10 Important SEO Trends You Need To Know in 2021

Important SEO Trends

According to Lila Ray, “SEO Director, Path Interactive: “Above all, a great SEO strategy should start by putting yourself in the user’s shoes and asking yourself if the content is truly valuable, the brand is trustworthy, and the website is easy to use (especially on mobile).”

When we talk about SEO trends of 2021, there’s a lot of things to discuss and evaluate. The most important thing is finding out the strategies that will help you take over the SERP’s and earn more profit in 2021.

After speaking to 42 top SEO professionals, I carefully wrote down their thoughts and suggestions in this article. You’ll discover the top ten most important SEO trends you need to know, to stay on top of the search results in the coming year.

What are the ten important SEO trends of 2021?

1. Pay More Attention to User and Search Intent:

Although this is not a nutrient, it is very important to focus on the user and search intent as it changes every year. This is an essential point of focus for the best SEO results in 2021.

Jenn Mathews, SEO Manager, GitHub says “At the core, Google (and other search engines) is a place to go when people want to answer a question or to learn more about something. When we understand the nature of why people search and help them with content that provides the answers they are looking for then our business benefits from it.”

Britney Muller, an SEO consultant & Data Science Student, Britney Muller LLC, believes that SEO experts should shift from traditional methods of doing things (for instance, writing meta descriptions for every single page) that will have less value as changes are made and the algorithms become stronger.

More emphasis should be placed on understanding what happens in the SERPs/searcher intent.

According to Muller, “Google houses the world’s information and they know what the majority of people searching ‘x’ seek. Paying closer attention to search results will give SEO pros a leg up in creating competitive content in the way that searchers desire to consume it.”

A lot of SEO experts also agree with Muller’s suggestions. For Andrew Dennis, Content Marketing Specialist, Page One Power, “Google is already showing you which results in it thinks to serve users’ intent, use this data for your own strategy. For me, SERP analysis will be an important practice not just in 2021, but moving forward as search intents change and Google continues to become more sophisticated to keep up.”

Marie Haynes, CEO, Marie Haynes Consulting Inc, believes that “Google will get even better at recognizing when a searcher is looking for expert advice and will rank those posts above articles written by content writers who are lacking E-A-T. The SEO pros who will be successful in 2021 will be those who can truly understand how to meet a searchers’ needs.”

So how do you adopt this strategy? Here is a suggestion from Adam Reimer, president of Adam Reimer Marketing:

“Brands are going to need to forget about themselves and cater to their visitors. This includes:

  1. Copy that addresses the visitor’s needs and concerns and not copies the one that talks about your products, your company, or why your product is good.
  2. A quick website that renders and stabilizes fast.
  3. Not making people work to find your content or to spend money with you. No forced pop-ups, registrations, etc.”
  4. Customer Analytics, Retention and Lifetime Value

Before, the major aim of SEO was to drive traffic to your website. However, it has evolved to include so much more over the years.

Miracle Inameti-Archibong, Head of SEO, Erudite, argues that in 2021, you would be driven to make the traffic you already have, work a lot harder for you to bridge the gaps in revenue, and show return on investments. Behavioral analytics is bound to become the hot new thing in 2021.

According to Inameti-Archibong, “With Google evolving faster and faster to give instant satisfaction, taking responsibility beyond visits, as well as marrying up UX, conversion, and revenue have become even more important. Keyword volume will take a back seat and it will be more behavioral analytics – what your customer is doing, how they are doing it, and how we can get them to do more of it quicker – and reverse engineering that to the content you produce.”

Stephan Bajaio, Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder, Conductor, said, “Your post-acquisition content must answer the questions, concerns, and needs your customers are expressing in search and you need to show up for those terms. If not, you will risk others influencing them away from your brand. It will be about understanding your customer best and providing them with valuable content, or risk losing them to someone who understands them better… introduced to them by their trusted friend Google.”

Expanding on this theory, Izzi Smith, Technical SEO Analyst, Ryte, explained, “First of all, establish a process with sales and support staff to ensure that you are aware of important and incoming questions or requests that can be resolved with help articles.

Dig into your Google Search Console keyword data with common question modifiers to find relevant, existing topics that should be catered to. Make sure these are answered concisely and factually and published to a related FAQ topic page.

Help centers and FAQ sections should be created with UX at the very forefront, and should not be a single, un-maneuverable page of questions.”

2. Optimization of Brand SERPs, Knowledge Graphs & Entities:

In the coming year, tracking brand SERPs and knowledge panels will be more prevalent. For Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy, Kalicube.pro., “In 2021, the reality that entity-based search starts with Google’s confident understanding of who you are, what you offer, and what audience you serve will gain enormous traction. Savvy marketers will truly get to grips with looking at their brand as an entity and start to work in earnest on Google’s understanding of the ‘who you are’ part of that trio by creating or improving their presence in the Knowledge Graph.”

Nik Ranger, an SEO Specialist, also believes that “Google has access to so much information about you, your search history, emails, social media, and other types of user information that they have the ability and means to scale personalized knowledge graphs. Qualifying the relationships between the legitimacy of author credentials to content, in addition to the way Google perceives value from content, will be ever more important.”

