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Expert Tool for Optimizing Your Website’s Speed and Performance

GTmetrix was developed with the primary objective of creating faster websites. The amount of time your site takes to load can significantly impact users wanting to stay on your site and, when they do, for how long. Speed together with a customer-friendly interface will not just attract site visitors, but will also keep them sticking around for long. Website speed and performance is critical to maximizing your SEO. Most customers lose interest when a website doesn’t load in a few seconds.

USP and Key Features

At its’ core, GTmetrix gives insight into how well your site is loading and also more usefully, provides strategies that you can use to optimize it. Its’ key features include:

  • Report Pages with neatly summarized key performance indicators such as PageSpeed scores and YSlow scores
  • Options for ongoing tracking of performance with pre-scheduled monitoring
  • Page Load Analysis from the perspective of 28 servers in 7 different regions around the world, namely, Vancouver, London, Sydney, Dallas, Mumbai, São Paulo and Hong Kong
  • Evaluation of real-time mobile performance through an actual android device
  • Developer Toolkit for PRO services which includes device simulation, screen resolution changes and so much more
  • Page load video recording with playback for reviewing bottlenecks and stoppages


Pricing Plans

GTmetrix’s Free plan covers up to 3 monitored URLs, archiving options for up to 20 URL reports, 20 daily API credits, and up to 3 custom filters. Paid plans start at $14.95 per month, followed by plans for $49.95 and $149.95 per month for additional features.GTmetrix also offers customized plans, with the pricing structure dependent on your specific requirements. Discounts are available for annual, 6-month or quarterly billing cycles.


GTmetrix focusses all of its efforts on strategies for the singular purpose of boosting the speed and performance of websites. To this end, the reporting functionalities are extremely detailed and in depth. GTmetrix offers two major options for the analysis which are Google’s PageSpeed and Yahoo’s YSlow. Both options rate the pages based on specific parameters some of which overlap or are a close match to each other. But you will be able to view both together with their individual recommendations.

As GTmetrix has servers in 7 regions around the world you also have the advantage of being able to perform your site testing from the perspective of your target locations.

As with all optimization tools, trying to get all the checkboxes ticked for the sake of optimization doesn’t necessarily translate to the best use of a website owner’s time. Understand what it is you are hoping to achieve from your GTmetrix analysis, and concentrate on the more critical elements of your tests. Otherwise, you may find yourself rapidly descending down a bottomless rabbit hole of optimization perfection. Also, test several times over a period of time to get a more balanced overview. Last but not the least understand the parameters based on which key performance metrics have been reached before making drastic changes. This pruning process will help you get the best out of the GTmetrix application.

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SEO is an Ongoing Process and a Continuous Investment

SEO services for small business

The benefits of SEO should not be underestimated especially for small businesses. In a world interconnected by the internet, looking for products and services to fulfill your every need is much easier. Because of this, there is a rise in customers actively searching for products and services online and being on top of the search results has been more important than ever. Online visibility is a huge sales driver especially for e-commerce and small businesses. Yes, a simple search result makes a lot of difference when it comes to gaining customers and establishing your brand.

While there are plenty of SEO services for small business that offer fast and easy ways to get on top of Google search result pages, it is not enough to simply avail of a SEO service one time and get an instant boost on your rankings for a short period of time. SEO needs to be done continuously to reap the optimal benefits of this technique. Sure it may feel good to be on top of the rankings today but what happens to your business a month from now if you suddenly stop doing SEO?

Why is continuous SEO important?

The Internet is dynamic. Everything on it changes from time to time and nothing is permanent; which is why choosing the right SEO services for small business is very important. It can truly make or break your online presence. It is tempting to try techniques that will give your business a quick boost on search engines but doing so may not help your business in the long run. Work smart by planning long-term and sustainable SEO strategies for your business.

What are the benefits of continuous SEO?

We already know how SEO improves your online visibility; therefore, increasing customer traffic in your site but the benefits of SEO does not stop there. The best SEO company for small business knows how important constant monitoring, analysis, and evaluation are in keeping your business on top. By doing a follow-up on a successful SEO, you will have an opportunity to know the behavior of your customers and prospects even more.

Continuous monitoring can help you identify the right keywords that attract your customers to your site and help you predict their needs. Once you know the right keywords, you will get a hint on what they specifically need and then incorporate it into your content to directly target your audience, therefore, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Aside from increasing your site traffic through keyword analysis, SEO can help you evaluate the efficacy of your strategies and identify problem areas that need to be addressed urgently. Time is always important for a business and prompt solutions are necessary to maximize your sales potential.

Making a constant follow-up on your SEO strategies is key in learning the best SEO practices suitable for your business. This only proves how important it is to invest in the best SEO company for small business that can help you ramp up your sales.

We at SEO Vendor are experienced in handling SEO services for small business and we have proven and effective ways to help you get the support you need to establish your presence online. Contact us to learn more about SEO and how it can benefit and create an impact for your business.

Why Should You Choose Our Professional SEO Services

Investing in SEO services that are affordable and suitable for your business is extremely important. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is a very important element of running a successful business online. SEO can grow any business, irrespective of its size. We want to help you find the best services that can give your business an edge over its competitors.

SEO has developed and expanded and with that so have our services that we continue to change and optimize. SEO Vendor offers a range of professional SEO services for blogging, digital marketing, social media, content marketing and online advertising. We want to create an online presence for your business that is consistent and solid.

The main services we offer are:

  • Search Engine Optimization –gaining more customers
  • Online paid advertising management
  • Content marketing
  • Social media skills that drive traffic, generate leads, produce sales, and create lasting relationships with customers

The Web Presence Assessment

This is a great way to get going to create an online presence for your business. This service also monitors the overall performance of your website. This service is available as a one- off service, standalone service or an integral part of a SEO package.

Our Web Presence Assessment will provide you a professional analysis of your overall website performance and stats. Search engine results and performance will be monitored and displayed. Social media analysis will also be shown. We will also provide a written report of 25 pages that is clearly written, with a detailed list of recommendations that are practical and actionable.

