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Our World-Class development team is ready to create sites for you with the latest web technologies and SEO from the ground up.


Our web design and development services provide your brand with uniqueness as we customize every solution.  SEO Vendor takes into account the standards and rues of search engine optimizations.  The web pages of your blog or website will be compatible with all web browsers and the design is responsive to all smart devices.



Creating a website involves two main skills, Web Design and Web Development. Web Design determines the look and feel of a website, while web development determines how it functions.


Precise Understanding

Over 14 YEARS of experience with only the latest website, marketing funnel, SEO and mobile technologies.

Wholesale Prices

Amazingly PRICED sites with quality workmanship, scalability, and marketing potential.

24/7 Customer Support

We’re always just a quick step away from any questions and concerns.

Managed Projects

Your requirements get properly communicated, and schedules get checked.

SEO Integration

Our SEO Experts connect you to CUSTOMERS and TARGETED VISITORS.

Entire Team

55+ Developers, Designers, SEO Experts means you get professional, high quality sites.

Web Design and Development Has Been Around Since the Early 90s'

The idea of web design and development has been around since the early 90s’. It used to have a much simpler definition because website creation used to be a much simpler process.

With the evolution of technology, website creation became more complicated. Nowadays, website design and development would span to a wide array of solutions. It is no longer just posting your blogs but also showcasing your business’ products and services.

Web designers and developers help transform your brand into a filmic story. SEO Vendor is here to turn your website into an effective way to interact with your audience and efficient marketing means for your business.

Website Design and Development


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If you want websites that can do *THIS* with TRAFFIC, then you have come to the right place.

Website Design

It’s More than Just Something Beautiful

Yes, we know first impression is always the best to attract customers. But you shouldn’t stop on just the appearance of your website. The best website design and development will make your site as beautiful and at the same time functional and easy to use.

Integrating User Experience and Interface

A robust website development provides opportunities for users to gain beneficial information, easily understand what you offer, build a firm company, and follow buyers’ trip to a choice – without any holdup.

Integrating User Experience and Interface
A Team Working Together

A Team Working Together

At SEO Vendor, we work together to plan and execute the details of your website so that it links with your audience, clearly communicates your message and brings your brand to the next level, all at the same time.


Whether you’re considering a website revamp or a full overhaul, here are some supportive facts that might prove helpful in the process:

website credibility

Business's Credibility

47% believe that a website’s design determines a business’s credibility.

unappealing website


39% of visitors will stop engaging with a website that has unappealing and unorganized layout.

responsive website


61.5% of businesses increased sales by designing responsive mobile platforms.

website load time

Faster Load Time

Prevent 8% of lost possible conversions by increasing website loading time.

We are more than just Web Design and Development

An effective website is only one element of your digital marketing strategy. You wouldn’t try starting a fire with just one piece of wood; the same goes with digital marketing. If you want to see results from your digital efforts, you need to think outside the box.

built-in SEO


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A Few More Examples of Our Successful Clients

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Raymond Ramsay


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004-price list

Generate Leads

Generate Niche focused leads that are most likely to become your customers.


Build your Brand

Let your customers easily find your business and build more awareness about your services.


Raise Your Online Reputation

Turn your clienteles into your brand devotees and biggest fans.


Improve an Unproductive Website

Convert your website into a lead generation monster for your business.


Content Writing

SEO Vendor’s Content Writing service helps brands achieve more in the ever-changing digital world.


PPC/SEM Ad Management

We make it simple to save you dollars on ad spending and get you maximum conversions!

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Standard Website Development Policies

Our standard websites are fixed priced. We are very transparent in our website development policies so that you can know exactly what you’re prepared to receive. We have no hidden charges and attempt to complete every possible request for your website. (Note: policies may not all be applicable for custom websites.)

Our standard development policies are outlined as follows:

Requirements (provided by the client):

– Menu Structure

– Content (text/images/video)

– Business info (email, brand, address, phone, etc)

– Business logo

– Domain address

– Host logins

– Social media links

– Payment account or API (eCommerce only) sometimes required

– Shipping account or API (eCommerce only) sometimes required

Out of scope:

– The definition of out of scope means that it requires a separate quote for the additional work UNLESS it was already inside the SOW (Scope of Work) before the project began.

– Out of scope work can be additional design, content, plugins, paid software, additional installations, functionality, features, or anything that is not within the scope as mentioned above.


