and consume your content. This is why Google’s recent shift in page layout has had such a massive effect on the SEO industry.

With this change, the organic traffic SEO content is displayed at the bottom of the page while content posted from creators who are linked with Google’s paid advertising program rank higher by default. This forces those who want to be the top answer to pay for Google advertising in order to potentially be near the top of the list. Let’s take a look at how exactly the redesigning of the Google search page is impacting SEO and see if this is, truly, the end of search engine optimization.

Google’s Search History and Role in SEO

In order to understand exactly why Google is so important to those who rely on SEO, let’s take a closer look at its history. Since its first days online in 1998, Google has played a pivotal role in most marketing plans and has continuously been utilized as one of the most vital tools in all marketing and business setups.

When Google first entered itself as a search engine, the results were displayed in a very straightforward and organized way. Only content that was search engine optimized would be displayed since it was all selected via a very simple algorithm that relied on keyword density and basic SEO principles to generate result lists.

Over time, though, Google recognized that there was money to be made as one of the most widely used search engines in the world. In the year 2000, Google launched Google AdWords, which was its first attempt at marketing and profiting from offering the ability for companies to pay to rank higher on the search engine result pages through paid text ads. As the years passed, this eventually evolved into the program that we now know as Google Ads.

With the first introduction of Google AdWords, brands began realizing that they had to dual market using both traditional SEO methods and through paid advertisements if they wanted to thrive within the current marketplace. Having a good bidding strategy for paid ad content would allow them to be at the top of the page and playing into the SEO requirements of the Google algorithm allowed them to further be present at the bottom of the page here the non-paid, free organic content was displayed.

This system was further complicated in 2002 with the introduction of a new product in the form of Google Shopping. This facet of Google’s product line up offered companies the ability to feet their products onto Google’s listings as recommended related purchase options on a pay per click basis. It was added as its own tab, Google Shopping, and mixed into the searches on a lesser basis.

Following this, the 2004 addition of Google Local allowed businesses to promote themselves and their parent companies alike as search generations. This was done to benefit users of the sites, as it creates localized search results and makes the process less general, as it shows storefront location options located near them, saving them time and additional searches.

A Recent Change

More recently, there has been a bigger impact on search engine optimization efforts due to Google search page modifications. Google has begun offering more and more advertisements on its search result pages, which cuts into the organic content ranking highly on the page and has been proven to reduce clicks and interest in some niches.

In some niches, all of the links that are broadcasted at the top of the page are paid advertisements from various brands. This means that the first things people see when searching specific terms will be paid advertisement content. The most impactful and initial content is all advertising from Google Ads, Google Local, and other paid content from Google Shopping. Below this is the organic content that has been search engine optimized.

Google has a good reason for doing this. It has maximized its own revenue and brought in quite a bit of income since more and more companies are bidding for spots on the advertising pages. Still, the impact on SEO has been undeniable.

If there are products available at the top of the page that can fix the issue people are searching for, individuals are not going to click on more links. Their problem is solved, they have the product or service they need, and they are done. This means there is going to be a very stark decrease in the overall traffic within many different niches, especially those that offer products or services.

Similarly, online shops will likely feel the impact, especially smaller ones. With larger companies purchasing many of the advertising spaces in order to remain front and center within modern digital marketing spaces, it makes sense that there would be less space for smaller entities to get the traction they need in order to take off. Essentially, it has become a battle of bidding. Whoever can spend the most to get the spot they want will benefit and everyone else will likely have to take other spots or experienced a lower amount of clicks.

Is SEO Dying?

While it is entirely possible to say that SEO is outright dying, there are signs that it may not be doing well and could use some work in order to compete with the Google advertisement changes that are happening within the present day. The importance of ranking highly is truly a pressure situation now, as most Google users have reported only reading the first page of results, with a large majority saying they actually only review the first few options before deciding on a link to go with.

This means that those who are not paying for advertisements are at a pretty big disadvantage to those who are already investing in Google advertisement options and Google products. The changes could even potentially be detrimental to a portion of those who rely on organic SEO in order to get their content, website, products, and company as a whole out there and visible to the public.

For Google, this shift has been a good one. They have made more money and are essentially making revenue every single time someone clicks a link on their site. Due to this, it is not likely that they will be changing their business model in a way that favors SEO companies and reliant entities anytime soon. To do so would be losing potential income for Google and its affiliates, which would not be a wise business move at all.

This means that if businesses are not willing or able to shell out the money for advertisement through Google, they are not going to be able to get the same level of attention and activity as they could before from SEO.

Is There Hope?

While it does seem pretty bleak on the surface, there is still a grain of hope for businesses looking to utilize SEO and avoid being saddled with potentially costly advertisement campaigns. Other search engines are still operating under terms that are similar to Google’s old search production, creating an opportunity for SEO through Bing, Yahoo, and others. While these are not used as much, it is still a viable method when used alongside continuing Google Search SEO campaigns, too.