3. Core Web Vitals & Page Experience Optimization:

Ignoring page experience metrics is no longer an option as Google has introduced core web vitals as a ranking factor in 2021. According to Areej AbuAli, SEO Manager, Zoopla, “Websites and businesses need to prioritize for them to ensure they don’t fall behind their competitors. Make the most out of insights provided via tools such as Lighthouse and Crux API. Everything from page speed, mobile-friendliness, rendering, image optimization, and security protocols need to be optimized for.”

Rachel Costello Technical SEO Consultant, Builtvisible, advises that more emphasis should be placed on the kind of feelings a page triggers in a user and not just the accessibility or comprehension of the page.

She said, “This will involve us taking a user-centric approach with our optimization efforts, including a keen focus on:

  1. How quickly and smoothly pages load.
  2. How soon pages become responsive to user interactions.
  3. How easy a website is to use and navigate on mobile devices.
  4. The safety and security of a site’s connection as users are browsing through it.

Incorporating page experience into your SEO workflow will not only help to future-proof your website’s performance and rankings ahead of the upcoming algorithm update, but it can also help to improve UX and conversions now.”

4. All SEO Is Mobile SEO:

You must not refrain from ensuring that your content or website performs very well on a mobile scale as this is where most searches occur.

According to Jeff Riddall, VP Product and Customer Success, Mintent, “What type of experience do your users have when accessing your content and trying to find answers on their mobile devices?”

Brock Murray, Co-founder, seoplus+, firmly believes that a significant focus of SEO in 2021 would be mobile device user experience. For him, “The best thing you can do when it comes to mobile UX is to think about the user first. Simplicity in your design is the key. Also, be sure to personalize the website content and elements based on your user.”

However, that’s not the only reason why all SEO is now mobile SEO. According to Shelly Fagin, SEO Director and Founder, Highly Searched, Inc., “Google will essentially be ignoring your desktop site. Your mobile site will determine your rankings. Don’t just settle with getting passing scores and consider it a job well done.”

She also added, “It’s time to closely review your pages and make sure they are intuitive for your users, are easy to navigate, and you aren’t hiding valuable content and images on mobile devices.

“It’s OK to have a different experience between desktop and mobile, but It’s important to know that Google will no longer be ranking your desktop and mobile experiences differently. If you still have a separate mobile site, now might be the time to reconsider migrating to a mobile responsive site instead.”

5. Evaluate, Adopt, and Implement:

You must be ready to work harder than you’ve ever worked in 2021. As you access your current strategies and adopt new ones, be ready to implement them as well.

Motoko Hunt, President & International Search Marketing Consultant, AJPR., said, “Thinking outside the box will be more important than ever. The business opportunities are still out there. If it’s not where you normally look, you need to find where they went.”

Corey Morris, Chief Strategy Officer, Voltage., also stated, “Maybe this is more of a theme or mindset than a trend – but seeing it as a recognized need and something many are arriving at makes it a trend for me,” Morris said. “Now is the time to get organized, build a plan, develop a process, and get ahead.”

6. Lots of Automation:

Hamlet Batista, the CEO, RankSenseIf, said, “if we look back at the increasing number of SEO tasks that we can automate in 2020 (structured data generation, quality content, etc.), the possibilities for 2021 will be mind-bending.

“Expect the quality and quantity of the AI-generated content to increase dramatically. It will definitely create a bigger challenge for search engines to keep spam out of the index. Human-in-the-loop automation to make sure the value is high for search users will be the main focus to avoid penalties and remain competitive.”

7. Changes in SERP Layout and Functionality:

According to Dave Davies, Duke of URL, Beanstalk Internet Marketing, “Why have a page on a general topic, and sub-pages on specifics, when you can have one long page for it all and know that Google will drive the user where they need to go? Isn’t that the best of both worlds? And they’re doing similar in the video.”

8. Long-Form Content:

According to Ron Lieback, CEO/Founder, ContentMender, this is one of the trends that help you outrank your competitors. Publishing long-form content that appeals to Google’s E-A-T guidelines and people’s emotions will boost your website ranking.

He also said, “Throughout 2020, I consistently witnessed blogs over 2,000 words dramatically outperform blogs of 1,000 words or less,” Lieback said. “Expect this long-form content trend to continue in 2021, and as more and more websites follow this trend, the length will get larger – maybe even toward that 2,500-3,000 mark for a blog to rank well over others.”

9. SEO Scalability:

You should use 2021 to build your SEO scalability if you are determined to stay on top of your game and ahead of your competition.

According to Mark Traphagen, Vice President of Product Marketing and Training, seoClarity, there are three ways to do this:

  1. Write all the tasks, procedures, and workflows you do regularly. Decide which steps could be automated or handled more effectively by using a tool.
  2. Create an alert system to monitor significant changes such as the rankings of your important keywords, flip-flopping URLs ranking for the same keyword (URL cannibalization), page content changes, URL changes, etc.
  3. Set up SoPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to take care of regular tasks you can not automate. This will prevent your team from time reinventing how to do them when they are needed.

