The Importance of Effective Off-Page SEO FOR your Website

There is a slim chance of a website being successful without investing in proper search engine optimization techniques. In fact, every webmaster has to deal with SEO of his website and the earlier it is done, the better. This is because SEO determines how your website interacts with search engines and how people find it naturally.

In the last few years, we have witnessed some changes in the way SEO used to be done; there are new techniques, new strategies, and new rules. Nonetheless, SEO still remains one of the pillar and most effective techniques of internet marketing.

Factors used in SEO ranking are divided into two, which include;

  • The On-Page SEO
  • The Off-Page SEO

What exactly is Off-Page SEO?

Off Page SEO is one of the two factors used in search engine ranking; it involves those optimization techniques done outside of your own website or blog. Off-Page SEO mostly involves getting backlinks to your website/blog from other authority websites, social media and social bookmarking websites.

Off-page optimization helps a site to improve its ranking on the search engine result page (SERP). However, these ranking factors are not directly controlled by the publisher. Generally, off page SEO works in the background to improve website rankings.

Is Off-Page SEO really Important?

Basically, Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines run on two wheels which are on-page and off-page factors. These two factors need to be balanced and done in appropriate proportion in order to reap the full benefits of search engine optimization.

Your website is not complete without adequate off-page SEO. In fact, Off-page SEO is as important as On-Page, two of them are equally important and they cannot work without each other. Your website cannot rank without using off-page SEO. That is why professional SEO services take into account major factors that help in site ranking such as link building, social media, email marketing, videos, blogging, etc. A website needs to be socially active if it needs references from a website. The content (or part of the content) must be shared amongst socially active and communities with similar interest. Off-page SEO as such serves as a vote of confidence that signals search engine that other people are really interested in what a website is saying.

About 90% of off-page SEO involves link building. Link building also known as back-linking simply means getting external links pointing to your website. Some of the strategies to get backlinks include:

  • Forum Posts
  • Article Directories
  • Blog Directories
  • Comment Links
  • Shared Content Directories
  • Link Exchange Schemes

Benefits of Off-Page SEO

There are many benefits Off-Page SEO brings to your website, in this article; we are going to discuss only 4 major benefits of Off-page SEO

More Ranking

A good SEO is not complete without adequate and effective off-page SEO. Come to think of it, how can a website rank on the first page of a search engine if no other website is talking about it? A successful Off-page SEO strategy will help you get the backlinks you need to increase your website’s ranking in search engine results page. Ranking in SERP will help bring loads of traffic to your website.

More Exposure

One of the major benefits of Off-page SEO is that your website will get more exposure when you starting ranking in SERP i.e. you will have more clicks, more visits, more social shares, more links, more social media mentions and ultimately more revenue.

More Money

With better rankings, your site will have more exposure which means more visits. More people will see your offer and you will have an opportunity of converting visitors to customers. Whether you are using ads to monetize your website or you are selling a product, off-page SEO will definitely help you make more money.


Using Off-Page SEO when implementing an effective online marketing strategy is non-negotiable. You need to use it if you want your website to rank higher in search engine result page. Your business needs to implement a strong internet marketing strategy such in order to survive in today’s internet marketing world.

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    Off-page SEO is really an essential factor to boost traffic of websites. The more back-links the site have, the more chances of reaching their target audience that will lead to higher revenues. However, many site owners disregard the benefits that link-building could give and just focus more on on-page SEO even if their content is filled with obvious and unrelated keywords, making it look spammy and less-natural. Off-page SEO is a remarkable strategy to optimize any website and to maintain its credibility.

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    I used to think that on-page SEO is more important but I learned remarkable information in this article. Thanks for sharing some knowledge about SEO strategies particularly about off-page to your readers who are interested on optimizing their websites.

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