Selling SEO Services Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 10 Effective Tips

Starting within the SEO service industry can be a little bit daunting. With so many people who do not specialize in SEO not understanding what it is or how it can help enhance their online presence and draw in more customers and clients, it can be quite difficult to communicate what your business can do to help further their success. Let’s explore some of the SEO service tips that can help you launch a career within the SEO service industry!

Perfect Your Cold Contact System

Part of offering any service is cold calling or cold emailing. This process essentially entails reaching out to a business or person to pitch your services and offer what you do to them. This is a great way of growing your client base directly, as it can make people who’d never heard of your business before aware of your services and more inclined to potentially work with you. Perfecting this system is necessary, though, as you want to ensure your approach is appropriate and effective.

As a local SEO reseller, you compete with numerous other SEO reseller entities. To prevent your email from being overlooked, you have to make it stand out among the rest. Being professional and researching how to avoid being scooped up by the spam filter and dumped in the trash bin can increase your chances and help get you on your way to opening up avenues of communication. A good template and professional text can make a big difference, too!

Get Client Testimonials

Satisfied clients should be the goal of any business. If your company provides quality SEO services and you are effective in all aspects of being a local SEO reseller, chances are some of your previous clients would be happy to vouch for your capabilities and service effectiveness in a testimonial. In turn, these testimonials work wonderfully to draw in new clients and add confidence to their decision to work with you concerning the search engine optimization of their website. In many ways, credibility is the key to being successful in the SEO service industry.

Use Cast Studies

Case studies are an overlooked option to showcase how well your service provision works. Setting up an SEO case study to show how well everything worked for given clients within your desired niches can help lend even more crucial credibility to your overall claims and make clients more comfortable reaching out to inquire about your services. They also increase the professional appearance of your site and can offer you information on how to improve your services, even more, providing an even greater effect than the base impact on the credibility of your company!

Identify Your Niche

Within the local SEO reseller industry, finding your niche can help you to stand out among the crowd. Choosing to specialize in a specific industry facet, like the medical or pharma industry, can greatly impact your ability to connect with the client audience you desire by creating niche experiences and testimonials. It also makes the process easier on your team, generating the ability to streamline the SEO process and help more customers without extended wait times.

Of course, not everyone needs to take on a singular niche. Some companies do fine working in multiple niches or just with general SEO. The state of your market individually will greatly impact the overall approach you must take to be successful.

Make SEO Understandable

If everyone could easily understand every facet of SEO and the surrounding industry, there would be no need for SEO specialists and SEO service firms. Working within the industry is no easy task for many, hence the necessity for local SEO resellers. Still, you should try to explain what SEO does and how it works effectively for your client. Avoiding SEO niche language and terminology can help make this easier.

Speaking to clients about SEO using words they understand can make your job much simpler. Many people do not know what backlinking is and keyword integration does but if you tell them it involves improving their ranking with search engines and getting them more customers, they will probably listen.

An example of a good explanation method would be explaining keyword integration as “using specific words to cater to the Google algorithm and make your content rank higher, which increases the visibility of your company and products or services”. This gives them an idea of how it works without getting into the fine details of how, which can be overwhelming, confusing, and offputting, for someone not working within the SEO industry specifically.

The Tools of the Trade

This mostly applies to fledgling companies within the local SEO reseller industry but can benefit even established entities. Having a good set of trade tools can work in your favor, ensuring that you look professional and can pull off the work you claim you can. Obvious things like a company email with a professional name and direct link to your site and a professional website are on the list but you also need other things, like ties within the industry or a list of potential clients and a killer sales pitch. Create all of this before sending off your first inquiry to make sure you are ready if you get a response. Not having everything set up when getting started is a surefire way to flop pretty hard on your initial jump.

Additionally, you will want access to a reputable CRM tool. These tools search for leads. Without it, you may find your business potential limited greatly, resulting in a sort of “failure to thrive” situation for a lot of smaller entities after their initial takeoff. Getting everything you need to be lined up is a great way to make sure you can hit the ground running and start working right away, bringing in income, experience, and learning opportunities from the moment you make the first initial contact with your very first client.