The world is changing rapidly, and 2020 has shown us that it’s best to prepare for the unexpected. These are the SEO trends to look out for in 2021, and implementing them on your website will ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Reference: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/10-important-2021-seo-trends-you-need-to-know/389395/

How to Provide SEO Services

How to Provide SEO ServicesSEO – you surely have heard of it? If you have not, you are probably conducting your business primarily online. Today’s digital age demands that all business owners have a deep understanding of SEO practices to thrive. Why? Because SEO is how your customers find you, how you build keen brand awareness, and how you find a place in the crowded digital world. For those individuals who are looking to get into the white label SEO service industry, we have compiled a guide of services that an SEO agency should provide.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of optimizing your business site so that search engines like Google rank your page highly on their website. Google, Bing, and other search engines look for valuable content for their users and rank those pages which have it higher on their queries. Keywords, original content, and user traffic all help a page rank up. Finding an agency that specializes in SEO is a logical step for anyone looking to boost their business revenue. SEO is not going anywhere anytime soon.

What Is an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency provides various services to small and large businesses; these services are heavily grounded in sales and marketing practices. An SEO agency’s primary purpose is to increase the overall visibility of a client online, and to do this is it must deploy a vast amount of resources and knowledge such as:

  • Integration of keywords into the client’s site
  • Original multimedia content
  • Site monitoring and adaptation
  • Intricate marketing via multiple channels

Those mentioned above are only some of the services that a white label SEO reseller should offer. Small businesses stand to gain visibility, which in turn can become profits, all from having a white label SEO company handling their site. An SEO agency can be the difference between a robust online presence and relative internet obscurity.

Looking for an SEO Agency

Whether you are looking to start your own or wish to find an SEO agency to up the visibility of your business online, there are several things you need to be sure they can provide for you. SEO services are all about results so as you do your research; you will want to look for companies that have a proven track record of delivering the following:

On-Page and Off-Page Optimization

SEO is an ongoing process; a great agency knows this and charges accordingly. A business sometimes competes on a global scale, and to stand out; they must rank highly in Google’s searches; for this to happen, optimization needs to be organic and constant. On the page, optimization occurs anytime that content is added. The more organically those keywords are integrated into original and engaging copy, the more search engines will see the page as valuable content. Customers of the brand or people within the industry will too notice that the page has intriguing content and thus will return to the site often, helping the page rank up.

Off-page SEO refers to anything that can be done to help the page rank up that is outside of the site’s boundaries. You can think of off-page optimization is the new way of going and passing out flyers or cards for your business. This active approach generates passive traffic to your site once it is applied properly. Some off-page building strategies that SEO agencies apply include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Link building
  • Social bookmarking

A strong presence on social media can bring people to your site, and if you are selling services, it opens the door for potential sales. Link building is another essential asset that you must take into consideration. When your site has useful content, it is more likely to appear on other pages that refer it to their visitors. All of this is happening without you having to continually update your site with content (though you want to do that anyway).

Competitor Monitoring

Part of an excellent on and off the page SEO strategy is monitoring competitors. Competitors who have the type of traffic you desire have likely already integrated the keywords and text style you need. While the copy cannot be replicated precisely, a great SEO company will know how to create original copy that integrates these same words. Not only can a good SEO company help you tailor your page to be on par with your competitors, but they may also actually be able to improve upon their formula.

Complete Transparency

When working with a white label SEO service company, one thing you should always demand is transparency. You want to know what type of tactics they are using to rank your site, how often they deploy their strategies, and how long they anticipate to see results. A lot of SEO companies do not want to give away these secrets, but the truth is that the information is easily accessible online. You pay these companies for the time and effort they invest in your brand, not for the strategies themselves.

Reporting and Meetings

A great SEO agency should be reporting to you regularly. If possible, each month, you and the SEO agency that works for you should be meeting and outlining the best possible strategies to increase traffic to the site. Charts, graphs, and anything else that shows the progress that has been made should be laid out and strategies conjured up. Reporting and meetings fall right in line with transparency; a business relationship should always be this way.

Getting Involved

Doing your part is also essential. A great business owner is aware of the industry his or her business is in and how that industry changes over the years. Use taxi services as a prime example: ten years ago, the idea of Uber overtaking them was not on anybody’s radar. Some began to see the change occurring, and the same happened with the hotel industry and Airbnb. By doing your research and staying on top of trends, you can work with your SEO agency on finding better ways to stay ahead of the game.

Multimedia Marketing

One of the primary services that an SEO company should be offering is mass multimedia marketing. Because SEO is naturally a type of marketing device, most agencies are well versed in sales and marketing. A great agency provides the full package, and that means constant marketing via numerous channels. Today’s world demands more than the typical written content; they demand multimedia.

The Future is Here

Many millennials are already in their middle age; even Generation Z is already in their twenties while Generation Alpha is about to enter their teens, the latter has never known a world without the internet. People growing up with online services expect reliability, concise and engaging content, and entertainment to boot. Businesses looking to compete must market in an extravagant and well-thought-out way. The simple flyer won’t do, the well-written article will flop; these things can only help when there are media and network engagement present.

Brand Awareness

What white label SEO service companies ultimately provide is brand awareness. Having an opportunity to connect with a target audience is massive, but getting their attention is not an easy task. Your brand has to send a clear message that is easily digestible and shareable as well. SEO goes beyond simple keyword integration; it is also the process of optimizing copy to ensure that an understandable message is being sent out. The more your message is put out to mass audiences; the more your brand will become prominent.

Setting Goals

Now that you have a good idea of what a great SEO company should provide, you can begin to set some goals. What does your business need in particular? What kind of message are you trying to send to audiences? Depending on the industry you are in, you may want to ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Where are you trying to direct audiences to?
  • What kind of information do you want to provide?
  • When can you expect to see results?

