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White label SEO reseller service is a business arrangement which permits organizations to set up and offer SEO and other related services to their customers without having to set up a department for this. The way it works is that the company providing white label SEO services takes care of the reseller’s clients. The real work is done by the white label service provider and this kind of an arrangement is most effective and handy for businesses that do not have enough assets to handle the varied needs of their customers.

Small businesses enter into an agreement with a company providing white label opportunities and then resell these services to their customers under their own brand name. Reputed white label companies offer genuine services and provide detailed reports. This, in turn, results in a mutually beneficial partnership.

In other words, any service that is fully purchased from a company and then selling it under your own name- like rebranding it- is the basic framework of a white label service, and the purchaser assumes that the property is the sellers only.

  1. This service ensures epic quality without any hustle of the company to worry about anything else like promotions, marketing or even building a relationship with clients. This approach is very reasonable and is a wonderful opportunity for you to benefit from a White label SEO reseller service Company.
  2. You have the full freedom to set any price that you feel like because that’s just how amazing the services are; now you don’t need to worry if the determined price matches your breakeven point or not, simply set the price that you’re comfortable with and you’re good to go.
  3. These white label SEO companies give you the ease of paying in installments, meaning you don’t have to pay any huge amount, in the beginning; you can pay in easy installments as is convenient to both.
  4. Most reputed White label SEO reseller services believe in international dealing; lets you choose any currency for payment and allows you to enjoy the services without a hassle.
  5. Customer privacy is always the number one concern for top service providers, which is why they keep all important information confidential to keep you safe from any fraudulent scams whatsoever. So you no longer have to worry about your transacting online.

It can be difficult as an entrepreneur or business owner for you to always do things your own way, clients can ask for services that you don’t currently offer and it can be a challenge particularly when you do not have enough time to deliver.

When you are still a small or growing company; be it web design. Paid search or SEO, it might be better to turn down new work so that you can concentrate on what you are very good at doing. Even though it may appear like you are passing up opportunities to grow your business.

When you get to this stage in business your best solution would be to go into partnership with SEO white label services. You just need to be able to find and keep the reliable ones.

Here are White label SEO reseller services that you can resell and make profit:

SEO Link Building

Link building is one of the most profitable services you can offer, however outsourcing on Fiverr may not always be a good idea to avoid running into problems with the quality of service delivery. However, if you can find a good white label link building service it will be well worth your effort.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The boosting of conversion rates can be a very rewarding venture for your customers and this will keep them coming to you for more and thereby creating more revenue for your business. The high conversion rate will also make marketing your other related services easier.

Content Creation

The need for content in today’s world is huge and now is a fantastic time to jump into content creation however the usual “unique 500-word article” won’t cut it, you have to find a way to provide more quality and quantity. The good news is that there are several options for you to offer great content creation services even when you are not a prolific writer.


In my PPC outsourcing practice, I discovered that the best thing to do is to let some other organizations do the ground work set up, you job would be to optimize and maintain the campaigns.  PPC campaigns setup is time-consuming but it takes less time to optimize. Making updates such as including negative keywords, search terms monitoring takes only a couple of hours a month for campaigns that are not very big. This is a great strategy to use because you can bill your client a setup fee and also bill them for monthly updates separately. You can choose from a lot of companies that provide white label PPC services.

Application Development

Apps are a great way of marketing your products or services to clients; they can download your app on their devices and you can send them updates and notifications whenever you need to. This has pushed many organizations to develop their own apps.

Social Media Management

Social media management is an essential but time-consuming effort which not a lot of people have time to do. For this reason, a white label service providing social media management packages can be a great option.  This is a profitable venture or business to resell and make money.

Website Speed Up

An essential but easily overlooked aspect of maintaining a website is site loading speed as this can make or break your conversion rates.

How to Make Money Online as a White Label SEO Reseller

Starting an agency is a challenge. Maintaining a set of in-house experts for SEO, social media, and the like is even harder. There comes a point when you have reached your limit and you simply can’t accept any more clients but they keep on coming. Declining workload that you can no longer deliver is the best way to go rather than sacrificing your quality just because you want to cater to every client.

If you are a starting company, you should pay attention to what you do best – if you are good in SEO, web development, etc. If you want to expand your agency, the wisest course of action is to find white label services as partners for your company. If you find the right white label SEO service and manage it properly, you will notice an increase in your company’s profits. It can also help make your agency look more professional and trustworthy. By offering more services to your clients, they no longer have to find another company.