Additionally, there is a chance that you can still actually rank within Google. Focusing more on long-tail keywords will allow you to still rank on pages that are not featuring the additional advertisement content. It is unknown if Google plans to one day also include the content on these pages, as well, but it is a likely future prospect. Still, for now, this is a viable way to maintain some SEO presence.

Likewise, it is not as if you will get absolutely zero clicks if you use traditional SEO techniques and work to access the pages that do contain the additional ad content. You will likely get some clicks and reception if you do rank high enough, even a considerable amount in some cases. People will still often scroll past the advertisements and sponsored content in search of truth so there is still a very viable chance that people will seek out your content in hopes of finding trustworthy sources.

That being said, if you are past the first page or two within SEO ranking, you do not have much of a chance and likely need to increase your SEO work to better mesh with the algorithm. Google is going to be continuously pushing for more and more advertised content on the first pages of their searches since it is what makes them money from that facet of their business. Ranking as high as you can give you a fighting chance and opens up more opportunities to potentially getting clicks.

Concluding Thoughts

As a whole, we cannot really blame or fault Google for making this move. Financially, it makes sense. They are, at their core, a business, and will work as a business should and chase profits. As unfortunate as it is for those who work within the SEO industry that Google has made this move, it was not wholly unexpected given the entity’s affiliation with the pursuit of wealth, revenue, and assets.

Optimizing their search results to better suit their needs as a brand is certainly a warranted and expected effort that was seen coming. It is still a blow to the SEO industry but, as a whole, the industry has adapted before and shows the potential to do so again if the need arises.

At the end of the day, Google is going to do what is best for its own assets and work to provide channels for revenue. They are a business and will do what a business needs to in order to be the most effective they can possibly be. While this may put a twist in the SEO industry’s longstanding success, it does make sense.

Google’s competitors are already going on the offensive and trying to draw in more users by promoting the idea that their non-advertisement based search results are protective for the searchers and offer more beneficial information and recommendations. This may turn the tides a bit and, if backlash occurs, we may actually see a change in the way that Google handles advertising. Those who use Google very well may take note of the prevalence of paid advertisement and develop some distrust, especially if it impacts the quality of the information they are receiving.

Only time will tell, though. Digital marketing is fickle so sometimes it is just a matter of waiting to see how the industry tides flow. Hopefully, though, things will begin to drift back into SEO-friendly territories. For now, though there is certainly a negative impact on the overall ease of use and effectiveness of SEO work, there is hope on the horizon and options.

Due to this, the SEO industry might be beaten down and in unsteady waters, but it certainly is not dead.

8 Extremely Effective Pointers that Will Help you Grow your Social Presence

When working in digital marketing, social media is one of the tools that can really make or break a campaign. There is so much growth potential in a well-planned and properly executed social media campaign that it is truly an invaluable tool. People are linked to their phones for most of the day, so it makes sense that using social media as a way to communicate brand information and attract new potential customers and client consumers is a very smart move.

The average person spends around two hours and forty-four minutes on social media each day. That is two hours and forty-four minutes of a potential customer’s attention that you could easily have! Not utilizing social media to its full potential is a mistake that far too many brands make, including those who work within the realm of digital marketing in some cases.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are using social media even more due to being stuck at home as a way to feel connected and less alone. This means your odds of reaching potential clients and customers through a carefully crafted social media campaign is even better since they are effectively broadening your chances of connecting. All you have to do is utilize social media in an impactful way and you are all set!

Let’s explore eight effective pointers that will help you grow your social presence and make use of the amazing tool that is social media while running a digital marketing campaign.

1. Identify and Understand Your Audience

It is easy to make a general, “come and check out our brand,” style post and just send it out everywhere you can but with social media in a digital marketing setting, there is a little more to the process than just posting whatever you want. Strategic posting and understanding your audience is key to the overall success of your brand and campaign.

To understand your audience, you have to take a look at what demographic you are catering to. If you are catering to professionals, offering a professional tone and plenty of resources and interesting industry data could be appropriate. If you are a more casual business catering to younger people, using an appropriate language and theme to your posts could be beneficial, as well. You have to cater to the people you are serving.

You can also target multiple audiences by offering a professional and regular page. If you are a business that offers products and professional services, having to interlinked pages, one for your professional servicing content and one for product details, could help keep things organized. Feel out your audience and see what would suit them best.

2. Choose a Platform

There are a lot of different social media platforms out there that all have their own merits and pitfalls. This ability to choose what platform best suits a person’s needs worked towards individuals having more avenues than ever before to locate businesses and entities that they could potentially work with. Everything from your local plumber to a multi-million dollar makeup brand can be found on the same social media site in just a few clicks.

Choosing which platform to spread your message and content is key in successfully completing a digital marketing social media campaign. From LinkedIn to Facebook, you have a tough decision to make but depending on the tone of your content and what type of work you will be doing, you should choose which has the best audience for your overall posting plans.

You can even choose to use multiple different platforms. There are tons of people who use Facebook but not Instagram and vice versa, so having a face on both can help to make you memorable and remembered by those who view your page and bring in a wider range of potential customers and clients.

