How White Label SEO Services Helped Me Rise Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic

A True Success Story from One of Our White Label Resellers

COVID-19 has been a massive facet in all of our lives lately. It seems that no matter where you turn, there are new things to be worried about, especially as a business owner. Between taking care of employees, balancing bills and income, and trying to protect your health, it can seem like an impossible juggling act to get everything done. This has led to more and more people looking online in search of income streams within their field. I am one of those people and cannot express enough how much White Label SEO Services assisted in getting me back on my feet and running despite COVID having tripped me up quite a bit.

My Story

As someone who is used to being out and about and, on the go, COVID has essentially halted me in my tracks, especially since I have a child to care for during this time and many relatives whom I am close to that are considered to be high risk. Due to this, I have had to be extra careful in my efforts to limit my exposure and hopefully not have contact with the virus at all. Working in the public was no longer an option, especially with my city having rather intensive restrictions on nonessential businesses operating in any capacity, so I was more than a little rattled.

My story is the same as many others, in a lot of ways. My entire world was turned upside down and I had to go back to the drawing board and try to figure out exactly what to do to be able to afford even the basics of my life. My husband, as well, had massive scheduling changes, so we were both reeling trying to figure out what we needed to do.

Due to my experience with online work just after college and dabbling with SEO content on a small level, I decided to try and find new customers and clients online. Unfortunately, the internet has changed a lot since my experience with online marketing years ago and it was quite a big thing to relearn all of the new guidelines and rules of trying to create high ranking articles. Honestly, I was getting pretty close to calling it quits and trying something else because it felt like time was running out on getting a new revenue stream going, but one of my clients for whom I was doing a small about of remote work for actually told me a tool they had used to get the leg up on SEO changes and other businesses in their genre: ghostwriting.

I tried hiring on several SEO content writer specialists for my site to drum up some interest and perhaps even ad revenue. I started digging in more and learned about modern SEO and how many people work as agents of sorts for talented SEO content specialists to help them land jobs. Since so many people are looking at online sources for income, it made sense that middlemen would be necessary to help the process along; I had found my niche! It was just a matter of getting everything together to be an effective asset to both the clients and the content writers, which proved to be a bit harder than I initially thought until one company changed my entire world.

How One Company Helped Me Turn a Chaotic Idea into a Well-Oiled Machine

While researching how to be someone who could truly benefit the writers I worked with and the clients I linked them with, I discovered the “bridge method”. Essentially, my involvement would be to act as a bridge for communications between the two and a medium to help things go smoothly. I still needed to find an interface to help mediate submissions and other tools to help the process along but the basic idea was there. I had hired a few writers and SEO specialists and soon had a handful of clients to work with but, as we grew, I realized I needed more to ensure we could carry on as a high-quality provider.

Then, in a stroke of luck, I ended up stumbling upon an article about White Label SEO Services. Essentially, these SEO agencies provide an all-encompassing system of professionals to get all of the work that your clients need done, done, simplifying the entire process and assisting in keeping things organized and streamlined to ensure maximized client satisfaction. SEO Vendor’s White Label SEO Services was my ultimate choice due to the comprehensiveness of their overall approach to SEO And white labeling their product.

SEO Vendor’s white label product helped me take my basic idea and make it much easier and simplified it to a level that was manageable and allowed me to better serve my customers. While retaining the writers and specialists I had already hired, signing up for the SEO Vendor program allowed me access to more than fifty-five different professionals, opening up opportunities to make use of an entire team, which would have never been possible before. Even better, SEO Vendor’s white-label team did not impose on my basic idea, instead of allowing me through my membership to use their services and products under my brand name while treating them as simply an extension of my production. This added to the overall professionalism and impactfulness of my proposals and made my business look much more legitimate and well-rounded.

About SEO Vendor and Their Impact

When I signed up for SEO Vendor, I honestly did not know what to expect and was rather skeptical that it would make that much of a difference. I was doing okay on my own so my mindset was that I would give it a try and if I was not blown away by the services they provided I would discontinue and try to manage the growing client base on my own. Needless to say, I would not be writing this now if something pretty spectacular did not happen.

