CSR-SERIES: Business Startup and Recovery Marketing
Beat the COVID-19/coronavirus with a comprehensive solution for your local or nationwide business. Now with support for both new and existing businesses.


AS SEEN ON MARKETWATCH: “There has never been a better time to try out digital marketing services and especially with the radically reduced prices on SEO Vendor’s coronavirus business recovery and startup packages.  Half of all proceeds will also go towards DirectRelief, the organization delivering much-needed medical equipment.”
MarketWatch – 3/31/2020

For a Limtied Time, SEO Vendor is providing COVID-19 relief by offering a non-profit marketing program  that will bring you leads, and help you maintain your revenue growth.  We understand the marketing is very challenging at the moment, and we want to be able to help any way we can.


What does CSR-SERIES marketing do for My Business?

Achieve results that you want for your business on a national or local level and grow revenue in a city or from all over the country. Build revenue like a marathon and prepare for long-term SEO results that can achieve 500% rate of returns.

Generate Revenue

Shift your business online, or if your business is already online, grow your revenue with SEO and PPC.  During this coronavirus pandemic, more people than ever are working and living from home.  More than ever, they are looking for products and services online.

Announce Promotions

Focus on the needs of the customer during a pandemic is not easy, but people will continue to need products and services.  Give your business the right coronavirus promo offer, and people will be glad to take on your offer.   We will create the means to get the word out.

Keep Social Media Alive

With millions of people at home, social media has reached new heights in popularity.  Reach out to your target market and local neighborhoods by keeping your social media active.  We automatically create and publish posts for you on a routine basis.

Get Leads to Your Site

Get online marketing, SEO and PPC to work for you during the coronavirus outbreak.  Whether for your own site, a small business, or a corporate enterprise, our solutions work and we are confident you will survive with real results when you haven’t elsewhere.

  • MINI
    $149 Monthly
    • A small budget plan to keep your small business protected and find lead opportunities.
    • CORE AI Dashboard
    • 5 Keywords for Search inquiries
    • Business Keyword Research & Audit
    • Optimize up to 5 Pages
    • 1 Content Writing about Coronavirus Offer or other content
    • 1 Outreach Posts or On-Site Blog Posts
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Optimize 1 Social Media Account
    • 2 Social media posts
    • 50 Engagement and Ranking Links or Social Signals monthly
    $349 Monthly
    • The smart way to gain leads for your business and find growth opportunities.
    • CORE AI Dashboard
    • 20 Keywords for Search inquiries
    • Business Keyword Research & Audit
    • Optimize up to 20 Pages
    • 3 Content Writing about Coronavirus Offer or other content
    • 3 Outreach Posts or On-Site Blog Posts
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Optimize 3 Social Media Accounts
    • 9 Social media posts
    • 400 Engagement and Ranking Links or Social Signals monthly
    • CTA Checkup (Phone Numbers, Contact Forms placements)
    • Press Release
    $549 Monthly
    • Maximize your edge to gain revenue and grow your leads while the competition is nowhere to be seen.
    • CORE AI Dashboard
    • 40 Keywords for Search inquiries
    • Competitive Business Keyword Research & Audit
    • Optimize up to 40 Pages
    • 5 Content Writing about Coronavirus Offer or other content
    • 5 Outreach Posts or On-Site Blog Posts
    • Monthly Reporting
    • Optimize 5 Social Media Accounts
    • 25 social media posts
    • 700 Engagement and Ranking Links or Social Signals monthly
    • CTA Checkup(Phone Numbers,Contact Forms placements)
    • Large-Scale Press Release (300+ News Sources)
    • Competitive Link-building

Free Advanced CORE Dashboard to Track Results

Other marketing firms keep you in the Dark.  SEO Vendor provides all your results, all in one place.   See how your campaign is doing at any time, and find information about the progress of your campaign, and view detailed insights into your program’s inner workings.

How Does it Work?

Our team of marketing specialists, from technical experts to experienced writers makes your process seamless and easy to manage.   We spend hours upon hours on your monthly campaign, tirelessly, to get you the best results possible.