3. Use Your Analytics

Most social media platforms give pages and businesses access to their analytics and special features to help enhance their usage of social media in a marketing sense. These tools can provide valuable in identifying your audience by age group and location while also giving valuable insight into what people are viewing and what types of posts bring in the most attention and engagement. You can use these measurements to predictively post based on what will do well and increase the overall interest in your business and its functions.

4. Use Strategic Messages for Direct Content

This is mainly a tip for those who use multiple social media platforms but can provide a little bit of insight for all looking to digitally market through social media. Using strategic messaging can help to get your message out across a wide range of platforms while catering to the specific people using said platform individually.

This does not mean to individually message people, but to use a different style of presentation on different social media platforms. For example, direct business content is great for sites with professional designs like LinkedIn while something a little lighter would be suitable for Instagram or Facebook. Question and Answer sessions are good on Reddit but may not get much traction on Instagram. Offering different approaches modernizes your content and helps to ensure it is reaching the right target people on each platform to help increase interest in your brand.

5. Make a Plan

Having something like a content calendar is key in ensuring you post regularly and are getting the right content out at the right time. Social media on a personal page is something entirely different than a business page, so while you can post whenever and whatever on a personal social media page, you need to have a plan concerning what is going to go on a business social media account and when it will go up.

Creating the content ahead of time and having it lined up for the month or week allows you to not worry about what to post and ensures you have enough content ready to share and engage your customers, clients, and potentially new consumers on a regular basis without gapping. It also works to ensure you do not post too often or post the wrong content, which is beneficial if you plan on running promotional posts or giveaways through your account in any capacity.

6. Use Ad Functions

Running an ad campaign through social media is a great way to branch out to a larger audience without having to seek them out individually. Many social media platforms have options to customize an advertisement and share it with a target demographic. This opens up a lot of new customers who otherwise may have never heard of your business due to not being aware it existed or not being aware they needed your services or products until they saw the advertisement.

Social media advertising is a fast-growing business in itself and has really taken off, with Facebook alone reporting a massive revenue of 69.7 billion dollars in 2019 alone! This amount is absolutely mindblowing but makes sense due to how effective many businesses have found social media marketing to be and the overall beneficial nature of extending your reach to a wider range of customers and clients. Chances are, other businesses in your area are utilizing this tool so be sure to hop on the trend, as well, because it just might dramatically change your engagement and bring in a host of new customers and clients while reminding previous ones you are around to help and provide products or services.

7. Look at Industry Standards and Legalities

With any advertising, what you say matters. You have to be honest and upfront or else you could end up in legal hot water. Keeping up with the industry standards and current legal expectations for advertising will save you a lot of headaches and ensure you can continue advertising effectively without legal hindrances.

There is an expectation for disclosure and honesty, especially with products and services, so be sure to always be accurate in the information you present while using digital marketing techniques. All of these laws can make it tricky to advertise how you would like but are in place to protect consumers and ensure they are adequately informed to make purchases and service decisions that they are comfortable and confident with. It is better for everyone to adhere to these laws and work to be compliant in every way while using social media marketing and digital marketing in general.

8. Be Adaptable

Things rapidly change online. That is part of existing in this fast-paced digital age where there is an endless array of information available at your fingertips at any given moment. Due to this, you need to be flexible and adaptable in order to succeed when using a digital marketing campaign.

Researching the current market and industry can help you to decide what types of content to post and what will be well received. There are a lot of variables that go into creating a piece of viable content so working to see what is popular within the industry at the time of your posting can help you greatly in ensuring you are getting the right media to the right people, thus creating a successful campaign pathway that is more likely to provide fruitful results.

Similarly, you need to know what social media platforms are popular with your target demographic. Social media trends are fickle, so while mainstays like Facebook, Instagram, and professional pages are all great to have, engaging with audiences on other applications can help, as well. Right now, for example, TikTok is very trendy. Despite the media portrayal of TikTok as a children’s application, there are a lot of adults who use the app and a lot of brands who choose to market on it. Making an account on TikTok opens up a new audience and offers the ability to play into current social trends to make your brand seem more modern.

While this last idea is not feasible for every company, if possible, playing with current trends is a great way to connect and make yourself memorable, especially if you have the ability to do something outlandish or otherwise shareable and enjoyable. Having something go viral can be lifechanging for business owners and work to really launch a business off of the ground.

Modern Marketing for a Modern World

When marketing, there are a lot of things you have to consider. This is true for both traditional and digital marketing, alike. The main difference is that with digital marketing, you have the opportunity to reach thousands of people in mere moments thanks to the power of the internet. Once post could change the entire path of your business and really kick things off.

Due to this, you have to treat social media marketing as a real and viable way to market your business and reach customers and clients. It is a powerful tool and, when used carefully and properly with a well thought out plan, it can be incredible for branching out and making a really big move towards being a big player within the industry.

Let SEO Vendor Help You!

