Case Study: A 90% Increase in Visibility for a Fitness and Nutrition Brand

In the dynamic arena of digital marketing, standing out in the intensely competitive fitness and nutrition industry presents a formidable challenge. Our client, a fitness and nutrition brand, encountered this very obstacle. Yet, with a carefully designed SEO strategy that prioritized precise keyword optimization, we realized a remarkable 90% boost in visibility.

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Project Overview and Initial Challenges

When we first eyed our client’s website, the issues were clear. They had missing H1 tags, and their headings didn’t follow a good structure. Their images lacked optimized alt texts, plus meta titles and descriptions needed work.

It was also obvious they weren’t posting blogs often enough to draw in organic traffic or keep potential customers hooked. We quickly saw we couldn’t just patch things up. We needed deep changes to how they approached SEO. Starting with basics like fixing those H1s and headings made sense, but that alone wouldn’t cut it for major visibility boosts.

Our team used AI for an all-around keyword study, changing the game in how we chose words and phrases worth targeting. This wasn’t about throwing terms on a page. It was strategic, making sure every choice would pull its weight. Improving the site’s crawlability meant search engines could more easily find content, especially locally where competition is tough but key for attracting nearby clients.

With these efforts combined: technical fixes, smarter keywords via AI analysis, and better local SEO actions, we began seeing real moves towards increased visibility online.


Revolutionizing Keyword Strategy with AI

We realized that their blogs weren’t coming out often enough or pulling readers in well. So, we switched up our keyword game with AI’s help to dig deeper than ever for better words and links that fit just right. Using Semrush and our own CORE AI tech gave us a clear view of what keywords worked best and where we lagged behind others. This mix lets us find new opportunities faster than before, setting us apart from other players.

Titles and meta tag fixes made more people click through to our site from search results improving rankings all around and leading to higher web traffic numbers. Our careful work on images cut down load times making visits smoother adding to a better rank on searches too. Linking pages smarter made navigation easier. This boosted visitor engagement and grew every SEO metric, showing promise for future success.

Conducting Competitive Analysis

In our journey to ramp up visibility by 90%, we dug deep into competitive analysis. We used tools like Semrush and our CORE AI tech. This mix lets us spot where we were falling short compared to others out there.

It showed us keywords that we missed but could win big with, thanks to seeing what our rivals did right. Our findings from this analysis changed how we looked at SEO completely. For example, while fixing basic errors like missing H1 tags and making meta titles better helped a bit, using AI for keyword research was a game-changer.

This new strategy wasn’t just about catching up. It pushed us ahead. Also crucial was creating content regularly that people wanted to read and share, something the audit told us was lacking before. Every step from then on had one aim: to do better than those around us in search rankings by learning their strengths through thorough analyses and adapting quickly based on solid data.

Optimizing Title and Meta Tags

In working on optimizing titles and meta tags, we leaned heavily into AI tools for keyword analysis. This wasn’t just about finding popular words. It was digging deep to understand the context behind searches, what our competitors were doing right, and where we could edge in. Our titles became precise arrows aiming at the heart of searcher intent while our meta descriptions turned into compelling invitations to click through.

We saw clicks soar because these weren’t generic phrases but highly targeted messages speaking directly to potential customers’ needs. Each tweak is aimed not just for visibility but also for meaningful engagement. Clicks from people genuinely interested in what’s offered beyond the link. Moreover, by integrating rich snippets through schema markup, we made information digestible at a glance on search pages.

Content and Site Structure Optimization

We first looked deep into the site’s setup. We found key spots where changes were needed—things like missing H1 tags and messy headings stood out. We also saw images and metadata that were not set up right for search engines or visitors.

No fresh blogs meant less draw for visitors, too. We used AI smartly to pick better keywords and links, a big leap from before. Tools let us see what competitors did well that we missed, helping us find new chances to shine online.

Making the site easier to get around was key too. Clear headings made finding info easy which kept people longer on pages. They really liked reading about how others succeeded with us. Proper image sizes cut down waiting time for pages to show up fully while linking within our own content improved flow across different topics.

Rich snippets gave local searches a boost by making sure search engines got what each page was about clearer than ever. All these steps pushed our client’s visibility way up there in both general Google look-ups and locally, as well as topping many charts easily.

Image Optimization and Internal Linking

We found key areas to boost our client’s online presence. One was image optimization. Many images weren’t set right for speed and search engines.

By resizing them correctly and filling in the alt texts with relevant keywords, we made sure these images helped rather than hurt website load times and SEO rankings. Then there’s internal linking – linking within your own site is like showing guests around your house. You want it smooth without dead ends or loops that confuse folks or make them leave early.

We improved how pages linked together so visitors could easily find more useful content, keeping them engaged longer on the site. This twin approach not only lifted organic traffic but kept users happy by making everything quick to load and easy to navigate, a win-win in digital marketing terms.

Addressing Technical Issues and Enhancing Indexing

To boost our client’s site, we first made it easy to move around and find stuff. This kept people on the site longer, loving our success stories the most. We also worked hard on pictures to load pages faster, important for keeping users happy and doing well in search rankings.

Linking within the site helped, too. It made finding things easier which is good for both people visiting and SEO scores. Our work didn’t stop there. Getting local words to rank better was key as well. Using special code called Schema markup lets search engines get what our page talks about more easily, helping us climb up in search results quickly.

Image tweaks not only cut down loading times but also pushed us up in SEO ranks, directly affecting how often folks would see us when they looked something up online related to what we do. We ensured search engines could easily access all parts of our website, which was a big win. This secured us a top local spot, appearing in the first few results for relevant searches.

This effort led sites with respect even link back to ours, increasing trustworthiness plus directing more visitors towards us! All this together gave an outstanding 90% rise in visibility, proving just how effective sharp attention toward technical issues coupled with smart indexing can be.

Achieving 90% Visibility Increase

Our work shows solid steps to boost site views. We chose strong keywords first. Then, we made our pages better with these words in a smart way.

Active Keywords

Referring Domains and Backlinks

This method led us to jump up by 90% in how often people saw us online. Now, more users find and click on our site easily. It’s clear that choosing the right words and using them well opens doors for anyone looking to stand out online.

Let this case guide you as you aim for the top spots in search results.

Sonu Yadav

by Sonu Yadav

Sonu Yadav is Editor-in-Chief at SEO Vendor. He has over eight years of experience in the field of digital marketing and has helped numerous businesses grow online. He is passionate about helping businesses succeed and enjoys seeing the results of his work.