Case Study: 1st Page Rankings with AI Content in 90 Days

In this latest case study, we reveal how AI-generated content can skyrocket a website to the first page of search results within 90 days. Leveraging two decades in global marketing and cutting-edge technology, we create bespoke SEO strategies rather than one-size-fits-all solutions.

With a deep understanding of specific business needs, this serves as evidence that sophisticated tech paired with tailored expertise yields remarkable outcomes in digital visibility.

Here’s a snapshot showcasing the impact we’ve made on the site since we started:

total number of rankings

Project Overview and Campaign Limitations

The project embarked on a clear and ambitious objective: to establish the client as a preeminent source of legal information in the target country. This journey began with the client’s decision to opt for the i-SERIES Starter campaign. Designed as an entry-level package, the i-SERIES Starter offered a strategic blend of AI-driven content creation and SEO optimization tailored to deliver impactful results within constrained resources.

Despite the strategic design of the i-SERIES Starter, it inherently came with certain limitations, given its nature as a starter package:

  • Limited Keywords: With a focus on only five keywords, the campaign had to be extremely precise in its targeting, leaving little room for broader keyword exploration.
  • Restricted Content Volume: The allocation for AI-written content was limited to 1000 words per piece, which required high efficiency in content creation and optimization.
  • Page Optimization Constraints: Optimizing only five pages meant that the campaign had to selectively target key pages, potentially overlooking other important sections of the site.
  • Resource Allocation: As a starter package, the i-SERIES Starter had limited resources compared to more advanced packages, necessitating careful and strategic allocation of available tools and services.
  • Frequency of Content Updates: The campaign included only two on-site blog posts, which limited the frequency of content updates and the ability to respond rapidly to changing SEO dynamics.

Initial Challenges

Embarking on the project to elevate a legal information website to the forefront of the target country, we were confronted with a set of unique and daunting challenges. These initial obstacles required a blend of innovation, adaptability, and in-depth research to overcome.

  • Expertise in Legal Content: While seasoned in SEO tactics, our team lacked expertise in country-specific legal matters. The project wasn’t just about ranking keywords. It was about providing accurate, reliable, and authoritative legal content. The challenge was to create content that wasn’t only SEO-optimized but also factually correct and informative, catering to the needs of those seeking legal information in South Africa.
  • Adapting SEO Strategies: Traditional SEO strategies had to be adapted to suit this unique niche. The usual keyword optimization and link-building tactics had to be carefully tailored to align with the authoritative tone and factual accuracy required for legal content.

Strategy Implementation

In rolling out our AI SEO strategy, we first set clear goals. We wanted top spots on search pages within three months. This meant targeting key phrases with high traffic potential but low competition. Our team crafted a roadmap for consistent, timely updates to the site.

To achieve these ambitious aims, we personally made sure that the keyword density was kept optimal without stuffing while ensuring the readability of AI content while keeping it engaging for humans, too! Metadata got fine-tuned every time – titles plus descriptions that pack a punch! Alongside writing, quality checks were thorough: each piece was cross-examined against current trends in user queries to confirm relevance at all times.

The magic happened as more of our kind of ‘hand-in-glove’ approach led AI content towards mimicking natural writer styles today’s readers trust.

1. Comprehensive Keyword Research and Selection

Utilizing the client’s primary keywords as a foundation, we expanded the list to include variations and long-tail keywords pertinent to the country-specific laws. This expansion was crucial for capturing a broader scope of search queries and enhancing visibility in targeted areas.

2. Generating Fresh Content Ideas

Building topical authority was a critical element of our strategy, emphasizing in-depth knowledge and relevant context to engage both search engines and readers effectively.

With the constraint of creating just two on-page posts, it was crucial to ensure each content piece was highly impactful. We adopted a detailed and systematic approach, dissecting complex topics into focused, digestible sections. This strategy enabled us to explore specific facets of the target country’s laws thoroughly, delivering authoritative and well-structured content.

Our experts leveraged insights from our SEO GPT: Topical Authority Tool, combined with their own knowledge, to achieve this.