There will also be a full website audit for your website with data analysis and reporting.   The data provides additional information for improvement.

We also include a phone consultation that will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and to also find recommendations.

With this service, you will be moving forward faster as we provide an in-depth report on the areas that are critical for your business together with a complete execution plan of how and what you need to achieve your goal.

Why Choose Us?

One of the reasons you should choose SEO Vendor is because we save you time. We help reduce the amount of time spent on planning and cultivating a successful and professional SEO plan. It can take some time to jump into the limelight of search results and we can help in this by getting you to the top. We have the right people and are always focused on helping you through your journey in getting your business to the top.

We believe our services will save you a lot of money; due to the fact that our services are available at an affordable and low cost. In the long term scheme of things, you will see that you have saved huge amount of money through our professional SEO services and at the same time, received an outstanding SEO experience.

You will also be receiving expert strategies and plans that enable your business to grow smoothly and effortlessly. With our highly skilled and talented team, you will be provided with everything you need to know to get going and we would always keep you updated on the rate of progress your business makes with us.

7 Important Reasons You Shouldn’t Handle Your Company’s SEO Strategy

Businesses have often used search engine optimization in their company strategies. After all, more folks are using their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – to access the Internet. In fact, there is a 15-times higher conversion rate from searchers than social media recommendations.

SEO has a lot of value to it – should you manage it yourself? It’s so important to the success of your business to hire professional SEO services to handle these needs for you. Why? Here are 7 key reasons to consider hiring an SEO expert for your SEO strategy

Developing SEO Strategies Isn’t Easy

When it comes to your SEO strategy, you have to keep in mind all the technical aspects that relate to your websites – user experience, content optimization and back linking. If this sounds scary, an SEO expert can address these issues whereas you can focus on what matters more – your business.

SEO Rules Are Always Changing

Your focus needs to be on the business, not on the ever-changing SEO rules. You don’t want to spend your time recognizing, understanding and optimizing the changes Google makes. However, a professional SEO consultant is paid to focus on these things. They keep up with the algorithm changes that occur with search engines, and they know how these changes will affect the search engine results pages.

Mistakes Can Be Costly For Your Business

You may be forth your SEO plan, but that doesn’t mean it’s good. Some of the SEO tactics people use can actually do more harm than good. For instance, you don’t want to do any of the following:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Attain artificial backlinks
  • Cloaking
  • Duplicate content
  • Use unrelated content keywords

The SEO professional recognizes all the negative issues that plague and implement strategies to get rid of them.

SEO Experts Have the Best Tools to Assist You

SEO experts will make an investment in the software that will better your SEO plan. They know what applications are best for each tool.

SEO Experts Have Powerful Analytics

These local search engine optimization professionals know the relationships among the crucial performance signs. They use the data to come up with a strategy that will improve your customers’ experience via your Internet presence.

SEO Experts Will Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

In order to get the benefit of your SEO efforts, you should have an analysis of your competitors. An SEO professional will recognize the best methods that will separate you from the competitors. And, they know what will and will not work for businesses that are similar to yours.

With their insights, other features to help your business can be highlighted. The SEO expert can play a huge role in developing a unique selling proposition, figure out where to target your audience, think up content topics and more.

SEO Can Provide You with a Return on Investment

Your SEO strategy provides a worthwhile opportunity for the return on investment. It’s not like any online or offline advertising because SEO focuses on people who are searching for the services and products you are offering. Traditional advertisements – Pay-Per-Click models – demand a lot of financial investment to ensure success.

However, with professional SEO services, you won’t be paying a lot. Plus, they provide real results that reinforce your business’ bottom line.

Why should you hire an expert SEO? They know the right way to ensure your SEO plan succeeds – to help increase the dividends you can make. And, isn’t that the goal of your business – to be successful?

When do You Need to Hire a Professional SEO Consultant?

Hiring a SEO expert is something that has almost become a necessity for all business ventures. If you are one such person, then you may have even been doing some research of your own to see whether hiring a SEO professional is worth your time and money? The main question is not whether you can actually afford them or not (though always stick to your budget of course) but rather if your business can afford NOT to have SEO done for it? Implementing a SEO strategy is a MUST for ALL online entrepreneurs as it will help to bring in more traffic, more profit, and more visibility. If you are still not convinced, read on for 10 top reasons why you need to utilize Search engine optimization experts rather than try your hand at it yourself.

Google Bans and Penalization

You can incur penalization and even bans from Google and other search engines if they feel that you are utilizing black hat SEO processes. If you hire a sub-standard SEO company, you may also be the victim of a penalty; so do your research and make sure that you are hiring one of the best Professional SEO consultants. Your profits will severely suffer from any bans or penalization and if it has occurred, you need to get in touch with an SEO professional immediately!

It Is Confusing for Beginners

When starting up a business, there is little time for researching and learning new things. This is something that is usually gained from trial and error or experience. Owners are at their best when they delegate responsibilities to others and SEO experts are no different. By implementing a SEO initiative and using professionals, you can increase your traffic and profit at amazing rates, allowing you to focus on the more important and less tedious tasks required. Mastering SEO takes a lot of time and practice, which is something you may not have time for.

You Are Not Visible Online

The problem with starting an online venture is that you may find that customers can’t find your website! It may not necessarily mean that your website is penalized or banned (as described above) but if people can’t find you using a simple search engine, you might as well be! Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to fully understand or implement Search engine optimization techniques which is another great reason for outsourcing your SEO tasks to a professional. They will offer all kinds of advice and even point you to problems and solution you didn’t realize were possible.

You Are Further off the 3rd Position for Your Main Keywords

Most people access websites via mobile devices these days and will usually only search through the first 3 results. This means that if you are even on number 4 of the search engine results, you will not be getting much traffic. This will decrease your profits in the short AND long term so it’s something that should be taken very seriously. Hiring a SEO expert will assist you in achieving the results you need and if you are close already, SEO professionals will get you right onto the desired position!