– The client should provide examples, color preferences, or ideas/illustrations.

– We define a mock-up as an exact look to be achieved through developing a website. No mock-ups are permitted from the client. To design a website according to the client’s exact needs is out of scope and requires a custom website SOW.


– The client will provide all content, including media, text, images, videos, etc.  If the content is required to be written, we can write the content, which will be charged separately.

– The client will also provide any external links, such as to social media accounts.

– The client will provide business information, including contact email, address, phone, and chat.

– The client will provide the brand and logo

– The client will provide the final domain name

– Any content required that is not provided by the client will be out of scope unless it is stock photography necessary for the sole purpose of completing the website’s design.


– The client will be provided 2 to 3 mock-ups to choose a design.  The client cannot designate whether it is 2 or 3 mock-ups.

– We will produce 2 mock-ups if the team determines based on the information given by the client, it is not clear what design the client wants so that the 3rd design is reserved; otherwise in most circumstances, we will produce 3 mock-ups

– We will develop the site according to the theme mock-up, except with the client’s content, including text, video, and images

IMPORTANT: the text, images, and videos provided by the client WILL impact the final look and feel of the site and it may not appear exactly like the mock-up once it is done as this will be determined by the quality and styles of the content provided by the client.

– Once the final design is chosen, and the client has written which theme they have chosen, the theme choice is final. Any changes to the design afterward are considered out of scope.

– If the client wants to pick elements from more than one design, we can do the following:

  1. 1. anything requiring pixel by pixel OR exact replica of the other design (besides the one they picked) will be out of scope
  1. 2. if layout choice is needed, for example, “we need a section on the homepage to describe the product”, or “we need a section that introduces the author”, that is considered within scope, BUT the design will follow the mock-up chosen by the client, and not any other design. If any other design is required, it will be out of scope


– We will install only the plugins that facilitate and allow the theme to function as intended. This may or may not include Visual composer, slider plugins, popup plugins, and other social media plugins.

– For eCommerce sites, we will also install Woo-commerce, a payment plugin, and a shipping plugin.

– All other plugins are considered out of scope unless agreed upon during the initial requirements.

– All plugins that require additional coding/customization is out of scope.


– Ecommerce sites may require product setup. We can setup up to 5 products within the scope of work. More than 5 products to setup is considered out of scope.

– We will set up one payment plugin and one shipping plugin within the scope for work.

Site Timeline/Review Warranty:

– We will develop the site on our development server within 30 days. That is, given that we have all content, theme, plugins, and ability to transfer to our development server (for existing sites) determined in the first 5 days of the project. For a total list of requirements see the “Requirements” section. The theme choice must be finalized after 3 days from when it was first delivered to the client. Theme mock-ups are to be provided to the client within the first 5 days. All these requirements must be met for the site to be developed in 30-days.

– Once the site is delivered, the client will have 30 days to review and provide feedback.

– We will allow 2 revisions during the 30-day review period to send back changes.

– The scope of revisions must be within the original scope of work

– The site will be copied/moved to the production server which belongs to the client once the is finalized and all changes are in.

– There is no time limit for when the site must be moved to the client’s production server; however sites are held on the development server for only up to 1 year.


– We are responsible for the testing and functionality of the website, including mobile/iPad/desktop views, as well as major browser compatibility, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

– We will also test the navigation/menu system.

– There should be no broken links or links to the theme’s company.

– Demo content: If the site contains demo content, we will ask the client to keep them. Unless the client wants to keep demo content, we will remove any demo content that is not needed.

– For eCommerce sites, we will also test payment and shipping options.

– For all other plugins we only assure the general operation of the site and that there are no plugin conflicts. Additional setup or testing will be out of scope.

Going Live

– We will need the host logins, usually Cpanel (or equivalent)

– We will change the email address on WordPress, WordPress admin, and any other contact form, or plugins to be the email address for the client.

– We will update all URLs to confirm the client’s final domain.

– After we are finished, we will provide the logins to the client.

– Providing the logins before the 30-day review period will void the warranty. We will not be responsible if the client modified the site on their own and caused issues.

We are excited to discuss with you!

We are here to Help you Succeed! SEO Vendor is here to provide you the best web design and development service. Complete project visibility and open lines of communication from the start. We are available whenever you need us. Let’s talk about your plans and how can we execute effectively.

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