What Does An SEO Company Do?

As a business owner with a website, site optimization for ranking on the search engine is an important task because it will ultimately produce more leads and enhance website conversion rate. According to studies, if your website is ranked higher, it stands a greater chance of being clicked by your prospects.

Meanwhile, there are tons of SEO companies with related services in the domain. To save on cost, time, get equivalent results, and gain priceless access to veteran experts, choose SEO Vendor for your web design and SEO services.

Do you wonder what SEO companies actually do? In this post, you will get an exclusive answer to the puzzling question. We will show you the nitty-gritty of SEO and related services, and how you can make the best of your knowledge to grow your business. Keep reading!

What Does An SEO Company Actually Do?

An SEO company is known for optimizing websites for businesses to help improve visibility. They offer SEO services including content writing, web designing, and digital marketing services. They are capable of assisting companies to better their online visibility. 

Search Engine Optimization is the art of optimizing a site for ranking on a search engine. With SEO, a website will have a better chance of being discovered in search engines with the relevant phrases or words.

The times are fast-changing and every company including yours needs SEO. An SEO company will help your business grow. Although SEO can be a bit confusing especially if you are a new digital marketer. When you are buying SEO services from any company, ensure they discuss and highlight the services on their respective websites.

It can be tough to understand the basics and entirety of SEO, and being a B2B business, an SEO company does business with other businesses. An SEO company would treat their client’s business and website like their own. In other words, the company will decide about your website’s SEO to make sure it meets its set goals and maximize the ROI such that paying for any package in the company’s SEO pricing plans makes sense.

An SEO company engages in on-site and off-site optimization to enhance search engine ranking. On-site optimization involves optimizing elements of the website such as content and meta details for the appropriate keywords. On the other hand, off-site optimization refers to using links on external sites which direct customers and prospects to your website.

These companies use plugins such as Yoast SEO to execute website optimization for search engine ranking. In addition, off-site activities require the help of experienced and seasoned SEO companies. These two activities are requisite for search engine ranking.

Business owners and entrepreneurs need the service of experienced SEO companies or agencies because off-site optimization is a grueling task. Hence, an expert SEO company will help with your site ranking, and improve the rate of conversion including profitability.

Basic SEO Services

An SEO company will offer the following services, which are essential to any business’s website.

  • Keyword Research

Many opine that keyword research is the most important step in a rock-solid SEO strategy. This is not too far from the truth because if you miss it, you will be sharing the traffic with far too many competitors. Other possible consequences are zero rankings or missing out on traffic that is viable and converting.

Therefore, an SEO company prioritizes keyword research. The assumption is that there is a science behind this service, and balancing keyword competition, conversion of keywords and search volumes can define the success of your SEO journey. Keywords are used for on-page SEO optimization and an SEO company has the responsibility of advising or helping you with the appropriate content using the specific keywords.

  • Page Speed Optimization

An SEO company is vested with the responsibility of providing your business’s website with page speed results as they stand with the Google Page Speed Insights tool. The idea of page speed optimization is to cater to high loading websites and improve the existing page speed on certain aspects and items that need improvement.

The SEO audit will indicate what needs to be done- maybe in some cases, you may have to overhaul because speed is intrinsically linked to web design basics including images, JS, hosting provider, and CSS.

  • SEO Audit

SEO companies do website SEO audit and identify the vital areas of improvement including off-page and on-page SEO. The primary functions of SEO audit include analysis of current SEO practices, enhancement of the website optimization to ensure that it ranks for the specified keywords.

  • Creation of Search Engine Optimized Content 

SEO companies are well versed with blog and website writing services that pertain to any industry and keywords. They produce content that appeals to humans and search engines. That way, given that blogs are typical to increase web traffic, most businesses do not have the technical know-how and expertise to manage the blog. In content analysis, the SEO team checks your content to diagnose poorly targeted keywords, missing pages, duplicate content issues, poorly targeted keywords, voice search compatibility, and other inconsistencies.

  • Local Citation

The creation of local citation is another key aspect of SEO services and this is to ensure that your website appears in local google search engines. SEO companies will help list your business in the appropriate industry and their local directories.

  • Backlink and building links

The creation of backlinks and building links on the website is also important when it comes to SEO. These companies put in the work to create backlinks specific to your business based on the industry and keywords.

Core SEO Services

An effective optimization offer has three core aspects with the acronym CTA- which in marketing references depict “Call To Action”. But with SEO, the core services are content, technology, and authority.