Decreased Website Ranking

Don’t panic about a drop in ranking. You need to have a level head when dealing with this kind of problem. Type into Google’s search bar, and if you see some results, it means that your site has been penalized but not banned. Even if your website isn’t banned, you should still promptly hire a professional. They will be able to locate EXACTLY what is holding you back.

What Services Do Search Engine Optimization Agencies Offer

The fact that a wide range of SEO services are offered by specialized SEO companies is a massive advantage of working with these companies. The outcome of working with a single SEO consultancy is that a more cohesive result is achieved while saving time and costs. The agency, in most cases will create an all in one result which will put together all you need. SEO agencies offer these following but are not restricted to:

SEO consultants

Website optimization is one of the primary skills of any Professional SEO consultant. They have the responsibility to implement campaigns after liaising with the client to understand what they want in order to achieve them. Remember that a website can only start ranking after a couple of months. Although services offered by SEO agencies offer are almost similar; there are some variations which differ from one client to another. Some of the services include:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Conversion analysis of your website
  • Analyzing the link profile of your website
  • Reviewing existing content on your website
  • Undertaking keyword research (see below)
  • Analyzing the technical infrastructure of your website

SEO web design

A specialist could also offer SEO web design. Their job is to create a website that is attractive in both feel and look and has the capacity to convert visitors to customers.

SEO audits

Search Engine Optimization agencies can also provide its clients with SEO audit. The aim of this is to identify all opportunities as well as problems that are inherent in the general search engine profile of the website. All off and on page elements as well as technical infrastructure are taken into account.

SEO strategy

This is done after the audit is complete. This step involves putting together a working strategy for your program. Different levels of packages are offered by different companies and the one recommended for your site will be a reflection of what was observed during the audit. Factors such as traffic scope of project and if you operate in a competitive arena – are all considered.

Keyword research

This is a major service offered by SEO specialists. The keywords for your website are generated in several ways. They may include; analyzing Google analytics, ideas obtained via customer survey, suppliers etc. There are tools which assist them in coming up with keyword ideas. Different agencies take different approaches.

SEO copy-writing

This is also on offer to clients of an SEO agency. This has to do with the skillful inputting- of keywords into contents in such a manner that it is attractive to the readers and is search engine friendly as well.

Link building

Link building is a major skill in SEO. An in-house link building department is usually owned by the larger agencies, while the smaller ones may have to outsource these services. You have to do a little digging around to determine the best or at least a reputable link building company, although there is a variation in the cost.

Onpage SEO

For many people, the term on page SEO can be quite a confusing term to hear – what is the difference between this and normal SEO? Well, the truth is that the differences can be quite small but the big changes it can make by having on page SEO dealt with, is just what many businesses may feel they lack at this moment in time. In short, it creates a bit of genuine direction to head in for the business and also ensures that SEO can be managed safely and easily by Search engine optimization agencies and website owners.

Basically, onsite SEO is when your website has details on it that not only are attractive to read and understand for users, but check boxes with regards to what the search engines are looking for. To do this right, though, you need to have a clear and concise plan about how you will optimize your site in the main.

First, you need to analyze landing pages for the whole website – then, taking it on piece by piece, you need to utilize the benefits of on-page SEO to the rest of your website pages. Here are just some of the tools that people might decide to use if they wish to make onsite SEO a large part of their marketing process;

  • Page Titles – This is a massive bonus that many websites have been using for some time, as it allows them to reach the pinnacle of their respected search title just by having it in the name. This makes your website far more authentic with regards to how close it is to the search that people have made, and thus your page is likely to reach the top of the rankings in no time at all.
  • Sitemaps – A sitemap is something that you might not use personally but it is something that is vital for any good website to run effectively these days. Not only will it help customers know where they are going when they visit the website itself, but it will also help you stay on the right tracks. A sitemap has to be optimized to use the search engine parameters to ensure that it can be found by search engines and then categorized into the right places. Once this has been submitted, you can start to receive a multitude of benefits from doing so.
  • Meta – Meta descriptions are a key part of your onsite SEO, and it’s used to make sure that you can follow the keywords that you are trying to rank for by giving them extra importance and precedence. This will not only help you move up the rankings but also help make your website more suitable to those who are looking for the kind of help that you can provide.

As you can see, onsite SEO makes a telling difference to your business and if you are unable to make your website stand out at the moment, this can be the perfect way to do so. All it takes is a smart application, and you can be left with an incredibly easy to use system that really does give you all the help that you could possibly need.

The Power of Search Engine Optimization

For those who own a blog or a website and need to bring targeted web traffic to their website, they should definitely have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This article is going to have a look at a number of reasons why Search Engine Optimization is crucial for website owners. A suitable Search Engine Optimization strategy means that you’ll be able to bring targeted customers to your website, promote your business 24 hours of everyday, as well as measure the results. You won’t ever question the power of Search Engine Optimization once you finish reading this article.

SEO is a way through which website owners make the most of indexing algorithms of major search engines like Google so as to make their blogs and websites more visible than that of their competitors. They do this by researching on particular keywords that potential customers are typing into the search engines to locate various goods and services. The keywords, of course have to be relevant to the products and services offered by each webmaster in order to draw in a good amount of targeted traffic to their online business.

Here are 3 reasons why Search Engine Optimization is so powerful and a must for every website owner:

  1. Targeted Traffic

What if you knew the exact place to find customers willing to purchase your products and services? That’s what Search Engine Optimization does to your business. Implementing White hat SEO for your online business means you could bring targeted customers who are prepared to purchase your products. Now, how powerful is that? The thing is, no one would complain about a general increase in web traffic, however how more valuable would that traffic be if it were targeted? If you sell an acne cure product and random traffic comes to your website, is that worth much? Not really. Now, how about if you were to implement an SEO strategy that lands you on top of Google searches for the keyword ‘acne cure’? Then, not only get traffic to your website, but you get specifically targeted visitors that are looking for your products and are willing to purchase them. That’s powerful stuff, won’t you agree? That’s the beauty of Search Engine Optimization! You attract only the type of visitors you need.