Digital marketing by yourself can be tricky. Why not let the professionals help you create an effective and properly moderated campaign? At SEO Vendor, you have access to the best and brightest digital marketing talent professionals in the industry and the ability to create a myriad of different marketing venues to truly launch your company towards greatness.

With an array of completed successful jobs and ongoing projects, we strive to create an environment for businesses to truly experience success and flourish. Digital marketing is an amazing tool when used correctly; let us help you begin the process and start working towards a stronger, more viable online presence within today’s digital market. With the SEO Vendor team helping you along, you will be growing exponentially in no time! That is our promise to you!

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Digital Marketing Company

While a very great tool to be proficient in during this modern, technologically charged point in time, digital marketing can be tricky. This is even true for those running digital marketing companies, as it is an ever-evolving industry that changes at an incredibly fast pace. Let’s explore 10 surprising mistakes that are often made when starting a digital marketing company and see if we can help make the process a little bit easier.

1. Lack of Goals and Tracking

When you have a great business model, it can be easy to just want to jump straight in and get to work. While there is definitely no better time than the present to get started on launching your big business plan, sometimes, it is best to take a step back and make some clear goals and plans. This is also true when working with your clients and ensuring they are creating reasonable, realistic goals that can be tracked to ensure everything is going smoothly.

It is easy to say “I want to earn a lot of money by the end of the year” or “I want to be an effective company”, but a real, trackable goal can help you to ensure you are continually working towards your end goal. Explaining this to your clients and helping them set a goal that is within the realm of possibility for their brand can help them to not get their hopes too high and ensure that you can do your job effectively.

Many people working in the digital marketing industry opt for setting SMART goals. SMART goals are goals that are:

  • (S) Specific
  • (M) Measurable
  • (A) Achievable
  • (R) Realistic
  • (T) Time-Sensitive

These types of goals are designed to be a measurable tool to help ensure you are getting everything done and doing the best possible actions to market your business on a digital platform.

Having these realistic goals that can be followed in realtime to check their effectivity and overall progress is perhaps one of the best things you can do to work towards a stable client marketing program. Your clients will also appreciate being able to check-in and view the work that has been done and the level of engagement they have achieved within the digital marketing project they have entrusted to you.

2. Taking on Debt

When you are starting any business, you will potentially have some debt. Incurring a bit of debt from loans is expected with most ventures but going broke and taking out massive loans that will outweigh your revenue is doing you no favors at all.

Debt is something that can dramatically stunt a business’s progress and can result in a lot of both business and personal life issues should the business venture not go as planned. One of the best things you can do to help yourself is to work on becoming debt-free through investors or other means.

3. Focusing on the Wrong Audience

When starting a digital marketing business, you obviously have to market your own company digitally. This is no big deal for many digital marketing businesses since they can easily reach out to a wide range of customers and clients and reach their target demographic fairly well.

For others, this can pose a very real problem. Sometimes, businesses focus on the wrong demographic and can experience little to no interest. This is a lot more common than you would think, as it is quite easy to get wrapped up in getting the biggest reach possible to contact the most business entities imaginable without really considering what individualized demographics would be most suitable for your business model from a practical standpoint.

This is something to play around with. You may be able to launch your business on an extremely large platform or you may need to research those most in need of your services and pitch only to those people at first to begin a client base. No matter what you end up being able to succeed with, finding your ideal demographic reach is key.

Creating multiple different campaigns can help with this and allow you to create different tones and content to reach out to different types of potential clients, which could prove fruitful for those who do want a broader scope of digital marketing while still creating a successful multi-faceted model.

4. Ineffective Social Media Usage

Those who work within the digital marketing realm know how important social media usage is. As one of the most under-utilized tools in the digital marketing trade, social media, when properly used, can make a massive impact on your overall reach and your business’s memorability.

The issue arises when people are posting often and getting content and basic posts out but without any real substance. You should be trying to engage with your viewers and patrons; this is how your posts get shared and your entire social media campaign succeeds overall.

Right now, live videos are a really popular tool, so try hopping on Facebook Live and doing short show answering questions about common digital marketing avenues. Offer promos, events, and otherwise engage. Make yourself memorable by offering information that is viable and will make people want to come back and read more.

Things like blogs are a great tool, too, as you can reach your target demographic customer and client base while also incorporating SEO and sharing information, spreading your content even further and, in turn, having people come back to your site to read more and potentially beginning to work with you to create their own digital marketing campaigns.

5. Not Optimizing Your Website

No one wants to use a laggy, bare-bones website. This is not 2001, we now have access to an endless array of tools and professionals who can help create enticing and interactive websites that will appeal to a large audience.

A user-friendly website can really make your business seem professional and draw in consumers. Offering simple navigation, easy to use and understand subheadings, and plenty of calls to action to keep your customers and clients enticed is a great way to help communicate with them and spread more information.

Make sure your site loads fast, is easy to use, and is optimized for mobile use. There are a lot of great sites out there that are fantastic for desktop use but are not optimized for use on mobile phones and tablets, making them unusable on the go. With people spending most of their day connected to their mobile devices, this cuts out a lot of potential marketing and makes it significantly harder to connect with your target audience.