In the first month, I noticed a pretty decent uptick in client satisfaction, which continued to grow. Things took off like a jet and soon I was making more than three thousand dollars per month, which kept growing. My work did not increase since I had the entire SEO Vendor team at my disposal but the income certainly did. It seemed the more trust I placed into their team, the more they blew me away with their customer service, professionalism, and just outright effectiveness. Since then, I’ve retained them and plan to continue to do so.

The Three Plans

When looking at using SEO Vendor as a white label SEO service, there are three different plans you can choose from. I initially started with the free option, which allows the ability to essentially use the tools of SEO Vendor yourself to help grow your business seamlessly and keep everything organized with unlimited clients. Over time, though I did decide to move up to the second tier, the Managed Agency Plan. For less than eighty dollars per month, I was able to have even more support and assistance while still managing the entire process like my own.

This tier also opened up the ability to contact accountant managers, long-term resolution team specialists, and more, which made growth and keeping everything balanced much easier than I ever thought possible. If you want some extra control and coverage, this is the way to go and pays for itself in no time at all, making for a great low-risk investment.

The last tier is a little more personalized and can vary in price. Essentially, you have to speak to a representative about your specific management needs and wants and they will quote you on a price for all of the things you desire. This is excellent for larger businesses who perhaps need specific areas covered and makes for a great addition to any growing agency. Right now, I am comfortable where I am and have not felt the need to move up but once I grow a bit more I may look into getting a quote and moving into the more official territory of the top tier coverage. Until then, I cannot express enough just how grateful I am for the assistance I have gotten and am continuing to get. It has made a world of difference and removed a lot of stress from my shoulders, allowing me more time to spend with my child without neglecting my clients or any aspect of my business. To say SEO Vendor’s white-labeling option is a lifesaver is an understatement.

After COVID and Future Plans

There is a belief that this novel coronavirus will have some very intensive, lasting effects on the world. “Novel” literally means unprecedented in this usage which is a very fitting terminology considering we have never experienced anything like this before in our lifetime. The changes scientists are predicting are being updated constantly to feature new concerns or remove potentially inaccurate findings so it is hard to figure out exactly what will come, especially as a business owner.

Due to this, I am planning to continue my ties with SEO Vendor, even after the pandemic has passed. Tentatively, I want to go back to work on my own soon but since it is not feasible until it is safe, I am going to continue working with SEO specialists and companies to create effective high-quality SEO articles. I like to think of it as both taking care of myself and doing my part to help take care of others, a double-faceted approach that makes me feel a little safer despite the turmoil spiraling around us.

If you are like me and are unsure of what to do to make it through this crazy pandemic or just need a little help managing your already existing SEO agency, I cannot recommend the white label program at SEO Vendor enough. They are truly masters of the craft and can provide some amazing insight and assistance in turning even the most basic company into something truly spectacular. Without them, I am not sure I could have pulled it off but here we are!

My Experience

While it has been a lot of work and stress, getting into the SEO industry has been a fantastic way to help make myself feel useful and bring in some extra income during the COVID-19 pandemic. We may not know exactly where things are going but what we do right now matters so much in the grand scheme of things and can work to help float us through such a trying time. Regardless of your industry, if you are moving online, SEO Vendor has something to help you get the job done right and jumpstart your venture.

Within my experience, I have greatly benefitted from this move and plan to keep it going even after I (hopefully) get the opportunity to return to work in my normal brick-and-mortar setting. Either way, this has been an amazing asset and I am so grateful that I have SEO Vendor to help me continue navigating the waters and growing. In this crazy world full of unprecedented events, it is so refreshing to have a team behind you that seems to care about your success and growth.

I hope my story offers you some comfort and advice during this transitional period. It is tough but where there is a will, there is a way, and with some ingenuity and hard work, you can create something to help you make it work even in the most unideal of moments. With companies like SEO Vendor here to help, it seems anything is possible with the right team on your side. Keep trying and soon you just might be surprised at how well you are doing in the face of a global pandemic. I wish you the absolute best of luck!

Jeannie Brouts

by Jeannie Brouts

Jeannie Brouts is a Marketing Manager at SEO Vendor. She has 10 years of experience in White Label SEO and online marketing. Jeannie loves writing about the latest ways to help businesses market and produce results.


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