  1. Promote Your Business 24 X7

Do you want to wake up to find out you have made some sales? Who wouldn’t? This is just another great advantage of Search Engine Optimization. When you successfully rank your keywords in the search engines, it’s going to remain there 24 hours of everyday bringing in leads and sales for you. Sales persons don’t even offer those kind of hours. When your website follows a suitable Search Engine Optimization strategy, it’s going to generate sales for you always. There isn’t any overtime cost and no regular business hours to worry about. You can promote your website with SEO by yourself or you can ask Search engine optimization agencies to do it for you so you can just sit back, relax and watch your business grow.

  1. Quantifiable Results

Everyone understands how tough it is to quantify results. There are no such issues with Search Engine Optimization. You can easily track your web traffic and learn where it’s coming from. You can even do your Google searches and see where your web site ranks for the specific keywords you’re targeting. This way, you can easily know if you’re really getting results from your SEO strategy or not.

Having seen these reasons, there’s no way you’ll be able to deny the power of Search Engine Optimization for your online business. The earlier you take on Search Engine Optimization, the earlier you’ll reap the benefits.

Revamping Your Website? Remember the SEO Audit!

professional seo services

So are you thinking of re-launching your website? Congratulations! Without a doubt, this is a great task. But before it goes live, you might want to make a SEO audit, just to be sure. A thorough check of the SEO parameters can identify potential pitfalls of SEO before the launch, giving you time to solve problems before the website is launched.

An ideal pre-launch audit should be done in two stages: pre-launch and post-launch.

Pre-launch (Research before launch)

While you can wait until after the launching to conduct a review of your SEO, it would be better to capture the major issues before your new site goes live.

The pre-launch review should include:

  1. Analytical Review
  2. Technical Review
  3. Overview of content
  4. Overview of link
  5. Benchmarking
  1. Analytical Review

To restart the website, you want to ensure that your web analytics continue to track the visitor’s data from the old version of the website to the new version. It would be terrible if it pulls data from year to year, only to discover later that the tracking was not programmed right! Make sure that your analytics tracking code is placed on every page of the new site and is programmed correctly.

  1. Technical Review

Technical problems can be a challenge to SEO. You can find out how your website works with existing SEO, but do you know how your new layout, design, images and codes function? It is often not as simple as comparing apples to apples.

  1. Overview of content

One of the most common problems on most websites is the image size. Many times when using the CMS (Content Management System), people who update content on the site are not web designers. That’s the beauty of CMS – it helps everyone in the organization to contribute to the website without the need for much (if any) technical knowledge. However, this can lead to significant problems down the road for the page loading speed, as in the picture.

  1. Overview of Link

If your URL does not change, and you were able to fix the 301 redirect, the incoming links cannot be a big problem when you bring the site back online. But it is certain that you want to make sure to optimize your internal links from page to page on your site. You can deal with this even after the site goes live, but in case you are editing or adding more content, this is a good time to add these internal links on the page.

  1. Benchmarking

Finally, just before the site goes back online, a comparison of the SEO parameters is advisable. What is the organic website traffic from various search engines? What is the current order (position) of multiple keywords with high traffic? You will use these reference data after the new website goes live so as to monitor and ensure that your SEO remains on track.

Post-launch (Check after release)

Once the new site is online, you have to look closely to see if there are changes in traffic and organic rankings. Perform internal control every day for about two weeks to ensure that everything stays on track, comparing the daily data to the standard and to keep a tab on dips in organic traffic if any.

How SEO is significant and how a lack of SEO will deter your business?

Online marketing and digital marketing have two popular methods that are followed. In the first method, the advertisers will create proactive SEO campaigns so that it reaches out to the maximum number of customers, thereby garnering immediate leads.

In the second method, the target lies in enhancing the customer awareness for a particular brand or product, so that it reaches out to them at a better level in the long run, which is mainly based on the reaction of the customer; hence the name reactive approach.

Difference between Proactive and Reactive SEO Methods

A large fraction of SEO advertisers are proactive regarding the approaches to follow and the upcoming trends that exist in the industry so that the opportunities increase significantly over a period of time.

There are also a certain type of strategists that leverage on both types of methods to enhance the brand awareness while engaging the customers and increasing the leads.

To have a good SEO drive, you will have to take into consideration the following factors:

  1. Leverage on Internal Events

Suppose the brand you are promoting is launching a new product or service and for this, you rope in a resource or company that deals with your competitor. Ensure that your customers get to know about this, as it will increase your brand value.

Generally, small to medium sized businesses do not make the world aware of their moves, and they do not realize how crucial it is in increasing the awareness of the brand and improving the number of hits for their website.

  1. Transform internal events in the company to guest author talks

When you see one or more of your internal events getting popular, you can always have guest authors invited, as it will be a great PR strategy and will give your brand a free publicity without having to invest much. It will serve as a great opportunity to have an off page SEO marketing.

  1. Focus on interesting and unique subjects

There are thousands of website content creators, and most of them are redundant. Ensure that you stand out in this aspect and carve a unique niche. A small business SEO company will be able to help you with this. You will have to present information in a different manner and improves the organic growth of your brand, which will, in turn, have the following benefits:

  • Increase in brand awareness
  • New lead generation
  • Enhanced organic visibility
  • Improve your online presence and footprint
  • Create new backlinks
  1. Focus on keywords that your competitors might have missed

Keyword research is an ongoing activity, and new algorithms have different ways of looking at keywords. Try using keywords that have not been used by your competitors previously, so that the search engines value your website over that of your competitor’s. Also, try using local search engine optimization services for the same.

  1. Always keep a tab on the social interactions of your competitor

It is highly important that you keep a tab on the social media profiles of your competitor. This will help you learn about the innovations and offers they are coming up with so that you can roll out offers accordingly.