Optimizing and upgrading your website is one of the easiest things you can do to ensure you are getting content out to the right people, all the time.

6. Outsourcing Too Soon

If you are extremely new to the digital marketing industry, outsourcing too soon can really hurt your reputation. Yes, outsourcing is an excellent way to get a high volume of work done and is completely a viable and regular part of the industry. That being said, you have to have a way to monitor productivity and keep an eye on the quality of the work being completed.

If you just trust the people doing the work blindly, you are opening yourself up to having an inconsistent quality of work which can be very damaging and can even work to stall your business.

Your clients are paying good money for the services you are providing so having a second line of workers to check over the outsourced work before submitting it to the client can work in your favor as an extra layer of quality control and editing. This helps to catch any errors or inconsistencies before the client sees them, giving your business a more polished and professional look at the end of the day.

7. Skipping SEO

SEO, the abbreviation for search engine optimization, is a way of playing into the algorithm of popular search engines to ensure your content is being broadcasted to potential clients and customers. Without SEO, you are not going to reach anywhere close to as many clients as you potentially could.

Search engines use keywords as part of their method of picking up content to be displayed. Think of it like this: when you Google the phrase, “bathing a cat”, there will be multiple articles displayed on the front page. You are absolutely most likely going to choose one of the pieces located on this first page of articles. It is simply more convenient and if it is on the first page, it has to be good, right?

This is what happens with businesses, too. The reason those specific articles are on the front page is that they had the right keywords in the right ratios to land themselves there, along with other things like adding an effective meta description, having interactive content, and using authoritative backlinking to other reputable sites. If you want your business to land on a high ranking page, you need to play into the algorithm and work to get yourself there through SEO.

8. Skipping Remarketing

Remarketing is a way of reworking your approach in order to scoop up clients who otherwise would sit on the fence about using your service and not make an effective decision one way or another.

Due to the number of potential clients, digital marketing firms are typically going to focus on getting new clients instead of looping back around to old ones. This is a mistake since those clients who did not seem convinced of the essential nature of properly digital marketing their site a few months ago very well may have changed their mind since or would potentially be swayed by your new testimonials and experience.

Launching a digital marketing campaign to remarket yourself to potential digital marketing clients is a great way to open new doors, even if they previously had been closed. Simply sending offers to your previously contacted potential clients with a discount or special offer included can sometimes sway them to give your business a shot. Sending ads targeted to what they were interested in before can help, as well.

Play around with your remarketing options and figure out what your potential client needs. You might end up winning them over.

9. Overcharging

Yes, you are providing a valuable service worth appropriate compensation. This does not mean your clients are going to pay above the industry average. If you have something special that sets you apart from the rest of the digital marketing businesses out there, then by all means do charge a little more, but it is important to recognize that clients are not going to want to pay much more than what the industry standard is.

Overcharging is the fastest way to lose a client, especially if the amount is substantial. Try researching other comparable businesses and find a sweet spot for your fees. It is fair to your clients and will work in your favor.

10. Assuming How Things Will Go

Everyone wants to succeed and wants to watch their business flourish. While you do have a very real shot, it is important to not underestimate how tough starting a digital marketing business can be.

Be realistic and do your research. You need to be willing to put in the work required to succeed in order to reap the benefits of your efforts. Digital marketing is not always an easy business but it can be well worth it if you put in the effort required.

A Pathway to Success

If you are willing to do your research and set up a pathway to success, you have a very good chance of making it. While this industry is not necessarily the easiest to break into, there are some great avenues you can take to ensure a good level of client and customer interactions.

Learn from these mistakes and push yourself to excel!

8 Stupid Mistakes that can Negatively Impact your Search Engine Optimization

Impact your Search Engine Optimization

Making mistakes is part of being human and is completely normal. We all mess up sometimes and it should be expected every now and then. That being said, it can seriously set back your progress, especially within the digital marketing world. Let’s take a look at 8 stupid mistakes that can negatively impact your search engine optimization and help prevent you from repeating the mistakes of others in an effort to streamline your digital marketing and SEO progress!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a tool used by digital marketing specialists and individuals to help their content better rank within search engines to allow their message, products, and services to reach a wide spectrum of potential viewers, customers, and clients.

Designed to improve the quality and quantity of web traffic to your site, SEO can make a massive difference in your engagement and ability to contact clients and potential customers, increasing your revenue potential greatly. It is a way of using unpaid traffic to connect instead of paid advertisements and direct messaging.

Through the strategic use of keywords and careful content planning, you can create an article that is perfect for your given niche and work towards getting higher visibility for your content by helping it rank well within Google’s algorithm. This means it will be displayed sooner in the list of articles supplied by Google when a search related to your keywords occurs and is more likely to be selected for viewing.

