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SEO Vendor uses SEO and Social Media Driven Strategies to Gain Revenue Generating Leads

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We go a little further from just “traffic for the sake of traffic”, and aim to convert some of them into leads and in turn, customers. Lead Generation is the process of attracting prospects and converting them into potential buyers. Interested?

Niche Focus Results

We make sure you rank at the top of the search results! Say goodbye to paying for every single click!

Content Marketing

People buy from people they trust. We turn your business into a knowledge base for IT and Technology!

Increase Reach

We can rank you for the surrounding cities, nationwide, or even worldwide. Driving more phone calls and leads!

We Bring in Leads from Highly Effective Sources


Social Media Marketing

Generate Leads Through SEO

SEO is a highly competitive and effective approach to getting leads and increasing conversions in businesses. Search Engine Optimization works through different tools and strategies that help your website rank higher when users search for particular products or services. Tech companies are beginning to dive into SEO to improve their businesses. SEO is a revenue-generating strategy that would last a lifetime.

Social Media Driven Lead Generation Marketing for the IT and Technology Sector

Social Media Marketing is one of our Lead Generation Strategies that Drive Targeted Traffic to Professional & High-Converting IT or Technology Landing Pages. Landing pages have become an essential part of lead generation campaigns. We create landing pages to provide relevant and valuable content for IT/Technology leads. In turn, it increases conversion rates. Many agencies only focus on posting company updates on Facebook a couple of times a week. But does it generate more leads? No.

Social media is a key component of a valuable system called funnel marketing. An effective IT/Technology marketing campaign begins with an offer. That offer is then turned into an ad on a social media platform like Facebook. The ads target qualified audiences and drive them to your professional landing page. From there, the targeted audience can claim the offer, turning them into a new lead.

Social Media Marketing and SEO plays a huge role in helping you generate targeted leads.

Pay Per Click for IT/Tech Companies

SEO Vendor is a large team of PPC/SEM experts that have dedicated the last decade to helping tech companies establish a sustainable presence on search engines like Google. If you have a decent Marketing budget, Pay Per Click is a great addition to your marketing strategy. It’s a lot more than just targeting leads at the right time. But involves a lot of testing and measuring of performance to determine the best way forward for your campaign to drive guaranteed success. By using SEO, we are able to produce HIGH converting keywords that target the right leads for your business.

Retargeting Campaigns and increase conversions by almost 150%

Re-targeted website visitors are 8 times cheaper to reach per click. This is why re-targeting ads are more cost-effective than regular ads. When we run ads that send people to your landing page, we immediately note those who don’t convert. We then re-target them with new ads the next time they go on social media platforms. So, what was the result? A large number of conversions that you would have missed out on without re-targeting! Even better, since the re-targeting ads are so much cheaper, it brings your average cost-per-conversion down.

SEO Vendor Will do the Following

High Converting Ads

Create high converting and SEO optimized Ads that generate QUALIFIED leads.

Targeted Audience

Targeted audiences to improve lead quality.

Split Test Ads

Split test ads & various audiences to maximize budgets.


Research local areas to ensure we put the right ads in front of the right people.

Optimize and Maintain

Continually optimize and maintain your campaigns to make sure your ads are always performing.

Effective and Customized

Deliver effective and custom campaigns for faster deployments and guaranteed results.

Our lead generation packages allow you to reach more of the RIGHT clientele, generate more quality leads, and establish a strong reputation in your market.

It’s Time To Take Action!

Your family and employees are all depending on you to help them achieve a higher quality of life. Growing IT and Technology business through SEO and Social Media Marketing are the ONLY ways to solidify your position as a leader in the industry. Just fill out the form and we’ll send you over a website and competition audit. Even if you decide not to work with us, you’ll still have some valuable info about your competitors.

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