7 Off Page SEO Tactics to Build Your Reputation Online

off page seo

Off-page SEO is the other side of the on-page SEO. In essence, off page SEO deals with those tactics which you can employ externally to your website. You will find many articles and books that explain how to do both on-page and off page SEO.

So I guess you did the basics. You have sent the URL of your site to search engines like Google. And you have already submitted to directories. That said, here are seven effective tactics that companies must use to improve their ranking in search engines.

Tactic 1- Blog Commenting and Forum Posting

Blogging is probably the most effective way of improving Off Page SEO. It is interactive. It is updated frequently. And it’s very fast as well. This translates to efficiency. Specifically, companies that blog generate 67% more potential customers that companies that don’t blog.

Forum posting also improves your overall SEO because it builds incoming links to your website. Google evaluates your site, in part, based on the number of quality links from other sites. As you post or comment on forums, your presence will generate links. This takes time but is worth the investment.

Tactic 2 – Content Sharing/Managing

Three years back, content marketing created a stir in marketing circles. Today, content marketing is more than just a rumor. It is part of mainstream marketing. Content marketing includes article marketing, the web, white papers, case studies, content, etc. So how does this affect SEO off page?

It is one thing to create content, it is another to curate and share it. Share content using three methods: (1) Social media channels like LinkedIn; (2) Video sharing sites like YouTube, in particular, and (3) Presentation sharing sites such as SlideShare. Highly informative and shareable contents will drive traffic to your site immediately.

Tactic 3 – Link Building

Link building appears more technical than it sounds. Again, it is necessary to focus on quality rather than quantity. Google always assigns Page rank based on authority. So if you have external links linking to your site, Google recognizes this and give you a higher rating. But how do you get authority site links?

The answer is to create relevant and useful content. Nothing attracts viewers to a website more than unique content. It can be just text, audio or video. But original and shareable content will improve the number of inbound links.

There are Affordable Ways to Earn Backlinks Through Content Management and let me share it to you here:

Link building remains to be significant because aside from being one of Google’s top three ranking factors in Search Engine Optimization, it is also crucial to building the credibility of your brand and it is an essential part of a PR strategy. People are more likely to buy products and services from familiar brands, which is why mentions from reliable and established online news resources can help your brand gain people’s trust.

Even though link building is tough since you need to conform to Google’s guidelines, you should know that there are link building strategies that are more affordable to implement. Link building strategies based on content management principles will not only help you get backlinks since it can also increase the possibility of social shares with referral traffic.

Here are some content management strategies that will make you earn those links:


Interviews with the right people enable you to share fresh ideas that can help in gaining new audiences and expanding your connections. Conducting interviews with experts and influencers is a great strategy for brand publishers. Highly informative interviews have higher chances of being shared online that’s why you should have a thorough preparation to maximize its outcome.

Prepare sets of questions ahead to avoid wasting time during the interview and to make sure that you ask the right questions. The secret to an informative interview is curating questions tailored around the expertise, recent works, posts, or research of the expert. This way, you can show the expert that you are genuinely interested in what they say which will increase their response rate.

To make sure that you get backlinks, look for someone who includes the list of works they have contributed to in their portfolio when choosing an expert to interview. Some experts have a section for this on their website.


Link building can also be carried out through posting feedbacks. Every company values their customer’s feedback which is why most of their website has a dedicated section for people to voice out their experiences and questions. Your primary goal in this strategy is to get your feedback posted on their website so you can get a backlink. Chances of getting your comment published are higher when you reach out to newly established brands.

In writing your feedback, make sure to share your overall experience and how the product has improved your way of living. Be careful not to overpraise to make your statement more credible.

Lost Links

Keeping track of your competitor’s lost links can also help you in link building. Lost links are links that no longer exists after being deleted by a webmaster. Monitoring lost links gives you an opportunity of earning a link from that brand. Once you have found the lost links, all you need to do is to produce content that is relevant to that brand. Although this method requires a lot of effort, the returns of earning links from brand mentions will be worth it.

White Label Link Building

Link building requires a lot of work and expertise for it to be effective. If you would like to consider adding this to your list of services, it will be wise to utilize white label link building. In white label link building, you are guaranteed to provide expert link building without the need of studying the technicalities. Link building is hard work so it will be best to leave this to the experts so you can focus on the things that you are good at.

The importance of content creation and link building in PR is undeniable. To get the best results, do not hesitate to have a partnership with experts in the field. Remember that in today’s age, it is important not just to work hard, but to work smart. For more information, visit our white label seo service

Tactic 4 – Submission of Articles and Press Releases

Article marketing, as well as press releases, are two proven tactics to improve your off-page SEO ranking. They take more time, as you develop a reputation and a following, but they are very effective. You will get increased inbound links by publishing your articles and press releases to other websites that distribute articles. You will see an increase in traffic and potential customers over time as you build your brand.

Tactic 5 – Yellow Pages

Do not ignore the yellow pages. This is vividly “off the page” and “old school” – but it works. Yellow Pages help to promote your business locally. And you can register your business for free, making it an inexpensive way to build your business’ reputation. Today’s versions are Google Maps and Yahoo Local works. Use these methods online and offline to fatten your SEO reputation.

Tactic 6–Search Engine Submission

Search engines would eventually find your site online, but it might take some time. To accelerate this process you must submit your site to search engines like Google the most popular one and to Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Tactic 7–Directory Submission

A lot of people may say that directory submission is dead! I think it’s not like we only increase the likelihood of people spotting your site. It’s purely based on the efficiency with which we select the directories and choose the presentation category. You may submit to general directories, but for maximum effect, it is best to submit to niche directories. Of course, I agree that it might give quite late results, but it’s worth it.

In Addition, if you still need professionals that would guide you through the process and help you build links for your website, then visit

8 Top SEO Tips Every Business Must Know About

small business SEO

There is NO secret method in boosting your SEO presence online, it’s about applying common sense and business intuition. Successful brands who are currently on the first page of search engines are providing fresh quality content focusing on their targeted audience’s interest. Moreover, they also invest time in optimizing their website.