All of these things can be discusses with an SEO company, but you must have a good idea before sitting down with one to talk. SEO is a lot of work that requires direction; any misstep can undo months of hard work and dedication. Touching base with your SEO agency regularly is significant. The last anyone wants is to undertake the wrong direction as this can cause your brand to be misunderstood and eventually abandoned. A clear message needs to be crafted for success to ensue.

Ready, Set, Go!

Go and put these tips into action. Your business will thrive and leads increase so long as you partner up with the right SEO agency. Today’s companies are embracing the future, and not doing so is no longer an option for those looking to survive, let alone for anyone hoping to build a successful brand. Get yourself ready to put your business in good hands and also get involved. The future has arrived, are you prepared for it?

SEO Fundamentals: A Complete No-Nonsense Guide to SEO Success Factors

Many entrepreneurs struggle to increase the web traffic of their businesses. It is important to apply efficient marketing strategies to achieve sales targets. Search engine optimization (SEO) improves the ranking of your website in different search engines including Google. However, it is crucial to learn and understand the basics of SEO to create a successful marketing channel. We present to you a complete no-nonsense guide to SEO success factors.

Client-friendly Content

At times, you might forget to create content that addresses the needs of your prospective clients. It is advisable to add content that suits clients, subscribers, and readers rather than creating it for search engines. Also, avoid dwelling a lot on boosting your content’s ranking. For example, Google regularly changes its algorithms.

Two major changes have a significant effect on keywords and content. Hummingbird is an update which enabled Google to understand queries for web users. It doesn’t rely on single keywords to conduct searches. The update introduced semantics, the application of various keywords from a particular topic. Many people dislike websites that are optimized for single keywords.

RankBrain is another update which Google made. It helped the search engine queries that weren’t possible to process before. Google creates associations which help in understanding the actual meaning of queries using machine learning. It is among the leading ranking factors. Do not to focus on keywords alone. Instead, create high value and clear keywords to attract huge web traffic.

Email marketing is a generic marketing strategy. It causes search engines such as Google to provide unclear results. There is a clear distinction between cross channel marketing and email marketing. You might find transactional and informational keywords on a single website. Most conversion-focused investments prefer using transactional queries. You could target long-tail keywords to optimize transactional queries. Create specific keywords to upload relevant content on your webpage thus increasing your web traffic.

Create adequate security measures to prevent bots, fraudsters, click farms and other computers from accessing your ads. You can easily set up the content for a free trial. Aim at creating keyword research and topics to have an edge over your competitors. Improve your understanding of how web users use search engines. Engaging content improves the visibility of any web page. Ensure that 60 percent of your queries comprise of more than four words and that your website has a word count of at least 1,800 words.

Some people find it hard to determine what most people search for online. Just study your audience using advanced audience tools such as Autocomplete, people also ask and related searches. They constitute the most common questions which people ask. The data offers you extra content for your website. Provide clear and detailed answers to your web visitors to understand them better.

Entrepreneurs can learn about their clients through social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Twitter. Create comment sections to address customer queries and concerns. Besides, you could choose a common theme or topic to start a discussion about social media. However, it is important to control each conversation about your brand or service. Typically, clients complain about the accessibility of a business, its customer service and types of products or services it offers. You can convert the queries into the content.

Search and analyze websites that have competitive topics to determine what is right for your enterprise. You could discover content gaps through a content audit. Pick specific topics which your audience wants you to highlight. However, this type of research could be uncomfortable and complicated for some website owners.

Optimal accessibility is crucial to create great content. Ordinary mobile-first experiences load fast. It is wise to use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) if you apply organic traffic. Nice user experience includes having high content loading rates. SEO performance could decrease if your content takes longer to load. It is prudent to test and optimize it frequently. Also, you could test your web pages if you are unfamiliar with mobile search experience. Tools such as Pagespeed Insights are useful in optimizing content accessibility.

Link Building

Besides creating client-friendly content, it is important to build strong links. You can build a unique brand; nurture an audience to earn links from other websites. Quality content and links are among the top SEO ranking factors. Inbound links are HTML links which direct web users from one web page to another. Internal links connect internal pages that share a single domain. You can use them on your web page. Typically, numerous internal links which redirect to a specific website shows Google that it is genuine and important. Other search engines consider the number of links a website has to rank it.

Google has strict Quality Rater guidelines that focus on the authority, expertise, and trust a website has. It gives pages that lack those three characteristics a low rank. Search engines evaluate the user intent of all websites. An appropriate query should have a clear intent. Popular websites have hundreds or thousands of links. Use tools such as Spam Score, Domain Authority and Page Authority to assess the strength of your web links.

You can link your web page to Facebook, Twitter or Yelp to increase web traffic. An ideal site should have equally followed and no-followed backlinks. Although no-follow links are not authoritative, they could earn you more traffic and followed links. Highlight your links using MozBar to determine whether they are do-follow or no-follow links.

A link profile helps in assessing inbound links that a web page has earned. It includes the number, diversity, and quality of links. Search engines assess the state of a link profile to understand how it relates to other sites.

