Titan Growth Review: A Titan in the Industry with Their TitanBot Technology

Ironically, with all the competition in the market, it can be hard for an SEO agency to stand out. Here at SEO Vendor, we work with and evaluate our competitors and peers to not only ensure that our product is the best that it possibly can be but also to make sure our clients are getting experts and specialists for every single aspect of their growth campaign.

This means we are perfectly suited to assess and examine other SEO agencies, their services and different packages, and what they do for their clients. It can be hard trying to figure out what makes a good SEO agency and what to look out for. Hopefully, our expert eyes can help make that decision a little easier for you.

Today we’re going to be looking at Titan Growth, if you want to know more about this growing SEO and PPC superstar then read on.

Who Are Titan Growth?

Founded in 2004 by Danny Shepard the company originally went by the name Titan SEO. They made Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies in 2009 and started developing their since patented TitanBot technology that same year. They patented and trademarked TitanBot the following year and made the Inc Magazine list for the second year running in 2010. They continue to rack up awards and recognition year in and year out.

The team has individually achieved a lot; they are all experts and specialists in their various fields. Every single team member is triple-certified with Google (advanced analytics, search, and display) and the agency as a whole is recognized as a Google All-Star. Giving them access to privileged status, meetings, information, and training.

The company has been voted “best place to work” in San Diego on multiple occasions, several female team members have been chosen for the San Diego Business Journal’s “women who mean business”, and their founder and CEO Danny Shepard has been chosen as a finalist for the “most admired CEO” on consecutive years.

It’s an impressive list of achievements and accolades for this San Diego based SEO agency, but do they actually get results?

What Do Titan Growth Do?

Like most SEO and marketing agencies, their primary function is to boost your business online to increase traffic and grow sales and your client base. They do this by improving your visibility on search engines with a targeted campaign focused on improving your page rankings for targeted keywords and listings to put your page in front of the people most likely to need you.

What sets them apart from other SEO agencies is that they don’t solely rely on just guesswork, trending techniques, or trial and error to do this. They have patented their tech that acts similar to search engine spiders in analyzing your website and that of your competitors to know exactly how you need to improve and what areas to focus on. This is how they have become one of the most sought after SEO and PPC agencies on the market.

How Do Titan Growth Compare With Other Agencies On The Market?

Now we know who they are and what they do how do Titan Growth compare? What makes them special?


TitanBot Technology

It cannot be stressed enough how impressive this tech is and how much of a boon it is to the services they provide. Instead of relying on the rest of the industry to inform and educate them on the best methods of analysis and improvement, they have built their own. They’re not just looking to make SEO better, they’re reinventing it from the floor up.

Using TitanBot to mimic how search engines cache, prioritize, and read data from the website of their clients and their competitors they can see exactly where to focus their campaigns and in real-time can see how those changes and decisions are affecting the algorithms. It means they can be laser-focused on delivering real results.

Well Documented List of Accolades, Achievements, and Recognition

The recognition that this company has received even before it was using TitanBot is honestly impressive. In terms of industry praise, they are a golden child, even amongst the fierce competition of their home base San Diego, which many are citing to be the new Silicon Valley.

These awards aren’t just for show though, they is a great measure of the tenacity, grit, and focus that the company puts into its work and especially with awards like the “fastest-growing company” accolade it shows that they are making good profits and investing that back into themselves.

Excellent Reputation and Customer Review

It’s not just the industry that is noticing Titan Growth’s titanic growth though; their customers are busy singing their praises too. As a results-driven agency that takes pride in showing off what they can do for their clientele with case studies and in-depth analysis of how they have done that in the past. It speaks volumes of their customers and customer service skills to see the many positive reviews and testimonials the company is amassing online.

The best gauge of companies worth and value to your business is to speak to the businesses that already use their services and there are plenty to choose from with Titan Growth working for clients as large scale as the National Geographic.



Titan Growth wants to offer specialist and personalized campaigns and services to your business to help you grow and profit. This means that what they offer to you will be completely different from a business working in a different niche, targeting harder to rank keywords, or at a different level of success and notoriety. This makes it impossible for them to have estimated prices or ballpark figures on their site. Quoting too high will scare off smaller businesses and too low will lose them larger clientele.

That said without any indication of cost how can you know whether they’re right for you or if it’s something you’d consider for your own business. The only way is to take them up on the free consultation and speak to them for yourself.

Is Titan Growth Worth It?

As mentioned above it does depend on your business and what you need from your SEO. That said Titan Growth is a reputable and innovative company that we have a great deal of respect for and would happily recommend.

If you’re interested in them for yourself take them up on the free consultation to see what they and their patented TitanBot technology can do for you.

Jeannie Brouts

by Jeannie Brouts

Jeannie Brouts is a Marketing Manager at SEO Vendor. She has 10 years of experience in White Label SEO and online marketing. Jeannie loves writing about the latest ways to help businesses market and produce results.

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