Focusing on your website means to focus on your business in the right manner. A study by Robbins Research International reveals that business owners with the right mindset will have a better chance at success.

Let me share a few more tips that could help businesses rank higher in the search engines. Below are 8 top small business SEO tips for brands who want to increase their online presence.

  1. Don’t spend too much time planning –Trying to get 100% results from SEO can be ambiguous and time-consuming. Remember that most online marketers have once been in your situation. Most people have been wasting valuable time looking for the “hidden secret” having little or no idea about SEO. In order to get the best result out of your SEO goal, you need to pay attention to providing a quality web experience to your visitors.
  2. Post Quality Content –People do research on a particular product before buying, so thereby posting quality up-to-date content will increase your ranking on search engines. When you post fresh quality content, it means that the search engine crawls your page faster. Besides your readers don’t want to waste their time reading outdated.
  3. Provide Help to Readers and Not Spamming LinksOff page SEO or building quality backlinks help Google and other search engines determine how relevant a post or content is to readers. But the mistake most online marketers tend to forget is that building healthy quality backlinks will naturally rank high on search engines.
  4. Applying the right keywords at the right place – keywords are what search results are based on, that’s why it’s important to use the right keywords at the right place in your content. This is the key to improving your presence on search results. But if your website does not have the facility for this, create a news feed or blog attach to your website and post content on your targeted keywords.
  5. Properly Optimizedprofessional SEO services would recommend optimizing your website by making it mobile friendly and easy to access on desktop plays a major role in your SEO arsenal. Making your website user-friendly with informative content will always bring repeated visitors to your page thereby increasing traffic.
  6. Never leave any stone unturned – Taking advantage of every part of your website like your Meta descriptions is the key that sets you apart from your competitors. A proper Meta description encourages searchers to click on your URL on search engines thereby increasing your Click through Rate (CTR).
  7. Channel Your Content Towards Long-Tail Keywords – To make it easy for people to locate your website, it’s ideal that you pay more attention to long-tail keywords, this helps you to target your contents towards the right audience. For example, if your long-tail keyword is “dog groomer in Beverly Hills”, it makes it easier for users to get a better picture of what services you are offering; thereby brings in more leads.
  8. Be Seen as an Expert in Your Niche by Creating A Dictionary Page – Visitors and potential customers like to deal with people who really understand their needs and so if your website has the latest information, it will easily convert visitors to paying clients. One of the creative ways of achieving this goal is by making a dictionary page with the aim of providing an objective and comprehensive definition. Your goal here is to provide quality information for your target audiences and not just add a few keywords.

Local Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Small Businesses

Local Search Engine Optimization

Every business with a website wants to achieve the #1 ranking on Google search, but getting there and staying there is a whole lot more difficult than it may seem. Things get even trickier when you are dealing with a business that has several different locations.

If your small business has a website, the best thing to do is local search engine optimization. Local Search engine optimization is a way to get your site on the top of the search results. Most of the time when people look for something using a search engine, they just open the first few sites that feature on the first page. The top ranked sites have more visitors, which means that people will know about the content. This works really well with small businesses that are after local and even international customers. Link strategy is one of the best small business SEO strategies.

The goal of link building strategy is to create backlinks pointing to your businesses site. These links target commercial traffic or people who are interested in your products and services, which will convert to higher sales. The ability to measure links and their values was one reason that made the site Google, one of the market leaders in search engines. It all started with what Google called Page Rank. Page Rank uses mathematical models, which evaluate websites based on incoming links. Sites that had more authority, contextual and relevant links got higher rankings on the search results.

All small businesses are looking for ways to get their site on the highest rank. Linking is not the only way to get a good rank. Local Search Engine Optimization is done by using keyword targeting. Small Businesses would have articles on-line talking about their businesses along with keywords, which are commonly related to the business’s products and services. Updating the site is also a good local search engine optimization strategy for small businesses SEO. A business website should not be stagnant. There should be updates such as news and articles. Small business owners can also engage their loyal customers and prospective clients by regularly updating their website with promos, sales, discounts and other special offers.

Here are top local search engine optimization tips for small businesses.

  1. Keyword list

    – Having a well-defined keyword list always comes handy. Most small businesses don’t pay much attention to keywords. It is crucial that both long and short tail keywords are being targeted equally. Google Keyword Planner can help you narrow down the list to the most relevant words that attract the highest traffic.Search engines aren’t concerned about the aesthetics of your site, but they do pay close attention to all the words used there, which is why they require your urgent attention.The general rule of thumb suggests that you should use 10-35 keywords and phrases for local business. These should be fine-tuned as you go, as keyword strategies used by other businesses in your industry are not necessarily going to work for your business.

  2. Good content always stands out

    – Every online marketing expert would agree that good content always pays off in the long run. Write authoritative content that provides value to the reader. A good write-up that compels the visitor to spend time on a page is well worth the effort. Content that provides true value along with a catchy headline is sure to go viral quickly.

  3. Keyword Mapping & META

    All of your website pages should be focused on the main topics of your business, with your keywords serving as the starting point. The general rule of thumb dictates that you should have a minimum of six pages, with none being longer than needed.

    When putting together your keywords, try to ensure that they fit naturally into the opening sentence of the page, and highlight them in bold if you want to. You can apply the same principles with your META, which is the administrative part of your website that cannot be viewed by visitors. The search engines can see it, though, and the majority of website platforms allow you to use bold here too, but this again is optional.

  4. Create meaningful URL names

    – URLs of pages should reflect exactly what the page is all about. Keep the URLs short and avoid errors like excessive hyphens. If possible, carefully insert relevant keywords in the URL. Well written names rank better in search engines.

  5. Page titles

    – Titles of a page are the most error prone element of search engine optimization. In this part, Google wants to see a well-compiled description of the content on a page. It is inserted in the <H1> tag. Use important keywords and maintain the length within 70 characters.

  6. Avoid unethical methods

    – Search engines have become very smart. Any effort to trick them or fool them will only lead to setbacks. Unethical techniques such as paid links and coding tricks are known to wipe out rankings. It can even lead to removal from the index.

