Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Company? Here’s How SEO Vendor Can Help

There were two notable barriers to entry that made it difficult to start a marketing agency. The first was the lack of access to information. Having a robust industry network or access to a large database of leads, for example, was nearly impossible without a background in marketing and a lot of spare time.

There are several startup costs associated with starting a search-based marketing agency, but many companies can recover those costs by finding products and services that complement their SEO services. When clients have found success through SEO, they’re likely to return to the company to promote other assets, helping SEO agencies recoup startup costs.

Now, the times have changed. We at SEO Vendor can assist you in building up your marketing agency from scratch. Not only this but we will also help your agency scale and rank high on Google.

Now, you dream of a digital marketing agency, and we are here to make it a reality.

How We Can Help You Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

We help you find new business opportunities

Finding business opportunities is one of the biggest challenges for a startup digital marketing agency. Luckily, we have the tools and resources to help you find those opportunities. Our Marketing Engine will help you find those hidden opportunities that suit your agency best, whether you’re looking for investors, distributors, or even just new customers. You can find websites that list businesses looking for these services using a keyword search.

We provide SEO audits

The first step in any SEO campaign is to look for gaps in the website and try to address them by finding a way to create value. To do this, marketers must first find points of weakness in their competition. Our Preliminary Audit tool which is embedded with our patent-pending AI technology, runs audits on any website, pinpointing issues, critical SEO parameters, and more. You can use this tool to quickly assess a website, get analysis, and download a branded PDF report to send to your potential clients!

Real-time tracking of your leads

The lead generation process has four stages: finding and identifying your targets, generating high-quality leads, converting those leads into customers, and retaining them. In today’s search-driven world, buyers can go directly to manufacturers’ websites. Your digital marketing agency needs to be built around your target market’s expectations.

You can gain an advantage over your competition by generating niche leads with SEO Vendor Marketing Engine.  You can also use our Lead Engine to keep track of sales leads. It allows you to stay current on a lead and when to follow up to ensure that you don’t miss closings on any deal.

Easy Documentation

Documentation is an important part of the sales process, and customers may have questions about how their product works or its accuracy. Documentation can include pitch documents, service agreements, delivery reports, and more. With a large library of templates, you can easily take care of the more mundane aspects of your digital marketing agency.

SEO Vendor’s comprehensive knowledge library that will give you free access to unlimited Sales Resources that you can use to close a business deal much faster, just like a pro. You can also use the vast collection of our SEO case studies, sales assets, and training, service samples of deliverables to elevate your business pitch and make instant closings.

Purchase of Authentic Leads

Businesses are always looking for new customers, and many rely on lead generation to create a new audience. SEO Vendor provides quality leads available for purchase. We have access to Exclusive Leads from platforms that offer direct contact with sales prospects who have already expressed interest in a particular service or product. These leads can be used in the form of email blasts or direct mail campaigns, earning businesses a sizable return while building an impressive list of contacts.

Service Delivery 

When brands start to see their sales volume grow, they are concerned about their logistics and delivery. This is where the last piece of the puzzle comes in: trust. Brands need to know that their product will get to the right person at the right time, be accurately packed with all of the necessary materials and that it will arrive on time. With a fulfillment partner like SEO Vendor, you can stop worrying about the delivery and can focus more on closing other deals.

What Makes SEO Vendor Different from Other White Label Companies

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent-pending AI technology forms the core of our SEO services. Our CORE AI using its smart website analyzer, runs various artificial intelligence techniques on keywords and anchor types to generate internal warning information. With our patent-pending technology by your side, you can stand out in the crowd by giving your clients a customized experience they would otherwise not find anywhere else.

SEO Focus Control

Our newest SEO Focus Control helps you deliver the best SEO and digital marketing services by giving you complete control over your SEO strategy. You have the freedom to determine the level of aggressiveness of your SEO for faster results.

SEO Experts from all over the world

Our team is categorized with experts from all over the world. Unlike other white label companies, we are focused on making your digital marketing agency the best among other competitors. To achieve this, we put together a team of certified experts to maximize the full benefits of SEO and utilize them for your projects.

Real-time tracking and campaign updates

Tracking SEO campaigns can be tedious, with several white label companies not providing tools to use and no centralized dashboard in which they are all available. Not only that but there is also a lack of campaign metrics to work with.

However, with SEO Vendor, we provide a central dashboard. You can receive key updates from different vendors without having to switch tabs or pages. Companies can reduce the time it takes to manage SEO campaigns because all necessary metrics are located in one place.

Ready to start your own Digital Marketing Company?

We at SEO Vendor are here to help. Use our Agency Platform to get started today!

Jeannie Brouts

by Jeannie Brouts

Jeannie Brouts is a Marketing Manager at SEO Vendor. She has 10 years of experience in White Label SEO and online marketing. Jeannie loves writing about the latest ways to help businesses market and produce results.


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