Common Mistakes

There are a lot of things that can be done wrong accidentally when working with SEO. It is a bit of an intricate system and takes some getting used to in order to be able to effectively use. One of the best ways to help speed up your road to SEO success is to learn from the mistakes of others and skip the mishaps. Let’s explore eight of the most commonly made and easily preventable mistakes that are often seen within search engine optimization digital marketing campaigns.

1. Post-Launch Noindex/Nofollow

When working on creating a new website or revamping an old one to better sit within the current niche marketplace, using the noindex or nofollow meta tags can be very helpful in ensuring customers and clients do not view your site until it is completely ready for a public launch. These meta tags work to indicate to Google that you do not want a website or page on a website to show up in searches at that given point in time, causing Google to automatically drop the content and not display it.

This is beneficial when you do not want the site to be viewed but sometimes, those tags are not removed with the launch. This means that even though your new site or page is ready to be displayed, that noindex or nofollow meta tag is going to prevent any search engine traffic.

This can dramatically slow down a launch and prevent you from reaching your digital marketing goals on time, so be sure to always check and doublecheck that those stopper meta tags are properly removed when you are ready to go public.

2. Using the Wrong Keywords

When you are an SEO specialist or even someone who works within the realm for any significant period of time, it is easy to develop patterns. You find a nice, longtail keyword that is an easy option due to lowered competition levels within the niche and goes with it, only to find that when people are looking up that keyword, the content you write is not appropriate.

It is very easy to pick a keyword-based on the ease of use and likelihood of success and not actually do the research to see how to be an effective and informative writer for that topic. The majority of people who may Google, “leather shoe cleaning at home” may be looking for leather shoe cleaning kits, requiring a product-based article, but if you do not look into what they are seeking out, you may create a piece based around how to clean your leather shoes at home without the use of products altogether. This is a mild example but in some cases it can make your article wholly ineffective and even outright useless to your consumers, causing them to click away almost as soon as they open the link.

Research is key, even if you are confident in your keyword selecting skills. Even professional SEO specialists mess up sometimes.

3. Under Utilizing Google Analytics and Google Search Console

There are a lot of tools available to those working on search engine optimization. This is a good thing since it can sometimes be a bit of an intricate job to properly search engine optimize the content on a website or page. If you are not using the tools given to us by Google to directly benefit these SEO efforts, you are truly missing out.

Google Analytics is a tool designed to give you direct performance data concerning your website. This includes how many people view your site, what time of day your site is most used, and the demographics of those viewing your site, like location and how long they were on your site.
Similarly, Google Search Console is a tool that works excellently in tandem with Google Analytics. This helps you to learn about who linked your article, who uses it, and if there are technical or mechanical issues within your content and site.

There are plenty of amazing tools out there that can be very beneficial while working on a search engine optimization digital marketing campaign but not also utilizing Google Analytics and Google Search Console while using these tools that you have invested in could create blindspots and cause you to miss out on some very valuable input data. There is no reason to not use both Google tools and the proprietary or secondary ones you have access to. More data is always better!

4. Lack of Internal Links

When finding sources, it is easy to get wrapped up in using Google Scholar to pull content from journals and credible resources that give your site an air of authority. While this is definitely beneficial and creates an expertise niche within your genre of content, it is important to remember that linking to your own content on your own site can have the same effect and help draw even more traffic and assist Google in crawling your sites.

If you use some reputable sources like medical journals and case studies in your content, there is no reason you cannot link to your own pages. In fact, it could be even more beneficial for your clients and customers who are viewing your pages since it creates a much more seamless navigational experience and reading time. Plus, your articles should be well researched enough so that other sites will link them as authoritative resources, so why not do it yourself and double down on the SEO? It will likely have a very real impact.

5. Staying the Same

Google refreshes its algorithm and works to ensure that all content it ranks highly is not outdated, incorrect, devalued, or irrelevant. That means that in order to continue to rank well within Google’s algorithm standings, you may have to refresh and update your content regularly.

Sources change and over time, we often discover that what we once thought was correct is actually outdated or outright wrong. We learn new ways to do things and create new research information regularly, which contributes to the need to update things based on new information.

Keeping yourself and your site up to date on the latest advancements and information to be made available is key in ensuring your content does not become buried when things begin to change or when the algorithm refreshes and boots the inaccurate or not helpful pieces.

6. Unclear Search Intent

Google divides its searches into three different groups:

  • Go Searches are searches that are designed to help you go achieve a goal, like “shoe stores near me” or “places to purchase chocolates in Cleveland”
  • Know Searches are designed to inform someone and answer a question. They are made to provide knowledge and include things like, “can cats have milk?” or “best treats for ferrets”.
  • Do Searches are used to do things online, like “buy laptops online now”. They will direct you to stores and other sites where specific goals can be achieved from a transactional standpoint.

If you are creating content for search engine optimization purposes, you need to decide on which option would best fit the content and write for that option. It does not make sense to write an article about purchasing candy in person for someone who was searching for online shopping options or vice versa, so be sure you are creating the content your keyword choice requires to best serve your audience and remain ranked highly within the Google algorithm.