The idea of outsourcing SEO services is becoming more popular. The next thing to do is how do you start? Here are some tips that you can follow as you start to grow your agency.

Advertise for New Clients

Since you can now afford more clients, get new ones. Advertise and invite more clients by using e-mail campaigns, utilizing social media, and the most attractive of all is by offering freebies.

Connect with other Freelancers

Tap the skills of other freelancers to help improve your services. You can find web designers, graphic artists, writers, and printers who you can collaborate with to form a new business.

Utilize the Power of LinkedIn Groups

Connect with business owners and get leads from LinkedIn Groups. This is very helpful especially if you join in the discussions.

Content is Still King

Companies that blog get more leads than those without blogs. Having great blog content can have a number of benefits for your traffic and SEO. Your blog should be about how customers can benefit from your services and how they are missing a lifetime of opportunities if they don’t get your services.

Use Videos for a Higher Engagement

Videos create a high rate of engagement from your audience and it is something that they can look forward to. Make sure that you upload videos on a regular schedule.

Boast Your Clients

Do you have a portfolio or a list of popular clients? Don’t be shy to parade them that you are the one who provided the SEO service.


It is natural to avail services from a company that a lot of people can vouch for. Make it a point to gather testimonials and display them where they can be easily read.

If you are really serious about making a name for yourself as an SEO agency, you have to make yourself known to other potential clients. White label SEO helps you save time by letting you focus on marketing while they do all the SEO stuff. With these simple tips, you can steadily grow your client-base and provide quality service.

8 Top SEO Tips Every Business Must Know About

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There is NO secret method in boosting your SEO presence online, it’s about applying common sense and business intuition. Successful brands who are currently on the first page of search engines are providing fresh quality content focusing on their targeted audience’s interest. Moreover, they also invest time in optimizing their website.

Focusing on your website means to focus on your business in the right manner. A study by Robbins Research International reveals that business owners with the right mindset will have a better chance at success.

Let me share a few more tips that could help businesses rank higher in the search engines. Below are 8 top small business SEO tips for brands who want to increase their online presence.

  1. Don’t spend too much time planning –Trying to get 100% results from SEO can be ambiguous and time-consuming. Remember that most online marketers have once been in your situation. Most people have been wasting valuable time looking for the “hidden secret” having little or no idea about SEO. In order to get the best result out of your SEO goal, you need to pay attention to providing a quality web experience to your visitors.
  2. Post Quality Content –People do research on a particular product before buying, so thereby posting quality up-to-date content will increase your ranking on search engines. When you post fresh quality content, it means that the search engine crawls your page faster. Besides your readers don’t want to waste their time reading outdated.
  3. Provide Help to Readers and Not Spamming LinksOff page SEO or building quality backlinks help Google and other search engines determine how relevant a post or content is to readers. But the mistake most online marketers tend to forget is that building healthy quality backlinks will naturally rank high on search engines.
  4. Applying the right keywords at the right place – keywords are what search results are based on, that’s why it’s important to use the right keywords at the right place in your content. This is the key to improving your presence on search results. But if your website does not have the facility for this, create a news feed or blog attach to your website and post content on your targeted keywords.
  5. Properly Optimizedprofessional SEO services would recommend optimizing your website by making it mobile friendly and easy to access on desktop plays a major role in your SEO arsenal. Making your website user-friendly with informative content will always bring repeated visitors to your page thereby increasing traffic.
  6. Never leave any stone unturned – Taking advantage of every part of your website like your Meta descriptions is the key that sets you apart from your competitors. A proper Meta description encourages searchers to click on your URL on search engines thereby increasing your Click through Rate (CTR).
  7. Channel Your Content Towards Long-Tail Keywords – To make it easy for people to locate your website, it’s ideal that you pay more attention to long-tail keywords, this helps you to target your contents towards the right audience. For example, if your long-tail keyword is “dog groomer in Beverly Hills”, it makes it easier for users to get a better picture of what services you are offering; thereby brings in more leads.
  8. Be Seen as an Expert in Your Niche by Creating A Dictionary Page – Visitors and potential customers like to deal with people who really understand their needs and so if your website has the latest information, it will easily convert visitors to paying clients. One of the creative ways of achieving this goal is by making a dictionary page with the aim of providing an objective and comprehensive definition. Your goal here is to provide quality information for your target audiences and not just add a few keywords.