Voice Search Optimization

Follow up any changes in search results and behavior to understand voice search. You can research on how to improve the voice search in your investment in the future. For example, most millennial like speaking to search engines to get certain products or services. Reputable tech firms produce advanced voice-assisted gadgets that suit the old and young generations. Featured snippets influence how search engines offer results. Typically, they appear before the first search result in Google to boost your web traffic, trust, and visibility.

Most clients believe in featured snippets. They don’t rely on organic results. Google offers direct answers and pulls content from any website into the featured snippets. Naturally, voice search provides one result, position zero. It is vital to know the context and content of voice searches by identifying queries and questions an audience might have. Create relevant content which responds to their queries and questions. Google makes published content ideal for podcasts, news, and recipes.

Alexa Skills makes content appropriate for informational services and web-based services. Nevertheless, some have a murky understanding of voice search. It is tricky to access voice search data. Google shows the data in a different way from mobile and desktop search in the Search Console. In the past, mobile searches showed close search results. There is no particular equivalent to close searches. Generally, voice search comprises 10 percent of online searches. The number might drastically increase in the future.

Optimize Your Search Experience

Some investors optimize their web pages for search engines. You can optimize your content for people from different countries. It is more sophisticated compared to optimizing content for search engines. You should apply your brand experience to increase the relevance of your content. A 2006 Forrester research revealed that over 90 percent of good online experiences start with search engines. Search engines play a crucial role in promoting brands. It is necessary to increase your creativity for your website to be visible.

Organic results on mobile appear below the fold. They have a featured snippet. People who often use Google for search engine optimization have to rely on popular search features and paid ads. However, they depend on the queries clients raise. Social content and Google News can significantly increase the visibility of your website. They depend on whether a query is urgent.

Knowledge Graph powers the knowledge panels which Google use. They display basic information about a business including the operation hours, phone number and location. Some searches look for particular search result parts including knowledge panels to obtain genuine information.

People also ask pulls content that matches particular search results. They include terms which people search for. The feature helps you identify several opportunities to optimize your content or add extra content to reach your target audience. Moreover, you can apply other methodologies to a wide variety of platforms. The major optimization opportunities include social media optimization, third-party sites, Google My Business optimization and app store optimization.

You can customize search platforms to suit SEO principles and offer content optimization opportunities to improve the visibility of your brand. Search engines such as Bing and Google can pull your content during content optimization. Use different results parts to develop a thrilling search experience.

Optimizing a website is a daunting task for some people. Numerous websites offer genuine guides on search engine optimization. Factors such as on-page, off-page and technical features in your website can affect the success of your SEO strategy. An ideal strategy should cover voice search, exciting search experiences, and client-friendly content.

Quick and Easy Review on the SEO Toolbox by SEO Site Checkup

SEO Toolbox was created by the season veterans behind Seo Site Checkup with the basic objective of simplifying your search engine optimization. The Toolbox is designed to be intuitive and particularly user-friendly for small business owners, webmasters, and SEO marketers.

Key Features

SEO Toolbox offers a number of different features but its primary USPs include:


  • Complete Website Analysis for thorough, complete, and fast SEO site checkups
  • Website Monitoring to notify you whenever your site is experiencing downtime or is otherwise unreachable
  • Site Loading Speed Tracker
  • Easy Sitemap Generator for simplified XML sitemap generation
  • Broken Link Detector
  • Custom White Label Reporting, editable for users, clients or partner websites
  • Technical Support


Automation features are also available to keep track of over 30 different SEO variables on a weekly basis.

Pricing Plans

Seo Site Checkup currently offers 3 pricing plans for SEO Toolbox with a free 14-day trial to test drive all their best features. A credit card is not required for the free plan. All paid plans include the following with specific usage limits.

  • Website monitoring
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Competitor Analysis, including common SEO issues, speed optimizations, server and security, and mobile analysis
  • Storage of Reports
  • Sitemap Creator
  • Broken Links Checker

The Basic Plan starts at $24.95/month and allows for a maximum of 300 reports monthly. The Best Choice plan is available for $39.95/month with unlimited SEO analysis and white label reporting. The Professional Plan also allows for unlimited SEO analysis and white label reporting and is available to the user for $79.95/month. According to the site, none of the paid plans have any hidden charges, so what you see is what you get. Yearly plans are available at 10% off of the monthly cost. Plans can also be customized for your specific requirements.

Also on offer is a list of free tools, easily accessible, simply by typing out your website URL. One free test is available daily on the site. Once you register, you will have access to additional but a limited number of tests. Once you enter the URL, the site will provide easy to understand recommendations for your site to load faster, rank higher for search terms, and get more visitors.

Pros & Cons

SEO Toolbox delivers on what it has set out to do, which is creating a simplified SEO tool with a user-friendly interface. The dashboard is clean and uncluttered but not too basic, offering a decent amount of very useful information together with suggestions for changes to improve your scores. Reports, monitors, and analysis tools are easily accessible with one quick click. While SEO Toolbox has an attractive dashboard with a thorough listing of SEO issues, it may not be for everyone. It excels as a basic tool with a clean presentation but advanced marketers may want to use it together with other PRO tools or as a part of an intensive analysis to get more refined and accurate results.