7. Pausing SEO Efforts

Once your site is up and running, it can be very tempting to want to sit back and take a break. After all, your site likely is doing well following all of your previous SEO efforts and probably is generating a decent amount of traffic due to all of those previous articles and content updates you have made with strong keywords. Why not take some time off and let it do its thing?

This is a very good way to tank your site. SEO efforts require continuous updating and refreshing, as previously mentioned, and can be a bit finicky. You have to keep the effort going in order to ensure you will keep ranking well within Google’s algorithm. If you slack off, there is a very real possibility that your ranking will begin to slip and your articles and content will begin to lose interest and views. Once this happens, it can be tricky to regain the level of engagement you once had since another site has since taken your place.

Pausing your SEO efforts is not typically a good idea unless it is a very brief break or once that you cannot control. SEO is something that is vital in ensuring your website meshes well with leading search engines and is viable. This is why search engine optimization digital marketing campaigns are so popular and widely used now. They make a massive difference in the impact of a site. Do not let your content and previous efforts go to waste; keep working on your SEO and ranking higher and higher.

8. Traffic-Only Focus

Having thousands of people come to your site to view things is great but if only two make a purchase or show interest in your brand, you are not getting the effect you need in order to thrive. Quantity is not more important than quality in regards to the connections made with your content and turnover rates. You have to focus on both.

Traffic is something that your site obviously needs. You have to have people coming to view your content or else it is not serving any purpose at all. That being said, there is more to SEO than just how much traffic you are getting.

Sure, traffic is vital but conversions are equally, if not more, important. Conversions are how many of the views you get and how much of the traffic brought to your site is turned into a sale or service request. Essentially, how many people who come for the SEO content stick around for your brand.

A Learning Process

There are a lot of things to learn within SEO and digital marketing as is. Why not make it easier on yourself and learn from the mistakes of others? It might make your campaign run a little bit smoother and create an easier pathway for you to reach your ultimate goals. Being successful in online marketing requires a lot of work so take the easiest path and skip these common slip-ups.

Selling SEO Services Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Effective Tips

Selling SEO Services

Starting within the SEO service industry can be a little bit daunting. With so many people who do not specialize in SEO not understanding what it is or how it can help enhance their online presence and draw in more customers and clients, it can be quite difficult to communicate what your business can do to help further their success. Let’s explore some of the SEO service tips that can help you launch a career within the SEO service industry!

Perfect Your Cold Contact System

Part of offering any service is cold calling or cold emailing. This process essentially entails reaching out to a business or person to pitch your services and offer what you do to them. This is a great way of growing your client base directly, as it can make people who’d never heard of your business before aware of your services and more inclined to potentially work with you. Perfecting this system is necessary, though, as you want to ensure your approach is appropriate and effective.
As a local SEO reseller, you compete with numerous other SEO reseller entities. To prevent your email from being overlooked, you have to make it stand out among the rest. Being professional and researching how to avoid being scooped up by the spam filter and dumped in the trash bin can increase your chances and help get you on your way to opening up avenues of communication. A good template and professional text can make a big difference, too!

Get Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients should be the goal of any business. If your company provides quality SEO services and you are effective in all aspects of being a local SEO reseller, chances are some of your previous clients would be happy to vouch for your capabilities and service effectiveness in a testimonial. In turn, these testimonials work wonderfully to draw in new clients and add confidence to their decision to work with you concerning the search engine optimization of their website. In many ways, credibility is the key to being successful in the SEO service industry.

Use Cast Studies

Case studies are an overlooked option to showcase how well your service provision works. Setting up an SEO case study to show how well everything worked for given clients within your desired niches can help lend even more crucial credibility to your overall claims and make clients more comfortable reaching out to inquire about your services. They also increase the professional appearance of your site and can offer you information on how to improve your services, even more, providing an even greater effect than the base impact on the credibility of your company!

Identify Your Niche

Within the local SEO reseller industry, finding your niche can help you to stand out among the crowd. Choosing to specialize in a specific industry facet, like the medical or pharma industry, can greatly impact your ability to connect with the client audience you desire by creating niche experience and testimonials. It also makes the process easier on your team, generating the ability to streamline the SEO process and help more customers without extended wait times.

Of course, not everyone needs to take on a singular niche. Some companies do fine working in multiple niches or just with general SEO. The state of your market individually will greatly impact the overall approach you must take to be successful.

Make SEO Understandable

If everyone could easily understand every facet of SEO and the surrounding industry, there would be no need for SEO specialists and SEO service firms. Working within the industry is no easy task for many, hence the necessity for local SEO resellers. Still, you should try to explain what SEO does and how it works effectively for your client. Avoiding SEO niche language and terminology can help make this easier.

Speaking to clients about SEO using words they understand can make your job much simpler. Many people do not know what backlinking is and keyword integration does but if you tell them it involves improving their ranking with search engines and getting them more customers, they will probably listen.

An example of a good explanation method would be explaining keyword integration as “using specific words to cater to the Google algorithm and make your content rank higher, which increases the visibility of your company and products or services”. This gives them an idea of how it works without getting into the fine details of how, which can be overwhelming, confusing, and offputting, for someone not working within the SEO industry specifically.