  7. Traffic tracking

    – Digital marketing is a constant process. In order to get the best results, monitoring traffic statistics is important. The time spent on a page, the source of traffic, most viewed pages etc. are some vital insights revealed from the traffic data.


    – This little tool, which was introduced in 2011, helps with local marketing via HTML code and is used to classify important elements of your website to make it clearer for the search engines. Generally speaking, it is elements such as contact information and location that is targeted.

    All of the major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. – accept SCHEMA, which is why it is such a valuable tool.

  9. Footer

    This is one element of a website that really isn’t utilized enough, especially considering how useful it can be for SEO for small businesses.

    To begin with, you can move the code for the footer into the HTML code in the header of your site if you have a lot there. This helps the search engines, as they then have less code to read, which will improve the loading speed of your site. There are a lot of different elements that go into the page ranking of a website, and load speed is one of the most important.

  10. Blogging & Social Media

    Both of these topics have already been covered extensively, so all I will say here is that you need to be creating content on a regular basis if you want your website to rank high in the search engines.

  11. NAP Consistency

    The business citation refers to information about your business, such as address, local phone number, and website URL. The NAP refers to 3 specific elements, which are name, address, and phone number. Making sure that all of this information is accurate is incredibly important, as it helps the search engines verify your information. While this may sound straightforward, you might be surprised to learn that as many as half of all businesses have errors in their citation NAP. That almost certainly hurts their local visibility on the search engines.

  12. Link Building via Business Citation Building

    You are probably well aware that Google and Bing offer business directory listings, and that Yelp is one of the biggest business review sites out there. What you may not know is that these can all be used to boost the local visibility of your business.

How to Choose the Best SEO Company for your Small Business?

Best SEO Company for Small Business

In this digital age, most of the businesses are being done online and people are also opting for online purchases for almost all types of products and services. Therefore, today’s businesses are required to have a strong online presence, regardless how big or small it is. And for that, they are required to get the services from an SEO company. Actually, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process that aims at improving the ranking of your business’ website on various search engines, thereby boosting its online presence. SEO involves the implementation of different on-page and off page SEO strategies (which include the social media marketing, email marketing, content creation and much more) to enhance the online presence of a business.

But, the small businesses are facing difficulty in competing with the large firms due to the difference in their marketing budgets. However, if it is the case with you then let us tell you that you are no more required to face this situation. The only thing that you need to do for it is hiring an SEO service which can help small businesses by improving their online presence. Below we are going to mention some qualities that you should look for in the SEO company that you choose for your small business’ SEO needs.

  • Experience with the same kind of projects

There is no doubt that the SEO needs of small and big businesses are same, but it involves the implementation of different strategies in both the cases. So, if you are looking for a company who would get higher ranks for your small business, then make sure that they have worked for the same type and same size businesses.

  • Company should show you their track record

While hiring any local SEO company, you should ask the company to provide the track record of their previous work that how they have helped their clients to get a high ranking. In the case they are unable to provide any track record, then you better know that what to do. Most of the companies promise first-page ranking for your business, but only a few of them are able to do so.

  • Check the rank of their own website

The most important thing that will let you know about the services of a particular SEO company is the ranking of their own website. It is not that their website would rank for all the keywords; so you can ask them the keywords for which their website is having a good rank at present. In the case you find them in the first 10-15 Google results, then you can count on them; and if not so, then you are definitely going to waste your time and money.

  • Client retention

The best SEO Company for small businesses is always aiming at retaining their clients for the long term. Even clients never stop working with an SEO company as long as they get the desired results. So, you can check their client feedback and reviews to have a better idea about the quality of their services.

Make Money with White Label Business Opportunities

white label business opportunities

Before we start to list out some of the possible white label business opportunities, we must define what this term means in order to better understand its good and bad sides. In the widest sense of the word, this term refers to a product or service that is fully supported (designed, created and tested) by one company and sold by a reseller or another company (with its own brand and under its own name).

Setting up a business from scratch is not always the best solution, especially these days, when we have stiff competition in literately every industry we can imagine. Designing a brand new product or service is just the first step in the whole process. Some people say, it is the easiest one, although it doesn’t look like at the first glance. After this, we have to promote our offer and find people who would be interested in it. And this is something we cannot do over the night.

Because of this, many people opt for SEO white label business opportunities when they want to earn residual income. In this way, we will be in a position to skip mentioned “process of creation” and start to promote and sell our products or services right away. This is the main reason why this strategy is extremely popular lately and why a number of entrepreneurs decide to give it a try.

 Now, when we discuss this, we can continue with our main topic- what option we have when we want to make residual income with white label opportunities.

  • “Ordinary” selling of any kinds of white label products you think that would be profitable. This means that your only job will be to find appropriate products and figure out the way of its distribution to the end costumers. This option is highly profitable, simply because you get full commission. In contrast to affiliate platforms, here you get full revenue. This is the reason why selling such items is one of the best ways of making quick profit.
  • In addition to selling white label products under your name and brand, you can try to improve them and sell them at even bigger prices. While the bigger profit is the main advantage of this approach, the drawback is that you must develop these new features and test them. And this, as we know, takes time and doesn’t give positive results all the time. However, if you are ready to try something new and if you are prepared for challenges, this option will be perfect for you.

Finally, you can try to sell only licenses of certain products, not “real” products. This is particularly popular with software and computer programs. This means that your customers can use products (software) you promote, but they will not own them. Basically, your customers will be able to create their user accounts and use provided features, but they will not be able to download such software. There are many options here, and if you manage to find appropriate ones, you will definitely have a steady income.

Boost Your Business with Our White Label Business Opportunities

As a business owner, you will want to give your customer not only the best but also as many services as possible. We have stiff competition in literarily every industry today; which makes starting a business and keeping up with your competitor a bit of a chore. White labeling has proved to be one of the best business solutions all around the world as it tends to extend your business capability and help you keep a good relationship with your customer. There are lots of white label business opportunities out there, depending on your type of business, the service you have or want to offer.