SEO Toolbox resources:

Website: https://seositecheckup.com/

Pricing Comparison: https://seositecheckup.com/pricing

Resources: https://seositecheckup.com/articles/categories

Embeddable Widgets: https://seositecheckup.com/widgets

A Comprehensive Review on the Internet Marketing Ninjas’ cool new FREE tool

internet marketing ninja free tool

When you put in all your efforts, sweat and blood in building a dream business, marketing it to the right people at the right time are vital to your sustenance and growth. That is something you have already planned for but an even more important step after that is to know what’s working and what’s not to keep refining your approach.

No matter the business you are in, your website is your number one salesman. A website’s functionality and appeal can make or break your very first impression. Consider your website as a glorified visiting card. With the uncountable aspects that make up a great website, SEO, link building and redirects are of utmost importance. For taking care of these critical aspects, Internet Marketing Ninjas provide some amazing services that can have a positive impact on your online presence while helping you to better your game regularly in order to keep more people coming in to check you out.


Let’s dive a little deeper and see what internetmarketingninjas.com has to offer and how it could help your business website in a big way:

  • First things first, the ‘find broken links, redirects and site crawl tool by internetmarketingninjas.com are absolutely free. This comes as a big relief since without spending a penny you can generate a Google sitemap along with keeping a tab on redirects and broken links.
  • ‘Free’ is definitely not a buy-bait here for you to purchase a subscription because this free tool is actually free and crawls up to a whopping 10,000 pages. Moreover, it can perform a maximum of 5 runs per user every day!
  • You can export all the data to Excel/CSV. You have it at your disposal at any time you may need it. There is no fee for obtaining the reports on your email which is another amazing feature of this free tool.
  • The tool is easy to use and in case you wish to go for big crawls, you can enter your email to receive the results as it does take a slightly longer time to be done.
  • The reports are segregated for ease of understanding. You will find separate tables for external links, internal redirects, internal pages crawled and so on.


With so many exceptional qualities in one tool and considering the fact that everything is coming to you for free, it is hard to point out any cons. Considering the fact that you get access to a plethora of important information, this tool comes in handy not only when you wish to enhance your own website but also if you want to keep a check on your competitors or on any other site that you follow. When a tool is easy to use, free and most importantly gives you way more information than any other free tool would, there is no reason to give it a miss. Internetmarketingninjas.com’s ‘find broken links, redirects and site crawl tool deliver as promised; rather, a lot more than that.

Siteliner.com Review


Siteliner is a website analysis tool that allows you to scan and identify issues that affect your site’s quality, including duplicate content, broken links, and page size. Created by Indigo Steam Technologies (the team behind Copyscape), this tool exposes key improvements you need to make to your site in order to rise above your competitors.

One of the key merits of Siteliner is its peerless speeds and ability to provide results in real time. Once you key in your URL in the search box, Siteliner crawls all your web pages in an instant and displays site and page results in a well-sorted fashion.

However, the tool is only limited to internal analysis of a site.



Duplicate content – This service lets you evaluate internal duplicate content within your domain. Rather than evaluating one page at a time, Siteliner analyzes up to 500 pages per scan.

You can further access the duplicate content from the results to see where you have duplicate content by clicking on your pages.

Page Power – Page power is an internal linking analysis tool that analyzes the power of a page by checking the number of links it receives from other pages. The analysis is based on the importance of each page that links to the page being analyzed.

Broken Links – Siteliner scans your site link patterns to ensure that each link is working as expected. It displays all broken links in a downloadable table, which can be referred when fixing identified issues.

Reports – On crawling your site, Siteliner reveals key information about each page and provides a standard XML sitemap and detailed report.



Besides offering the most vital features of an internal site analysis, Siteliner displays results in an easy and comprehensible format. It offers a summary option which highlights top issues, percentage of duplicate content, and a breakdown of major metrics against other sites with such outcomes as average page size, average page load time, number of words per page, HTML ratio, duplicate content, common content, internal links per page, external links per page, total links per page, and inbound links per page.

You can also view results on the basis of following categories: Duplicate content, broken links, skipped pages, and related domains. Skipped pages may be omitted in the results because of canonical elements, redirections, nofollow and noindex tags, or errors. You can also disallow scanning in select pages using the robots.txt file.

What is more, Siteliner offers a number of download options including site reports, current tables, and an XML sitemap.


As far as pricing goes, Siteliner offers two categories of services. The first set of services is completely free but limited to monthly analyses of up to 250 pages.

The second service is premium based and allows users to analyze up to 25,000 pages repeatedly. This option also gives you advanced options such as the ability to regulate the pages to be scanned.

Overall, the pricing of the premium service is affordable


  • Fast analysis
  • Systematized results
  • Free services
  • Affordable premium services
  • Downloadable reports


  • Limited to internal analysis


Siteliner is an affordable internal site analysis tool that allows website owners to analyze duplicate content, page power, broken links, and other key internal SEO elements that influence search engine rankings.

Reviewing the Industry Leader on SEO Tools – Moz.com’s Open Site Explorer

moz.com open site explorer

A good indication of the value of a product is its longevity, especially in the digital market, where the latest next-big-thing can become obsolete very, very quickly. Moz feels like its’ been around for years, and when it comes to all things SEO for a digital marketer, that’s actually a good thing. The sheer amount of information sharing that’s available for SEO-ites, on the MOZ site and community is comprehensive. Moz is perhaps best known for its’ Open Site Explorer Tool, 100% wholly focused on SEO, which has been acknowledged as an industry leader in the SEO niche category.