SEO Service: Approach & Pricing

The approach of an SEO company concerning its services differs across the industry. Some provide analysis reports which you can buy independently, and a reliable agency will comprehensively provide them while maintaining undeterred accountability. Also, the agency must make sure that their packages are flexible and are in the interest of any category of client because clients’ needs differ- some need authority, others need content.

Some have technical challenges that are hindering their success, and others need a unique combination of the available services. Therefore, effective SEO service will be all-encompassing and done in a way that the tactic or strategy is not overused, but rather there is a blend of the services and their application by the needed techniques and team of professionals that will guarantee top results.

Concerning service pricing, SEO Vendor prides itself in offering SEO services based on the number of hours required by a project. We give an estimate of the amount of time an SEO project will require starting with an initial analysis. That way, we can produce a report which shows your SEO ROI, projects your expectations in terms of time and cost, and the goals of your SEO project.

Why Do you Need an SEO Company?

There are over 4.2 billion internet users. 40,000 of these users do a Google search per second. This implies that you are not in business if your website is not online. 93% of online experience starts with a search in the search engine. Research says only 75% of internet users making a search scroll beyond the first page on google. SEO will bring your website to the first page and increase your visibility.

Many business owners do not understand what an SEO company or agency does. If not for anything, you will hire an SEO company if:

  • You want to grow your business
  • You want to bolster your identity in the expanded market
  • You want more sales and leads
  • You are not too sure how your website contributes to the bottom line- the growth of your organization
  • You want to ascertain your company’s future
  • You want to be different from the rest on the marketplace
  • You want to outrank others in the search results

What You Should Look Out For When Signing With An SEO Company

Now that you have decided to sign up with an SEO company, they must offer some essential services. As juicy and promising as their strategies may look, ensure they offer the following in the SEO deal:

  • Off-page online analysis
  • Analysis of website structure
  • Analysis of website content and conversion rate
  • Optimization of on-site content
  • Optimization of structure and website code
  • Optimization of off-page factors

How To Find the Best SEO Company That Suits Your Need

Striking a deal or partnership contract with an SEO company is going to be long-term. Therefore, you should be double sure of the company you are choosing, and avoid those with black-hat techniques. More so, it is not strange to find that not all SEO companies live up to their offers of better rankings, increased leads, and better traffic. The way to find a suitable SEO company is to avoid those with promises such as:

  • Overnight rankings
  • Instant leads
  • X amount of ROI projections
  • A certain amount of backlinks
  • Doubled traffic
  • Search engine submissions

The truth is, these promises are not hard to find, but you are highly likely to regret towing the path much later when the results you get do not match what you signed up for.

Things To Ask An SEO Company Before Dealing With Them

Before you sign up with any SEO agency, look up some SEO company reviews. If many people have had problems or difficulties with a particular vendor, it is a red flag. Up-front, ask them for case studies and examples of reviews that guarantee success.

You can also ask specific questions such as the content of your current contract, the process of cancellation, process and frequency of communication, chances of owning your website, and whether you have absolute access to analytics/Adwords accounts and your site. In addition, you can ask if they had done similar work for other companies in the past, the fees and payment package, and the contract options available.

FAQs About SEO Services and Companies


How can you find a suitable SEO company for your business?

Not all SEO companies have promising and reliable services. In other words, you will end up wasting money, effort, and time if you choose the wrong company. Therefore, you will have to do due diligence to find the best SEO company. Read as many case studies and reviews to guide you. The information in this post will also go a long way in helping you determine the right SEO company that suits your business.

What Do SEO Companies Do?

SEO agencies or companies have the responsibility of taking care of website ranking-related hassles. They cater to on-site and off-site optimization ranging from website design to keyword research, content marketing, link building, among others. In a nutshell, an SEO company does what it takes to get your website and business in the good books of Google, Bing, and other search engines.

How Much Do SEO Services Cost?

The services offered by SEO companies vary, and the cost ranges from a few hundred dollars to thousands. Many companies do not market their SEO plan packages because they have unique requirements. The implication is that you will have to contact them for a custom quote.

SEO refers to the practice of maximizing the organic traffic of websites via optimization for search engine ranking. SEO services typically include website SEO audit, keyword research, content production, page speed increase, local citation, and backlink building.

SEO companies have certain similar services. Though, some of them have varying services depending on business goals and solutions. If you would like to choose a firm for your business’s website optimization, prioritize experience.

Your choice of an experienced SEO company indicates an assurance that the company can thrive in the competitive market due to its offer of super-great SEO services. Check if the price is within your budget. And contact the firm to enquire about the custom price and make sure your needs align with their services.

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