Custom Tailored Strategies
We review over 200 different factors that are related to search optimization. More importantly, we examine your business thoroughly to understand how it works.

What do you want to achieve?

Many companies have the idea that SEO are certain to get them somewhere better than where they’re at now; but beyond this, not much thought has been put into it. If asked the question “What do you want to achieve with your website marketing efforts?” Many companies would simply respond “Up,” for better search rankings. However, do search rankingsnaturally become revenue? Even if they do, which keywords to be ranked? Which page of the site do you want to be ranked for which keywords? On which search engines? Why?

Focus on search rankings is not wrong, but for a majority of the companies, search rankings, site visitors, along with other metrics are usually mean the ways to a conclusion. The conclusion is the increase of the revenue, for without that, what’s the purpose of all those business actions? If your organization is a non-profit or maybe social business, you still have revenue, regardless of whether they’re not necessarily rewarded in cash.

How do you achieve the goal?

Would it be better for you to utilize diverse pages for your SEO and SEM campaign?

How do you want your perspective customer perceive when they visit the desired web page? Will your site’s design, layout and content convert site visitors into customers, or push them away? Who is your target audience? Are you targeting the right crowd with content that’s interesting enough to make them stay?

It’s easy to answer the question “What do you want to achieve?”- But it’s more complicated to figure out “How do you achieve the goal?”

That’s where our audit and white hat SEO strategy come into place. We’ll analysis your business, objectives and budget, audit your website and current online marketing initiatives, and afterward we’ll provide a comprehensive strategy on how online marketing can fit into your plans for the future.

The deliverable is a report as comprehensive as you need it to be, concentrating on the area(s) most critical to you. Assuming that you need a high-level strategy mapping out prospects for your pay-per-click campaign, we can handle that. Assuming that you need a comprehensive White hat SEO execution plan you can provide to your in-house group, we can also provide you that. By the end, you’ll know what you want to achieve, as well as how to achieve the goal.