3. Creating Compelling Titles

Crafting compelling titles that grabbed the audience’s attention posed a significant challenge, especially when balancing engagement with legal constraints. We employed extensive A/B testing to refine our titles, a process that underscored our strategic approach and collaborative effort. This method enabled us to find the perfect balance of incorporating keywords in a natural and appealing manner.

As a result, our titles were carefully crafted to be both attractive and straightforward, designed to draw clicks without risking detection by AI filters. This approach was invaluable for those focused on ascending Google’s rankings while preserving authenticity.

4. Producing High-quality AI Content

In our i-SERIES campaigns, high-quality content is crafted with reliance on the rigorous process of SEO GPT 2. A well of facts and figures is deeply delved into, identifying what matters most. Each article is shaped with precision by this AI tool. It begins by laying out an outline that logically progresses from start to finish. Every fact is meticulously checked for accuracy, and every source is firmly verified against the influx of false news prevalent on our screens.

SEO GPT 2 was instrumental in the creation of high-quality content, which then underwent human review to ensure factual correctness, as AI can sometimes err with facts. The content produced by this tool is characterized by its ability to pass most AI detectors, thereby lending it a more authentic appearance.

5. Revamping Old Content

Refreshing old content is equally important as creating new material. To achieve this effectively, AI-crafted pieces were seamlessly integrated with the existing text. This approach was beneficial in maintaining relevance and appeal for both search engines and readers.

The process unfolds as follows: initially, older posts experiencing a decline in traffic are identified. These are the ones requiring an urgent facelift. The revamp then commences, utilizing an AI tool specifically designed to preserve the brand’s tone while enhancing readability, a key factor in boosting rankings. To align with Google’s E-E-A-T standards, each update or addition made by artificial intelligence was meticulously overseen before publication.

6. On-page Optimization

For this client, we concentrated on three key areas. We built topical authority with high-quality content, optimized the site experience by enhancing site functionality, and revamped older content to improve existing rankings.

Building that authority meant diving deep into subtopics, answering every question a visitor might have. To lift the site experience, we ensured the site was easy to navigate so visitors know how to reach the target page quickly without fuss. Revamping those all-important old blogs wasn’t just shoving in keywords. It was about satisfying the searcher’s intent clearly and precisely. By adding content logically, not only did users find what they needed fast, but the search engines could see the relevance, too.

7. Link-Building

In our link-building strategy, the focus was on establishing 50 high-quality connections every month, ranging from DA35 to a robust DA90. These links served more purposes than just boosting traffic.

The utilization of CORE AI was pivotal in this process. Its ability to rapidly process data and identify trends often overlooked by humans acted like an expert with an eagle-eye perspective, pinpointing the most beneficial pages for enhancing the site. Additionally, tools like Ahrefs provided insights into potential new link opportunities.

Competitor analysis also played a significant role. By closely examining the backlink profiles of rivals, we were able to quickly adapt our strategies. This approach ensured that our link-building efforts remained relevant and specifically tailored to the client’s niche.

Results Achieved in 90 Days

In just 30 days, we saw our first signs of success. Our targeted pages climbed quickly in ranking for chosen keywords. By day 60, one page hit Google’s second page. It was on the bottom rung before!

Soon after that leap, by day 65 or so, another key article jumped from somewhere deep down right up to the top five. We watched every move through careful tracking and adjustments where needed, like refining meta tags or tweaking a header here and there. Quick results like these aren’t typical but show what AI-powered content can do when you get things spot on with SEO know-how backing you up.

1st Page Rankings for Target Keywords

1st Page Rankings for Target Keywords

Progressive Organic Traffic Growth

Organic Traffic

Remarkable Growth in Organic Keyword Rankings

Organic Keywords

Organic Search Positions

This case study showcases that when you blend technology with strategic acumen in SEO practices thoroughly today, success on Google isn’t only possible but achievable within tight timelines without compromising quality or user engagement.


Sonu Yadav

by Sonu Yadav

Sonu Yadav is Editor-in-Chief at SEO Vendor. He has over eight years of experience in the field of digital marketing and has helped numerous businesses grow online. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed and enjoys seeing the results of his work.