5 Ways of Building Links without Content Creation

Building links is a simple process where you search for real sites, those with enough reasons to link to you and demonstrating to them the need to link. Thus, link building is not at all a spammy strategy.

Some of the reasons why a site would accept linking to your site are:

  • The existence of a real relationship.
  • Their products or business is similar to yours.
  • If participating in related community activities.
  • You are a valuable resource to their audience.

However, there are reasons why a site gets interested in linking.

Links represent online connection and relationship between sites.  If your plan is building links without necessarily creating content, it is advisable you search for existing opportunities like already established by connections and relationships.

Nevertheless, for earning links, it is important you provide value to the linked site.  If your links cannot provide value to your partners, their site, and audience, it is impossible to find great links.

Any trick of building links can get abused, thus avoid engaging in your community or building relationships for purposes of getting links. You end up developing a negative mindset which results in low quality and spam links, the bad reputation of your brand and weak relationship if you stalk links just for SEO value.

Instead, your priority of concentration should be value delivery and get links as an extra advantage.

Although the creation of content is the best way of providing value and getting links, there are other ways of strengthening the value you provide, with the aim of getting links.

Here are some of the other strategies you can use in building links to your site without creating content.

  • Partnerships
  • Online mentions
  • Directories
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Community participation

Apart from genuine connection resulting in links, if you utilize sound marketing and your site is active, you do not need to create fresh content to build links.

  1. Partnerships

There are many benefits in important partnerships, which include chances of relevant links, a collaboration of products, business referral, and cooperative marketing.  It is easier to find link building opportunities even without content creation when a relationship exists.  However, the best way of building new online partnerships is co-authoring content.

Although real-world partners are the best partners in link building, any offline public partnerships can also be brought forth by linking to them online.

  1. Online mentions

The simplest way of creating links without content creation is online mentions.  Despite the fact that your services, products, executives, brands and business must be mentioned online for various reasons, ensure people are talking about your site by using public relations, offline marketing and other means of building your brand.

Apart from the typical brand mentions, other types of mention chances to aim are:

  • Proprietary images
  • Permanent employees
  • Famous products
  • Company buildings
  • Sponsored or hosted events

Controversies can also result in media coverage, which brings about link building opportunities.  Your ingenuity and creativity are the only limits to the type of mentions you represent.  Significant link opportunities exist when your business is referenced by anyone online.

  1. Directories

Directories were the means of navigating the web before the invention of search engines.  Although the importance of lists has been outdone by search engines, linking your site to a real directory is a good way of directing targeted traffic to the site.

Securing a listing in directories does not require content creation because directories concentrate on the entire website instead of certain content pieces.  Provided your site is legitimate, your chances of getting a good link are higher because the site is a valuable resource for the directory.

Directories have been victims of abuse and spam over the past few years, and presently too, a majority of the directories are mainly created for SEO purposes. So, you should choose directories wisely before submitting your website.

  1. Reviews and testimonials

Testimonial links are created out of real relationships, just like partnerships.

It is essential to have in mind all services and products contributing to your daily activities when evaluating testimonial chances.  Besides, provide testimonials of businesses you trust, and never endorse a business for backlink purpose only.

When giving testimonials of business, state the unique tools and services available and essential for operation, what makes production easy and whether the working environment is suitable.

Reviewing and giving testimonials of services and tools that makes the running of your business smooth creates opportunities for building links.  However, before giving testimonials for a company that you want to endorse, it is advisable you check if the business has any existing testimonials on their site.

Also, if you happen to be working with companies and you feel they are worth endorsing, on the basis that they always link testimonials on their site, first inform them you want to provide a testimonial of their excellent services before anything else.  Although the provision of testimonials is regarded as content creation, your testimonial should be short compared to a blog post or infographic.

  1. Community participation

Different companies use different ways to give back to their local community.  By supporting the local community, you get many chances of building your brand and links.  Although these opportunities are often overlooked, they are critical.

For good reasons, links are regarded as the vote of confidence by Google.  Online relationships are signified by links, similar to offering recognition and adding the context of a conversation.

Also, getting links is the only way of representing your offline activities and relationships online.  The links should be a result of any useful community activity you are actively participating in.

Content creation is one way of ensuring community participation, interaction and getting quality links.  You can also get useful links without creating content, in any of the following ways:

  • Providing scholarships to colleges in your locality.
  • Charity work
  • Sponsoring local events
  • Creating a partnership with other businesses to provide unique discounts.
  • Actively participating or conducting interviews.
Sonu Yadav

by Sonu Yadav

Sonu Yadav is a Certified Digital Marketing Manager with SEO Vendor. He has over eight years of experience in the field of digital marketing and has helped numerous businesses grow online. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed and enjoys seeing the results of his work.


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    Nice Post! Testimonial can really helpful if you want to build links without content creation.


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    Pretty Cool List of ways on building links for your money site.


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    Reviews and testimonials are powerful! There are alot who thinks this is not useful. Well, it really gives a very big impact to your ranking authority.


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