USP & Key Features

In its’ PRO Avatar, Moz OSE offers some impressive features:


Keyword Explorer – The strategic targeting of keywords with accurate keyword volume and difficulty metrics. Keyword lists can be saved for tracking and updating as needed.

Rank Tracking – Shows you what searchers everywhere see by tracking local and national searches. You will also get a holistic profile of how you rank with your keywords using the Search Visibility score option.

Crawl and Audit of Sites – Moz Pro hunts down issues that prevent search engines from fully crawling your site and also notifies you as soon as site issues are found so you can fix them quickly.

Page Optimization – Prioritized recommendations are provided to improve page optimization. You will be able to identify the type of content to create next with custom suggestions based on other pages that rank for your keywords.

Find Link Opportunities – To find new links and maximize the effects of the ones you already have by using proprietary metrics such as Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam Score.

Create Custom Reports – Customized PDF reports with drag and drop module functionality and annotations. Recurring reports to be sent to clients can be pre-scheduled to save time.

Pricing Plans


MozOSE is currently available as a free limited 30-day trial version as well as paid Pro versions. The free plan enables you to test drive their $179 per month Medium plan which is inclusive of 5 campaigns and access to the Keyword Explorer. Credit card information is required for the free plan. Moz also provides access to free SEO tools on their site for a limited number of queries.

Their payment plans start at a hefty $99 per month for the standard plan, followed by plans for $179(Medium), $349(Large) and a custom enterprise solution. Annual billing is also offered at 20% discounts.

All the Moz Pro Plans include:

  • Mozbar Premium (SEO toolbar for Chrome)
  • Multiple Search Engines for keyword tracking
  • SEO insights
  • 1 on 1 personalized walkthroughs
  • 24 Hour customer support
  • Moz Q&A forum

Pros & Cons

Moz Pro’s Keyword tool makes complex keyword analysis fairly straightforward so there are less time and effort spent to decipher voluminous and complicated spreadsheet data. One of its cons’ is definitely its visually pleasing user interface.   However, that is let down to a small extent because of user experience which can seem a little less seamless in places. Bear in mind that Moz also refreshes their data once a week and not daily. While the price can look intimidating on paper the cost is good value for daily users. Moz OSE is definitely a worthwhile investment for the serious SEO enthusiast.

Moz OSE Resources:

Website: https://moz.com

Research Tools Help: (Side Bar): https://moz.com/help/guides/research-tools/open-site-explorer

FAQ: https://moz.com/help/guides/research-tools/open-site-explorer

Pricing: https://moz.com/products/pricing

No Nonsense Review on the Serpstat SEO Solution Tool


Serpstat is one of the most popular and comprehensive all-in-one SEO platforms available on the market today. The cloud-based platform initially started life as an in-house program for Netpeak’s Digital Marketing Agency but has since grown to become a very widely used independent competitor research product. Serpstat’s website reports statistics of 95,000 current active users with 5 million queries executed every single month.

USP and Key Features


Serpstat offers you the benefit of boosting your online presence by tapping into the SEO strategies used by your biggest, top-ranking competitors.

Some of the main features on offer include:

  • Exhaustive Keyword Research options
  • Search Analytics to identify your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Advertising Analytics to research your competitors’ marketing spend
  • Content Marketing Ideation for development of unique niche friendly and popular content
  • Web page Ranking Information
  • Market Intelligence, global as well as niche specific
  • On Page Audit for in-depth web page analysis
  • Reports and Infographics
  • Developer friendly API
  • Detailed Backlink Analysis

Pricing Structure

One of the most attractive features of Serpstat is its’ sliding scale pricing structure. Unlike other comparable SEO platforms, where the Free plans are restrictive and don’t really offer much that is of any real value. Serpstat’s Free limited plan delivers quite the punch within its maximum permitted daily limit of 30 queries. You can try pretty much everything for free. Free plans are available for guest and registered users.

Serpstat offers flexible personal as well as business plans for enterprise solutions. Personal plans start at a very affordable $19 per month, followed by plans for $69, $149 and $299 per month for advanced features. Annual subscription options are available.

Paid users also have an additional incentive for signing up in the form of discounted digital marketing software from Serpstat’s Partners including Ringostat, Reply, pr.co, Grasshopper, domains-index, Cyfe and SocialBlade among others.


With its affordable pricing structures and detailed competitor analysis, Serpstat is a very strong contender when compared to other top rated tools in the market such as SEMRush and Ahrefs.


Newbies or blogging enthusiasts will find Serpstat’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface especially useful. As with all new tools, there is a learning curve and some getting used to. Once you get over the initial bumps, it is smooth sailing from then on.

Serpstat still has some scope for improvement when it comes to satisfying the needs of experienced marketers. But given that its’ fairly a new product and is continuously expanding, we can expect it to continue to improve and get better. Serpstat’s most robust and noteworthy features are its Keyword Research, Competitor Research, Backlink Analysis and Site Audit tools.

Customer Support has been rated consistently high by users given the integration of online chat support where you will get a response, literally, within minutes. There is no phone support, however, the large resource of educational material available on the site, together with the chatbot, means things don’t have to be unnecessarily difficult.