Understanding White Label Business Opportunities

White Label Business Opportunities is a term used to refer to a business solution which allows companies and businesses to set up and offer services they normally can’t offer to their client. In White Label Business framework, the selling company outsources the services they offer from another company (producing company) and sell it to their client as their own. In this case, the company that actually provides the services is hidden behind the company that offers it to their client.


There are lots of reasons why people opt for white label business opportunities and it can add a lot of benefits; both to the business development and financially to the business owner. In White Label Business Opportunities, both the producing companies and the reseller companies benefit. Some of the reasons why opting for White Label Business can be the best solution to boost your business includes:

  • For the producing company, since all they do is provide the services for the reseller company, they are able to spend more time improving their production and making sure the best services is rendered. They are relieved of the stress of marketing their product as this is done by the reselling company.
  • SEO White Label Opportunities works for the reselling company as they are able to cut the money they would have spent if they are to set up the business from scratch. Due to which, they are able to focus and spend their time improving their business distribution and marketing.
  • The reseller company can also make more profit in selling white label products or services by improving them and sell them at even bigger prices.
  • White Label Business Opportunities gives companies the opportunity to offer services and products outside their business but are of demand by their clients. This is common in businesses like Website developer and designers, Affiliate marketers, Web agencies, Internet marketers and Search Engine Optimization companies.

For instance, most web developer companies don’t offer SEO services but they know their client need it; these companies often sell white label SEO services to their client. This is often done to create a stronger and more professional company image by giving your client the impression that you have all the tools to complete any task needed.

You need to be careful when trying to select a company you want to partner with for White Label services. Remember, your company brand name is going to be the one on the rendered services; therefore if poor services are rendered, it will affect your company’s reputation. SEO Vendor is one of the best companies that offer White Label Business Opportunities in the field of SEO. With years of experience, a lot of happy customers and in partnership with many companies; you are guaranteed the best. You can contact us right away to learn more about us and our White Label Business Opportunities offers.

Why Does a SEO Company Offer White Label Business Opportunities?

If you are interested in providing SEO services and want to start a business or already have an Internet business, you may want to look into white label SEO companies. You can set up search engine optimization services for your clients even if you don’t have the personnel in your own business to do this. You can become a white label reseller and expand your services to include SEO without having to do this work yourself. You can have another company do it for you and take the profits that are created for yourself. You get the service for a discount and can offer this to your customers along with other services if you offer them.

Why you should Use White label SEO

Working with a white label SEO Company means that you’ll buy the service from the company at a lower price, and brand this as your own service and make a profit from this. This is called” white labelling,” and it’s a very common service offered. If you’re a website developer, affiliate marketer, Internet marketing company, web agency and so on, you can benefit from white label SEO as it can be a new addition to the business services you already offer your clients without the need to actually know SEO because another company does the work, but your client doesn’t know this.

What to Look For

You want to work with a SEO company that specializes in white label services. Since you have clients yourself, you want to ensure that they get the very best SEO services. If you want to use the white label, you have to find a company that can supply you with high-quality services which you’ll offer your clients. You want to work with a company that has many years of experience in SEO and can provide you with feedback from their customer base.

How White Label helps you

White label SEO allows you to offer more services keeping your current business setup the same. You want to be able to offer this service to your customers under your own brand name. You can take this service and offer it at the price you want. Most white label SEO services will offer this service to you at a discount and you can mark it up to the price you want and offer it to your customers. You can expect 100% satisfaction from the SEO Company you work with if you choose the right one.

White Label from a SEO Company Makes Sense

If you want to grow your own SEO business or start a new one, a white label from a SEO company makes sense. You can partner with a high-quality SEO company and offer their services to your clients. You get the service at a discount and you can mark it up and keep the profits for yourself. You want to ensure that you work with a high-quality company that can offer you quality services that you’ll provide for your own clients. Make sure you review the work of the company and get some solid references before you sign up for anything that they offer.

Tips on How to Choose the Best SEO Company for your Small Business

Best SEO Company for Small Business

We all know how choosing the best SEO Company for your small business can be difficult and stressful. But, this is a decision that has to be made. You just cannot expect that you will be successful in the online business if your website or business blog is not ranked high on the popular search engines. And you can do this only in one way; with the help of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The trouble starts when you have to decide which of the best SEO companies for small business to hire. They all look great and according to their own promo material, they are all the best. Of course, this is not true. There are many companies who will not manage to keep their promises and which is even worse, they can ruin your business with inappropriate approach. This is the reason why you have to be very careful when hiring someone whose job is to take care about your online business.

Remember, successful SEO campaign cannot be done overnight. It is an ongoing process that takes time and has its own price. Of course, we don’t want to say that you will have to spend a fortune on this, but you must be prepared to invest a certain amount of money in this service. Here are some basic tips on how you can choose and recognize the best SEO Company for your small business.

First of all, you should check the quality of SEO of the official website of companies you want to hire.  This is just an obvious step. If they have poorly optimized websites, then we cannot expect they can do any better if we decide to hire them.

Some people think that SEO company websites must be ranked high in the search results. This may not always be true. Almost all keywords in this industry are among the most competitive, which means it is very difficult to be on the top all the time. So, instead of checking the ranking of these companies, you should check their on- page optimization first.

The second very strong indicator whether certain company is quality or not is its portfolio. This is also the matter of the common sense.  Choosing a SEO service for a small business that has a number of clients in their portfolio is a good sign. On the other hand, this can be the sign that these “reputable” firms will charge you more for their services.

Don’t believe in shortcuts and miracle solutions in this job. You should avoid all companies who claim they have secret technology that can rank every website within a short period or companies who claim they have some special connections with Google. The ranking process is completely automated, which means that even guys from Google cannot manipulate with it. As we said in the beginning, SEO is a complex and time-consuming job. The results of whole this process depend on many factors and only the most experience companies know how to deal with them.