What Services Do Search Engine Optimization Agencies Offer

The fact that a wide range of SEO services are offered by specialized SEO companies is a massive advantage of working with these companies. The outcome of working with a single SEO consultancy is that a more cohesive result is achieved while saving time and costs. The agency, in most cases will create an all in one result which will put together all you need. SEO agencies offer these following but are not restricted to:

SEO consultants

Website optimization is one of the primary skills of any Professional SEO consultant. They have the responsibility to implement campaigns after liaising with the client to understand what they want in order to achieve them. Remember that a website can only start ranking after a couple of months. Although services offered by SEO agencies offer are almost similar; there are some variations which differ from one client to another. Some of the services include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Conversion analysis of your website
  • Analyzing the link profile of your website
  • Reviewing existing content on your website
  • Undertaking keyword research (see below)
  • Analyzing the technical infrastructure of your website

SEO web design

A specialist could also offer SEO web design. Their job is to create a website that is attractive in both feel and look and has the capacity to convert visitors to customers.

SEO audits

Search Engine Optimization agencies can also provide its clients with SEO audit. The aim of this is to identify all opportunities as well as problems that are inherent in the general search engine profile of the website. All off and on page elements as well as technical infrastructure are taken into account.

SEO strategy

This is done after the audit is complete. This step involves putting together a working strategy for your program. Different levels of packages are offered by different companies and the one recommended for your site will be a reflection of what was observed during the audit. Factors such as traffic scope of project and if you operate in a competitive arena – are all considered.

Keyword research

This is a major service offered by SEO specialists. The keywords for your website are generated in several ways. They may include; analyzing Google analytics, ideas obtained via customer survey, suppliers etc. There are tools which assist them in coming up with keyword ideas. Different agencies take different approaches.

SEO copywriting

This is also on offer to clients of an SEO agency. This has to do with the skillful inputting- of keywords into contents in such a manner that it is attractive to the readers and is search engine friendly as well.

Link building

Link building is a major skill in SEO. An in-house link building department is usually owned by the larger agencies, while the smaller ones may have to outsource these services. You have to do a little digging around to determine the best or at least a reputable link building company, although there is a variation in the cost.

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  • Mary Lou Reynolds

    You never really know how much goes into GOOD SEO until you sit down and try to do it yourself. Just being able to get the competitions analyzed can be too much for some people. This is a good article!

  • Scott Reemer

    If I could find a place to get a free SEO audit, I would be all over that!

    • seovendorco

      We will provide a preliminary SEO Audits at no cost. Please contact us for details.

  • JasonL

    One of the best things a SEO agency did for me was to provide feedback on a major website overhaul that we had them complete. They noticed some issues with it, provided a plan to optimize our SEO and then some time later we had our new website and we were rising in the rankings!

  • Britanica B.

    Keyword research is a hard task and it is up there on my list of must haves. If the agencies don’t offer this as one of their top reasons to work with them, I pass. I tried doing this myself and it takes months of research and knowing how Google and other major search engines operate.

  • Kevin K

    I think a lot of people don’t realize that the easy and attractiveness of your site has a major part in seo. People don’t want to order or do business with a site just isn’t user friendly or not attractive.

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