Phase 1: Keywords, 200+ Factor Audit, On-Page SEO, Social Posting & Content Production (30-days)

In the Initial Campaign, we immediately tackle your SEO and content promotion, which includes your promotional offer and sharing the offer to increase engagement.  After understanding the business, our analytics team will create a comprehensive competitive keyword research list to acquire leads, while factoring in the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Produce your promotion content
  • Publish and share your business promotion
  • Share and post to your social media
  • Google Business Profile Setup
  • Browser compatibility check
  • URL Canonicalization
  • Page weight checking
  • Search engine spider simulation
  • Keyword relevancy modification
  • Site micro-data
  • Optimize robots.txt, sitemaps, and more!
  • Title Optimizations
  • Meta Description Optimizations
  • Content Optimizations
  • Tag-based Optimizations
  • CMS Platform-specific Optimizations
  • Site-wide Optimizations
  • Social Account Optimizations
  • Results-oriented Keyword Research
  • Image ALT tag optimization
  • Submission to Google/Bing/Yahoo
  • Webmaster Tools Optimizations

Phase 2: Active-Managed Off-Page SEO Campaign, Social and On-Page Updates (30-days Recurring)

An On-going Monthly Campaign to protect your business by promotional engagement, leads, traffic and rankings. It involves creating different types of content, creative promotional methods, social platform outreach, and a number of ideas that are different each month and are customized to maximize your revenue potential.

  • Coronavirus Strategy updates (localized to your business)
  • Google Algorithm Strategy updates
  • Bing Algorithm Strategy updates
  • On-Page Optimization updates
  • Keyword effectiveness analysis
  • Keyword swapping/tuning
  • Content/Press Release writing
  • Keyword optimized content production
  • Writing by professional writers and SEO experts
  • Spell check and grammar check each piece
  • Check for content duplication
  • Proof-read for content relevancy
  • Each piece will have at least one link and anchor text for to your site
  • Many more types!
  • Intelligent “CORE” campaign strategy setup
  • Social Account Posting Management
  • Guest Posting or On-Page Blog Posting
  • Press Releases (Paid Inclusions)
  • 3rd Party Reviews
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Shares
  • LinkedIn, Reddit, Stumbleupon Submissions
  • Optimized Social Bookmarking
  • Niche Directory Submissions
  • Niche Smart Commenting
  • Local Citation Submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Indexing submissions
  • One-way Commercial Class-C links
  • Diverse number of IP origins

* Total coverage is dependent on CSR-SERIES campaign duration. Not every item in Phase 2 gets completed in the first 30-days, but each campaign will meet minimum hours and resources assigned based on chosen campaign size.

Does My Business Qualify for a CSR-SERIES Package?

  1. The business must be impacted by the COVID-19 / Coronavirus or you are starting a new business during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Business service or products should be either local or nationwide.
  3. The business must be a local service, capable of local business OR be able to transact online, such as make a delivery, and/or take orders by phone call or by website.
  4. The business is not an existing client with SEO Vendor or has been a client within the last 3-months.

*Problems meeting any of these requirements? We have alternatives available. Send a request to your sales agent or to [email protected]

Giving Back: 50% of all Proceeds from CSR-SERIES Will Go Towards Donation

Direct Relief is coordinating with public health authorities, nonprofit organizations and businesses.  In the U.S., Direct Relief is delivering protective masks – along with exam gloves and isolation gowns – to health care organizations in areas with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you offering this service?

The COVID-19/coronavirus has impacted millions of businesses nationwide.   As a company that helps businesses increase revenue, we feel obligated during this time to help out by deeply discounting our service offerings.

How long will you be offering this service?

We plan to limit the amount of time for the offer, although that will also depend on how long the coronavirus will affect businesses.

Is there a limit on the type of business?

We accept businesses from all industries, local and nationwide, with the exception of adult websites.  Businesses must abide by all applicable laws and regulations.

Can I use different websites for the same order?