The Tools of the Trade

This mostly applies to fledgling companies within the local SEO reseller industry but can benefit even established entities. Having a good set of trade tools can work in your favor, ensuring that you look professional and can pull off the work you claim you can. Obvious things like a company email with a professional name and direct link to your site and a professional website are on the list but you also need other things, like ties within the industry or a list of potential clients and a killer sales pitch. Create all of this before sending off your first inquiry to make sure you are ready if you get a response. Not having everything set up when getting started is a surefire way to flop pretty hard on your initial jump.

Additionally, you will want access to a reputable CRM tool. These tools search for leads. Without it, you may find your business potential limited greatly, resulting in a sort of “failure to thrive” situation for a lot of smaller entities after their initial takeoff. Getting everything you need to be lined up is a great way to make sure you can hit the ground running and start working right away, bringing in income, experience, and learning opportunities from the moment you make the first initial contact with your very first client.

Develop a Method

The best way to seem like the professional with it all figured out that you are is to work to develop a method to provide a smooth conversation pathway for your client interactions. Rehearsing a dialogue and practicing customer service friendly responses is a great way to achieve this and ensure your clients are comfortable and able to clearly understand you.
Research common questions asked by clients and questions to ask clients. Anticipate different answers and practice responses to the things your potential clients will say. Being able to keep the conversation going is a good way to come across with confidence and seem knowledgable. Long pauses or awkward broken conversations can make the client feel off-put and uninterested in going forward with the process so make sure you are confident and ready when making calls or responding to emails. Confidence is vital.

Work Around Objections

Within this industry, you will likely experience a lot of resistance from potential clients. Some people who have not heard of search engine optimization will be very hesitant to even hear you out since to them, it is not something that has crossed their mind, making it not something necessary from their perspective. Additionally, some companies will already have an SEO team working with them. These objections, along with others, may seem like a dead-end but they are simply temporary roadblocks if you play your cards right.

Circling back to confidence, if your potential client seems uninterested or has someone already on staff, you can still make your pitch. If they already have someone, try following up with a statement like, “I understand you already are working with an SEO team but I would still like to offer my services, as I feel my company provides some of the highest-quality SEO services. We would be an excellent asset to your team either in addition to or in replacement of your current SEO team”. Similarly, responding to hesitance with questions like, “Do you feel your site is ranking highly enough within Google?” and “Do you regularly check your site traffic?” can be impactful and help them to see what you are trying to do with SEO, as well, through offering avenues to explain what you can help them with.

If someone is entirely against the process, do not pester them, but if an opportunity is still viable, trying to explain yourself further or asking what you can do to work with them on this SEO project can help the conversation shift to your advantage. Additionally, you can also learn more about what people are looking for in an SEO company, giving value to your efforts even if they do not pan out with the specific potential client you are inquiring to since you can use this information to better your approach on an ongoing basis.

Keep The Energy Flowing

When working with clients, it can be very easy to slack off once you have closed the deal and started to work with them. You must keep the same level of interest and energy going even after the job has started. Clients want to feel valued and communicating regularly and asking questions concerning how you can better serve them is a great way to keep them interested and invested in your services.

You also have the opportunity to upsell additional features, too, during this stage. Many companies offer a base level SEO package and additional add-ons. After getting started, try mentioning add-ons that you think will genuinely benefit your client. This can help them to understand that you are trying to always find new ways to help them while also increasing your revenue from the given project or campaign! It is a win-win!

White Label

If you are unable to complete everything a client may want or want to offer additional services without having a massive or expansive in-house staff, white labeling SEO services is a great way to get started and work to get yourself off of the ground. White label SEO services are exactly what it sounds like. Essentially, you pay a fee and get access to a team and set of tools owned and managed by another SEO entity. This gives you a leg up on the competition without requiring much upfront investment while assisting you in better serving your clients and customers regularly.

SEO Vendor offers White Label SEO Services at a fair price, offering the ability to manage multiple campaigns at once through their innovative and professional system. Access all of the tools and information sources you need to be an effective and efficient local SEO reseller without all of the expensive overhead and stress. When you join the SEO Vendor White Label customer base, you are accessing the professional, experienced SEO Vendor team of experts along with all of the basics you need to get your feet off of the ground. White Labeling is truly the way to get a running start in the industry!

Successful SEO Selling

You do not have to have ten years in the industry and a book full of client names to be successful in this industry. The local SEO reseller industry is booming as more and more businesses and individual entities begin to understand exactly what SEO can do to boost their signal and expand their presence online to a wider customer and client base. These tips and tricks are some of the easiest ways to get started within the industry and begin carving out your niche in the marketplace.

With a good business model, professional planning, and confident approach, you will be selling SEO products and getting started on campaigns in no time! It is just a matter of finding the right clients and properly pitching your abilities to the potential clients you interact with. In such a rapidly expanding industry, there is no better time to get started! Good luck!