Our Clients save 50% on Their PPC Budget. Shouldn't You?
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Optimizations are needed just as much as for SEO. Without optimization, budgets easily go to waste.

Search engine marketing, SEM, pay-per-click, PPC, search advertising, Google Adwords…it’s all the same thing, and to make things simple, our agency just call it SEM.

  • Website analysis & Product Understanding.
  • Keywords Research & Analysis.
  • Test Ads Design, Multiple Ads Design, Banner Ads Design.
  • Setup of PPC Campaigns (Done by the PCC Specialists).
  • Observing the campaigns & its performance for couple of days.
  • Monitoring the Sales (Conversions) & all other necessary the metrics.
  • PPC Campaigns Optimization, Maintenance & Updates.
  • PPC Campaigns Bid Management
  • Detailed Reporting to the clients.
  • Overall improvement of the PPC Campaigns on Regular basis.
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