No, all URLs must be for the same website.

Can I campaign a foreign website or business?

Yes, as long as the content is in English.

Can I target different keywords each month?

Yes, you can add or remove keywords at any time.  However, we recommend at least 3 months for keywords to begin seeing results.

Which campaign should I choose?

Choose based on your budget and the number of keywords to have ranked. The more keywords, the greater the increase in traffic and business coming to the site.

What if I need a website or my website is too old?

We can also develop you a new site or re-design your existing website.  We have a fully staffed development team with over 14 years of development experience.   For more information, see our SEO website development page.

How is the quality of work?

Attention to details will make the difference between success and penalty. Our work is done manually, intelligent analysis is involved, and we do not use any software to automate. Also because all of the articles we write are original and not spun, this requires higher cost to us to bring you the highest quality possible in your campaign.

How long will a campaign last?

We recommend at least a 3 or 6 month campaign in order to begin to see results.  You may also continue to run the campaign if it is bringing you good results for your business.

Can I change a campaign once it has begun?

Yes, please discuss with your account manager on change requests to your campaign.  You can also upgrade or downgrade your campaign at the beginning of every monthly cycle.

What are the differences between CSR-SERIES and S-SERIES/X-SERIES?

The CSR-SERIES was created specificically for businesses and entrepreneurs that are affected by the COVID-19/coronavirus.   Specific requirements must be met to qualify for the CSR-SERIES.  The campaign is a limited time offer.

The CSR-SERIES also combines a bit more content marketing into the campaign by engaging business promotions made during the coronavirus period.

The S-SERIES (national) and X-SERIES (local) are comprehensive SEO campaigns, and were the basis for the CSR-SERIES; however, there are differences.   The CSR-SERIES begins content writing and social media posting in the first month in order to speed up the engagement process.   The CSR-SERIES also adds in CTA checkup, and competitive link-building on higher level packages, which are not normally found in the S-SERIES and X-SERIES.

However, the CSR-SERIES contains no foundational link-building in the first month.  All link-building are acquired from month 2 and onwards.

The CSR-SERIES automatically places local businesses for local+organic rankings (including Google map pack and Google local) , and nationwide businesses for national organic rankings.

How do I boost my business revenue even further?

Add further reinforcement to your CSR-SERIES campaign and accelerate your leads by adding a PPC campaign.  PPC managed campaigns can bring instant traffic to your business.  For more information, see our PPC page.

Why should I purchase an SEO Vendor service?

We have been a marketing service provider since 2004 and considered one of the top OEM SEO Company. We have helped 7000+ clients get top rankings for their niche, and we provide excellent 24/7 customer support service. For Real ROI and long term results, we are among the top service providers while providing the services to you at the most affordable price.

When can you begin on a project?

Our team will begin a project right away once an order is completed or contract awarded.

How can I contact you?

Please see our contact page.

Will this work for new websites?

Yes this will work for new websites. We will adjust strategies for new sites.

Will I get a link report?

Yes you will get a full link report showing all links that were placed with ranking report of your keywords.

How long do you think it can take to reach page 1?

That depends on lot of factors. Where you are ranked now, how much competition there is for your keywords, budget, etc.

Do the links stick for a long time?

Yes the links will be permanent.

Are the links high quality?

Yes all links are high quality links that are manually built and have high link authority.

What is the usual turn-around time?

The turn-around time is 3 months to 6 months for first results. Some results may appears as soon as within 30-days, but do note that SEO is a long process.  PPC will accelerate the results process.

What kinds of software do you use?

Our company builds proprietary analytics software for our internal team as well as utilize all major analytics software including Semrush, Moz, and Ahref. We don’t use software to build links.

Do you do diversification for the anchor text?

Yes, our AI technology tracks anchor text and we have over 10 anchor types that we can utilize for the campaigns.

Can I skip the first phase?

The CSR-SERIES is designed to work from Phase 1 to Phase 2 efforts.  Any steps which are skipped will have a negative impact on the outcome; therefore it is not possible to skip any phases in the project.

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