Develop a Method

The best way to seem like the professional with it all figured out that you are is to work to develop a method to provide a smooth conversation pathway for your client interactions. Rehearsing a dialogue and practicing customer service friendly responses is a great way to achieve this and ensure your clients are comfortable and able to clearly understand you.

Research common questions asked by clients and questions to ask clients. Anticipate different answers and practice responses to the things your potential clients will say. Being able to keep the conversation going is a good way to come across with confidence and seem knowledgeable. Long pauses or awkward broken conversations can make the client feel off-put and uninterested in going forward with the process so make sure you are confident and ready when making calls or responding to emails. Confidence is vital.

Work Around Objections

Within this industry, you will likely experience a lot of resistance from potential clients. Some people who have not heard of search engine optimization will be very hesitant to even hear you out since to them, it is not something that has crossed their mind, making it not something necessary from their perspective. Additionally, some companies will already have an SEO team working with them. These objections, along with others, may seem like a dead-end but they are simply temporary roadblocks if you play your cards right.

Circling back to confidence, if your potential client seems uninterested or has someone already on staff, you can still make your pitch. If they already have someone, try following up with a statement like, “I understand you already are working with an SEO team but I would still like to offer my services, as I feel my company provides some of the highest-quality SEO services. We would be an excellent asset to your team either in addition to or in replacement of your current SEO team”. Similarly, responding to hesitance with questions like, “Do you feel your site is ranking highly enough within Google?” and “Do you regularly check your site traffic?” can be impactful and help them to see what you are trying to do with SEO, as well, through offering avenues to explain what you can help them with.

If someone is entirely against the process, do not pester them, but if an opportunity is still viable, trying to explain yourself further or asking what you can do to work with them on this SEO project can help the conversation shift to your advantage. Additionally, you can also learn more about what people are looking for in an SEO company, giving value to your efforts even if they do not pan out with the specific potential client you are inquiring to since you can use this information to better your approach on an ongoing basis.

Keep The Energy Flowing

When working with clients, it can be very easy to slack off once you have closed the deal and started to work with them. You must keep the same level of interest and energy going even after the job has started. Clients want to feel valued and communicating regularly and asking questions concerning how you can better serve them is a great way to keep them interested and invested in your services.

You also have the opportunity to upsell additional features, too, during this stage. Many companies offer a base-level SEO package and additional add-ons. After getting started, try mentioning add-ons that you think will genuinely benefit your client. This can help them to understand that you are trying to always find new ways to help them while also increasing your revenue from the given project or campaign! It is a win-win!

White Label

If you are unable to complete everything a client may want or want to offer additional services without having a massive or expansive in-house staff, white labeling SEO services is a great way to get started and work to get yourself off of the ground. White label SEO services are exactly what it sounds like. Essentially, you pay a fee and get access to a team and set of tools owned and managed by another SEO entity. This gives you a leg up on the competition without requiring much upfront investment while assisting you in better serving your clients and customers regularly.

SEO Vendor offers White Label SEO Services at a fair price, offering the ability to manage multiple campaigns at once through their innovative and professional system. Access all of the tools and information sources you need to be an effective and efficient local SEO reseller without all of the expensive overhead and stress. When you join the SEO Vendor White Label customer base, you are accessing the professional, experienced SEO Vendor team of experts along with all of the basics you need to get your feet off of the ground. White Labeling is truly the way to get a running start in the industry!

Successful SEO Selling

You do not have to have ten years in the industry and a book full of client names to be successful in this industry. The local SEO reseller industry is booming as more and more businesses and individual entities begin to understand exactly what SEO can do to boost their signal and expand their presence online to a wider customer and client base. These tips and tricks are some of the easiest ways to get started within the industry and begin carving out your niche in the marketplace.

With a good business model, professional planning, and a confident approach, you will be selling SEO products and getting started on campaigns in no time! It is just a matter of finding the right clients and properly pitching your abilities to the potential clients you interact with. In such a rapidly expanding industry, there is no better time to get started! Good luck!

Jeannie Brouts

by Jeannie Brouts

Jeannie Brouts is a Marketing Manager at SEO Vendor. She has 10 years of experience in White Label SEO and online marketing. Jeannie loves writing about the latest ways to help businesses market and produce results.


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    Yup, you can say that again, testimonials are one effective way of selling your services. Thanks for sharing this treasure of a post.

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