Resources for Serpstat:

Website: https://serpstat.com/

An In Depth Review for the Screaming Frog’s SEO Spider Tool

screaming frog seo spider one crawler

Screaming Frog, a UK based marketing Agency, released the SEO Spider in 2011 as a sophisticated web crawler designed to be used by experienced SEO marketers for SEO analysis. Fast forward to 2018 and the SEO Spider continues to be one of the top tools in the market today for SEO Technical Audits.

USP and Key Features

SEO-Spider SEO Spider is a website crawler that allows you to crawl websites’ URLs and fetch key onsite elements to analyze onsite SEO. It basically, “spiders” links, images, CSS, scripts, and apps on websites like a search engine for the purpose of onsite SEO evaluation.

SEO Spider has a good range of options to make use of, however, some features really stand out:

  • The auditing redirects enable you to seamlessly integrate migration with relative ease. For instance, SEO Spider enables you to upload your old URLs list, crawl them, and follow any redirect chains, until the final target URL is reached; and generate the data onto a single report for viewing.
  • The Crawl Path report enables you to identify exactly how the SEO Spider discovered a URL or how to view the “in links” to a specific URL
  • The SERP snippet emulator enables you to edit page titles and meta-descriptions directly in the SEO Spider and these changes are saved automatically but you can continue to edit them until you’re ready to export.

Pricing Plans


SEO Spider comes in two versions, one free and the other, a renewable paid a license for GBP 149 yearly. The free version enables you to crawl up to a limit of 500 URLs and offers:

  • Locating links, redirects, and errors
  • Analysis of page titles and metadata
  • Reviews of meta robots and directives
  • Audit of href lang attributes
  • Finding duplicate pages
  • Generating XML sitemaps

The paid version offers all of the above with no crawl limit and additional features including:

  • Crawl configurations save, and re-uploads
  • Custom extraction
  • Custom source code search
  • Google analytics
  • Search console integration
  • Link Metrics Integration
  • Rendering ( Java Scrip)
  • Custom robots.txt
  • Store and view raw and rendered HTML
  • Free technical support


The SEO Spider is fast and powerful with options that are exhaustive. There isn’t much that this application cannot do.

Extensive FAQs and a User Guide for SEO Spider are available for general troubleshooting on the Screaming Frog website. Technical online support is also available for paid users.

In terms of cons, for everything that SEO Spider offers, the drawbacks are less to none. It certainly doesn’t have the most user-friendly or intuitive interface so there is a steep learning curve for newbies. And, in what can be bummer for some users, the paid license needs to be renewed yearly. The SEO Spider is also currently available for download as a desktop version only on PC, Mac, and Linux.

SEO Spider rates highly on both performance and delivery, and is, therefore, an exceptionally useful tool for advanced marketers.

SEO Spider Resources

Website: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/

FAQ: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/faq/

User Guide: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/user-guide/

Pricing Plans: https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/

Honest Review on the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress

Yoast seo plugin

Yoast SEO is one of the most well-known, and, most widely used plugins for SEO optimization given its easy integration with WordPress CMS. On its’ website, Yoast SEO claims to be the # 1 WordPress SEO plugin being used today. Yoast’s easy end-user interface and SEO optimization insights mean that even relative newbies to content marketing will be able to catch on fairly quickly.

USP & Key Features


Yoast SEO is an easily integrated plugin for WordPress with the chief aims being:

  • Helping you rank higher in search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo)
  • Management of all of your technical SEO functions in the background
  • Functioning as the most complete SEO solution for WordPress

Pricing Plans

Yoast SEO comes in two versions, one free and the other a Premium SEO version retailing at $89(excluding vat) for a single site. Yoast SEO Premium offers:


  • Keyword Optimization with a limit of up to 5 keywords for each page
  • Google, Facebook and Twitter previews of your page
  • Readability check of written copy and calculation of the Flesch Reading Ease score
  • Full control over your breadcrumbs via being able to set a primary category for your post, and determining the taxonomy for every single page on your website
  • Non-generation of duplicate content by the use of canonical URLs
  • Updated against Google’s algorithm every two weeks
  • Internal linking suggestions for other pages on your website, as you write
  • Content Insights through the display of 5 word or phrases you use most on your page stacked up against your chosen keywords
  • Redirect Manager to easily redirect old URLs to new ones
  • Focus Keyword CSV export with a clear overview of focus keywords and SEO scores
  • 1-year free access to 24/7 support
  • Free from ads feature

The free version has most of the above features except for internal linking suggestions, content insights, the redirect manager, Focus Keyword export, customer support and ad-blocking.

Pros & Cons

The Yoast SEO free version holds up well particularly for newbie marketers and website users just starting to ease into the basics of online marketing using WordPress. Advanced marketers, however, may find themselves looking at other more powerful tools for solid SEO stratagems. Some of the features such as redirect and breadcrumbs management are available in other free plugins with more flexibility and options. As a general theme, it does appear that other free tools are able to deliver more useful functionality than what Yoast is able to even within the paid version. While the automatic updates are a definite plus, google algorithmic changes are captured only once every two weeks which means a delay in real time information updates. As a free version for ease of use and simplicity, Yoast SEO for WordPress hits all the right notes. The paid version, however, could do with a bigger bang for the buck.

Yoast SEO resources:

Website: https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/

Pricing Comparison: https://yoast.com/wordpress/plugins/seo/

Learning Guides (focused on Yoast and SEO): https://yoast.com/academy/courses/